List of county roads in Hillsborough County, Florida

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The following is a list of county roads in Hillsborough County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside, however not all of them are marked with standard MUTCD approved county road shields.

County routes in Hillsborough County

Route Road Name(s) Dir From To Notes
CR 39 S/N CR 39
Indeterminate point
Manatee County line south of Fort Lonesome
Plant City
SR 39 / SR 60
SR 39
North-northeast of Hopewell
North of Plant City
Former SR 39[1]
Inventoried by FDOT as part of SR 39, but signed as CR 39 at its northern terminus
CR 39A West Alexander Street
South Alexander Street
North Alexander Street
W/E and S/N SR 39 Plant City SR 39 North of Plant City Former SR 39A;[1] signed as SR 39A north of US 92 (SR 600) and as part of SR 39
CR 39B East Park Road
South Park Road
W/E and S/N SR 39 Plant City CR 574 / CR 574A Plant City Former SR 39B[1]
CR 573 South 78th Street S/N SR 676 Palm River–Clair Mel SR 60 / South 78th Street Palm River–Clair Mel Former SR 573[1]
CR 574 East 7th Avenue
East Broadway Avenue
Hewitt Street
South Park Road
East 7th Avenue / North 21st Street
CR 39B / CR 574A
Plant City
SR 574
US 92 (SR 600) / SR 553
Plant City
Former SR 574 (current SR 574 was SR 574A)[1]
Former SR 574[1]
CR 574A Sammonds Road
East Alsobrook Street
Coronet Road
Medulla Road
W/E SR 574
SR 39 / South Alsobrook Street
Plant City
Plant City
Sammonds Road / South Woodrow Wilson Street
Medulla Road
Plant City
Polk County line east-southeast of Coronet
Former SR 574A[1]
CR 574B Turkey Creek Road S/N SR 574 / Turkey Creek Road Plant City US 92 (SR 600) West-northwest of Plant City Former SR 574B[1]
CR 576 Memorial Highway W/E SR 580 / CR 589 Town 'n' Country Eisenhower Boulevard Tampa Former SR 576[1]
CR 579

Lakewood Drive

Morris Bridge Road
S/N Saffold Road
SR 60 / Lakewood Drive
SR 574 / Lemon Avenue
CR 582A
Manatee County line south-southeast of Wimauma
Northwest of Thonotosassa
SR 674
SR 574 / Lakewood Drive
US 301 (SR 41)
CR 579
East of Wimauma
Pasco County line in Tampa
Former SR 579[2]

Former SR 579[1]

Former SR 579[1]
CR 580 Bullard Parkway
Temple Terrace Highway
Harney Road
Taylor Road
Thonotosassa Road
Sam Allen Road
Park Road
SR 580 / SR 583
Fort King Highway / Main Street / Brigann Yard Way
I-4 (SR 400) / SR 553
Temple Terrace
Plant City
Harney Road at an overpass for I-75 (SR 93A)
North Wilder Road
CR 580
East of Temple Terrace
North of Plant City
Plant City
Former SR 580[1]
Former SR 580[1]
CR 581 North 30th Street
Bruce B. Downs Boulevard
S/N SR 580 / North 30th Street Tampa CR 581 Pasco County line south of Wesley Chapel Former SR 581[1]
CR 582 Lake Magdalene Boulevard
Knights Griffin Road
Tarpon Springs Road
Gunn Highway
Lutz-Lake Fern Road
W/E SR 678
US 301 (SR 41)
Southwest of Chapman
US 41 Bus. (SR 685)
CR 582
South of Chapman
Polk County line northeast of Midway

Former SR 582[1]
CR 582A Fletcher Avenue
Fletcher Avenue
Morris Bridge Road
W/E CR 587A
US 41 (SR 45) / SR 579
North of Tampa
North of Tampa
US 41 Bus. (SR 685) / SR 579
CR 579
North of Tampa
Northwest of Thonotosassa

Former SR 582A[1]
CR 582B 50th Street S/N SR 582 / North 50th Street Tampa CR 582A Tampa Former SR 582B[1]
CR 583 North 56th Street S/N SR 580 / CR 580 Temple Terrace CR 582 Temple Terrace Former SR 583A[1]
CR 583A Sunset Lane S/N US 41 (SR 45) / Crystal Grove Boulevard Lutz Sunset Lane / Livingston Avenue Lutz Former SR 583A[1]
CR 584 West Waters Avenue W/E CR 589 / West Waters Avenue Town 'n' Country SR 580 / CR 587A / West Waters Avenue Egypt Lake–Leto Former SR 584[1]
CR 585A McKinley Drive S/N SR 580 / North 40th Street Tampa SR 582 / Spectrum Boulevard Tampa Former SR 585A[1]
CR 587 West Shore Boulevard
Gunn Highway
S/N and W/E
South West Shore Boulevard / Commerce Street / Interbay Boulevard
CR 587
Pasco County line north-northwest of Lake Fern
SR 616 / North West Shore Boulevard
SR 580 / SR 597
Egypt Lake–LetoGreater Carrollwood line
Former SR 587[1]
CR 587A North Armenia Avenue
Waters Avenue
North Armenia Avenue
West Fletcher Avenue
Lake Magdalene Boulevard
W/E SR 580 / North Armenia Avenue
West Jorome Drive / North Armenia Avenue
US 41 (SR 45) / East Waters Avenue
SR 678
South of Chapman
Former SR 587 (Waters Avenue east of SR 580) and SR 587A[1]
CR 589 Sheldon Road S/N SR 580 / CR 576 Town 'n' Country CR 587 / Citrus Park Lane Citrus Park Former SR 589[1]
CR 598 West Lambright Street
West Sligh Avenue
W/E SR 580 / Pine Crest Manor Boulevard Egypt Lake–Leto West Sligh Avenue / North Armenia Avenue Tampa Former SR 598[1]
CR 640 Lithia Pinecrest Road W/E SR 60 / North Pinewood Avenue Brandon CR 640 Polk County line southeast of Keysville Former SR 640[1]
CR 672 Dickman Road
Big Bend Road
Thatcher Road
W/E Dickman Road
US 301 (SR 43) / Paseo Al Mar Boulevard
Apollo Beach
East of Apollo Beach
US 301 (SR 43) / Big Bend Road
Alafia River State Park
East-northeast of Apollo Beach
South-southeast of Lithia

Former SR 672 (east of Balm)[2]
CR 674[citation needed] Gulf City Road Former SR 674[3]
CR 676 East Keysville Road
Nichols Road
Carey Road
W/E CR 39 / West Keysville Road
CR 676
CR 640
CR 676
Northeast of Welcome
Polk County line northeast of Edison Junction
Extension of SR 676
Former SR 676[1]
CR 676A Madison Avenue
Progress Boulevard
Bloomingdale Avenue
W/E US 41 (SR 45) / Pendola Point Road East of Port Sutton CR 640 / Bloomingdale Avenue BloomingdaleBrandon line Former SR 676A[1]
CR 678 Ehrlich Road; Bearss Avenue W/E extension of SR 678
CR 685A Van Dyke Road W/E CR 587 / Van Dyke Road Keystone SR 597 / Van Dyke Road NorthdaleCheval line Former SR 685A[1]


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