List of county roads in Pasco County, Florida

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The following is a list of county roads in Pasco County, Florida. All county roads are maintained by the county in which they reside.

County routes in Pasco County

# Road Name(s) Direction and Termini Notes
CR 1 Little Road S/N CR 996(Trinity Boulevard) Trinity US 19 South of Aripeka Included Fivay Road until 2000

CR 35 Alt.
Berry Road
Melrose Avenue
Old Lakeland Highway.
S/N CR 54 Branchborough. SR 533. Dade City. former SR 35A[1]
CR 41 Fort King Road
17th Street
Meridian Avenue
21st Street
Blanton Road.
S/N US 301 Zephyrhills Pasco-Hernando County Line. Becomes CR 541. Dixie former segment of SR 41[1]

CR 41 Alt.
Spring Valley Road. S/N CR 41 north of Dade City. CR 41 & CR 575 Blanton former SR 41A[1]

CR 52 Alt.
Clinton Avenue. W/E CR 579 St. Leo. CR 35 Alt. Southeast of Dade City former SR 52A[1] Merged into SR 52 in February 2023
CR 54 Wesley Chapel Boulevard. W/E SR 54 & SR 56. Wesley Chapel SR 54 & SR 581. Wesley Chapel former SR 54[1]
CR 54 Handcart Road
Eiland Boulevard.
W/E SR 54 & CR 579. West of Zephyrhills US 98. Branchborough. former SR 54 (east of US 301)[1]

CR 54 Alt.
Forbes Road-Lynbrook Drive-Elwood Road-Merrick Road. W/E CR 54 East of Zephyrhills CR 35 Alt. Lumberton.
CR 77 Seven Springs Boulevard
Rowan Road
Regency Park Boulevard.
S/N Pinellas County line (CR 611) Trinity. US 19 Port Richey.
CR 516 Voorhees Road
Cecelia Drive
Baille Drive.
CR 518 south of New Port Richey CR 77 south of New Port Richey unsigned; formerly part of SR 518[1]
CR 518 Trouble Creek Road W/E US 19 southwest of New Port Richey CR 1 New Port Richey former SR 518[1]
CR 524 Ridge Road W/E US 19 Port Richey Suncoast Parkway East of Moon Lake former SR 587 and SR 587A[1]
Proposed extension to US 41
CR 530 Otis Allen Road S/N
Wire Road. North of Zephyrhills CR 535 Vitis former SR 530[1]
Westward extension planned, part of which already exists at the Lowe's on US 301
CR 535 Chancey Road
Old Lakeland Highway
S/N SR 39 South of Zephyrhills CR 35 Alt. Vitis. eastern bypass of Zephyrhills
CR 575 Blanton-Trilby Road. S/N CR 41 & CR 41 Alt. Blanton US 301 / SR 575 Lacoochee. former SR 575[1]
CR 577 Curley Road
St. Joe Road
Lake Iola Road.
S/N SR 54 Wesley Chapel. CR 41 south of Dixie. former SR 577[1]
CR 578 County Line Road W/E US 19 Spring Hill. US 41 Masaryktown. former SR 578[1]
CR 578 St. Joe Road
21st Street
Lock Street
W/E CR 581 Darby US 98301 Dade City former SR 578[1]

CR 578 Alt.
Darby Road W/E CR 581 Darby CR 577 North of San Antonio No direct connection to CR 578.
CR 579 Morris Bridge Road
Handcart Road
Prospect Road
Happy Hill Road.
S/N Pasco-Hillsborough County Line CR 578 West of Dade City former SR 579[1]

CR 579 Alt.
Prospect Road W/E CR 577 South of San Antonio CR 579 South of St. Leo former SR 579A[1]
CR 581 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard. S/N Pasco-Hillsborough County Line New Tampa SR 56 & SR 581 South of Wesley Chapel. former SR 581[1]
CR 581 Bellamy Brothers Boulevard. S/N SR 52 South of Darby. Pasco-Hernando County Line former SR 581[1]
CR 583 Eheren Cutoff. S/N US 41 North of Land O' Lakes. SR 52 West of Pasco. former SR 583[1]
CR 587 Gunn Highway S/N Pasco-Hillsborough County Line SR 54 Odessa. former SR 587[1]
CR 587 Massachusetts Avenue
DeCubellis Road
Moon Lake Road.
W/N Congress Avenue. New Port Richey. SR 52 Moon Lake. former SR 587[1]

CR 587 Truck
Little Road
Ridge Road.
S/E CR 1 & CR 587 New Port Richey. CR 524 & CR 587 Moon Lake. former SR 587[1]
overlaps CR 1 and CR 524
CR 595 Mile Stretch Road
Grand Boulevard
Main Street
Aripeka Road.
US 19 Holiday Pasco-Hernando County Line. Aripeka. former SR 595[1]
CR 595A Baillies Bluff Road, Strauber Memorial Highway, Trouble Creek Road S/N
Pinellas-Pasco County Line US 19 & CR 518 southwest of New Port Richey former SR 595A[1]
CR 595A Hudson Avenue S/N
former SR 595A[1]
CR 595A Clark Street S/N
former SR 595A[1]