Nebraska Highway 14

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State Highway 14

Nebraska Highway 14 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NDOT
Length203.53 mi[1] (327.55 km)
Major junctions
South end K-14 southwest of Superior
Major intersections US 6 southeast of Harvard
I-80 near Aurora
US 30 in Central City
US 275 in Neligh
US 20 west of Brunswick
N-12 in Niobrara
North end SD 37 northeast of Niobrara
CountryUnited States
CountiesNuckolls, Clay, Hamilton, Merrick, Nance, Boone, Antelope, Knox
Highway system
N-13 N-15

Nebraska Highway 14 (N-14) is a highway in the U.S. state of Nebraska. It has a southern terminus at the Kansas border, where it continues south as K-14, southwest of Superior and a northern terminus east of Niobrara at the South Dakota border.

Route description

Nebraska Highway 14 begins at the Kansas border southwest of Superior. This southern terminus for NE 14 is also the northern terminus for K-14. It goes northeast through farmland towards Superior, crosses the Republican River, then turns east into Superior. It meets Nebraska Highway 8 there, then turns north. It meets U.S. Highway 136 and they run concurrent for 4 miles (6.4 km). They separate, and NE 14 continues north into Nelson. It continues north, runs briefly concurrent with Nebraska Highway 4 and Nebraska Highway 74, then goes through Clay Center. At Clay Center, it meets Nebraska Highway 41. After 4 more miles, it meets U.S. Highway 6, then turns east with it for 3 miles (4.8 km). It turns north, and shortly before arriving in Aurora, intersects Interstate 80. In Aurora, it meets U.S. Highway 34. It continues north and meets Nebraska Highway 66 just before passing the Platte River. It crosses the Platte, and enters Central City, where it meets U.S. Highway 30.[1][3]

After Central City, it briefly overlaps Nebraska Highway 92 before continuing north towards Fullerton. At Fullerton, it meets Nebraska Highway 22 and they run together north for a couple miles. It goes north and shortly before Albion, meets Nebraska Highway 39 and turns northwesterly to go through Albion. At Loretto, it turns due north again, then north of Elgin, it turns northeasterly towards Neligh. At Neligh, NE 14 meets U.S. Highway 275. It continues due north out of Neligh, meeting U.S. Highway 20 near Brunswick. It continues north through Verdigre and at Niobrara meets Nebraska Highway 12. It turns east briefly, then turns north to go into South Dakota via the Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge, which crosses the Missouri River, where the highway continues north as South Dakota Highway 37.[1][3]


Nebraska Highway 14 originally ended in Neligh. It also originally went east from Fullerton to Genoa along the current NE 22, then northwest to Albion along current NE 39.[4] When originally extended to Niobrara, it went north through Center along the current Nebraska Highway 13.[4]

Nebraska Highway 14 previously ended in Niobrara, but in 1998, the Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge was opened. The bridge, which was named for the former Ponca Indian chief, crosses over the Missouri River and replaced a long-standing river ferry which crossed at the same site.[4] The completion of this bridge made it a cross-state highway.

Highway designations

The portion it shares with U.S. Highway 136 is the Heritage Highway. When it is concurrent with U.S. Highway 6, it is the Grand Army of the Republic Highway. Its concurrency with Nebraska Highway 12 is the Outlaw Trail Scenic Byway.[5]

Major intersections

K-14 south
Continuation into Kansas
N-8 east (3rd Street east)
Western terminus of N-8; former N-3S
US 136 west
South end of US 136 overlap; former N-3 west
US 136 east
North end of US 136 overlap; former N-3 east
N-4 west
South end of N-4 overlap
N-4 east / Oregon National Historic Trail / California National Historic Trail / Pony Express National Historic Trail
North end of N-4 overlap
S-18C west (Road 302) – Deweese
S-18B east – Edgar
Former N-119
N-74 east (Road 306)
South end of N-74 overlap
N-74 west (Road 307) / Oregon National Historic Trail / California National Historic Trail / Pony Express National Historic Trail
North end of N-74 overlap
Clay Center37.6860.64

N-41 east / S-18D west – U.S. Meat Animal Research Center
Western terminus of N-41; eastern terminus of S-18D
US 6 west
South end of US 6 overlap
US 6 east
North end of US 6 overlap
Hamilton61.1698.43 I-80 – Lincoln, Grand IslandI-80 exit 332
Aurora64.67104.08 US 34 (Q Street) – York, Grand IslandAccess to Memorial Hospital
S-41C west (22 Road) – Marquette
N-66 east (27 Road)
Platte River78.90126.98Bridge
MerrickCentral City81.49131.15 US 30
N-92 west
South end of N-92 overlap
N-92 east
North end of N-92 overlap
N-22 west (Third Street)
South end of N-22 overlap
N-22 east
North end of N-22 overlap
N-52 north
Boone114.01183.48 N-56 – Cedar Rapids, St. Edward
121.50195.54265th Street (L-6A east)
N-39 south
Northern terminus of N-39
N-91 east
South end of N-91 overlap
N-91 west (State Street west)
North end of N-91 overlap
N-32 east (Leona Avenue)
N-70 west (North Street)
Former N-80
Neligh156.27251.49 US 275 (11th Street)
171.01275.21 US 20 – Royal, Sioux City
N-59 east
Western terminus of N-59

N-84 east / S-54A west
Western terminus of N-84; eastern terminus of S-54A
N-12 west
South end of N-12 overlap
N-12 east
North end of N-12 overlap
Missouri River203.53327.55Chief Standing Bear Memorial Bridge
NebraskaSouth Dakota line

SD 37 north
Continuation into South Dakota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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