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Article titles
Articles should have a recognizable and standardized title.
Using images
Images should have a clear copyright that allows us to use them. Fair-use images are allowed, but keep their use to a minimum.
Articles should cite sources wherever possible.
Keep within the scope of the project.


Golden Rule
Treat others how you want to be treated. Do not be that guy or gal.
Civil discussions
If you have a disagreement, talk it out and be respectful when you do.
Wiki editing
  • Do not be afraid to make a mistake. Anything edit you make can be undone. Nobody is winning a Pulitzer today, so don't take it personally if it happens.
  • Do not hound someone for making a mistake. Nobody is perfect. Make it a teaching moment instead.
  • Do not harass your colleagues. We're all roadgeeks here.
  • Do not get into edit wars. Talk it out instead.
  • Do not be a vandal. Just no.
Bot policy
Automated and/or semi-automated tools may be welcomed so long as the person controlling the tool declares their use and takes care to ensure the tools are being used intelligently and do not drain site resources.
Do not create multiple accounts without good reason.
Exceptions include:


Speedy deletions
  • Nonsense pages
  • Pages out of scope
  • Attack pages
  • Legal issues
Deletion process
Oversighting and revision deletion
  • Doxxing
  • Pedophilia and indecent behavior


Admins have the tools to enforce policies.
Blocking policy
Disruptive editors can be blocked for short, long, or indefinite periods of time.
Banning policy
Extremely disruptive editors may be permanently banned.
Page protection
Pages may be protected against vandalism or during contentious disputes. Admins shall not use page protection as a means to promote one side of a dispute versus another.


Copyright violations
  • Copyrighted materials must have a content license compatible with the AARoads Wiki.
  • Do not plagiarize sources. Content that violates copyright can and will be removed.
  • In some instances, the entire page may be deleted.
Libelous content will be removed and the relevant edits suppressed.
Do not make legal threats
Instead, have a reasonable discussion. Those who make legal threats will be banned.
Fair-Use content
See also: U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Index
In limited instances, it may be permissible to use non-free content if no free equivalent exists.
Reuse of content
Contributions to the AARoads Wiki are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC-BY-SA 4.0). This means if you use content from the AARoads Wiki, you must credit the authors.


Ignore all rules
"If a rule prevents you from improving or maintaining [this site], ignore it."
Password strength
It is a good idea to maintain a strong password, especially those editors with advanced permissions.