U.S. Route 250 in West Virginia

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U.S. Route 250

Route of US 250 in West Virginia highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 50
Maintained by WVDOH
Major junctions
West end US 40 / US 250 at the Ohio state line in Wheeling
Major intersections
East end US 250 at the Virginia state line near Bartow
CountryUnited States
StateWest Virginia
CountiesOhio, Marshall, Wetzel, Marion, Taylor, Barbour, Randolph, Pocahontas
Highway system
WV 230 WV 251

U.S. Route 250 (US 250) is a United States Numbered Highway that runs from Sandusky, Ohio, to Richmond, Virginia. Within the state of West Virginia, the route runs from the Ohio border in Wheeling to the Virginia border near Thornwood.

Route description

View north along US 250 in Hundred in rural northern West Virginia

U.S. 250's northern entrance into West Virginia is via the Military Order of the Purple Heart Bridge from Bridgeport, Ohio, onto Wheeling Island. It is briefly co-signed with U.S. Route 40. The route additionally co-signs with Interstate 70 and crosses the Ohio River on the Fort Henry Bridge in Wheeling, West Virginia. U.S. Route 250 then exits I-70 east of the Wheeling Tunnel and joins West Virginia Route 2 one mile (1.6 km) later. In Moundsville, West Virginia, the route leaves WV 2 and departs toward Cameron, Mannington, and Fairmont. It intersects with its parent route, U.S. Route 50, two miles west of Grafton in Pruntytown and continues southward, co-signed with U.S. Route 119 for 12 miles. The route moves through Philippi, and finally through Elkins. U.S. Route 250 intersects with U.S. Route 33 and U.S. Route 219 briefly in Elkins, which is the last major hub before U.S. Route 250 winds its way through the Appalachian Mountains to the Virginia border.

U.S. 250 in West Virginia includes the Philippi Covered Bridge at Philippi, the only covered bridge on the United States Numbered Highway System.


Originally, US 250 ran from Norwalk, Ohio to end at US 50 in Grafton, West Virginia. Today, it runs from Sandusky, Ohio to Richmond, Virginia, passing its original eastern terminus.

Major intersections


US 40 west / US 250 west / Historic National Road west to I-70 west / SR 7 – Bridgeport
Ohio state line (Military Order of the Purple Heart Bridge over Ohio River back channel)

I-70 west – Columbus, OH
West end of I-70 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; US 250 west follows exit 0

US 40 east / WV 2 north (Main Street) – Downtown Wheeling
East end of US 40 overlap
Wheeling Tunnel

I-70 east – Washington, PA
East end of I-70 overlap; US 250 east follows exit 1B
McColloch StreetWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
16th StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance

WV 2 north (18th Street) – Downtown
West end of WV-2 overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
See WV-2
WV 2 south
East end of WV-2 overlap
WV 88 north – Bethlehem
Southern terminus of WV-88
WV 891 east – Waynesburg PA
Western terminus of WV-891
WV 69 north
Southern terminus of WV-69
WV 7 west – New Martinsville
west end of WV-7 overlap

WV 7 east – Morgantown
east end of WV-7 overlap
WV 218 south – Worthington
West end of WV-218 overlap

WV 218 north – Fairview
East end of WV-218 overlap
Fairmont US 19Access to Downtown Fairmont
WV 310
White Hall I-79 – Clarksburg, MorgantownExit 132 on I-79
US 50 west – Clarksburg
West end of US-50 overlap

US 50 east – Grafton
East end of US-50 overlap
US 119 north – Grafton
West end of US-119 overlap
BarbourCorder Crossing
WV 76 west
Eastern terminus of WV-76

US 119 south / US 250 Truck south – Buckhannon
East end of US-119 overlap
Philippi Covered Bridge over Roaring Creek

US 250 Truck north (Blue and Gray Expressway) to US 119 – Buckhannon, Grafton

WV 38 east – Parsons
Western terminus of WV-38
WV 92 north – Morgantown
West end of WV-92 overlap

US 33 west / US 48 west – Buckhannon
West end of US-33 / US 48 overlaps
WV 92 south (Harrison Avenue) – Crystal Springs
East end of WV 92 overlap

US 48 east / US 219 north – Parsons
East end of US 48 overlap; west end of US 219 overlap

WV 92 north (Harrison Avenue)
West end of WV 92 overlap

US 33 / WV 55 east – Seneca Rocks
East end of US 33 overlap; west end of WV 55 overlap

US 219 south / WV 55 west – Marlinton
East end of US 219/WV 55 overlaps

WV 28 south / WV 92 south – Minnehaha Springs
East end of WV 92 overlap; west end of WV-28 overlap
WV 28 north – Seneca Rocks
East end of WV-28 overlap

US 250 east – Staunton
Virginia state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Philippi truck route

Truck plate.svg

U.S. Route 250 Truck

Length0.94 mi (1,510 m)
View south along US 250 Truck at US 119 in Philippi

U.S. Route 250 Truck follows Blue and Gray Expressway around the south and west sides of downtown Philippi, avoiding the covered bridge. The entire route is in Philippi, Barbour County.

US 119 north / US 250 – Grafton, Elkins
Northern terminus; northern end of concurrency with US 119
US 119 south – Buckhannon
Southern end of concurrency with US 119
Rick Everson Bridge over Roaring Creek
0.941.51 US 250 (South Main Street) – Grafton, ElkinsSouthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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