Wisconsin Highway 33

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State Trunk Highway 33

84th Division "Railsplitters" Memorial Highway
WIS 33 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by WisDOT
Length200.84 mi[1][2] (323.22 km)
Major junctions
West end US 14 / US 61 in La Crosse
Major intersections
East end WIS 32 in Port Washington
CountryUnited States
CountiesLa Crosse, Monroe, Vernon, Juneau, Sauk, Columbia, Dodge, Washington, Ozaukee
Highway system
WIS 32 WIS 34

State Trunk Highway 33 (often called Highway 33, STH-33 or WIS 33) is a state highway running east–west across central Wisconsin. It is 200.84 miles (323.22 km) in length.

Route description

The endpoints of Highway 33
Eastern end in Port Washington
Western end in La Crosse

La Crosse to Baraboo

WIS 33 begins 300 feet (91 m) east of the Mississippi River where it intersects U.S. Highway 14 (US 14) and US 61 just south of downtown La Crosse. Traveling east, it intersects with WIS 35. Leaving La Crosse, WIS 33 meanders eastward. It runs concurrently with WIS 162 from Newberg Corners to Middle Ridge. Further east, WIS 33 intersects WIS 27 in Cashton. Then, it briefly runs concurrently with WIS 131 in Ontario, then briefly meanders south through the Wildcat Mountain State Park, and then meanders back east. Even further east, WIS 33 runs concurrently with WIS 82 west of Hillsboro and then WIS 80 in Hillsboro. Both routes branch off together north from WIS 33 in Union Center. In La Valle, WIS 58 briefly runs concurrently with WIS 33. In Reedsburg, WIS 23 begins to travel east via WIS 33. Just east of Reedsburg, WIS 136 intersects and ends at a concurrency. Further east, WIS 23 branches off from WIS 33. Just north of West Baraboo, WIS 33 joins US 12 southward at a dumbbell interchange. In West Baraboo, WIS 33 leaves US 12 at another dumbbell interchange and briefly runs concurrently with WIS 136. As WIS 136 leaves southward at a four-way intersection, Business US 12 joins in from the north. In Baraboo, Bus. US 12 branches off southward where WIS 113 ends.[2]

Baraboo to Port Washington

As WIS 33 continues eastward, it then meets I-90/I-94 at a parclo north of the Cascade Mountain ski resort. Another parclo is present just east of I-90/I-94. This time, it meets I-39. For a brief distance, WIS 33 turns north. As soon as it crosses the Wisconsin River, it then turns back east. As it enters downtown Portage, it meets US 51 at a one-way pair and WIS 16 at the western part of the one-way pair. North of Pardeeville, WIS 33 meets WIS 22. Further east, it then briefly runs concurrently with WIS 44 in Marcellon. Even further east, it then meets WIS 146 north of Cambria, WIS 73 north of Randolph, and WIS 68 in Fox Lake. As it intersects at an intersection where WIS 68 ends, WIS 33 turns south. In Beaver Dam, WIS 33 turns east, briefly following Business US 151. It then meets US 151 at a diamond interchange. At Minnesota Junction, WIS 33 intersects WIS 26. Continuing east, it intersects WIS 28 in Horicon, WIS 67 north of Neda, WIS 175 in Addison, and I-41/US 41 at a diamond interchange in Allenton. Between Nabob and West Bend, WIS 144 follows WIS 33. While they run concurrently with each other, they meet US 45 at another diamond interchange. In Saukville, WIS 33 meets I-43/WIS 57 at a diamond interchange once again. Continuing east, it ends in downtown Port Washington at WIS 32 one mile (1.6 km) west of Lake Michigan.[2]


Prior to European settlement, the foot trail from Port Washington to Horicon was the most traveled of seven trails that met in Horicon Marsh.[3] A road was constructed to provide access from Lake Michigan to the fertile hunting grounds of the marsh, to provide food for the crews of ships on the lake.

Starting in 1918, WIS 33 used to travel from WIS 12 in Baraboo to Camp Douglas via parts of present-day WIS 136, WIS 33, the WIS 80/WIS 82 concurrency, WIS 80 alone, and CTH-H.[4] In 1919, WIS 33 had undergone changes. As of 1919, it switched its service from Camp Douglas to La Crosse. The portion of the route from Union Center to Camp Douglas became WIS 94. Also, it extended eastward from Baraboo to Waupun via present-day WIS 33 and WIS 68.[5] In 1929, WIS 33 (which served Waupun) and WIS 68 (which served Port Washington) swapped routes.[6][1]

Major intersections

La CrosseLa Crosse0.00.0

US 14 east / US 61 south (3rd Street) – Coon Valley, Madison
Western terminus of WIS 33; one-way road

US 14 west / US 61 north (4th Street) – La Crescent
One-way road
0.71.1 WIS 35 (West Avenue) – Onalaska, Stoddard
Newberg Corners14.623.5
WIS 162 south – Coon Valley
Western end of WIS 162 concurrency
Middle Ridge17.728.5

WIS 162 north / CTH-G south – Bangor
Eastern end of WIS 162 concurrency
MonroeCashton28.145.2 WIS 27 – Melvina, Westby
WIS 131 south (Garden Street) – La Farge
Western end of WIS 131 concurrency
WIS 131 north – Wilton
Eastern end of WIS 131 concurrency
WIS 82 west – La Farge
Western end of WIS 82 concurrency
WIS 80 south – Richland Center
Western end of WIS 80 concurrency
JuneauUnion Center59.695.9

WIS 80 north / WIS 82 east – Elroy
Eastern end of WIS 80/WIS 82 concurrency
WIS 58 north – Mauston
Western end of WIS 58 concurrency
La Valle71.3114.7
WIS 58 south – The 400 State Trail
Eastern end of WIS 58 concurrency
WIS 23 south (Albert Avenue)
Western end of WIS 23 concurrency
WIS 136 east – Rock Springs
Western terminus of WIS 136
WIS 23 north – Lake Delton, Wisconsin Dells
Eastern end of WIS 23 concurrency

US 12 west to Bus. US 12 – Wisconsin Dells, Baraboo–Wisconsin Dells Airport
Western end of US 12 concurrency
West Baraboo92.9149.5

US 12 east / WIS 136 west – Rock Springs, Madison
Eastern end of US 12 concurrency; western end of WIS 136 concurrency

WIS 136 east / Bus. US 12 west / CTH-BD north (Pine Street)
Eastern end of WIS 136 concurrency; western end of Bus. US 12 concurrency

Bus. US 12 east / WIS 113 south (Broadway)
Eastern end of Bus. US 12 concurrency; northern terminus of WIS 113
Columbia107.4172.8 I-90 / I-94 – Madison, Wisconsin Dells
Portage109.3175.9 I-39 – Merrimac, Stevens Point
US 51 south / WIS 16 (Wisconsin Street)
US 51 north (DeWitt Street)
119.8192.8 WIS 22 – Montello, Pardeeville
WIS 44 south – Pardeeville
Western end of WIS 44 concurrency
WIS 44 north – Ripon
Eastern end of WIS 44 concurrency

WIS 146 south / CTH-M north – Cambria
Northern terminus of WIS 146
county line
135.2217.6 WIS 73 – Wautoma, Randolph
DodgeFox Lake140.4226.0
WIS 68 east
Western terminus of WIS 68
Beaver Dam149.4240.4

Bus. US 151 south (Front Street)
Western end of Bus. US 151 concurrency

Bus. US 151 north (Spring Street)
Eastern end of Bus. US 151 concurrency
150.5242.2 US 151 – Madison, Fond du LacInterchange
Minnesota Junction156.7252.2 WIS 26 – Juneau, Waupun
WIS 28 east (Clason Street) – Mayville
164.9265.4 WIS 67 – Mayville, Iron Ridge
WashingtonAddison173.7279.5 WIS 175 – Theresa, Slinger
Allenton175.8282.9 I-41 / US 41 – Milwaukee, Fond du Lac
WIS 144 south – Slinger
Western end of WIS 144 concurrency
West Bend182.2293.2 US 45 – Milwaukee, KewaskumInterchange
WIS 144 north (Main Street)
Eastern end of WIS 144 concurrency
OzaukeeSaukville197.7318.2 I-43 / WIS 57 – Milwaukee, Sheboygan
Port Washington200.0321.9 WIS 32 (Spring Street)Eastern terminus of WIS 33
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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