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I have both a Wikipedia page and a AARoads fourm page.

Right now I'm just cleaning up local road pages since a lot of links and other stuff is broken.

My dead flickr account also has lots of road photos (along with malls, towns, etc.)

Photo I took of Interstate 195

Task list

  • Bluelink+map most roads in Connecticut. Check Mark (0DBA2D).svg
  • Bluelink+map most roads in Rhode Island.Check Mark (0DBA2D).svg
  • Bluelink+map most roads in Massachusetts.Check Mark (0DBA2D).svg
  • Bluelink+map some roads in lower New York.Black Hourglass icon.svg
  • Correct redirects on roads in CT/MA/RI.Black Hourglass icon.svg
  • Create pages on planned/deleted interstates in New England/New York (pages would get deleted on enWikipedia)
  • Add images to CT/RI/MA roads that don't have images
  • Expand select articles if possible.
  • Bluelink+map more roads as I get to them