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My Heart's Homeland

Chils Kemptonian (AKA "Geographic Accountant"), a roadfan & Geographer from Southern Africa. The primary countries I have associated with are Zambia (Born & Currently living) and South Africa (Stayed there on two occasions for several years).


I have memorized all the "main designated roads of Zambia" (T1 to T6 & M1 to M20) as well as all the "National Routes of South Africa" (N1 to N18) in my mind. I also know a lot of the "Provincial Routes of South Africa" (R21 to R82). That's how much of a "sucker" I am for studying the map!

The Geographic Accountant; Chils Kemptonian

Primary Workplace

1. I expanded articles about "Roads in South Africa" & created only a few articles in this category on Wikipedia, as almost every road in SA already had an article (just needed expansion).

2. I created almost all the articles about "Roads in Zambia" on Wikipedia, primarily for the routes designated as "Territorial Roads" (M1 to M20) & "Inter-Territorial Roads" (T1 to T6). Only 3 articles existed at first & I decided to create the remainder.

3. I am also working on cleaning up the "Roads in Zimbabwe" articles & seeing if the "Roads in Botswana" articles can be expanded a bit, although it will be a lot of work to make the road articles for these two countries look proper.