Texas State Highway 208

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State Highway 208

SH 208; mainline in red, business route in blue
Route information
Maintained by TxDOT
Length145.194 mi[1] (233.667 km)
Excludes length of all route overlaps
Existedby 1935–present
Major junctions
South end US 87 in San Angelo
Major intersections
North end SH 70 near Spur
CountryUnited States
Highway system
SH 207File:Texas 209.svg SH 209
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Texas Highway 208 north of San Angelo
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State Highway 208 at US 380

State Highway 208 (SH 208) is a Texas state highway that runs from San Angelo to southeast of Spur.

Route description

SH 208 begins at an intersection with US 87 (North Bryant Avenue) in San Angelo. The highway travels in a northeast and east direction along 19th Street for just over a mile before turning north onto Armstrong Street. After intersecting 29th Street, SH 208 travels through less developed areas of the city then leaves the San Angelo city limits just south of an intersection with FM 2105. Leaving San Angelo, the highway's route becomes rural and sparsely populated, traveling by several farms and ranches.

SH 208 crosses over the Colorado River then immediately enters the town of Robert Lee. In Robert Lee, the highway intersects Loop 229, SH 158, and Farm to Market Road 1904, with the latter providing access to the north end of the E.V. Spence Reservoir. Leaving Robert Lee, the route of SH 208 becomes rural again. In northern Coke County, the highway bypasses the unincorporated town of Silver, with RM 1672 providing direct access to the community. SH 208 crosses over the northeast section of the Champion Creek Reservoir then enters into Colorado City. The highway bypasses the city's downtown area with a business route, Bus. SH 208, providing access to the downtown and central parts of Colorado City. SH 208 has a brief overlap with I-20 before leaving Colorado City.

Leaving Colorado City, the highway's route becomes rural again until intersecting FM 2763. SH 208 enters the Snyder city limits and overlaps US 180 and Bus. US 84 through the town. The highway has an interchange with the US 84 bypass then leaves the town. North of Snyder, the highway's route becomes extremely rural and enters into Kent County. SH 208 crosses the Double Mountain Fork Brazos River then begins an overlap with US 380. The two highways enter the mostly abandoned ghost town of Clairemont, with SH 208 leaving US 380 here. A few miles north of Clairemont, the highway crosses the Salt Fork Brazos River and passes by many farms and ranches before ending at an intersection with SH 70 approximately 4.5 miles southeast of Spur.


The route was originally designated on July 16, 1934 from San Angelo to Robert Lee.[2] On June 16, 1936, SH 208 was extended north to Colorado City.[3] The section from Robert Lee to Colorado City was dropped on March 26, 1942, but was reinstated on April 23, 1947, when it replaced RM 18. On February 23, 1956, the route was extended farther north to Snyder, replacing part of SH 101, and was signed (but not designated) to Spur along FM 1231 and FM 948. The extension to Spur was officially designated on August 29, 1990 to Spur, cancelling FM 1231 and FM 948.

FM 1231 was designated in 1949 as a route from US 84 at Snyder north 8.8 miles to a road intersection. In 1951, FM 1231 was extended north to the Kent County Line. Later that year, FM 1231 was extended 3 miles further north. In 1952, FM 1231 was extended to US 380, replacing FM 1741 from US 380 south 6.1 miles. FM 1231 was cancelled in 1990 and transferred to SH 208.

Junction list

Tom GreenSan Angelo0.00.0 US 87 (North Bryant Boulevard)Southern terminus

FM 2105 to US 87 / US 277
FM 2662 east
29.247.0File:Texas RM 2034.svg RM 2034 – Water Valley
Robert Lee30.348.8
Loop 229 west
30.649.2 SH 158 – Sterling City, Bronte
FM 1904 west – E.V. Spence Reservoir, Robert Lee Dam North End
RM 1672 west – Silver
RM 1672 south – Silver
FM 644 north – Loraine
File:Texas FM 2319.svg
FM 2319 east
Colorado City73.2117.8 I-20 BL (Bus. SH 208 north) – Sweetwater
I-20 east – Sweetwater
South end of I-20 overlap; SH 208 south follows I-20 exit 217

I-20 west / Bus. SH 208 to SH 163 – Big Spring, Colorado City
North end of I-20 overlap; SH 208 north follows I-20 exit 216
FM 3525 south
File:Texas FM 1982.svg
FM 1982 east
FM 1808 west – Cuthbert
Access to Colorado City Airport
Scurry86.8139.7 FM 1606 – Ira
FM 2763 west – Western Texas College
Access to Cogdell Memorial Hospital

Bus. US 84 east – Roscoe, Sweetwater
South end of Bus. US 84 overlap
US 180 east – Lubbock, Roby, Post
South end of US 180 overlap
FM 1605 west
Access to Cogdell Memorial Hospital

US 180 west (25th Street) / SH 350 west (College Avenue)
North end of US 180 overlap

Bus. US 84 west
North end of Bus. US 84 overlap
FM 1673 east
99.9160.8 US 84 – Post, RoscoeInterchange
FM 1611 south
US 380 west – Post
South end of US 380 overlap
US 380 east – Jayton
North end of US 380 overlap
144.5232.6 FM 2320 – Jayton
FM 643 east – Girard
Dickens157.1252.8 SH 70 – Dickens, JaytonNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Colorado City business route

Business plate.svg

Business State Highway 208

LocationColorado City
Length1.607 mi[4] (2.586 km)
Excludes overlap with I-20 BL
ExistedJune 21, 1990[4]–present

Business State Highway 208-B (Bus. SH 208-B) is a business route of SH 208 located in Colorado City. The highway was designated on June 21, 1990, with the mileage being transferred from the original Spur 471.[5]

Bus. SH 208-B begins at the I-20 BL and SH 208 intersection in eastern Colorado City. Bus. SH 208-B overlaps I-20 BL with the two highways traveling in a western direction along Westpoint Avenue and 2nd Street. The overlap ends near the town's downtown area, with Bus. SH 208-B turning north onto Hickory Street. The highway travels through densely populated areas of the town before ending at I-20/SH 208 in northern Colorado City.

Junction list

The entire route is in Colorado City, Mitchell County.

I-20 BL east / SH 208 – Sweetwater, Robert Lee, Lake Champion
Southern terminus; south end of I-20 BL overlap

I-20 BL west to SH 163 – Big Spring, Sterling City
North end of I-20 BL overlap
3.04.8 I-20 / SH 208 – Big Spring, Sweetwater, SnyderNorthern terminus; I-20 exit 216
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


State Highway 208 in Clairemont, Texas
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