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Minh Nguyễn is a software developer, mapper, and chronically casual roadgeek. He resides equidistant to I-880, U.S. 101, and S.R. 87 in San José, California. Previously, he was equidistant to I-275, U.S. 22/S.R. 3, and S.R. 48 in Loveland, Ohio. Originally, he was equidistant to U.S. 90 and La. 47 in New Orleans.


Minh has mostly contributed to the AARoads Wiki indirectly, behind the scenes. He occasionally contributed to the English Wikipedia’s coverage of U.S. roads from 2007 until the AARoads Wiki was established. The AARoads Wiki includes some of the articles he worked on during this time, such as:

He also contributed to the English Wikipedia’s coverage of roads in Vietnam and, conversely, the Vietnamese Wikipedia’s coverage of roads in the U.S. He continues to contribute to Wikipedia about a variety of other topics.

On Wikimedia Commons, Minh created SVG diagrams of Ohio county and township route signs, as well as signs specified by several state variants of the MUTCD. On Wikidata, he created or fleshed out most of the items about highway systems throughout the U.S. and around the world. He deconflated scores of items about individual routes that had gotten conflated incorrectly due to merged articles on the English Wikipedia.

In parallel, Minh is an avid mapper, field surveyor, and community organizer for OpenStreetMap. His vector map gadget for the OpenStreetMap Wiki served as the basis for the interactive maps that grace many articles on this wiki. He is a coauthor of the OpenStreetMap Americana map style and created the AARoads fork of OSM Americana that most of the interactive maps here display. He also contributes to OpenHistoricalMap and hopes that, in time, it will become as important a resource as OSM for illustrating articles and for providing a starting point for article research.

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I agree to multi-license my eligible text contributions marked as minor edits, unless otherwise stated, both under the copyright terms of the AARoads Wiki and in the public domain. Note that this release only applies to the extent that these contributions are unencumbered by the intellectual property rights of other authors whose work I have modified. This is consistent with my practice on the English Wikipedia, Wikidata, OpenStreetMap, and other projects.

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