U.S. Route 319

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U.S. Route 319

US 319 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 19
Length303.052 mi[1][2] (487.715 km)
Major junctions
South end US 98 in Apalachicola, FL
Major intersections
North end US 1 / SR 4 / SR 78 in Wadley, GA
CountryUnited States
StatesFlorida, Georgia
CountiesFL: Franklin, Wakulla, Leon
GA: Grady, Thomas, Colquitt, Tift, Irwin, Ben Hill, Coffee, Telfair, Wheeler, Dodge, Laurens, Johnson, Jefferson
Highway system
SR 312FL SR 320
SR 318GA SR 319
SR 249SR 261 SR 263
SR 368SR 369 SR 371
I-375SR 375
SR 377
SR 388
SR 34SR 35 SR 36

U.S. Route 319 (US 319) is a spur of US 19. It runs for 303 miles (488 km) from US 98 at the foot of the John Gorrie Memorial Bridge across from downtown Apalachicola, Florida to US 1/SR 4 in Wadley, Georgia, through the Panhandle of Florida and the southern portion of Georgia.

Route description

A US 319 shield used in Florida prior to 1993


Beginning of US 319 north at the John Gorrie Bridge in Apalachicola, FL

The route starts as a two-lane highway at the eastern end of US 98's bridge over the Apalachicola River near the John Gorrie Bridge in Apalachicola, Florida, and is concurrent with US 98 from its starting point. After crossing the East Bay portion of Apalachicola Bay via the John Gorrie Bridge, US 319 runs along the Gulf coast of Florida's Panhandle to Carabelle in Franklin County, and departs the coast, and its concurrency with US 98, about halfway between Carrabelle and Bald Point State Park, in a north direction through Sopchoppy in Wakulla County.

In Sopchoppy, the route angles east, briefly meets up with US 98 once more, before parting ways again and running north through Crawfordville, where it receives the FDOT maintenance designation of State Road 369, into Tallahassee in Leon County. US 319 meets SR 61 just south of Tallahassee, marking the northern end of SR 369, where it becomes a 4-lane divided highway, which turns into 6 lanes as the route meets SR 263 and forms part of the southern and eastern portion of the Capital Circle around Tallahassee. US 319 has the unsigned SR 261 designation between State Road 363/Woodville Highway and Capital Circle's eastern terminus at State Road 61/Thomasville Road. US 319/SR 61 has a complex interchange with I-10 at exit 203 before heading northeast out of the Tallahassee area. US 319 again becomes a 4-lane divided highway at its intersection with County Road 0342 about 9 miles (14 km) from I-10, and runs to the state line with Georgia.


US 319 entering Tallahassee, Florida at the southern terminus of Georgia SR 35 From Thomasville, Georgia.

The route bypasses Grady County and enters Thomas County co-signed with SR 35 at the intersection of SR 93 and travels northeast in the direction of Thomasville in Thomas County, where the route forms the western and northern perimeter around Thomasville. US 319 then continues northeast, passes through Coolidge, and crosses into Colquitt County, running as a bypass around the east of Moultrie. The route crosses into Tift County and intersects with I-75 just before running through Tifton.

In Ocilla, SR 35 comes to its northern terminus at an intersection with SR 32, which now becomes concurrent with US 319. Past Ocilla, the route, now co-signed with US 129, turns north and heads into Ben Hill County and through Fitzgerald, where it splits from US 129 and first heads east, and then north through the northwestern corner of Coffee County, where it meets up and is co-signed with US 441, and crosses the Ocmulgee River into Telfair County, Georgia at Jacksonville, Georgia and on into McRae-Helena. After briefly traversing the western corner of Wheeler County and eastern corner of Dodge County, US 319 continues north through Laurens County, crossing I-16 just before heading into and through Dublin and East Dublin, where US 441 splits off.

Continuing northeast, the route heads into Johnson County, runs through Wrightsville, and heads into southern Jefferson County, where it turns east in Bartow, before meeting its northern terminus at US 1 and SR 4 in Wadley.

US 319 from Tifton to the Florida State Line is a Governor's Road Improvement Program corridor.

National Highway System

The following portions of US 319 and SR 35 are part of the National Highway System, a system of routes determined to be the most important for the nation's economy, mobility, and defense:

  • US 319/SR 35:
    • From its southern terminus in Apalachicola to just north of the concurrency with US 82/SR 520 just east of Tifton[3][4][5]
  • US 319 only:
    • From the southern end of the SR 32 concurrency in Ocilla to about Fitzgerald[5]
    • The entire length of the US 441 concurrency, from south of Jacksonville to Dublin.[5]



The entire length of US 319 in Franklin County was designated as "Blue Star Memorial Highway" by the Florida State Legislature in 1957.[6]

The section of US 319 that is co-signed with US 98 and SR 30 in Medart in Wakulla County was designated as "Agnes Morrison Memorial Highway" by the Florida State Legislature in 1961.[6]

From Kinhega Drive, about 9 miles (14 km) north of its intersection with I-10 in Leon County, to the Georgia state line, US 319 and SR 61 were designated as "Kate Ireland Parkway" by the Florida State Legislature in 1992.[6]


US 319 does not make an appearance on Georgia road maps until October 1937, when the spur from the Florida state line to Thomasville is shown, co-signed with SR 3.[7] Prior to October 1937, US 19 appears as the designation of this section of the route.[8]

In July 1941, US 319 was extended from Thomasville, and ran through Moultrie, following what was signed as SR 35 at the time, to Cordele, co-signed with the current route taken by SR 33 from Moultrie.[9] Since late in 1946, US 319 follows its current route.[10]

The section of US 319 that forms the Thomasville Bypass was designated as "Will Watt Parkway" in 1996 after a prominent resident of Thomasville.[11]

The section of US 319 that forms the east bypass around Moultrie in Colquitt County was designated as "Veterans Parkway" in 2002.[12]

Major intersections

US 98 west (SR 30 west) – Panama City
Southern end of SR 30 concurrency; southern terminus; base of John Gorrie Memorial Bridge over Apalachicola River
see US 98 (mile 177.980-209.555)

US 98 east (SR 30 east) / SR 377 south – Panacea
Northern end of US 98/SR 30 concurrency; southern end of SR 377 concurrency
CR 370 east (Rio Vista Drive)
Western terminus of CR 370
CR 299 north (Curtis Mill Road)
Southern terminus of CR 299

SR 375 south / SR 377 north / CR 375 north (Rose Street) – Downtown Sopchoppy, Sanborn
Northern end of SR 377 concurrency; southern end of SR 375 concurrency
CR 372 east (Surf Road)
Western terminus of CR 372

US 98 west (SR 30 west / SR 61 south) / SR 375 north – Panacea, Alligator Point, Mashes Sands Beach
Southern end of US 98/SR 30 and SR 61 concurrencies; northern end of SR 375 concurrency
CR 375 south (Jack Crum Road)
Northern terminus of CR 375
US 98 east (Coastal Highway / SR 30 east) – Shell Point, Spring Creek, Newport
Northern end of US 98/SR 30 concurrency
54.65987.965Harvey Mill Road (CR 374 west)
Crawfordville55.39489.148Arran Road (CR 368 west)Eastern terminus of CR 368

SR 61 north / SR 369 south / CR 61 north (Shadeville Highway) – Wakulla
Northern end of SR 61 concurrency; southern end of SR 369 concurrency; southern terminus of CR 61
SR 267 to SR 20 – Wakulla
CR 2204 east (Oak Ridge Road)
Western terminus of CR 2204

SR 61 south (Wakulla Springs Road) / SR 369 north – Wakulla Springs
Northern end of SR 369 concurrency; southern end of SR 61 concurrency

SR 61 north (Crawfordville Highway) / SR 263 west (Capital Circle) to I-10 west (SR 8) – Tallahassee, Tallahassee Regional Airport
Northern end of SR 61 concurrency; southern end of SR 263 concurrency
SR 261 south / SR 363 (Woodville Highway) – Woodville, Tallahassee
Northern end of SR 263 concurrency; southern end of SR 261 concurrency
74.014119.114 CR 259 (Tram Road Southeast)
76.895123.751Old St. Augustine Road (CR 2196)
77.404124.570 US 27 (Apalachee Parkway / SR 20) – Tallahassee, Perry, Civic Center

US 90 (Mahan Drive / SR 10) to I-10 east (SR 8 east) – Downtown Tallahassee, Monticello

CR 146 west / CR 0347 east (Miccosukee Road) – Goodwood Gardens and Museum
Eastern terminus of CR 146; western terminus of CR 0347
81.066130.463 CR 151 (Centerville Road)

To I-10 east (SR 8 east) / Raymond Diehl Road (SR 162 west) – Lake City
I-10 west (SR 8) – Pensacola
I-10 exit 203
To I-10 (SR 8) / Killearn Center Boulevard (SR 160 west)
Interchange southbound; intersection northbound

SR 61 south (Thomasville Road) / SR 261 north to I-10 (SR 8) – Downtown Tallahassee
Northern end of SR 261 concurrency; southern end of SR 61 concurrency; interchange southbound; intersection northbound
CR 0346 west (Ox Bottom Road)
Eastern terminus of CR 0346
Bradfordville87.465140.761 CR 0342 (Bannerman Road / Bradfordville Road)
CR 12 west – Tall Timbers Research Station & Land Conservancy
Eastern terminus of CR 12
CR 0338 east (Sunnyhill Road)
Western terminus of CR 0338
Florida–Georgia state line; northern end of SR 61 concurrency; southern end of SR 35 concurrency
SR 93 north – Cairo
Southern terminus of SR 93
ThomasThomasvilleMetcalf Road – MetcalfFormer SR 122 west

US 84 west (North Thomasville Bypass) / SR 38 west / Dixie Highway north – Cairo
Southern end of US 84/SR 38 concurrency; southern terminus of Dixie Highway Scenic Byway

US 84 Bus. east / SR 38 Bus. east / SR 3 Alt. north / Dixie Highway south – Ochlocknee, Thomasville
Southern end of SR 3 Alt. concurrency; western terminus of US 84 Bus./SR 38 Bus.

US 19 / US 84 east / SR 3 / SR 38 east / SR 300 (Georgia-Florida Parkway) – Albany, Valdosta, Thomasville
Northern end of US 84/SR 38 and SR 3 Alt. concurrencies
SR 35 Conn. south (East Jackson Street) – Downtown Thomasville
Northern terminus of SR 35 Conn.
Coolidge31.37550.493 SR 188 (Japonica Avenue) – Cairo, Pavo
US 319 Bus. north / SR 33 (Thomasville Road north / Pavo Road south) – Moultrie, Pavo
Southern terminus of US 319 Bus.

SR 37 west / SR 133 south (1st Avenue Southeast) – Quitman, Moultrie, Camilla, Shorterville
Southern end of SR 37 and SR 133 concurrencies
SR 37 east – Adel, Reed Bingham State Park
Northern end of SR 37 concurrency

US 319 Bus. south / SR 33 / SR 133 north (Tifton Highway / East Bypass) – Sylvester, Albany, Moultrie
Northern end of SR 133 concurrency; northern terminus of US 319 Bus.
Norman Park55.28888.977
SR 256 north – Sylvester
Southern terminus of SR 256

SR 35 Loop east to I-75 – Valdosta, Macon
Western terminus of SR 35 Loop and Old Omega Road

US 82 west / SR 520 west to I-75 (SR 401) – Albany, Sylvester, Macon, Valdosta
Southern end of US 82/SR 520 concurrency
66.983107.799 US 41 / SR 7 / SR 125 (Main Street) – Adel, Nashville, Ashburn, Fitzgerald

US 82 east / SR 520 east – Brookfield, Alapaha, Waycross
Northern end of US 82/SR 520 concurrency

SR 32 west to I-75 (SR 401) – Ashburn, Leesburg, Jefferson Davis State Historic Site
Southern end of SR 32 concurrency

US 129 south / SR 11 south / SR 32 east / SR 90 south – Douglas, Alapaha, South Georgia College
Northern terminus of SR 35; northern end of SR 32 and SR 35 concurrencies; southern end of US 129/SR 11/SR 90 concurrency
Ben HillFitzgerald96.960156.042

US 129 north / SR 11 north / SR 90 north / SR 107 west to I-75 (SR 401) – Ashburn, Fitzgerald
Northern end of US 129/SR 11/SR 90 concurrency; southern end of SR 107 concurrency
SR 206 east – Douglas
Western terminus of SR 206
SR 182 west – Bowens Mill
Eastern terminus of SR 182

US 441 south / SR 31 south / SR 107 east – Broxton, Douglas
Northern end of SR 107 concurrency; southern end of US 441/SR 31 concurrency
TelfairJacksonville119.024191.551 SR 117 – Rhine, Lumber City
McRae-Helena138.086222.228 SR 149 Conn.
136.652219.920 SR 132

US 280 west / SR 30 west – Milan
Southern end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency

US 23 south / US 341 south / SR 27 south – Lumber City
Southern end of US 23/US 341/SR 27 concurrency

US 280 east / SR 30 east – Alamo
Northern end of US 280/SR 30 concurrency
DodgeNo major intersections

SR 46 west / SR 126 west – Eastman
164.933265.434 SR 117  – RentzSouthern end of SR 117 concurrency
Dublin169.265272.406 I-16 (Jim L. Gillis Highway / SR 404) – Macon, SavannahI-16 exit 51

US 441 / US 441 Byp. north / SR 117 north
Northern end of US 441 and SR 117 concurrencies; southern terminus of US 441 Byp.
172.456277.541 SR 257

US 80 west / SR 19 / SR 26 west
Western end of US 80/SR 26 concurrency
East Dublin175.544282.511

US 80 east / SR 26 east – Adrian
Eastern end of US 80/SR 26 concurrency

SR 15 / SR 31 north / SR 78 west
Northern end of SR 31 concurrency; southern end of SR 78 concurrency

US 221 south / SR 171 south
Southern end of US 221/SR 171 concurrency
Bartow201.176323.761 SR 242 – Riddleville

US 221 north / SR 171 north
Northern end of US 221/SR 171 concurrency
Wadley205.707331.053 US 1 Bus. (Main Street / SR 4 Bus.) – Swainsboro, Louisville
US 1 / SR 4 / SR 78 east – Swainsboro, Louisville, Midville, Millen
Northern end of SR 78 concurrency; northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

Thomasville connector

State Route 35 Connector

Length1.1 mi[13] (1.8 km)

State Route 35 Connector (SR 35 Conn.) is a 1.1-mile-long (1.8 km) connector route for SR 35 in the northeastern part of the Thomasville area. Its southern terminus is at US 19, US 84, SR 3, SR 38, and SR 300 in the northeastern part of Thomasville. Its northern terminus is at US 319/SR 35 northeast of the city. This highway used to be US 319 Bus./SR 35 Bus. in the city.

The entire route is in Thomas County.

Thomasville0.00.0 US 19 / SR 300 (US 84 / SR 3 / SR 38) / East Jackson Street west – Quitman, Monticello, Thomasville, Southern Regional Tech CollegeSouthern terminus; roadway continues as East Jackson Street.

US 319 (SR 35 / North Thomasville Bypass west / Moultrie Road north) to US 84 west (SR 38 west) – Cairo, Moultrie, Tallahassee
Northern terminus; roadway continues as US 319 north/SR 35 north (Moultrie Road).
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Thomasville business loop

State Route 35 Business


State Route 35 Business (SR 35 Bus.) was a business route for SR 35 that served the downtown area of Thomasville. The route was decommissioned in 2007.

Moultrie business loop

U.S. Highway 319 Business

Length6.8 mi[14] (10.9 km)

U.S. Route 319 Business (US 319 Bus.) is a 6.8-mile-long (10.9 km) business route for US 319 that travels through the central portion of Moultrie. It is concurrent with SR 33 for its entire length.

US 319 Bus. begins at an intersection with US 319/SR 35 (Veterans Parkway) and SR 33 (Pavo Road) in the south-central part of Moultrie. US 319 Bus. and SR 33 travel concurrently as South Main Street to the north-northwest and immediately curve to the north-northeast. An intersection with 32nd Avenue SE leads to Colquitt Regional Medical Center. One block later, an intersection with 31st Avenue leads to the hospital, as well. Just past an intersection with the eastern terminus of Hugh Bannister Drive, they begin a curve back to the north-northwest. Just south of an intersection with the northern terminus of Lower Meigs Road, the highways curve back to the north-northeast. An intersection with 11th Avenue leads to the Jim Buck Goff Recreation Complex. At 4th Avenue, the northbound lanes of US 319 and SR 33 turn right and travel to the east, while the southbound lanes stay on South Main Street. South Main Street remains a two-way street until 2nd Avenue SE. One block later, they turn left onto 1st Street SE and continue their northern direction. On the southeastern corner of the intersection with 2nd Avenue SE lies the main office for Southwest Georgia Bank.

One block later, at 1st Avenue SE, they intersect the eastbound lanes of SR 37. Just north of this intersection, they pass the Colquitt County Courthouse. One block later, they intersect the westbound lanes of SR 37 (East Central Avenue). On the northeastern corner of this intersection lies the annex for the county courthouse. Here, 1st Street SE changes to 1st Street NE. At this same point, South Main Street changes back to a two-way street. At an intersection with 1st Avenue NE, 1st Street NE becomes a two-way street. On the southwestern corner of an intersection with 2nd Avenue NE lies the municipal building. On the northeaster corner lies the annex for the municipal building. Just north of 9th Avenue NE, they travel on a bridge over some railroad tracks of Norfolk Southern Railway (NS). North of Sylvester Drive, they have a roundabout with Sylvester Highway and the southbound lanes of US 319 Bus./SR 33. Just south of this roundabout is a sign for SR 33 south, even though it is actually still on Main Street. In fact, there is a directional sign in the roundabout that says that 1st Street NE is SR 33 south. The reunited lanes travel to the northeast. They cross over Okapilco Creek before they meet their northern terminus, an intersection with US 319/SR 35/SR 133 (Veterans Parkway/Tifton Highway). Here, SR 33 turns left onto East Bypass, concurrent with SR 133.

Between 2nd Avenue NE and 4th Avenue NW, they pass the U.S. post office for the city. Whereas the northbound lanes travel on a bridge over the NS line, the southbound lanes actually meet them at a railroad crossing. Just south of Sylvester Drive, the southbound lanes have an intersection with SR 111 (West Bypass NW). SR 111 does not meet the northbound lanes, or vice versa. Just north of Sylvester Drive, northbound Main Street has signage that indicates that it is northbound US 319 Bus./SR 33, although they are actually on 1st Street NE.

The entire length of US 319 Bus., and the portion of SR 33 concurrent with it, is part of the National Highway System, a system of routes determined to be the most important for the nation's economy, mobility, and defense.[5]

The entire route is in Moultrie, Colquitt County.

US 319 / SR 35 (Veterans Parkway) / SR 33 south (Pavo Road) – Moultrie, Thomasville, Tifton, Pavo, Coolidge, Moultrie Tech College
Southern end of SR 33 concurrency; southern terminus; roadway continues as SR 33 south (Pavo Road).
SR 37 east (1st Avenue SE) – Quitman
One-way pair
SR 37 west (East Central Avenue)
SR 111 south (West Bypass NW) – Meigs, Camilla, Cairo
No access from US 319 Bus. north/SR 33 north to SR 111 or vice versa; northern terminus of SR 111

US 319 (SR 35 / Veterans Parkway / Tifton Highway) / SR 33 north / SR 133 (East Bypass) to I-75 (SR 401) – Sylvester, Sylvester, Albany, Quitman, Thomasville, Tifton, Sunbelt Expo Spence Field
Northern end of SR 33 concurrency; northern terminus; roadway continues as US 319 north/SR 35 north (Tifton Highway); US 319 south/SR 35 south/SR 133 south provides access to Colquitt Regional Medical Center.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Tifton loop route

State Route 35 Loop

Length0.4 mi[15] (640 m)

State Route 35 Loop (SR 35 Loop) is a 0.4-mile-long (0.64 km) loop route for SR 35 that exists on the southwestern edge of the city limits of Tifton. It actually functions more like a connector, since it connects US 319/SR 35 to Interstate 75 (I-75). This interchange with I-75 is on the Tifton–Phillipsburg line. SR 35 Loop is known as Old Omega Road for its entire length.

The entire route is in Tift County.

0.00.0 US 319 / SR 35 (Alabama Avenue)Western terminus
TiftonPhillipsburg line0.3–
I-75 (SR 401) / Magnolia Drive north / Old Omega Road east – Valdosta, MaconEastern terminus of SR 35 Loop; southern terminus of Magnolia Drive; roadway continues as Old Omega Road.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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