U.S. Route 69 in Kansas

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U.S. Highway 69

US 69 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KDOT
Length163 mi (262 km)
Major junctions
South end US 69 at Oklahoma-Kansas state line
Major intersections
North end US 69 at Kansas-Missouri state line
CountryUnited States
CountiesCherokee, Crawford, Bourbon, Linn, Miami, Johnson, Wyandotte
Highway system
  • Kansas State Highway System
K-68 I-70

U.S. Route 69 (US-69) is a major north-south U.S. Highway that runs from Port Arthur, Texas to Albert Lea, Minnesota. In Kansas, the highway runs in the far eastern part of the state, usually within 5 miles of the Missouri state line. Most of the highway north of Fort Scott runs as a freeway.

Route description

US 69 south of Franklin, KS

US-69 enters Kansas just north of Miami, Oklahoma as a concurrency with the southern terminus of K-7. The highway crosses US-166 west of Treece before K-7 leaves the concurrency with the intersection of US-160 in Columbus, of which U.S. 160 begins another overlap with U.S. 69. The two routes head east for 7 miles (10 km) before US-400 joins the overlap in Crestline and head north, before U.S. 400 leaves the highway south of Pittsburg. As the two highways leave Pittsburg, the route becomes a short 4-lane expressway before US-160 leaves the highway as it exits Frontenac. Just after US-69 meets the eastern terminus with K-47 in Franklin, the route reverts back to a 2-lane highway before entering the town of Arma. US-69 then becomes a 4-lane expressway near Garland. US-69 meets with K-7 for a second time as a partial interchange and the two routes continue north to Fort Scott. As the undivided freeway begins, U.S. Route 54 joins the overlap for 1/2 mile (0.8 km); both US-54 and K-7 leaves the overlap just north of the city limits as US-69 continues north as a divided freeway. The freeway runs through the towns of Pleasanton and Trading Post, as well as more rural areas before entering the Kansas City metropolitan area at Overland Park.

In Overland Park, US-69 interchanges with Interstate 435/US-50/US-169 before beginning an overlap with I-35/US-56 in Lenexa. US-69 and US-56 leave I-35 in Merriam, traveling back into Overland Park. US-56 leaves the highway, running into KCM. US-69 rejoins I-35 again at an interchange with I-635. US-69 leaves I-35 again and runs along the 18th Street Expressway to I-70/US-40 in KCK. US-69 joins I-70/US-40 and leaves again at an interchange with I-670/US-169. US-69 enters Missouri just past the intersection with K-5, crossing the Missouri River.


18th Street Expressway

The 18th Street Expressway was the result of one of four feasibility studies conducted by the Kansas Turnpike Authority to extend the turnpike by providing easy access to northeast Johnson County. It was the only one of the four studies to be followed upon, with completion of the 18th Street Expressway Bridge over the Kansas River completed in 1959.[1] It replaced the Argentine Boulevard bridge over the river behind the modern-day BNSF railroad yard.

Originally, the highway was part of the original K-58.[2] Upon completion of the bridge, US-69 was rerouted onto the expressway from Southwest Boulevard (the section of which has since been renamed to Merriam Drive). In 1979, the K-58 designation was removed.

The section of 18th Street between I-70 and the southern end of the Kansas River bridge was tolled at least as late as 1984.[3]


In early April 2020, a $21.8 million construction project to finish a four-lane expressway from Pittsburg to Kansas City began. The project will expand a six miles (9.7 km) section of US-69 in Crawford County to a four-lane divided expressway, from the K-47 junction north to three miles (4.8 km) north of Arma. The project will be completed by Koss Construction Company of Topeka and will be completed by August 2021.[4]

Overland Park toll lanes

As Overland Park has grown in recent years, US-69 south of 103rd Street has become the busiest four-lane highway in Kansas. On June 21, 2021, the Overland Park city council approved a toll lane to be added to both directions of US-69 between 103rd Street and 151st Street. Since then, the Kansas Turnpike Authority and the State Finance Council have also approved the project, which was required by a new Kansas law that allows toll lanes to pay for road expansion.[5]

Junction list

CherokeeLyonSpring Valley
township line
US 69 south / Treece Road east / 10 Road west

K-7 begins
Southern end of K-7 overlap; continuation into Oklahoma
2.2343.595 US-166 – Chetopa, Baxter Springs

US-160 west / K-7 north – Oswego, Girard
Southern end of US 160 overlap; northern end of K-7 overlap
Shawnee Township19.40231.224

US-400 east / US 69 Alt. south – Joplin, Miami
Southern end of US 400 overlap; northern terminus of US-69 Alternate
Pleasant View Township28.52045.898
K-103 west – Weir
Eastern terminus of K-103
county line
Pleasant ViewBaker
township line

US-400 west / K-171 east – Parsons, Joplin
Northern end of US 400 overlap; western terminus of K-171

US 69 Bus. north – Pittsburg
Southern terminus of US-69 Bus.
35.83857.676 K-126 – McCune, Pittsburg

US 69 Bus. south – Pittsburg
Northern terminus of US-69 Bus.
US-160 east – Lamar
Northern end of US 160 overlap
Washington Township43.21369.545
K-47 west – Girard
Eastern terminus of K-47

US 69 Bus. north – Franklin
Southern terminus of US-69 Bus.

US 69 Bus. south – Arma
Northern terminus of US-69 Bus.
BourbonScott Township61.32598.693
K-7 south – Girard
Interchange; southern end of K-7 overlap
Fort Scott66.148106.455
US-54 east – Nevada
Southern end of freeway; southern end of US 54 overlap
Scott Township67.048107.903

US-54 west / K-7 north – Iola, Harding
Northern end of US 54/K-7 overlap
69.628112.055Poplar RoadDiamond interchange
Osage Township72.666116.945Soldier RoadDiamond interchange
K-31 west – Harding
Eastern terminus of K-31; diamond interchange
LinnSheridan Township K-239 – PrescottDiamond interchange
Potosi Township
K-52 west – Mound City
Southern end of K-52 overlap; diamond interchange
Pleasanton6th Street/E. 1100th RoadDiamond interchange
Potosi TownshipE. 1350 RoadDiamond interchange
Valley Township
K-52 east – Butler
Northern end of K-52 overlap; diamond interchange
Lincoln Township K-152 – La CygneDiamond interchange
MiamiSugar Creek TownshipW. 399th StreetPartial cloverleaf interchange
W. 359th StreetDiamond interchange
Sugar CreekMiddle Creek
township line
W. 335th StreetDiamond interchange
Middle Creek TownshipW. 311th StreetDiamond interchange
Louisburg K-68 – Ottawa, LouisburgDiamond interchange
Wea TownshipW. 247th StreetDiamond interchange
W. 223rd StreetDiamond interchange
JohnsonOverland Park199th StreetDiamond interchange
179th StreetDiamond interchange
167th StreetSouthbound exit and northbound entrance; partial diamond interchange
159th StreetDiamond interchange
151st StreetDiamond interchange
135th StreetPartial cloverleaf interchange
Blue Valley ParkwayNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
119th StreetDiamond interchange
College BoulevardPartial cloverleaf interchange
I-435 / US-50 / US-169 – Wichita, Int'l Airport, IndependenceI-435 exit 81; partial cloverleaf interchange
103rd StreetPartial cloverleaf interchange
95th StreetDiamond interchange
Lenexa87th StreetNo northbound entrance

I-35 north / US-56 east
Southern end of I-35/US 56/US 169 overlap; northbound exit and southbound entrance
Overland ParkMerriam
city line
75th Street
Merriam67th Street

I-35 north
Northern end of I-35 overlap/freeway
Overland ParkMission
city line

US-56 east – KCM
Interchange; northern end of US 56 overlap
Johnson DriveInterchange; southbound exit and entrance

I-35 south / I-635 north – Wichita, Kansas City
Southern end of I-35 overlap/freeway; I-35 exits 231A-B; I-635 exit 1A
WyandotteKansas City24th Street

I-35 north – KCM
Northern end of I-35 overlap
Merriam LaneSouthbound exit and northbound entrance
Steele Road/Springhorn Lane
Ruby Avenue
K-32 (Kansas Avenue)

I-70 west to Kansas Turnpike – Lawrence, Topeka
Southern end of I-70 overlap

I-70 east / I-670 east / US-169 – Downtown Kansas City, St. Louis
Northern end of I-70 overlap/freeway

K-5 west (Sunshine Road)
Missouri RiverUS 69 Missouri River Bridge; Kansas–Missouri state line

US 69 north continues into Missouri
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

Alternate route

Alternate plate.svg

U.S. Route 69 Alternate

LocationOttawa County, Oklahoma
Cherokee County, Kansas
Length20.3 mi (32.7 km)

U.S. Route 69 Alternate (US-69 Alt.) is a special route of U.S. Highway 69, traveling 20.3 miles (32.7 km) between junctions east of Commerce, Oklahoma and north of Crestline, Kansas.

US-69 Alt., cosigned with Historic Route 66, splits from mainline US 69 south of Picher and west of Quapaw. US-69 Alt. and HR-66 head ENE through the towns of Quapaw and Baxter Springs, Kansas. North of Baxter Springs, US 400 joins the concurrency. West of Riverton, HR-66 heads east along K-66, while US-69 Alt. and US 400 head north. North of Crestline, US-69 Alt. and US 400 meet US 69 and US 160 from the west. US-69 Alt. terminates as US 69 and US 160 merge with US 400. The concurrency of US 69, US 400, and US 160 continues north.

Pittsburg Business loop

Business plate.svg

U.S. Highway 69 Business


U.S. Route 69 Business (US 69 Business) is a business route of US 69 running through Pittsburg. Its southern terminus is at US-69 and its northern terminus is at US-69.

Major Intersections

The entire route is in Pittsburg, Crawford County.

0.000.00 US-69 / US-160Southern terminus
K-126 (4th Street)
US-69 / US-160 (West Atkinson Road / Parkview Drive)Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Arma business loop

Business plate.svg

U.S. Highway 69 Business


U.S. Route 69 Business (US 69 Business) is a business route of US 69 running through Arma. Its southern terminus is at US-69 and K-47 and its northern terminus is at US-69.

Major Intersections

The entire route is in Crawford County.

Washington Township0.000.00
K-47 west
Continuation beyond southern terminus; eastern terminus of K-47
US-69Southern terminus
E 620th Avenue – Mulberry
US-69 – Fort Scott, PittsburgNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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