California State Route 252

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State Route 252

Route information
Maintained by Caltrans
Major junctions
West end I-5 in San Diego
East end I-15 in San Diego
CountryUnited States
CountiesSan Diego
Highway system
SR 247 SR 253

State Route 252 was to connect I-5 to I-805, and provide almost direct access from I-805 to I-5, near the southern terminus of SR 15. The route would have run parallel to, and approximately halfway between, the current alignment of SR 94 and SR 54.[1][2]


SR 252 was defined as Route 283 in 1959,[3] and was redesignated as Route 252 in the 1964 state highway renumbering.[4] The California Highway Commission reviewed a 1.8-mile (2.9 km) proposal for the route in 1965.[5] It was known as the El Toyon Freeway, and plans were to use it to balance the congestion between I-5 and I-805. By 1973, there was opposition based on concerns that it would split the community; according to an engineer from Caltrans, it was "a white man's freeway vs. a black community." If the freeway was not constructed, the federal government would stand to lose $10 million.[6] The Comprehensive Planning Organization in 1974 proposed widening arterial streets nearby as an alternative, even though the construction would affect 240 buildings.[7] Meanwhile, relocation of 280 households and the start of demolition had taken place.[8]

In 1977, a local vote took place to determine what to construct or if SR 252 should be constructed; however, $4.4 million had already been spent to construct the 43rd street interchange with I-805. Alternate plans included a city street and constructing a below-grade freeway.[9] By 1980, the California Transportation Commission had canceled plans to construct SR 252, due to the residential opposition.[10] The city of National City made attempts to have the plans reinstated in 1986 to reduce congestion within city limits.[11] The city of San Diego opposed the idea of constructing an additional freeway, while the county supported it.[12] The state told Caltrans to sell the land to the city of San Diego, though National City expressed interest in purchasing it, even though there would be San Diego city permits needed to construct a freeway on it.[13] National City then sued the state, but agreed to drop the suit in exchange for $10 million in traffic improvements on behalf of the city of San Diego.[14]

In 1993, the San Diego Association of Governments and Caltrans planned to have SR 252, along with SR 157 and SR 171, officially removed; the abandoned land was to be used for residential purposes.[10] The state legislature removed SR 252 from the state highway system in 1994.[15] The only portion constructed is the ramps to and from I-805 at 43rd Street, in southern San Diego, approximately 0.5 miles (0.80 km) long;[2] the ramps were completed in 1975.[11]


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