U.S. Route 277

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U.S. Route 277

US 277 highlighted in red
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 77
Length633 mi (1,019 km)
Major junctions
South end US 83 at Carrizo Springs, TX
Major intersections US 57 at Eagle Pass, TX
US 90 at Del Rio, TX
I-10 at Sonora, TX
US 67 / US 87 at San Angelo, TX
US 83 / US 84 at Abilene, TX
I-20 at Abilene, TX
US 82 / US 183 / US 283 at Seymour, TX
I-44 / US 281 at Wichita Falls, TX
US 62 / US 81 / SH-9 at Chickasha, OK
North end I-44 / US 62 at Newcastle, OK
CountryUnited States
StatesTexas, Oklahoma
CountiesTX: Dimmit, Marevick, Kinney, Val Verde, Edwards, Sutton, Schleicher, Tom Green, Coke, Runnels, Nolan, Taylor, Jones, Haskell, Wichtia
OK:Cotton, Comanche, Caddo, Grady,McClain
Highway system

U.S. Route 277 (US 277, US-277) is a north–south United States Highway that is a spur route of U.S. Route 77. It no longer connects to its parent route, US 77, although it does intersect another one of its spur (U.S. Route 377). It runs for 633 miles (1,019 km) across Oklahoma and Texas. US 277's northern terminus is in Newcastle, Oklahoma at Interstate 44, which is also the northern terminus of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike. Its southern terminus is in Carrizo Springs, Texas at U.S. Route 83. It passes through the states of Oklahoma and Texas.

Most of U.S. 277's route through the two states overlaps other U.S. highways. Those include U.S. 62 from Newcastle to Chickasha, Oklahoma, U.S. 62 and U.S. 281 from five miles (8 km) west of Elgin, Oklahoma, to Lawton, U.S. 281 from Lawton to Wichita Falls, Texas, U.S. 82 from Wichita Falls to Seymour, Texas, and U.S. 83 from Anson, Texas to Abilene, Texas. Through the Lawton area and again from Randlett, Oklahoma, to near downtown Wichita Falls, U.S. 277 is also co-signed with I-44.

Route description

  mi km
TX 508.9 819.0
OK 124.1 199.7


Scenic view of U.S. 277 between Del Rio and Sonora, Texas

The highway begins at an intersection with US 83 in Carrizo Springs, about 60 miles northwest of Laredo. The highway runs in an east-west direction, until reaching Eagle Pass. From here to Del Rio, the highway parallels the Rio Grande at the U.S.-Mexico border. The highway overlaps US 377 for about 26 miles, with the highways passing the Amistad National Recreation Area.

US 277 crosses I-10 near Sonora, before traveling to Eldorado and eventually San Angelo. The highway overlaps both US 67 and US 87 in the city. In Abilene, the highway overlaps with US 83 and US 84, with the latter leaving shortly after. US 83 leaves in Anson, traveling to Aspermont, while US 277 travels to Stamford. In Seymour, US 82 begins an overlap with US 277. The two highways enter the city of Wichita Falls, with US 82 leaving the highway at US 281/US 287. US 277 joins US 281/287 and the three highways travel into the downtown area of the city, where I-44 begins. US 287 leaves the freeway, while I-44/US 277/US 281 travel to Burkburnett, before crossing the Red River into Oklahoma.


First southbound sign for U.S. 277 in Newcastle, Oklahoma

From its present terminus at Interstate 44 near Newcastle (Exit 107 and starting/ending point of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike north section), U.S. 277 runs concurrent with U.S. 62 through Blanchard into downtown Chickasha, where U.S. 277 joins U.S. 81 for several miles to an intersection south of Chickasha near Ninnekah, where U.S. 277 turns west/southwest through the cities of Cement, Cyril, Fletcher and Elgin - crossing over I-44/H.E. Bailey east of Cement (no access), under the interstate south of Fletcher (no access) and under the interstate/turnpike on the west side of Elgin (Exit 53 - tolls charged northbound exit/southbound entry and no tolls southbound exit/northbound entry). About five miles west of Elgin, U.S. 277 rejoins U.S. 62 (and U.S. 281, whose concurrency with U.S. 277 to Wichita Falls, Texas begins) for the next 10 miles with the triplex 62-277-281 route joining Interstate 44 at the starting/ending point of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike north section (Exit 46) near Medicine Park south through Fort Sill to I-44 Exit 40A, where U.S. 62 diverts from the interstate. U.S. 277 and 281 continue their concurrent route with I-44 through the Lawton-Fort Sill area to a point six miles south of Lawton where I-44 becomes the H.E. Bailey Turnpike south to Randlett. At this interchange (Exit 30) which also includes Oklahoma 36 west/southwest to Chattanooga and Grandfield, U.S. 277-281 diverts east and then curve south to parallel the interstate past Geronimo, OK and 10 miles later joins Oklahoma 5 about 5 miles west of Walters for three miles west crossing over I-44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike at the Walters exit and toll plaza (Exit 21). West of I-44, U.S. 277-281 turns south from Oklahoma 5 and continues south, crossing under I-44 (with no access) south of Cookietown and then joins U.S. 70 at Randlett, from where the triplex U.S. 70-277-281 continues 3 miles west to an interchange with I-44 at the beginning/ending points of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike (Exit 6). At this interchange, U.S. 277-281 joins I-44 for the last 6 miles in Oklahoma before crossing the Red River into Texas.

Free road alternative to the H.E. Bailey Turnpike

From Newcastle to the Red River north of Wichita Falls, Texas, U.S. 277 (and concurrent sections of U.S. 62, U.S. 81 and U.S. 281) serves as an alternate free route to the two sections of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike between Oklahoma City and the Red River from Newcastle southwest of Oklahoma to near Medicine Park north of Lawton and from near Geronimo south of Lawton to Randlett just north of the Red River near Burkburnett, Texas.

Former U.S. 277 route in Lawton now U.S. 281 Business

The former route of U.S. 277 (and 281) through the City of Lawton via 2nd Street and 11th Street (and a diagonal street connecting those two streets) has been designated as U.S. 281 Business since the completion of Lawton's Pioneer Expressway (now I-44) in 1964 from present I-44 Exit 39-B to Exit 33. Present U.S. 281 Business and former U.S. 277-281 follows 2nd Street south of I-44 (Exit 39B) into the downtown area and south of Lee Boulevard (Oklahoma 7), curves into the diagonal route to 11th Street and still locally designated by the City of Lawton as Highway 277 even though it is officially designated as U.S. 281 Business. From the end of the diagonal route at 11th and Tennessee Avenue south past the Lawton-Fort Sill Regional Airport to Exit 33 of Interstate 44, the former U.S. 277-281 and current U.S. Business 281 route follows 11th Street. South of this point, U.S. 281 Business ends/begins and current U.S. 277-281 continues to run concurrent with I-44 for another 3 miles to Exit 30 (the starting/ending point for the southern section of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike), bypassing 3 miles of the former U.S. 277-281 concurrency that followed 11th Street south of Lawton until the completion of the present I-44 route south of Lawton in 1964, when the former highway reverted to local jurisdiction. At Exit 31, Oklahoma 36 begins its route to Chattanooga and Grandfield west of I-44 while U.S. 277-281 uses the same route east of the interstate for a half-mile and turning south toward Geronimo, over the continuation of Lawton's 11th Street.


When US 277 was commissioned in 1930, it ended at the Mexico–United States border in Del Rio, Texas. It was extended southeast to its present terminus in 1952. The original northern terminus was in Oklahoma City at its intersection with parent route US 77 and US 62. The northern terminus remained there until 1964. when it was truncated to its present terminus following the completion of the H.E. Bailey Turnpike and the connecting US 62 freeway into Oklahoma City, which would become I-44 in the 1980s. The section of highway through Wichita Falls was recently upgraded to a freeway. Known as Kell Boulevard, the freeway opened in late-2009/early-2010.

As of February 2010, US 277 allows a speed limit of 75 miles per hour (121 km/h) only in Dimmit County, Texas.


On March 15, 2022, a bill was signed by President Joe Biden that added the extension of I-27 north to Raton, New Mexico, and south to Laredo to the Interstate Highway System. The extension would utilize the US 277 corridor between San Angelo to Carrizo Springs, Texas.[1]

Major intersections

TexasDimmitCarrizo Springs
US 83 (First Street) to SH 85 – Crystal City, Uvalde, Laredo
Southern terminus
Loop 225 (5th Street)

FM 790 north (9th Street)

FM 2644 west – El Indio

Loop 517 east

FM 191 east – Crystal City

FM 393 east
Maverick Loop 480Interchange
Eagle Pass
US 57 north – La Pryor
Southern end of US 57 concurrency

US 57 south / Bus. US 277 north / FM 3443 south (Veterans Boulevard) to FM 1021 – Eagle Pass, Piedras Negras, International Bridge
Northern end of US 57 concurrency

Spur 216 east (2nd Street)
Flowers DriveInterchange
Barrera StreetInterchange

Bus. US 277 south – Eagle Pass
Seco Mines FM 1589

FM 1588 east
FM 1589

FM 1907 west

SH 131 north – Brackettville

FM 1665 west

FM 1665 east
FM 1590 west

FM 1908 north – Spofford, Brackettville

FM 1664 east

FM 1666 east

FM 1591 east

FM 1664 west
RM 693 north – Brackettville
Val Verde Spur 317 – Laughlin AFB West Gate Entrance

Loop 79 north – Sonora, El Paso
Del Rio Spur 277 – Ciudad AcuñaInterchange

US 90 east – San Antonio
Southern end of US 90 concurrency

US 377 south (East Gibbs Street) / Spur 239 south (Veteran's Boulevard) / Spur 297 – Ciudad Acuña, Business District
Southern end of US 377 concurrency

US 90 west – Comstock, Sanderson, Amistad NRA Visitor Information, Big Bend National Park
Northern end of US 90 concurrency

Loop 79 to US 90 – Eagle Pass, Laredo

RE 2 west – Amistad National Recreation Area, Rough Canyon

US 377 north – Rocksprings
Northern end of US 377 concurrency
SH 55 south – Rocksprings
RM 189 west – Juno
Loop 467 east
Southern end of Loop 467 concurrency

Loop 467 west
Northern end of Loop 467 concurrency
I-10 – Ozona, JunctionI-10 exit 400
FM 2129 west
US 190 west – Iraan
Southern end of US 190 concurrency

US 190 east / RM 915 north – Mertzon, Menard, Airport
Northern end of US 190 concurrency
Tom Green
Loop 110 to RM 2084 – Christoval

Loop 110 to RM 2084 – Christoval

FM 2335 north – Knickerbocker
Pecan Station
RM 584 north – Airport
San Angelo

US 87 south / Loop 306 east – Eden
Interchange; southern end of US 87 / Loop 306 concurrency
See US 87

US 67 south / US 87 north (North Bryant Boulevard)
Interchange; northern end of US 87 / US 67 Bus. concurrency; southern end of US 67 concurrency
See US 67

US 67 north – Ballinger
Interchange; northern end of US 67 concurrency

FM 2105 west to US 87
FM 2333 east – Miles

FM 2662 west to SH 208
SH 158 east – Ballinger
Southern end of SH 158 concurrency

SH 158 west (West Main Street) – Robert Lee
Northern end of SH 158 concurrency

FM 384 east – Winters

SH 70 north – Sweetwater, Oak Creek Lake, Blackwell
RunnelsNo major intersections
NolanNo major intersections
Taylor SH 153 – Sweetwater, Winters, WingateInterchange
Happy Valley
FM 1086 west – Shep
Southern end of FM 1086 concurrency

FM 1086 east – Bradshaw
Northern end of FM 1086 concurrency
FM 89 – Nolan, Buffalo Gap, Abilene State Park
View FM 1235 – Merkel, Buffalo Gap
Caps FM 707 – Tye
FM 3438 north (Dub Wright Boulevard) / Rebecca Lane – Dyess AFB

US 83 south / US 84 east / South 14th Street – Ballinger, Coleman, Airport, McMurry University
Interchange; southern end of US 83 / US 84 concurrency; south end of freeway
see US 83
US 83 north – Hamlin
Northern end of US 83 concurrency

FM 1636 west
Southern end of FM 1636 concurrency

FM 1636 east – Avoca
Northern end of FM 1636 concurrency

SH 92 west – Hamlin

FM 2702 east – truck route to SH 6 south

Bus. US 277 north

Bus. US 277 to SH 6 – Stamford

Bus. US 277 south / SH 6 / SH 283 – Rule, Aspermont, Stamford

FM 618 north – Paint Creek, Lake Stamford

FM 1225 west

Bus. US 277 north – Haskell
Haskell US 380 – HaskellInterchange

Bus. US 277 south / County Road 210 – Haskell, Airport

FM 1080 east

Bus. US 277 north – Weinert
Weinert FM 617 – Rochester

Bus. US 277 south – Weinert

FM 1720 east – Throckmorton
FM 2365 west

FM 267 north

Bus. US 277 north
SH 222 – Mundayinterchange

Bus. US 277 south

Spur 357 north – Goree
Goree FM 266 – GoreeInterchange
FM 1152 south – Miller Creek Reservoir

FM 1152 south – Miller Creek Reservoir

FM 2070 west

FM 2395 south

US 183 south / US 283 south – Throckmorton
Southern end of US 183 / US 283 concurrency

Bus. US 183 north (Main Street / US 277 Bus. north / US 283 Bus. north)
SH 114 – Seymour, OlneyInterchange
FM 422 – Seymour, Archer CityInterchange

US 82 west / Bus. US 183 south (US 277 Bus. south / US 283 Bus. south) – Seymour, Lubbock
Interchange; southern end of US 82 concurrency

US 183 north / US 283 north / FM 1790 south – Lake Kemp, Vernon
Northern end of US 183 / US 283 concurrency
FM 2846 north – Lake Diversion

FM 368 north – Lake Kickapoo
Mankins SH 25 – Electra, Archer City

Bus. US 82 east / Bus. US 277 north – Holliday
Holliday FM 368 – HollidayInterchange

Bus. US 82 west / Bus. US 277 south – Holliday
SH 258 west – Kamay
Wichita Falls FM 369 (Southwest Parkway)Interchange; south end of freeway

Bus. US 277 north (Seymour Highway) / FM 2650 (Allendale Road)
No direct northbound exit (signed at FM 369)
FM 1634 (Barnett Road)Access to Kell West Regional Hospital
Fairway Boulevard
McNiel Avenue
Lawrence Road / Lebanon RoadNo direct northbound exit (signed at McNiel Avenue)
Kemp Boulevard
Taft Boulevard
Harrison Streetno direct northbound exit (signed at Taft Boulevard)
Brook AvenueNorthbound exit and southbound entrance

Spur 447 east / Broad Street
Northbound exit and southbound entrance

US 82 east / US 281 south / US 287 south – Jacksboro, Texarkana, Fort Worth
Northern end of US 82 concurrency; southern end of US 281 / US 287 concurrency
6th Street - MPECNorthbound exit and southbound entrance
See I-44
Red RiverUnnamed bridge
See I-44

I-44 north / US 70 west / H.E. Bailey Turnpike
Northern end of I-44 concurrency; southern end of US 70 concurrency
US 70 east
Northern end of US 70 concurrency
SH-5 south
Southern end of SH 5 concurrency
I-44 / US 281 / H.E. Bailey TurnpikeAccess to Walters Municipal Airport; southern end of US 281 concurrency; I-44 exit 20

SH-5 north
Northern end of SH 5 concurrency
ComancheFort Sill
US 281 Bus.

I-44 west / SH-36 / H.E. Bailey Turnpike
Southern end of I-44 concurrency; I-44 exit 30
See I-44
I-44 east / US 62 / H.E. Bailey Turnpike
Northern end of I-44 concurrency; I-44 exit 46; no direct access to/from northbound I-44
Porter Hill

US 62 north / US 281 east
Northern end of US 62 / US 281 concurrency
Elgin I-44 / H.E. Bailey TurnpikeI-44 exit 53
SH-19 west
Southern end of SH 19 concurrency
US 81 south
Southern end of US 81 concurrency
See US 81

US 62 west / US 81 north
Northern end of US 81 concurrency; southern end of US 62 concurrency
See US 62
McClainNewcastle I-44 / US 62 / H.E. Bailey TurnpikeNorthern terminus; northern end of US 62 concurrency; I-44 exit 107
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Business U.S. Route 277

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