List of lettered highways in Maine

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Lettered highways in Maine
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Maintained by MaineDOT
Highway names
InterstatesInterstate x (abbreviated I-X)
US HighwaysU.S. Route x (abbreviated US-X)
StateState Route x or Route x (abbreviated SR X)
Lettered routesRoute x
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Beginning in 1914, Maine used a system of lettered highways to internally designate cross-state routes. Surveys were carried out in 1913 to determine which roads would be slated for upgrade, and ultimately three hundred and seventy miles were designated for upgrade. The following year, Maine designated 21 trunk highways to be maintained by the state, lettered A through T and X. By the time of the system's designation, three routes, lettered U, V, and W, had been surveyed, but not approved by the State Highway Commission, though plans were in place to include these routes at a later date. These routes were only ever intended to be internal designations; there are no provisions provided in the financial records of the Commission indicating signage was expended on at this time.[1] This internal designation was supplemented by systems for public use; pole-marked auto trails were introduced by the State Highway Commission in 1919, which were replaced in 1925 by the implementation of the New England interstate highway system, which in turn were replaced by a renumbering in 1933. Through these changes, the lettered designations remained for internal purposes, with expansions including spurs and suffixed routes. In 1955, the commission finally abandoned these internal designations and began referring to them by their signed designations.[2]

List of routes

The list below refers only to designations established in 1914; later additions included suffixed routes and more spurs.

Route[3] From Through To Modern designation Notes
A Kittery York, Wells, Kennebunk, Biddeford, Saco, Scarboro, South Portland Portland US 1
A Spur Berwick North Berwick Wells SR 9 Begun in 1923
Kennebunk Begun in 1927
Saco Old Orchard SR 98 Begun in 1935
A-2 Wells Sanford SR 109
A-5 Berwick
B Fryeburg Bridgton, Naples, Casco, Raymond, Windham, Westbrook Portland US 302
B–S Naples Casco Poland SR 11
B–S-2 Norway SR 117
C Portland Falmouth, Cumberland, Yarmouth, Freeport, Brunswick, West Bath Bath US 1 (including Old Bath / Brunswick Road)
C-1 Brunswick West Bath Bath US 1
D Woolwich Wiscasset, Edgecomb, Alna, Newcastle, Damariscotta, Nobleboro, Waldoboro, Warren, Thomaston, Rockland, Rockport, Camden, Lincolnville, Northport Belfast US 1
D Spur Thomaston South Thomaston St. George SR 131 Begun in 1917
Edgecomb Boothbay Begun in 1927
D–4 St. George South Thomaston SR 131 Begun in 1937
E Portland Falmouth, Cumberland, Gray, New Gloucester, Auburn, Lewiston, Greene, Monmouth, Winthrop, Manchester Augusta SR 100, US 202
F Auburn Turner, Livermore, East Livermore, Jay, Wilton, Farmington, Strong, Avon, Phillips, Sandy River Plantation Rangely SR 4
F–O Dixfield Carthage Wilton US 2 Begun in 1928
G Augusta Sidney, Belgrade, Oakland Waterville SR 27, SR 11
H Augusta Vassalboro, Winslow, Waterville, Fairfield, Skowhegan, Norridgewock, Madison, Anson, Embden, Solon, Bingham, Moscow, Caratunk Plantation, The Forks Plantation, West Forks Plantation, Johnson Mountain, Parlin Pond, Jackman Plantation, Moose River Plantation, Dennistown Plantation, Sandy Bay Plantation Quebec Line US 201, US 201A, US 201
H–I Skowhegan Canaan, Pittsfield, Palmyra Newport US 2 Begun in 1928
H–3 Skowhegan Madison Solon US 201 Begun in 1928
I Fairfield Benton, Clinton, Burnham, Pittsfield, Palmyra, Newport, Etna, Carmel, Herman Bangor SR 100, US 2
J Newport Corinna, Dexter, Dover, Foxcroft, Guilford, Abbot, Monson, Shirley Greenville SR 7, SR 23, SR 6
J–K Enfield Howland, LaGrange, Orneville, Milo, Sebec, Dover, Foxcroft Guilford SR 155, SR 6 First attested to in 1924. Alignments in Medford and Maxfield are also attested
K Bangor Veazie, Orono, Oldtown, Milford, Greenbush, Passadumkeag, Enfield, Lincoln, Winn, Mattawamkeag, Molunkus, Medway, Stacyville, Sherman, Crystal, Island Falls, Dyer Brook, Merrill, Smyrna, Ludlow, New Limerick, Houlton, Littleton, Monticello, Bridgewater, Blaine, Mars Hill, Easton, Presque Isle, Caribou, Connor, Cyr, Van Buren, Grand Isle, Madawaska, Frenchville Fort Kent US 2, US 1 1916: realigned between Stillwater and Enfield to follow Stillwater Avenue over the Stillwater bridge, then modern-day SR 16 to LaGrange and SR 155 to Enfield; however, this alignment wasn't kept, and was partially absorbed by Route J–K
K Spur Easton Fort Fairfield Canada line US 1A, SR 161 First attested to in 1924
Houlton Canada line US 2
K–1 Presque Isle Westfield Mars Hill US 1 First attested to in 1928
K–2 Fort Fairfield Limestone, Caswell Hamlin US 1A First attested to in 1931
K–6 Fort Fairfield
K–7 Houlton
K–8 Glenwood Haynesville Houlton US 2A
L Belfast Searsport, Stockton Springs, Prospect, Frankfort, Winterport, Hampden Bangor US 1, US 1A
L Spur Prospect Waldo-Hancock Bridge SR 174 First attested to in 1930
L–Y Stockton Springs Prospect, Waldo-Hancock Bridge, Verona Bucksport US 1 First attested to in 1931
M Bangor Brewer, Holden, Dedham, Ellsworth Trenton US 1A, SR 3
M Spur Bar Harbour
N Ellsworth Hancock, Franklin, Sullivan, Gouldsboro, Steuben, Milbridge, Cherryfield, Harrington, Columbia, Columbia Falls, Jonesboro, Whitneyville, Machias, East Machias, Whiting, Trescott, Edmunds, Dennysville, Pembroke, Perry, Robbinstown Calais US 1
N Spur Perry Eastport SR 190
Whiting Trescott Lubec SR 189
Columbia Falls Addison Jonesport SR 187
Ellsworth Lamoine SR 184
Calais Called Bridge Street
O Livermore Canton, Peru, Dixfield, Mexico, Rumford, Hanover, Newry, Bethel, Gilead New Hampshire state line SR 108, Main Street, US 2
O Spur Rumford Peru SR 108 First attested to in 1934. Referred to as Highway O-1 in 1938.
P Augusta Chelsea, Whitefield, Windsor, Jefferson, Somerville, Washington, Union, Hope, Rockport Rockland SR 17
Q Augusta Hallowell, Farmingdale, Gardiner, Richmond, Bowdoinham, Topsham Brunswick US 201 (including SR 138)
Q Spur Richmond Begun in 1924
Q-1 Bowdoin Bowdoinham Richmond US 201
R Augusta Vassalboro, China, Palermo, Liberty, Montville, Searsmont, Morrill, Waldo Belfast US 202, SR 3
S Gray New Gloucester, Poland, Mechanic Falls, Oxford, Norway, Paris, Woodstock, Greenwood Bethel SR 26
T Newry Grafton, Upton New Hampshire state line SR 26
U Biddeford Kennebunkport, Lyman, Alfred, Sanford, Lebanon New Hampshire state line SR 111, US 202 Not finalized by 1914 report
V Norridgewock Mercer, New Sharon Farmington US 2 Not finalized by 1914 report
W Belgrade Depot Rome New Sharon SR 27 Not finalized by 1914 report
X Bangor Glenburn, Kenduskeag, Corinth, Charleston, Garland, Hermon Dover ME 15 1916: extended over modern-day SR 6 to LaGrange
Y Belgrade Depot Brewer, Holden, Bucksport, Orland, Penobscot, Bluehill, Surry Ellsworth SR 15, SR 172 Added in 1915
Y Spur Orland Penobscot Castine SR 166 First attested to in 1926
Z Lewiston Lisbon Topsham SR 196 Added in 1917
Sokokis Trail Cornish Limerick, Waterboro, Lyman, Hollis, Dayton, Biddeford, Saco Old Orchard SR 5 First attested to in 1926
Ossipee Trail Gorham Standish, Limington, Cornish, Parsonfield, Porter New Hampshire line SR 25 First attested to in 1927
Pequaket Trail Standish Baldwin, Hiram, Brownfield Fryeburg SR 113


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