U.S. Route 11 in Virginia

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U.S. Route 11

US 11 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by VDOT
Length339.41 mi[1] (546.23 km)
Virginia Byway
Major junctions
South end US 11E / US 11W / US 19 / US 421 / SR 381 in Bristol
Major intersections
North end US 11 at Rest
CountryUnited States
CountiesCity of Bristol, Washington, Smyth, Wythe, Pulaski, City of Radford, Montgomery, Roanoke, City of Salem, City of Roanoke, Botetourt, Rockbridge, City of Lexington, Augusta, City of Staunton, Rockingham, City of Harrisonburg, Shenandoah, Warren, Frederick, City of Winchester
Highway system
SR 10 US 11E

U.S. Route 11 (US 11) is a north–south United States Numbered Highway in western Virginia. At 339 miles (546 km), it is the second longest numbered route (after US 58) and longest primarily north–south route in the state. It enters the state from Tennessee as the divided routes US 11E and US 11W at Bristol, roughly follows the West Virginia border through the Blue Ridge Mountains and Shenandoah Valley, and enters the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia from Frederick County. Most of the route closely parallels I-81. From south to north, US 11 serves the cities and towns of Bristol, Abingdon, Wytheville, Christiansburg, Roanoke, Lexington, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Strasburg, and Winchester. As one of the original U.S. Highways, it was first designated through Virginia in 1926 and has largely followed the same route since. Prior to the construction of the Interstate Highway System, it was the primary long-distance route for traversing the western part of the state. Much of it roughly follows the Great Wagon Road, a colonial-era road that followed the Appalachian Mountains from Georgia to Pennsylvania.

Route description

Virginia's portion of US 11 begins at the four-way intersection of east–west Euclid Avenue and north–south Commonwealth Avenue in Bristol. At this intersection, a pair of divided U.S. Highways, US 11W and US 11E, merge to form mainline US 11. US 11W and US 11E parallel each other through East Tennessee to Knoxville, where the divided routes merge to form mainline US 11 again. The west leg of the intersection features southbound US 11W and northbound US 421. The U.S. Highways split at the Tennessee state line; US 11W heads southwest toward Kingsport, Tennessee, while US 421 soon joins US 58 west toward Gate City. The south leg of the intersection includes southbound US 11E, southbound US 19, southbound US 421, and southbound SR 381. At the Tennessee state line at State Street in downtown Bristol, SR 381 has its southern terminus, US 421 turns east toward Mountain City, Tennessee, and US 11E and US 19 continue south to Johnson City, Tennessee. The north leg of the intersection is SR 381, which is a state-numbered, street-level continuation of I-381, a spur south from I-81.

Northbound US 11/eastbound US 460 at the intersection with US 11 Alt./US 460 Alt. in Salem
US 11/US 19 after intersecting I-81 in Bristol

US 11 and US 19 head east as a two-lane divided boulevard through a residential area. The street becomes undivided shortly before the U.S. Highways reach the northern end of SR 113 (Moore Street), which heads south toward Virginia Intermont College and downtown Bristol. US 11 and US 19 continue northeast on Lee Highway, which, here and in much of Virginia is a three-lane road with center turn lane. The highway meets I-81 and US 58 at a diamond interchange with a rakish angle. US 11 and US 19 pass under Norfolk Southern Railway's Pulaski District and cross Beaver Creek before leaving the city of Bristol. The two highways continue northeast through Washington County, where they pass Virginia Highlands Airport before entering the town of Abingdon. At the west end of town, US 11 and US 19 intersect SR 140 (Jonesboro Road), a connector between the U.S. Highways and I-81 that also serves Virginia Highlands Community College. The U.S. highways continue east as Main Street, which passes under the Norfolk Southern Railway line before US 19 turns north onto Porterfield Highway. US 11 becomes four lanes and then two at its intersection with US 58 Alternate (US 58 Alt.; Russell Street), which leads to the William King Museum of Art, in downtown Abingdon. The alternate route runs along Main Street for a short distance before turning south with SR 75 (Cummings Street) to rejoin US 58 at I-81. US 11 passes Barter Theatre. At the east end of town, US 11 crosses over the rail line and meets I-81 at a partial cloverleaf interchange. US 11 has a short concurrency with US 58 east of the interchange before US 58 splits to the east as Jeb Stuart Highway.

View south along US 11 near SR 256 in Weyers Cave, Augusta County
US 11 inside the James Madison University campus in Harrisonburg. Woodrow Wilson Hall can be seen in the background.

US 11 meets the southern end of SR 80 (Glenbrook Avenue) south of the communities of Meadowview and Emory; the latter village is the home of Emory and Henry College. The U.S. Highway intersects SR 91 (Maple Street) south of Glade Spring before the highway closely parallels I-81. US 11 has an interchange with I-81 where the highway crosses to the north side of the Interstate shortly before entering Smyth County.


What is now US 11 was added to the state highway system in 1918 as portions of SR 10 (Bristol to Roanoke) and SR 3 (Roanoke to West Virginia). SR 3 became SR 33 in 1923, and US 11 was applied to its present alignment in 1926. SR 10 and SR 33 vere dropped in 1933.

Major intersections

City of Bristol0.00.0

US 11E south / US 19 south / US 421 south (Commonwealth Avenue / US 11 Truck north / SR 381) / US 11W south / US 421 south (Euclid Avenue) to I-81
US 11 splits into US 11E and US 11W; south end of US 19 overlap

US 11 Truck south / US 19 Truck south (Moore Street / SR 113 south)
2.84.5 I-81 / US 58 – Knoxville, RoanokeI-81 exit 5
Bonham Roadformer SR 76 south

SR 140 south (Jonesboro Road) to I-81 / US 58 – Virginia Highlands Community College
US 19 north (Porterfield Highway) – Hansonville, Bluefield
North end of concurrency with US 19

US 58 Alt. west (Russell Road) to US 19 north
South end of concurrency with US 58 Alternate

US 58 Alt. east / SR 75 (Cummings Street) to I-81
North end of concurrency with US 58 Alternate; no left turn northbound
I-81 / US 58 west – Roanoke, Bristol
I-81 exit 19; south end of concurrency with US 58
US 58 east (J.E.B. Stuart Highway) – Damascus
North end of concurrency with US 58

SR 80 west (Glenbrook Avenue) / SR 803 (Cedar Creek Road) to I-81
Old Glade Spring26.743.0
SR 91 (Maple Street / Monroe Road) to I-81 – Glade Spring, Saltville, Damascus
29.347.2 I-81 – Bristol, MarionI-81 exit 32
SR 107 (White Top Road) to I-81 – Saltville
former SR 79 south
Seven Mile Ford36.959.4 I-81 – Marion, AbingdonI-81 exit 39
I-81 south – Abingdon
I-81 exit 44

SR 16 south (South Commerce Street) to I-81
South end of concurrency with SR 16
SR 16 north (Park Boulevard)
North end of concurrency with SR 16
Mount Carmel
To Rifton Drive / I-81 – Wytheville, Bristol
I-81 exit 47
WytheRural Retreat (Staley Crossroads)58.293.7
SR 90 (Black Lick Road / North Main Street) to I-81 – Rural Retreat
I-81 south – Bristol
I-81 exit 67
US 21 south (Main Street)
South end of concurrency with US 21

US 21 north (Fourth Street) to I-77 / I-81
North end of concurrency with US 21

SR 365 north – Wytheville Community College

I-77 north / I-81 south / US 52 north – Bluefield, Bristol
south end of concurrencies with I-77, I-81, and US 52; US 11 south follows exit 73
see I-81

I-81 north / SR 100 south (Wysor Road) – Roanoke, Hillsville
north end of concurrency with I-81; US 11 north follows exit 89B
SR 99 south (Main Street)
south end of SR 99 south overlap (southbound only)
SR 99 north (Third Street Northwest)
Fourth Street Northwestnorth end of SR 99 south overlap (southbound only)
DublinNew River Community College (SR 373 east)
SR 100 to I-81 – NRV Airport, Pearisburg, Hillsville, Bristol, New River Community College
SR 114 east (Peppers Ferry Road)
City of Radford107.1172.4

SR 232 south (West Main Street) to I-81

SR 177 south (Tyler Avenue) to I-81
former SR 102 south

SR 8 south (West Main Street) to I-81

US 460 Bus. west (North Franklin Street)
South end of concurrency with US 460 Business
SR 111 west (Depot Street)
US 460 to I-81 / Falling Branch Road – Blacksburg, Bristol, Roanoke, Virginia Tech
interchange; US 460 exit 2
I-81 / US 460 west – Salem, Roanoke, Bristol
I-81 exit 118C; north terminus of US 460 Business overlap; south end of concurrency with US 460
RoanokeNo major intersections
City of Salem139.7224.8

SR 112 west (Wildwood Road) to I-81

US 11 Alt. north to US 460 Alt. east (4th Street) / I-81
US 460 east (East Main Street)
East end of concurrency with US 460

SR 311 north (East Burwell Street to Thompson Memorial Drive) to I-81

US 11 Alt. / US 460 Alt. (East 4th Street)

SR 419 (Electric Road) to US 220 / US 221
City of Roanoke145.5234.2
SR 117 north (Peters Creek Road)

US 221 south / SR 116 south (Williamson Road)
South end of concurrency with US 221 and SR 116

I-581 north / US 220 north – Lexington, Salem
I-581 exit 5; northbound exit and southbound entrance

US 221 north / US 11 Alt. south / US 460 / SR 116 north (Orange Avenue / US 220 Alt.) to I-581 / US 220 – Lynchburg
North end of concurrency with US 221 and SR 116

SR 101 west (Hershberger Road) to I-581 / US 220 – Roanoke Regional Airport
SR 118 north (Airport Road) – Roanoke Regional Airport

SR 117 south (Peters Creek Road) to I-581 – Salem

SR 115 (Plantation Road) to I-81 / US 220

US 220 Alt. (Roanoke Road / Cloverdale Road) to I-64 / I-81 / US 220 north / US 460 – Fincastle, Lexington, Staunton, Roanoke, Bristol, Lynchburg
Troutville SR 670 (Trinity Road) – Fincastleformer SR 294 north
170.9275.0 I-81 – Lexington, RoanokeI-81 exit 162
SR 43 south (Parkway Drive) / SR 1305 (Lowe Street) – Blue Ridge Parkway
South end of concurrency with SR 43
SR 43 north (First Street) / SR 1318 (Old Mill Road) – Eagle Rock
North end of concurrency with SR 43
I-81 south – Roanoke
south end of I-81 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance; US 11 south follows exit 167
177.4285.5 SR 614 – ArcadiaI-81 exit 168
I-81 north – Lexington
north end of concurrency with I-81; US 11 north follows exit 175
Natural Bridge
SR 130 east (Wert Faulkner Highway) – Natural Bridge, Glasgow, Lynchburg, Cave Mountain Lake
Fancy Hill190.1305.9 I-81 – Roanoke, StauntonI-81 exit 180

US 11 Bus. north (Main Street) / SR 251 south (Link Road) – Lexington, Collierstown
US 60 to I-81 – Lexington, Buena Vista
City of Lexington200.5322.7

US 11 Bus. south – Lexington
interchange; southbound exit and northbound entrance
RockbridgeEast Lexington201.5324.3
I-64 to I-81 – Charleston, Staunton
I-64 exit 55
SR 39 west (Maury River Road) – Rockbridge Baths, Goshen, Virginia Horse Center
205.4330.6 I-64 / I-81 – Staunton, RoanokeI-81 exit 195
Steeles Tavern

SR 606 (Raphine Road) to I-64 / I-81 – Raphine
SR 56 east (Tye River Turnpike) / SR 851 (Midway School Road) – Vesuvius
SR 620 (Spottswood Road) – Spottswoodformer SR 56 west
US 340 north (Stuarts Draft Highway) – Stuarts Draft, Waynesboro
224.2360.8 I-64 / I-81 – Lexington, Roanoke, StauntonI-81 exit 213
SR 701 (Howardsville Road) – Middlebrookformer SR 292 north

SR 262 to I-64 / I-81 / SR 252 – Roanoke, Richmond, Winchester
City of Staunton233.5375.8

US 11 Truck north (Statler Boulevard / SR 261) to US 250

US 250 east (Richmond Road) to I-64 / I-81
South end of concurrency with US 250

US 250 west / US 11 Bus. north (Greenville Avenue) / SR 254 west (South Coalter Street) – Historic District
North end of concurrency with US 250; south end of concurrency with SR 254
SR 254 east (New Hope Road)
Interchange; north end of concurrency with SR 254

US 11 Truck south / US 250 Truck east (Statler Boulevard / SR 261) to US 250 east
south end of US 250 Truck overlap

US 11 Bus. south (Augusta Street)
southbound exit and northbound entrance

SR 262 / US 250 Truck west (Woodrow Wilson Parkway) to I-81 / SR 254 – Waynesboro
north end of US 250 Truck overlap
AugustaWeyers Cave246.3396.4

SR 256 east (Weyers Cave Road) to I-81 – Weyers Cave, Grottoes, Airport

SR 646 (Fadley Road) to SR 42
former SR 256 west
SR 257 (Dinkel Avenue / Friedens Church Road) to I-81 – Bridgewater, Bridgewater College, Natural Chimneys
City of Harrisonburg255.4411.0 I-81 – Winchester, RoanokeI-81 exit 243

To Maryland Avenue / Port Republic Road (SR 253 east) / I-81 / SR 42
US 33 (Market Street) to I-81
Court Square (traffic circle around Rockingham County Courthouse) (northbound only)
Rockingham263.1423.4 I-81 – New Market, Staunton, HarrisonburgI-81 exit 251
SR 259 west (Mayland Road) – Broadway, Timberville
269.9434.4 I-81 – New Market, HarrisonburgI-81 exit 257
SR 608 (Mauzy Athlone Road)former SR 259 east
ShenandoahNew Market277.1445.9

US 211 west (Old Cross Road / SR 1002) to I-81
South end of concurrency with US 211
US 211 east (East Lee Highway) – Luray, Shenandoah National Park, Skyline Drive, Luray Caverns
North end of concurrency with US 211

SR 767 (Quicksburg Road) to SR 42 – Quicksburg
former SR 262 west
Mount Jackson284.0457.1
SR 263 west (Bryce Boulevard) – Basye, Orkney Springs

SR 292 west (Conicville Road) to I-81 / SR 703 – Conicville

SR 185 west / SR 675 west (Stoney Creek Boulevard) to I-81 / SR 42 – Lantz Mill

SR 42 south / SR 670 (Reservoir Road) to I-81 – Columbia Furnace
former SR 59 west
Court Streetformer SR 59 east
SR 55 east (King Street) / to Industrial Access Road – Front Royal
South end of concurrency with SR 55
SR 55 west (John Marshall Highway) – Lebanon Church
North end of concurrency with SR 55

I-81 to I-66 east – Woodstock, Winchester
I-81 exit 298
WarrenNo major intersections
FrederickStephens City318.6512.7

SR 277 east / SR 631 (Fairfax Street) to I-81
SR 37 to I-81 – Romney, Berkeley Springs, Roanoke, Martinsburg
City of Winchester325.8524.3

US 17 south / US 50 east / US 522 south (Millwood Avenue) to I-81
south end of US 17 / US 50 / US 522 overlap

US 50 west (East Cork Street)
north end of US 17 / US 50 overlap
SR 7 east (East Piccadilly Street)

US 522 north (Commercial Street)
north end of US 522 overlap

SR 37 south to US 522 north / US 50 west
329.3530.0 I-81 – Martinsburg, RoanokeI-81 exit 317
SR 761 (Old Charlestown Road) – Summit Pointformer SR 274 east
US 11 north (Winchester Avenue) – Martinsburg
West Virginia state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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