Interstate 90 in South Dakota

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Interstate 90

Purple Heart Memorial Highway
Route information
Defined by SDCL §31-4-184
Maintained by SDDOT
Length412.76 mi[1] (664.27 km)
NHSEntire route
Major junctions
West end I-90 / US 14 at Wyoming state line
Major intersections US 85 / I-90 BL in Spearfish
I-190 / US 16 in Rapid City
US 14 near Wall
US 83 / I-90 BL in Murdo
US 83 / SD 53 in Vivian
US 183 / I-90 BL in Presho
US 281 in Plankinton
US 81 near Salem
I-29 in Sioux Falls
I-229 in Sioux Falls
East end I-90 at Minnesota state line
CountryUnited States
StateSouth Dakota
CountiesLawrence, Meade, Pennington, Jackson, Jones, Lyman, Brule, Aurora, Davison, Hanson, McCook, Minnehaha
Highway system
  • South Dakota State Trunk Highway System
SD 89 SD 100

Interstate 90 (I-90) in the US state of South Dakota traverses east–west through the southern half of the state.

Route description

I-90 enters South Dakota in Lawrence County as a four-lane divided highway. It enters concurrently with US Highway 14 (US 14) and passes through the town of Spearfish, where it shares another concurrency with US 85 from exit 10 to exit 17. From there it passes several miles north and east of the tourist town of Deadwood before entering Meade County, going just to the west of Sturgis. Another concurrency is with South Dakota Highway 34 (SD 34) from exit 23 at Whitewood to exit 30, the west exit of Sturgis, where there starts a concurrency with SD 79. The freeway generally passes along the north and east edges of the Black Hills.

The route then enters Pennington County, where it passes through the northern edge of Rapid City, gateway to the Black Hills and the nearest passing to Mount Rushmore National Memorial, as well as other scenic attractions including Custer State Park and the Needles Highway. Rapid City is also where the interstate has its westernmost auxiliary route, I-190, which links the Interstate to the western edge of the downtown area. SD 79's concurrency ends at exit 61 on the east side of the city. From Rapid City, the route heads east, passing between Box Elder to the south and Ellsworth Air Force Base to the north before heading toward Wall on to Jackson County. Exits 110 and 131 for Badlands National Park to the south (SD 240) are within 15 miles (24 km) either way of the county line. The concurrency for US 14 ends at exit 112 just east of Wall; here, US 14 runs due east and will connect to the city of Philip and the capital city of Pierre.

The Lake Francis Case portion of the Missouri River viewed from a rest stop just south of Chamberlain; the pre-Interstate Chamberlain Bridge is in the center

From there, the route passes mostly east–west through Jackson and Jones counties. There are short concurrencies with SD 73 (from the west entering Kadoka) and SD 63 in Jackson County. I-90 crosses the CentralMountain timezone boundary on the west edge of Jones County between milemarkers 174 and 175. Then, at Murdo, a concurrency begins with US 83 at exit 192 and continues to exit 212. It is in Lyman County, at exit 212 in Vivian, that the highway provides its closest link to the capital of Pierre, along US 83, some 35 miles (56 km) north. The road crosses the Missouri River at Lake Francis Case, between the towns of Oacoma and Chamberlain, also crossing into Brule County. I-90 Business (I-90 Bus.) runs from exit 260 at Oacoma to downtown Chamberlain across the Missouri River on the nearby Chamberlain Bridge and returns to I-90 at exit 265. Beginning there is a short concurrency with SD 50 heading to Pukwana, and also in Brule County is another short concurrency with SD 45 starting at Kimball.

I-90 then continues through Aurora County (connecting to White Lake and Plankinton), Davison County (where Mt. Vernon, Mitchell, and the Corn Palace are located), Hanson County (Alexandria), and McCook County (Salem). Then comes the state's most populous county, Minnehaha. After passing the communities of Humboldt and Hartford, the Interstate intersects the only other major Interstate in the state, I-29, at Sioux Falls, the largest city. Just east of I-29 is where I-90 meets the northern terminus of I-229. East of Brandon and northeast of Valley Springs, it then ends its trip through South Dakota of 413 miles (665 km) before entering Minnesota and Rock County, just west of the towns of Beaver Creek and Manley.

Since April 2015, the speed limit is 80 mph (130 km/h) between the Rapid City and the Minnesota state line, except for the segment between I-229 and Marion Road in Sioux Falls, where the speed limit is 65 mph (105 km/h). The speed limit remains 75 mph (121 km/h) between Rapid City and the Wyoming state line.

Codified law

The South Dakota section of I-90 is defined at South Dakota Codified Laws § 31-4-184.[2]


I-90 was constructed in the 1970s. The four-lane Interstate replaced old US 16 as the main road connecting Rapid City and Sioux Falls. Much of Old US 16 remains intact; however, I-90 has absorbed sections and likewise has reshaped the economies of many southern South Dakota towns.[3] The final section of I-90 in the state opened in November 1976 between the Wyoming state line and Spearfish.[4]

On May 24, 2012, the South Dakota Transportation Commission declared the entire length of I-90 as part of the National Purple Heart Trail, naming it the Purple Heart Memorial Highway, named after the military decoration of the same name.[5]

Removal of exit 66

In the city of Box Elder, exit 66, which crossed SD 435, was closed on October 1, 2003, after a 10-month delay.[6] The exit was closed and removed as a result of the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT)'s efforts to move traffic away from a potential crash site at the end of the Ellsworth AFB runway. The partial cloverleaf interchange of exit 66 was also demolished shortly thereafter. Exit 67, which was constructed not too long before the closure of exit 66, is now used as the main entrance and exit feeder to the base, and it is less likely to be impacted by a potential crash.[7] Local citizens and officials feared the lack of entrances which access the Ellsworth AFB would cause traffic issues and moving businesses from near the old exit would cause some to close and affect tax revenue. Land near exit 66 began to be purchased in 2004, including the former McDonald's property.[8]

Exit list

LawrenceNorth Lawrence0.000.00

I-90 west / US 14 west – Gillette
Continuation into Wyoming
2.253.622McNenny State Fish Hatchery
Spearfish8.9614.428McGuigan Road – Spearfish, Black Hills National Forest

I-90 BL east (North Avenue) / US 85 north – Spearfish, Belle Fourche
Western end of US 85 concurrency
12.3219.8312Jackson Boulevard – Spearfish, Black Hills State University
I-90 BL west / US 14A (27th Street) / Black Hills National Forest Scenic Byway – Spearfish Canyon
Single-point urban interchange (SPUI)
US 85 south – Deadwood, Lead
Eastern end of US 85 concurrency
SD 34 west – Whitewood, Belle Fourche
Western end of SD 34 concurrency

I-90 BL / SD 34 east / SD 79 north (Lazelle Street) / US 14A west – Sturgis, Deadwood, Lead
Eastern end of SD 34 concurrency; western end of SD 79 concurrency
I-90 BL west (Junction Avenue) – Sturgis
Serves Sturgis Regional Hospital
Southwest Meade34.8156.0234Black Hills National Cemetery
37.0159.5637Pleasant Valley Road
Tilford40.2064.7040Tilford Road, Bethlehem Road – Tilford
Piedmont44.6671.8744Bethlehem Road – Piedmont
46.1474.2646Elk Creek Road – Piedmont, Summerset
Summerset48.4377.9448Stagebarn Canyon Road – Summerset
Black Hawk52.3884.3052
I-90 BL east (Peaceful Pines Road) – Black Hawk, Rapid City
PenningtonRapid City55.6689.5855Deadwood Avenue – Rapid City

I-190 south / US 16 west – Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, Black Hills National Forest
Trumpet interchange; I-190 exits 1A–B
58.3193.8458Haines Avenue – Rapid CitySPUI
59.1995.2659La Crosse Street – Rapid CityDiverging diamond interchange (DDI)
I-90 BL west (North Street) – Rapid City

US 16 Truck / SD 79 south – Rapid City, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse
Eastern end of SD 79 concurrency; SPUI
Box Elder63.42102.0663Box Elder, Ellsworth AFB Commercial GateEastbound exit and westbound entrance
66.17106.4966 SD 435 – Ellsworth AFBClosed October 1, 2003[7]
67.15108.0767Liberty Boulevard – Box Elder, Ellsworth AFB Main GateSigned as exits 67A (south) and 67B (north) eastbound; partial cloverleaf interchange
New Underwood78.29126.0078161st Avenue – New Underwood
East Central Pennington84.24135.5784167th Avenue
88.23141.9988171st AvenueEastbound exit and westbound entrance
90.25145.2490173rd Avenue
Wasta98.14157.9498Base Line Road – WastaPartial cloverleaf interchange
Wasta Township101.23162.91101Jensen RoadPartial cloverleaf interchange
Lake Flat Township107.85173.57107Cedar Butte Road
I-90 BL east / W. 4th Avenue – Wall

I-90 BL west (Glenn Street) / SD 240 east (Badlands Loop) – Wall, Badlands
Fairview Township112.01180.26112
US 14 east – Philip, Pierre
Eastern end of US 14 concurrency, trumpet interchange
116.94188.20116239th Street
Quinn Township121.98196.31121Big Foot Road
JacksonNorthwest Jackson127.75205.59127No name exit206th Avenue
SD 240 west (Badlands Loop) – Interior, Badlands
Northeast Jackson143.29230.60143
SD 73 north – Philip
Western end of SD 73 concurrency

I-90 BL east / SD 73 south – Kadoka
Eastern end of SD 73 concurrency
I-90 BL west (South Creek Road) – Kadoka
SD 63 south – Belvidere
Western end of SD 63 concurrency
Northeast Jackson170.31274.09170
SD 63 north – Midland
Eastern end of SD 63 concurrency
172.50277.61172No name exitStamford Road
JonesOkaton177.48285.63177No name exitTo SD 248
I-90 BL east – Murdo

I-90 BL west / US 83 south – Murdo, White River
Western end of US 83 concurrency
Mussman Township208.11334.92208No name exitCounty road S10
LymanVivian Township212.80342.47212
US 83 north / SD 53 – Pierre, Fort Pierre
Eastern end of US 83 concurrency
Northwest LymanSouth Lyman line220.31354.55220No name exit300th Avenue
I-90 BL east – Presho

I-90 BL west / US 183 south – Presho, Winner
SD 273 north – Kennebec
Lyman241.90389.30241No name exit321st Avenue

To SD 47 north – Reliance
Actual SD 47 route runs parallel to the north along I-90 between exits 248 and 251 and does not connect to this interchange
East Lyman251.08404.07251
SD 47 south – Gregory, Winner
Actual SD 47 route intersects I-90 at this interchange
I-90 BL east (Dougan Avenue) – Oacoma, Chamberlain
Missouri River262.22422.00Lewis and Clark Memorial Bridge over Lake Francis Case
BruleChamberlain263.53424.11263South Main Street – ChamberlainPartial cloverleaf interchange

I-90 BL west / SD 50 west – Chamberlain
Western end of SD 50 concurrency
SD 50 east – Pukwana
Eastern end of SD 50 concurrency
SD 45 north (South Main Street) – Kimball
Western end of SD 45 concurrency
Plainfield Township289.22465.45289
SD 45 south – Platte
Eastern end of SD 45 concurrency
AuroraWhite Lake296.68477.46296White Lake
township line
310.48499.67310 US 281 – Stickney, Aberdeen, Huron
DavisonMount Vernon319.43514.07319Mount Vernon
Beluah Township325.42523.71325Betts Road

I-90 BL east / SD 37 north (South Ohlman Street) – Mitchell, Huron
Western end of SD 37 concurrency

I-90 BL west / SD 37 south (South Burr Street north) – Mitchell, Parkston
Eastern end of SD 37 concurrency
HansonHanson Township335.42539.81335Riverside Road
SD 262 east – Fulton, Alexandria
Pleasant Township350.05563.35350 SD 25 – Emery, Farmer
McCookJefferson Township353.98569.68353Spencer, Emery
357.99576.13357Bridgewater, Canova
Salem364.01585.82364 US 81 – Salem, Yankton, Madison
Canisota Township368.05592.32368Canistota
Greenland Township374.02601.93374Montrose
MinnehahaHumboldt379.63610.96379 SD 19 – Humboldt, Madison
Hartford387.46623.56387South Western Avenue – Hartford
390.21627.98390 SD 38 – Hartford, Buffalo RidgePartial cloverleaf interchange
Sioux Falls395.46636.43395Marion RoadPartial cloverleaf interchange
396.52638.14396 I-29 – Fargo, Sioux CitySigned as exits 396A (southbound) and 396B (northbound); cloverleaf interchange; I-29 exits 84A-B
399.54643.00399 SD 115 (Cliff Avenue) – AirportFormer I-90 Business Spur; SPUI
I-229 south
Half-clover interchange, I-229 exits 10A–B northbound; no access to or from CR 125 (476th Street)
township line
CR 121 north / Veterans Parkway – US Geological Survey/EROS
Future northern terminus of SD 100
Brandon406.54654.26406 SD 11 (Splitrock Boulevard) – Corson, BrandonPlanned future diverging diamond interchange (DDI)
Valley Springs410.57660.75410Valley Springs, Garretson
Red Rock Township412.76664.27
I-90 east – Albert Lea
Continuation into Minnesota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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