Oregon Route 10

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Oregon Route 10

Route 10 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length18.55 mi (29.85 km)
Major junctions
West end OR 219 near Farmington
Major intersections
East end US 26 in Portland
CountryUnited States
Highway system
OR 8 OR 11

Oregon Route 10 is an Oregon state highway which serves Portland and some of its western suburbs.

Route description

OR 10 begins as Naito Parkway in Downtown Portland starting where Naito Parkway interchanges with U.S. Route 26. It heads south out of downtown, multiplexed with Oregon Route 99W. After passing under the Portland Aerial Tram, Naito Parkway ends at an interchange with Barbur Boulevard; the two routes continue south out of Portland on Barbur. OR 10 separates from OR 99W a few miles south of downtown, and proceeds along Capitol Highway through the Portland neighborhood of Hillsdale. Along here, it is a surface street, which cuts through the southern part of Portland's West Hills. It separates from Capitol Highway in Hillsdale, which continues unnumbered, and becomes the Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway, highway number 40, a surface street with frequent traffic signals. The highway continues west into Washington County.

In the community of Raleigh Hills, OR 10 intersects with Oregon Route 210 (locally known as Scholls Ferry Road), which heads southwest towards Progress, Tigard, and Scholls. OR 10 continues west into Beaverton, where it interchanges with Oregon Route 217, a freeway. West of that interchange, the street name changes to Farmington Road, the eastern part of which is not a state highway, and comes a block parallel with Oregon Route 8 in front of Beaverton High School. The portion of OR 10 from downtown Beaverton to the intersection with Oregon Route 219 was once known as Oregon Route 208. OR 8 and 10 do not intersect, but it is not uncommon for commuters to use the frontage road for the OR 217 interchange or another surface street to change between the routes. As Farmington Road, OR 10 leaves Beaverton and cuts across half-developed suburbia to Farmington and its intersection with OR 219. This final section comprises the Farmington Highway, highway number 142.

Highway in Raleigh Hills

Major intersections

Milepoints are as reported by ODOT and do not necessarily reflect current mileage. Z indicates overlapping mileage due to construction longer than established route, and – indicates negative mileage behind established beginning point.[2] Segments that are locally maintained may be omitted. For routes traversing multiple named state highways, each milepoint is preceded by the corresponding state highway number. 

Washington142 -0.06 OR 219 – Hillsboro, Scholls, Newberg
BeavertonWatson AvenueFormer OR 208 east/OR 217 south
40 1.01 OR 217 / to Sunset Highway (US 26) – Cedar Hills, Tigard, Salem
Raleigh Hills40 3.13 OR 210 (Scholls Ferry Road) / Oleson Road – Progress, Scholls, Sylvan, Garden Home

To I-5 / OR 99W south / Bertha Boulevard
Capitol Highway
1W 3.19Barbur Boulevard (Pacific Highway West south)Interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
1W 1.97Barbur Boulevard – Portland City CenterInterchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
1W 1.67
US 26 east (Ross Island Bridge)
Interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
1W 1.67Naito Parkway (Pacific Highway West north)Continuation beyond US 26
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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