List of county routes in Elko County, Nevada

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Sign at the north end of Elko County Route 748

List of county routes in Elko County, located in northeastern Nevada.[1][2]

Elko County routes

Route Name Description Notes
701 Lower Starr Valley Road SR 230 Intersection near Deeth to Boulder Creek intersection with CR 702. School bus route—High priority for winter maintenance.
701-B Deeth streets.
702 Upper Starr Valley Road SR 230 to Starr Valley community hall. School bus route only—High priority for winter maintenance.
702D Dennis Flat Road Dennis Flat to intersection with SR 229 near 71 Ranch.
703 Fort Halleck Road SR 229 at 71 Ranch to junction with CR 704 and CR 705.
704 Lamoille Road (Upper) CR 703 junction via Clubine Lane to Jess Sustacha-Mattice corner intersection with CR 705. School bus route—High priority for winter maintenance.
705 Lamoille Road (Lower) CR 703 junction via Ogilvie, Palacio, and Jess Sustacha ranches to church (end of SR 227). Also known as McKinney Lane.
706 Lower Lamoille Road CR 705 intersection in Lamoille via Rabbit and Spring Creek to intersection with SR 227.
707 Crossroads Lane/Mountain View Drive Lamoille, from church (end of SR 227) to Chas Evans gate.
708 Country Lane, Country Club, Deer Lane, Rose Hip Lamoille streets and alleys.
709 Canyon Road, Hog Tommy Road (Old Lamoille Dump Road) From SR 227 to Spring Creek Housing.
710 Pleasant Valley Estates streets.
711 Boyd-Kennedy Road SR 227 to translator road turn-off. Front of school only—high priority for winter maintenance.
711B Corral Lane SR 227 to Spring Creek.
712 Pleasant Valley Road SR 227 to Chimney Creek intersection with CR 713. School bus route—high priority for winter maintenance.
713 Upper Lee Road Spring Creek via Chimney Creek to an intersection with CR 714. No maintenance in South Fork Reservation.
714 Woods Lane From SR 228 to the Lee Reservation border.
715 Lower South Fork Road SR 228 via Twin Bridges to the South Fork Dam Road, to intersection with SR 228.
715B South Fork Causeway Main road in Lucky Nugget Estates.
716 Jiggs area roads: Intersection with SR 228 to Harry Peters Ranch. Intersection with SR 228 to Riordan and Smith Creek Ranches. Includes spur to Merkley Ranch and terminating at Achurra Ranch boundary. Intersection with SR 228 at Jiggs to Circle L Ranch. Intersection with SR 228 at Jiggs to Zunino Ranch (Hankins Place). Spur to Merkley Ranch and Zunino


No maintenance for spur to Merkley Ranch and Zunino Ranch as no public access.
716A Smith Creek Road From Twin Bridges to Harry Peters Ranch. No winter maintenance.
717 Jiggs Road Paved road from south end of SR 228 in Jiggs to Zaga Ranch.
717A Barnes Ranch Road Intersection with CR 717 to Barnes Ranch. No maintenance as no public access.
717B Corta Ranch Road Intersection with CR 717 to Corta Ranch via Zaga Ranch, up to “no trespassing signs”. No winter maintenance.
718 Harrison Pass Road From south end of CR 717 at Zaga Ranch to intersection with CR 788 (Ruby Valley Road). No winter maintenance.
719 Huntington Road Junction with CR 717 to White Pine County line including Doug Mitchell Road to county line.
720 Bullion Road From the end of asphalt to Bullion Mine. No winter maintenance from the bottom of Elko Hills to Bullion Mine.
720D Cattle Drive/Burgess Lane/Roche Road From Elko city limits to SR 225.
720G Gunrange Road
720H Hamilton Stage Road Off Bullion road (0.3 mile). Asphalt part.
720L Last Chance Road 1st mile from Elko city line (from 1st cattle guard). No maintenance except as per commissioners on 1st mile as stated.
720S Summit Raceway Used to be called Sports Complex.
721 Claridge Lane Claridge sub-division.
721A Rockland Drive Off SR 225—for 1000 feet off-road.
721B Sundance Road From SR 225 - 1st 2/3 mile. Given old West Airport # on 9/97 when West Airport Road was annexed by City of Elko—ord. #488.
721C Elburz Road Interstate 80 frontage road to North Fork Humboldt River crossing to Elburz.
722 Reed Station Road SR 226 to Reed Station. No winter maintenance.
723 Tuscarora Road SR 226 at Taylor Canyon to Tuscarora.
724 Midas Road Tuscarora to Midas to Humboldt County line. No winter maintenance from Rhoads Ranch to Midas.
728 Owyhee Road IL mail box via Petan Ranch to Duck Valley Indian Reservation boundary. No winter maintenance.
729 Trail Creek Road SR 226 to Ray Morris Ranch, over Maggie Summit to intersection with SR 225 via Bull Run. No winter maintenance.
730 IL Ranch Road End of SR 226 at Deep Creek to IL Ranch and meet CR 725 (Squaw Valley intersection).
731 Mountain City streets. RTC FUNDING.
732 Jack Creek Summit Road SR 225–Doheny Ranch Also known as North Fork Road, no winter maintenance
733 Fox Springs Ranch Road SR 225 to ranch. No maintenance as no public access.
734 Van Norman Ranch Road SR 226 to ranch. No maintenance as no public access.
735 Wright Ranch Road SR 226 to ranch. No maintenance as no public access.
736 Stampede Road Eureka County line to intersection with SR 226. No winter maintenance.
737 Saval Ranch Road SR 225 to ranch. No winter maintenance.
738 North Tuscarora Road Tuscarora to SR 226. No winter maintenance.
741 Adobe Summit-North Fifth Street Elko city limits to microwave road (Snobowl). Annexed by city ord. #495 on 1/27/98. County maintains 1st ½ mile after cattle guard.
741A Kittridge Canyon Main collector road only - to cattle guard.
742 Coal Mine-Devil's Gate Road Ryndon interchange to I-80 to Devil's Gate Ranch via Dankowski cut-off. Includes Frontier and Gold Rush roads & spur to Embry turn-off.
743 Coal Mine Canyon Road Embry turn-off, CR 742 to CR 744, to Connelly’s place.
744 Keddy Ranch Road SR 225 to Coal Mine turnoff. No winter maintenance.
745 Twin River Rancho Road I-80 interchange to last ranch gate. Includes service road to dump and Brent Jones Ranch road by Elburz. Original Devil's Gate Road.
746 North Fork-Charleston Road SR 225 to Prunty Ranch on Badger Creek in Charleston. No winter maintenance.
747 Deeth-Charleston Road Deeth to intersection with CR 746 at Charleston Reservoir. No winter maintenance.
748 Charleston-Jarbidge Road Intersection with CR 746 near the Prunty Ranch in Charleston to the town of Jarbidge, along the Jarbidge River, to Idaho state line near Murphy Hot Springs. No winter maintenance from CR 746 to Jarbidge.
749 Gold Creek Road SR 225 at Wild Horse Reservoir to Bruneau River, intersection of CR 750 and CR 751. No winter maintenance.
750 Rowland Road Bruneau River, intersection of CR 749 and CR 751 to Idaho state line via Rowland. No winter maintenance.
751 Diamond A Road Bruneau River intersection of CR 749 and CR 750 to Idaho state line—via Buck Creek–Deer Creek Grade Only winter maintenance to Diamond A Ranch per Otis.
752 Shoshone Street Wells city limits to 200' before R.R.right-of-way.
753 Deeth-O'Neil Road Deeth to Gully Ranch, Horace Smith and Twin Meadows Ranch service roads. Gibbs Ranch, Wildcat Canyon, Tabor Creek. No winter maintenance in Wildcat Canyon.
754 Metropolis Road Wells to intersection with CR 753 at Pole Creek. No winter maintenance from end of school bus route to Pole Creek.
755 O'Neil-Hubbard Road Intersection with CR 753 to US 93 on Hubbard Flat. Boies Reservoir.
756 Butler Ranch Road Intersection with CR 755 via Dry Creek to Butler Ranch. No winter maintenance.
757 Contact town main street.
761 Jackpot to Little Goose Creek Road Jackpot to Little Goose Creek, intersection with CR 762 and CR 763. No winter maintenance. Part of the California Trail Back Country Byway.[3]
762 Goose Creek Road Little Goose Creek intersection with CR 761 and CR 763 to Utah state line via Rancho Grande Ranch, Trout Creek. No winter maintenance. Part of the California Trail Back Country Byway.[3]
763 Rock Springs Road Intersection with CR 765 at Eccles Ranch to intersection with CR 761 at Little Goose Creek. No winter maintenance. Part of the California Trail Back Country Byway.[3]
765 Wilkins-Montello Road Intersection with US 93 at Wilkins via Eccles, 12-Mile, 16-Mile, 18-Mile, and Gamble Ranches to Montello, Winecup, and Thousand Springs. The section from US 93 to Eccles Ranch is part of the California Trail Back Country Byway.[3]
766 12 Mile-Delano Road Intersection with CR 765 at 12-mile Ranch to Delano Mine via Crittenden Reservoir. No winter maintenance. Not currently maintained to Delano Mine.
767 Pilot Road Intersection with SR 233 via Pilot Valley to intersection with I-80.
768 Tecoma Road Intersection with SR 233 via Tecoma to Pearson Ranch gate to Utah state line. Road presently closed to public; no maintenance till road re-opened. No winter maintenance when road re-opened.
770 Cobre Road Intersection with SR 233 to Cobre. No winter maintenance. No longer on system.
771 State Experimental Station Road Intersection with US 93 to Knoll Creek. No winter maintenance.
772 San Jacinto Road Intersection with US 93 to ranch. No winter maintenance. Off system per County Commissioners—private road
773 Montello streets Grading only if graders in area. RTC FUNDING.
782 Clover Valley Road Intersection with US 93 to Brough Ranch and joins SR 232. No winter maintenance.
783 Odger Ranch-Butte Valley Road Intersection with US 93 to Odger Ranch. No winter maintenance.
784 Butte Valley Road Odger Ranch to White Pine County line. No winter maintenance.
785 Cherry Creek Road Intersection with US 93 near Currie to White Pine County line. No winter maintenance.
786 North Ruby Road Intersection with SR 229 in Cow Hollow to Woolverton Ranch south back to SR 229. School bus route from SR 229 in Cow Hollow to Woolverton Ranch. No winter maintenance south of Woolverton Ranch.
787 Ruby Valley CCC Road Intersection with SR 229 to CR 788 intersection near Harrison Pass. No longer county maintained.
788 South Ruby Valley Road End of SR 767 to White Pine County line. School bus route - high priority for winter maintenance.
789 Shafter Road Intersection with I-80 to Union Pacific Railroad at Shafter. No winter maintenance.
790 Johnson Ranch Road Intersection with I-80 to Big Springs Ranch gate. No winter maintenance.
792 Shanty Town streets. Private roads.
794 Curtiss Ranch Road US 93 to ranch property line. Warm Springs Ranch access site. No longer on system - private road.
795 Victoria Mine Road US 93 Alternate to Victoria Mine. 12 miles public liability only when mine is operating. Not currently county maintained.
Source - Elko County Board of Commissioners[1]


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