Tennessee State Route 63

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State Route 63

Congressman Howard H. Baker Highway
TN 63; primary in red, secondary in blue
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length101.06 mi (162.64 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1923[1]–present
Major junctions
West end US 27 / SR 297 in Huntsville
Major intersections I-75 in Pioneer

I-75 / US 25W in Caryville
US 25W in LaFollette

US 25E in Harrogate
East end SR 33 in Sneedville
CountryUnited States
CountiesScott, Campbell, Claiborne, Hancock
Highway system
SR 62 US 64

State Route 63 (SR 63) is an east–west state highway in the northern portion of eastern Tennessee. It goes from U.S. Route 27 (US 27) in Huntsville to SR 33 in Sneedville, running 102 miles (164 km).

SR 63 is a primary route west of US 25E in Harrogate; the portion east of the I-75 junction in Caryville is part of Corridor F of the Appalachian Development Highway System, which stretches from Caryville to Jenkins, Kentucky. East of Harrogate, SR 63 is a much curvier secondary route.

The portion of the highway from US 27 in Huntsville to I-75 in Pioneer is named after Congressman Howard Baker Sr.[2]

Route description

Scott County

SR 63 begins as a primary highway in Scott County in Huntsville at an intersection with US 27/SR 29/SR 297. It begins concurrent with SR 297. It goes east and enters downtown. It then goes through downtown and junctions with SR 456, a short cut to Oneida, before leaving Huntsville. It continues east through rural Scott County and the community of Fairview before crossing into Campbell County.[3][4]

Campbell County

They then enter the community of Pioneer and SR 297 separates from SR 63 here. SR 63 then continues east alone to intersect Old Hwy. 63, the original route of SR 63 and a direct route to Caryville. It then has an interchange and becomes concurrent with I-75 at exit 141. It goes south along I-75 before entering Caryville. In Caryville, it passes by downtown and then separates from I-75 at exit 134, intersects with the other end Old Hwy. 63, and becomes concurrent with US 25W/SR 9. US 25W/SR 63 immediately afterwards junction with SR 116 (John McGhee Blvd./Old US 25W) and then enters Cove Lake State Park and passes by Cove Lake and Caryville Dam before leaving Caryville. They then enter Jacksboro and becomes the major artery of the city, bypassing downtown to the west and running through the heart of the main business district. They then leave Jacksboro and enter LaFollette. US 25W/SR 63 continue through the center of LaFollette and enter downtown. In downtown, US 25W and SR 63 separate with US 25W heading north towards Jellico and Kentucky and SR 63 heads towards Harrogate and Middlesboro. SR 63 then leaves LaFollette and travels up the Powell Valley through the communities of Fincastle, Well Springs, Speedwell, Powell Valley and Arthur before entering Harrogate, crossing into Claiborne County in between Fincastle and Speedwell.[3][5]

The intersection of Central Avenue (U.S. Route 25W / State Route 63) and Tennessee Avenue in downtown LaFollette, Tennessee.

Claiborne County

In Harrogate, SR 63 passes by the Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) campus then has an intersection and short concurrency with US 25E/SR 32. It then becomes a very curvy secondary route and continues east through a mix of farmland and mountainous terrain to pass through the communities of Forge Ridge and Hopewell before crossing the Powell River and having a junction with SR 345 and crossing into Hancock County.[3][6]

Hancock County

SR 63 runs parallel to the river for several miles before going through Mulberry Gap and then crossing a mountain pass before entering Sneedville and ending as a secondary highway at an intersection with SR 33.[3][7]

Major intersections

US 27 / SR 297 west (Scott Highway / SR 29) – Wartburg, Oneida, Historic Rugby, Big South Fork National Recreational Area
Western terminus; western end of SR 297 concurrency; SR 63 begins as a primary highway

SR 456 north (Annadell Road) – Oneida
Southern terminus of SR 456
SR 297 east (Newcomb Pike) – Newcomb, Elk Valley, Jellico
Eastern end of SR 297 concurrency

I-75 north – Lexington, KY
Western end of I-75 concurrency; SR 63 west follows exit 141

I-75 south / US 25W south (SR 9) – Knoxville
Eastern end of I-75 concurrency; Western end of US 25W/SR 9 concurrency; SR 63 east follows exit 134

SR 116 south (John McGhee Boulevard) – Vasper, Rocky Top
Northern terminus of SR 116
Bridge over Cove Lake

US 25W north (Indiana Avenue / SR 9) to I-75 north – Jellico
Eastern end of US 25W/SR 9 concurrency
US 25E north (Cumberland Gap Parkway / SR 32) – Middlesboro, KY
Western end of US 25E/SR 32 concurrency; SR 63 becomes a secondary highway

US 25E south (Cumberland Gap Parkway / SR 32) – Tazewell
Eastern end of US 25E/SR 32 concurrency
G.W. Brooks Memorial Bridge over the Powell River

SR 345 south (Cedar Fork Road) – Tazewell
Northern terminus of SR 345
HancockSneedville101.06162.64 SR 33 (Main Street) – Tazewell, Kyles FordEastern terminus; SR 63 ends as a secondary highway
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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