Oregon Route 22

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Oregon Route 22

Route 22 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length139.01 mi[1] (223.71 km)
  • Three Rivers Highway No. 32
  • Salmon River Highway No. 39
  • Willamina–Salem Highway No. 30
  • Salem Highway No. 72
  • North Santiam Highway No. 162
Major junctions
West end US 101 in Hebo
Major intersections
East end US 20 / OR 126 in Santiam Junction
CountryUnited States
Highway system
US 20 US 26

Oregon Route 22 is an Oregon state highway that runs between the Oregon Coast community of Hebo, to an interchange with U.S. Route 20 near Santiam Pass in the Cascade Mountains. OR 22 traverses several highways of the Oregon state highway system, including the Three Rivers Highway No. 32, part of the Salmon River Highway No. 39, the Willamina–Salem Highway No. 30, part of the Salem Highway No. 72, and the North Santiam Highway No. 162.[2]

Route description

Three Rivers Highway

Oregon Route 22 begins (at its western terminus) at a junction with U.S. Route 101 in the coastal town of Hebo. The first section, known as the Three Rivers Highway No. 32, is a mostly scenic route; however, it is narrow and winding, and not well-suited for high-volume traffic. Little or no shoulder with an abrupt dropoff, few guardrails, no lighting, lack of adequate warning signs, and neglected paint lines in some areas, contribute to the treacherous conditions.[3] Drivers may encounter logging trucks in the narrow two-lane road as well[4] After passing Dolph Junction, OR 22 winds eastward though the coast range along Sourgrass Creek, a tributary of the Little Nestucca River, until it reaches the community of Grand Ronde. There, it joins with Oregon Route 18 at a location known as Valley Junction, and overlaps OR 18 along part of the Salmon River Highway No. 39 in an approximately four-mile (6.4 km) stretch between Grand Ronde and Willamina, at which point OR 22 heads southeast towards Salem, while OR 18 goes northeast towards the Portland area. The portion from Hebo to Grand Ronde was formerly signed as OR 14.

Willamina-Salem Highway

Sign at OR 22's interchange with OR 223
Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) flying over Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge with Route 22 beyond

The stretch between Willamina and Salem is known as the Willamina-Salem Highway No. 30. Between Willamina and Dallas, it is a mostly two-lane highway; unlike the stretch between Hebo and Grand Ronde, this part of OR 22 is a major freight corridor. In the Dallas/Rickreall area are intersections with Oregon Route 223 and Oregon Route 99W, along with a spur route of OR 223 further to the west. East of the OR 223 interchange, OR 22 is an expressway into Salem; there is a project being planned to upgrade much of this stretch of OR 22 to freeway standards.[5] Between Dallas and Salem, OR 22 intersects two other highways: Oregon Route 51 and Oregon Route 221. Immediately beyond the interchange with OR 221 is the Marion Street Bridge across the Willamette River, and downtown Salem.

Salem area

After crossing the bridge, OR 22 (along with OR 99E Business, which it joins) heads south along Front Street for a few blocks, then east past Willamette University. At the eastern edge of the Willamette campus, an interchange carries the highway to Mission Street; OR 22 and OR 99E Business continue east on Mission Street (which is really an urban expressway), past the Salem airport to an interchange with Interstate 5 and Oregon Route 99E. OR 99E Business ends here; OR 22 continues to the east. This portion of OR 22 is part of the Salem Highway No. 72.

North Santiam Highway

East of the I-5 interchange, OR 22 is known as the North Santiam Highway No. 162. This section of OR 22 is a major transportation corridor; and is a primary route between Salem and the central Willamette Valley, and Central Oregon. Between I-5 and Stayton; OR 22 is a freeway: a four-lane undivided freeway between I-5 and Aumsville; a traditional divided freeway between Aumsville and Stayton, and a two-lane freeway in the Stayton/Sublimity area. The highway continues east, along the northern bank of the Santiam River, through the community of Mehama and the cities of Mill City, Gates, and Detroit. The highway passes numerous hydroelectric dams, including the ruins of an early 20th-century dam at Niagara County Park and the mid-20th century Detroit Dam which forms much-visited Detroit Lake. Beyond the Detroit on the east end of the reservoir, the highway passes Idanha, and turns south, west of Mount Jefferson, passes Marion Forks, and reaches its terminus at an interchange with U.S. Route 20 and Oregon Route 126 at Santiam Junction. US 20 and OR 126 continue east over Santiam Pass into central Oregon; US 20 heads to Bend and OR 126 to Redmond.

North Santiam River near Detroit as seen from OR 22
Marion Forks Lodge in Marion Forks, 1964

Major intersections

Milepoints are as reported by ODOT and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. Z indicates overlapping mileage due to construction longer than established route, and – indicates negative mileage behind established beginning point.[6] Segments that are locally maintained may be omitted. For routes traversing multiple named state highways, each milepoint is preceded by the corresponding state highway number. 

TillamookHebo32 0.00 US 101 – Tillamook, Astoria, Cloverdale, Newport
Dolph32 10.63
OR 130 west – Little Nestucca River
YamhillNo major intersections
PolkValley Junction32 24.97
39 23.04

OR 18 west – Grand Ronde, Lincoln City
Western end of concurrency with OR 18
39 24.40–
39 24.94
25Fort Hill Road / Yamhill River RoadInterchange
39 26.77–
39 27.00

OR 18 Bus. east – Willamina, Sheridan
Interchange; eastbound exit and entrance
39 27.17
30 0.00

OR 18 east
Interchange; eastern end of concurrency with OR 18
30 (2)0.28

OR 18 Bus. east – Willamina
Westbound exit and entrance
30 12.72 OR 223 (Kings Valley Highway) / Smithfield Road – Dallas, Kings Valley
30 15.95–
30 16.17

OR 223 south – Dallas
Interchange; westbound left exit and eastbound left entrance
30 15.61–
30 16.55
16 OR 99W – Monmouth, McMinnvilleInterchange
Brunks Corner30 20.37 OR 51 – Independence
Salem30 24.08Western end of freeway
30 24.08 OR 221 – West Salem, DaytonEastbound exit and westbound entrance
30 24.91–
30 25.08
Rosemont Avenue – Capital ManorWestbound exit and eastbound left entrance
30 25.74–
30 25.81

OR 221 north (Wallace Road) / Edgewater Street – West Salem, Dayton
Westbound exit and eastbound left entrance
Polk–Marion county line30 25.66–
30 26.09
Center Street (eastbound) and Marion Street (westbound) bridges over the Willamette River
Marion30 25.97
72 5.19

OR 99E Bus. north to I-5 north – Keizer, Portland, Salem City Center
Left exit eastbound and westbound; left entrance eastbound; western end of concurrency with OR 99E Bus.
Eastern end of freeway
72 6.6512th Street SE / Mission StreetInterchange
72 8.48
162 1.17

OR 99E Bus. north
Eastern end of concurrency with and southern terminus of OR 99E Bus.
162 1.411 I-5 – Eugene, PortlandSigned as exits 1A (south) and 1B (north)
162 1.55Western end of freeway
162 1.912Lancaster Drive – TurnerTurner only appears on eastbound signage
162 4.034Gaffin Road
162 5.445Joseph Street
162 6.677 OR 214 – Silver Falls State Park
162 8.949Shaw, Aumsville
162 11.5312Golf Club Road
Sublimity162 13.2313Stayton, Sublimity
162 13.80Eastern end of freeway
Mehama162 22.42 OR 226 – Mehama, Lyons, Albany
Linn162 81.81 US 20 / OR 126 – Clear Lake, Eugene, Sisters, Bend
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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