Wisconsin Highway 60

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State Trunk Highway 60

WIS 60 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by WisDOT
Length185.08 mi[1][2] (297.86 km)
Major junctions
West end US 18 in Prairie du Chien
Major intersections
East end I-43 / WIS 32 / WIS 57 in Grafton
CountryUnited States
CountiesCrawford, Richland, Sauk, Columbia, Dodge, Washington, Ozaukee
Highway system
WIS 59 US 61

State Trunk Highway 60, often called Highway 60, STH-60 or WIS 60, is a state highway in the U.S. state of Wisconsin. It runs east–west in southern Wisconsin from Prairie du Chien on the Mississippi River at the Iowa state line to the village of Grafton near Lake Michigan.

Route description

Iowa state line to Sauk Prairie

WIS 60 begins at the Marquette–Joliet Bridge above the Mississippi River. Since US Highway 18 (US 18) and WIS 60 share the same bridge, both routes form a concurrency. At the eastern approach, the concurrency briefly becomes a one-way pair before turning south. For eastbound traffic, they utilize Iowa Street; for westbound traffic, they utilize Wisconsin Street. Before turning south on Main Street, they intersect WIS 27. After traveling south, they then briefly curve east just north of the Prairie du Chien Municipal Airport. Then, they travel southeastward via WIS 35 and the Great River Road. In Bridgeport, WIS 60 leaves the concurrency, continuing eastward.

At this point, WIS 60 closely parallels the north side of the Wisconsin River. It then passes through Wauzeka, intersects WIS 131, passes through Boydtown, and then Easter Rock. At Easter Rock, WIS 60 runs concurrently with US 61 for more than one mile (1.6 km). After leaving US 61, it passes through Westport, Sand Prairie, and Port Andrew. It then intersects WIS 193 south of Balmoral and WIS 80 north of Muscoda. Starting at Gotham, WIS 60 begins to run concurrently with US 14. At Lone Rock, WIS 130 travels eastward along the concurrency for 23 mile (1.1 km). WIS 130 then leaves the concurrency and then joins WIS 133. Near Spring Green, WIS 23 briefly joins the concurrency. After that, WIS 60 branches off eastward while the others are going south/southeastward. WIS 60 continues to meander north of the Wisconsin River. West of Sauk City, WIS 60 runs concurrently with US 12 all the way towards downtown. In downtown Sauk City, WIS 60 turns northward along the west side of the river. As a result, it leaves US 12 while joins WIS 78. In Prairie du Sac, WIS 60 turns east, leaving WIS 78, and then crossing over the Wisconsin River.[2]

Sauk Prairie to Grafton

After crossing the Wisconsin River, WIS 60 then meets WIS 188. Both routes then run concurrently eastward for around 1.3 miles (2.1 km). After WIS 188 leaves WIS 60, WIS 60 continues eastward. This time, WIS 60 no longer parallels the Wisconsin River. In Lodi, it intersects WIS 113. In the middle of Lodi and Arlington, it meets I-39/I-90/I-94 at a parclo. Between Arlington and Leeds, it runs concurrently with US 51. Shortly after leaving US 51, it then meets WIS 22. In Columbus, WIS 60 begins to run concurrently with WIS 16. They then meet US 151 at a diamond interchange and then intersect WIS 73. Continuing east past Columbus, they then pass through Astico and Lowell. They then meet WIS 26 at a diamond interchange. At this point, WIS 16 turns south to get onto WIS 26.

Eastern terminus

WIS 60 then passes through Hustisford, then intersects WIS 67 north of Neosho and WIS 83 in Hartford. In Slinger, it then intersects WIS 175 and then WIS 164. Then, it meets I-41/US 41 at a five-ramp parclo. It then meets US 45 at a diamond interchange in Jackson. Just northwest of Cedarburg, it intersects WIS 181. After passing through downtown Grafton, it then meets I-43/WIS 32/WIS 57 at a diamond interchange. At this point, WIS 60 ends there and continues on as County Trunk Highway Q (CTH-Q).[2]

Major intersections

Mississippi River0.000.00
US 18 west – Marquette, Charles City
Continuation into Iowa
Marquette–Joliet Bridge; Iowa–Wisconsin state line

WIS 60 begins; western end of US 18 concurrency
CrawfordPrairie du Chien
WIS 27 north – Eastman

WIS 35 north – Lynxville
Western end of WIS 35 concurrency

US 18 east / WIS 35 south – Patch Grove, Madison
Eastern end of US 18 and WIS 35 concurrencys
Town of Wauzeka
WIS 131 north – Steuben
Town of Marietta
US 61 south – Boscobel
Western end of US 61 concurrency

US 61 north – Soldiers Grove, La Crosse
Eastern end of US 61 concurrency
RichlandTown of Eagle
WIS 193 north – Richland Center
WIS 80 – Muscoda, Richland Center
US 14 west – Richland Center
Western end of US 14 concurrency
Lone Rock
WIS 130 north – Bear Valley
Western end of WIS 130 concurrency

WIS 130 south / WIS 133 south – Avoca, Dodgeville
Eastern end of WIS 130 concurrency
SaukSpring Green
WIS 23 north – Plain, Wisconsin Dells
Western end of WIS 23 concurrency

US 14 east / WIS 23 south – Dodgeville, Madison
Eastern end of US 14 and WIS 23 concurrencys
Town of Prairie du Sac
US 12 west – Baraboo
Western end of US 12 concurrency
Sauk City

US 12 east / WIS 78 south – Madison, Mazomanie
Eastern end of US 12 concurrency; western end of WIS 78 concurrency
Prairie du Sac
WIS 78 north – Merrimac
Eastern end of WIS 78 concurrency
ColumbiaTown of West Point
WIS 188 south – Roxbury
Western end of WIS 188 concurrency

WIS 188 north – Lake Wisconsin
Eastern end of WIS 188 concurrency
Lodi WIS 113 – Dane, Harmony Grove
Town of Arlington I-39 / I-90 / I-94 – Wisconsin Dells, Madison
US 51 north – Portage
Western end of US 51 concurrency
Town of Leeds
US 51 south – Madison
Eastern end of US 51 concurrency

WIS 22 north – Wyocena
WIS 16 west – Fall River
Western end of WIS 16 concurrency
US 151 – Sun Prairie, Beaver Dam

WIS 73 (Ludington Street) to WIS 89
DodgeTown of Clyman
WIS 16 east / WIS 26 – Watertown, Juneau
Eastern end of WIS 16 concurrency; interchange
Town of Rubicon WIS 67 – Mayville, Oconomowoc
WashingtonHartford WIS 83 (Main Street)
Slinger WIS 175 – Slinger, Menomonee Falls

WIS 164 south – Sussex, Pewaukee
Northern terminus of WIS 164
I-41 / US 41 – Milwaukee, Fond du Lac
Village of Jackson US 45 – West Bend, Milwaukee

WIS 181 south / CTH-NN west – Cedarburg, West Bend
Grafton I-43 / WIS 32 / WIS 57 / LMCT – Milwaukee, Sheboygan
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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