U.S. Route 33 in West Virginia

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U.S. Route 33

US 33 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by WVDOH
Length248 mi (399 km)
Major junctions
West end US 33 at the Ohio state line
Major intersections I-77 from Ravenswood to Ripley
US 119 from Spencer to Buckhannon
I-79 in Weston
US 48 from Weston to Elkins
US 219 in Elkins
US 220 in Franklin
East end US 33 at the Virginia state line
CountryUnited States
StateWest Virginia
CountiesJackson, Roane, Calhoun, Gilmer, Lewis, Upshur, Barbour, Randolph, Pendleton
Highway system
WV 32 WV 34

U.S. Route 33 (US 33) in the U.S. state of West Virginia extends 248 miles (399 km) from the Ohio River at Ravenswood to the Virginia state line atop Shenandoah Mountain west of Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Route description

US 33 crossing the Ohio River on the Ravenswood Bridge, viewed from Ravenswood, with the Ohio bank of the river in the distance
Seneca Rocks, along US 33 in Pendleton County, West Virginia (Wood engraving "The Cliffs of Seneca" by David H.Strother, published in 1872)
US 33 passes through Judy Gap (center), after descending the Allegheny Front (background; highest point is Spruce Knob)
View west along US 33 in Pendleton County

Shortly after entering West Virginia and crossing the Ohio River, US 33 turns south, then east in Ravenswood. It then joins SR 2's freeway, turning northeast, then east again to Silverton. The two routes then split, and US 33 joins Interstate 77 to Ripley. The route then turns east from I-77, joining US 119 at Spencer, then passing through extremely rural areas of Roane, Calhoun, Gilmer, and Lewis counties.

US 33 Intersects Interstate 79 at Weston, West Virginia. From Interstate 79 east, US 33 is a four-lane highway, part of Corridor H of the Appalachian Development Highway System. The four-lane segment continues on through rural areas of Upshur, and Randolph counties, to just a couple miles past Elkins.

At Harding, US 250 joins US 33 for several miles after Elkins, where US 33 joins SR 55 and returns to a two-lane road, except for a seven-mile (11 km) section of four-lane across Kelly Mountain between Canfield and Bowden. Passing through the Monongahela National Forest, US 33 crosses the Eastern Continental Divide between Harman and Onego at about 3,240 feet (990 m) elevation, entering Pendleton County, then descends the Allegheny Front along Seneca Creek, skirting the north end of Spruce Mountain, at 4,861 feet (1,482 m) the highest point of the Allegheny Mountains.

US 33 then joins SR 28 at Seneca Rocks, West Virginia, and continues south in the Potomac River headwaters through scenic forest and farmland landscapes. Turning eastward from SR 28 at Judy Gap, US 33 crosses North Fork Mountain at about 3,600 feet (1,100 m), with a turnout on the western slope offering a scenic view of the Germany Valley below and the more distant Allegheny Front from Spruce Knob to Dolly Sods. US 220 joins US 33 for about half a mile in Franklin. After Franklin, US 33 continues eastward through rural areas, then climbs steeply to cross Shenandoah Mountain at Dry River Gap at about 3,450 feet (1,050 m) into Rockingham County, Virginia.

Major intersections

Ohio River0.00.0
US 33 west – Columbus
Continuation into Ohio
Ravenswood Bridge; Ohio–West Virginia state line
WV 68 north – Ravenswood
Western end of WV 68 overlap

WV 2 south – Point Pleasant
Western end of WV 2 overlap

I-77 north / WV 2 north – Parkersburg
Eastern end of WV 2 overlap; northern end of I-77 overlap

I-77 south / WV 62 south – Charleston
Southern end of I-77 overlap
RoaneSpencer WV 14 – Elizabeth

US 119 south – Clendenin
Western end of US 119 overlap

WV 16 south to I-79 – Orma
Western end of WV 16 overlap
WV 16 north – Grantsville
Eastern end of WV 16 overlap
WV 5 west – Grantsville
Western end of WV 5 overlap

WV 5 east – Burnsville
Eastern end of WV 5 overlap
WV 47 west – Burnt House
US 19 south (Main Avenue)
Western end of US 19 overlap (southbound lanes)

US 19 north (Central Avenue)
Western end of US 19 overlap (northbound lanes)
US 19 (E. 3rd Street)Eastern end of US 19 overlap (all lanes)
US 48 begin / I-79 – Clarksburg, CharlestonWestern terminus of US 48; western end of US 48 overlap; I-79 exit 99
UpshurBuckhannon CR 12 (Main Street)Interchange; eastbound exit only

US 119 north / WV 20 – Buckhannon, Philippi
Eastern end of US 119 overlap
BarbourNo major intersections

US 250 north / WV 92 north – Philippi
Western end of US 250/WV 92 overlaps
WV 92 south (Harrison Avenue) – Crystal Springs
Eastern end of WV 92 overlap; former US 33 alignment

US 48 east / US 219 north – Parsons
Western end of US 48/US 219 overlap

WV 92 north (Harrison Avenue)
Western end of WV 92 overlap; former US 33 alignment

US 219 south / US 250 south / WV 55 west / WV 92 south – Huttonsville
Eastern end of US 219/US 250/WV 92 overlaps; western end of WV 55 overlap
WV 32 north – Davis
PendletonSeneca Rocks

WV 28 north / WV 55 east – Petersburg
Eastern end of WV 55 overlap; northern end of WV 28 overlap
Judy Gap
WV 28 south – Circleville, Green Bank
Southern end of WV 28 overlap
US 220 north – Petersburg
Northern end of US 220 overlap

US 220 south – Monterey
Southern end of US 220 overlap
Shenandoah MountainWest Virginia–Virginia state line; elevation 3,450 ft (1,050 m)

US 33 east – Harrisonburg
Continuation into Virginia
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi