Wyoming Highway 130

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Wyoming Highway 130

Snowy Range Road
WYO 130 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 30
Maintained by WYDOT
Length98.52 mi (158.55 km)
Major junctions
West end I-80 / US 30 / US 287 in Walcott
Major intersections I-80 in Laramie
East end I-80 BL / US 30 / US 287 in Laramie
CountryUnited States
CountiesAlbany, Carbon
Highway system
  • Wyoming State Highway System
WYO 120 WYO 131

Wyoming Highway 130 (WYO 130) is a 98.52-mile-long (158.55 km) state highway in the U.S. State of Wyoming. It is known locally as the Snowy Range Road. It makes its way west from Laramie across the plains, and rises over the Medicine Bow Mountains. The road then turns north through the town of Saratoga, and ends at Interstate 80 (I-80). The stretch of road over the mountains is a National Forest Byway. WYO 130 over Snowy Range Pass is closed during winter (November–May).[1]

Route description

Closed section of Highway 130 (April 2014).

Wyoming Highway 130 travels from Interstate 80 (Exit 235) and US 30/US 287 at Walcott south through Saratoga, intersecting unsigned Wyoming Highway 74 at 20.3 miles (32.7 km), and continuing further south to a junction with Wyoming Highway 230 at 28.2 miles (45.4 km), where WYO 130 turns east to head to Laramie. WYO 130 heads east across the Medicine Bow Mountains (or Snowy Range Mountains) and through part of the Medicine Bow National Forest, and passes through Centennial at around 69 miles (111 km). Six miles east of Centennial, 130 intersects Wyoming Highway 11 which provides a route to Albany. From there Highway 130 travels 17 miles (27 km) in a relatively due east direction over rolling hills. At 91.7 miles (147.6 km) Wyoming Highway 12 is intersected, and at 96.2 miles (154.8 km) Highway 130 meets Highway 230 once again just west of Laramie. From here the routes 130 and 230 run together (or concurrent) into Laramie as Snowy Range Road. This is the only instance in Wyoming where two state routes are merged. Shortly after, Snowy Range Road (WYO 130/WYO 230) has an interchange with I-80 (Exit 311). Almost 2 miles (3.2 km) after that interchange Wyoming Highway 130, as well as Wyoming Highway 230, ends at I-80 BUS/US 30/US 287.


Lake Marie and the Medicine Bow Range from Highway 130

Highway 130 used to begin in downtown Saratoga at the current unmarked junction with Wyoming Highway 74 (the corner of First and Bridge Streets). The current routing of Wyoming 130 from the Highway 74 junction south to the Highway 230 junction was once part of Wyoming Highway 70. Originally Highway 130 traveled southeast along the Carbon County Route 504 path to Ryan Park. The roadway from Ryan Park to the WYO 130/WYO 230 junction was not built at that time. Then 130 resumes its current course east to Centennial and Laramie.[2]

Major intersections


US 30 east / US 287 south – Medicine Bow
Continuation beyond western terminus

I-80 / US 30 west / US 287 north – Laramie, Rawlins
Exit 235 on I-80
Saratoga20.332.7 WYO 74 (Bridge Street)
28.245.4 WYO 230
Albany74.6120.1 WYO 11
91.4147.1 WYO 12
93.5150.5 WYO 14Airport Road/General Brees Road; access to Laramie Regional Airport
Laramie96.2154.8 WYO 230West end concurrency with WYO 230
97.0156.1 I-80Exit 311 on I-80
98.52158.55 I-80 BL / US 30 / US 287East end concurrency with WYO 230
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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