U.S. Route 5 in Vermont

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U.S. Route 5

Calvin Coolidge Memorial Highway[1]
US 5 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by VTrans
Length192.317 mi[2] (309.504 km)
Major junctions
South end US 5 at the Massachusetts state line in Guilford
Major intersections
North end R-143 at the Canadian border in Derby Line
CountryUnited States
CountiesWindham, Windsor, Orange, Caledonia, Orleans
Highway system
US 4 VT 5A

U.S. Route 5 (US 5) is a part of the United States Numbered Highway System that runs from New Haven, Connecticut, to the Canada–United States border at Derby Line, Vermont. In Vermont, the road runs south–north from the Massachusetts state line near Guilford to the international border. The 192.317 miles (309.504 km) that lie in Vermont are maintained by the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) and run largely parallel to Interstate 91 (I-91). US 5 also follows the path of the Connecticut River from the Massachusetts border to St. Johnsbury, where the river turns northeast while US 5 continues north. The highway serves the major towns of Brattleboro, Hartford, and St. Johnsbury, along with the city of Newport near the Canadian border.

Before the development of the Numbered Highway System, US 5 was designated Route 2 and was part of the New England road marking system that existed from 1922 to 1927. When the highway system was formed in November 1926, the former Route 2 was commissioned as US 5. At this point, the road was not paved. It was not paved until the state of Vermont started overseeing the maintenance of the highway in 1931. The road was completely paved by 1933.

Route description

US 5 winds through the far eastern part of Vermont, passing through many small towns and villages. The road runs through a fairly rural, wooded area throughout much of its path in Vermont.

Southern Vermont

US 5 enters the southern end of Vermont in Windham County at the Massachusetts–Vermont state line just north of Bernardston and just south of Guilford.[3] The route is known as the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Highway from the Massachusetts border to the junction of Vermont Route 103 (VT 103) in Rockingham.[1] The road winds through wooded land along the west side of I-91 for its first eight miles (13 km) in Vermont. In Brattleboro, Vermont's fourth-largest town, US 5 crosses under the Interstate and winds through Brattleboro's business district.[4] US 5 also starts a brief concurrency with VT 9 that continues for 2.3 miles (3.7 km).[5] North of Brattleboro, after VT 9 turns east, US 5 crosses back over the Interstate to the west side.[4]

US 5 continues north from Brattleboro, passing near the small towns of Dummerston and Putney.[6][7] North of Putney, it crosses over I-91 to serve the towns of Westminster, Bellows Falls, and Rockingham.[8][9] Near Rockingham, US 5 intersects VT 103, which picks up the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Highway.[10] US 5 continues north on the east side of the Interstate, crossing into Windsor County, for 6.6 miles (10.6 km) to Springfield, where it crosses to the west side for just under a mile (1.6 km).[11] Here, it picks up a 0.8-mile (1.3 km) concurrency with VT 11 and US 5 crosses back to the east side of I-91 with VT 11.

Sign at junction of US 4, US 5, and VT 14 in White River Junction

US 5 continues along the east side of I-91 for 20 miles (32 km) after its concurrency with VT 11. Along this stretch, US 5 passes through Wilgus State Park in Ascutney and the town of Windsor.[12] In Ascutney, US 5 picks up VT 12 for a 10-mile-long (16 km) concurrency. VT 12 winds along with US 5 through Windsor and across the Interstate to Hartland, where it turns northwest away from US 5. North of Hartland, US 5 crosses under I-89 in White River Junction with no interchange and intersects I-91 again.[13][14] Now on the east side of I-91, US 5 winds around the northwest edge of White River Junction, where it hooks up with US 4. US 4 and US 5 run concurrent for half a mile (0.80 km) as a divided four-lane surface arterial, crossing the White River. US 5 continues north to the village of Wilder, where it forms the main road of the village.[14] North of Wilder, US 5 crosses I-91 twice. Just north of Norwich, US 5 crosses into Orange County and the town of Thetford. US 5 continues north, following the Connecticut River closely for 23 miles (37 km) until it reaches the town of Bradford, passing through the small villages of North Thetford and Ely.[15]

Northern Vermont

For around 11 miles (18 km) north of Bradford, US 5 passes through rural country along the Connecticut River before reaching the village of Wells River.[16] Here, US 5 has a very brief concurrency with US 302. Continuing north, US 5 crosses into Caledonia County, then travels 11 miles (18 km) before crossing to the west side of I-91, passing through East Ryegate and Barnet.[17] US 5 crosses back and forth across the Interstate a couple of times north of Barnet before US 5 and I-91 split at the Passumpsic River, about two miles (3.2 km) north of Barnet. US 5 winds along the west bank of the Passumpsic River, traveling through the village of Passumpsic. US 5 and I-91 meet up again two miles (3.2 km) north of Passumpsic in the town of St. Johnsbury.[18] It is here in St. Johnsbury that the Connecticut River turns east away from US 5.

US 5 during its concurrency with VT 105 in Newport

US 5 continues north along the Passumpsic River from St. Johnsbury for about 7.5 miles (12.1 km) until it reaches the town of Lyndon.[19] In Lyndon, US 5 splits to the east away from I-91. US 5 passes through West Burke, Willoughby State Forest, and Barton before reaching the town of Orleans, 25 miles (40 km) north of Lyndon.[20][21] Along this stretch, US 5 reaches Orleans County. In the town of Orleans, US 5 crosses to the west side of the Interstate, concurrent with VT 58 for half a mile (0.80 km).[22] US 5 continues north for 10 miles (16 km) before reaching Newport.[23] Along this 10-mile (16 km) stretch, the road passes through Coventry.[24] In Newport, US 5 picks up a five-mile-long (8.0 km) concurrency with VT 105 that takes US 5 across I-91 and into the village of Derby Center.[23][25] US 5 continues north, crossing I-91 for the last time 2.5 miles (4.0 km) north of Derby Center. US 5 reaches its northern terminus at the international border, across the border from Stanstead, Quebec, 6.5 miles (10.5 km) north of Derby Center in the village of Derby Line.[26] US 5 continues past the Derby Line–Stanstead Border Crossing into Quebec as Route 143.


New England 2.svg

In 1922, before the United States Numbered Highway System's creation, US 5 traversed through Vermont as Route 2, the Connecticut River Way. Five years later in 1927, at the creation of the highway system, Route 2 was almost completely overtaken by the new US 5. At its original designation, US 5 mostly followed Route 2's path, except for a temporary routing into New Hampshire. From 1927 to 1929, US 5 crossed the Connecticut River at Bellows Falls into North Walpole, New Hampshire, and wound along the river to Charlestown, New Hampshire, where it crossed back into Vermont.

US 5 was not maintained by the state of Vermont until the creation of the state highway system in 1931.[27] At this point, US 5 was not paved. The state of Vermont started paving the route in 1931, and it was completed by 1933.

Major intersections

US 5 south – Bernardston, Springfield
Continuation into Massachusetts
I-91 – Bernardston MA, Putney, White River JunctionInterchange, Exit 1 on I-91

VT 142 south / VT 119 east
Northern terminus of VT 142; western terminus of VT 119

VT 9 west to I-91
South end of VT 9 concurrency
VT 30 north – Newfane, Townshend, Manchester
Southern terminus of VT 30
VT 9 east / I-91 – Keene NH, Bellows Falls, Massachusetts
Roundabout; north end of VT 9 concurrency; Exit 3 on I-91
Dummerston17.65028.405 I-91 – BrattleboroInterchange, Exit 4 on I-91
Putney18.43129.662Westminster Road
VT 123 east – Walpole NH
Western terminus of VT 123; to NH 12
29.23747.052Westminster StreetTo I-91, Exit 5
VT 121 west – Saxtons River, Grafton
Eastern terminus of VT 121
32.67152.579Rockingham StreetTo NH 12
VT 103 north / I-91 – Rockingham, Springfield, White River Junction, Brattleboro
Southern terminus of VT 103; exit 6 on I-91
VT 11 west – Springfield
West end of VT 11 concurrency
I-91 – Brattleboro, White River JunctionInterchange, Exit 7 on I-91
VT 11 east – Charlestown NH, Fort at No. 4
East end of VT 11 concurrency
To NH 12
VT 143 west – Springfield
Eastern terminus of VT 143

VT 131 west to I-91 – Cavendish /
VT 12 south – Claremont NH
Eastern terminus of VT 131; to I-91 Exit 8; South end of VT 12 concurrency
VT 44A north – Brownsville
Southern terminus of VT 44A
VT 44 west – Brownsville
Eastern terminus of VT 44
Hartland63.738102.576 I-91 – White River Junction, Ascutney, SpringfieldInterchange; exit 9 on I-91
VT 12 north – Woodstock
North end of VT 12 concurrency
Hartford I-89No access between US 5 and I-89

I-91 to I-89 – Barre, Concord NH, Brattleboro, St. Johnsbury
Interchange; Exit 11 on I-91
US 4 west – Woodstock
West end of US 4 concurrency

US 4 east / VT 14 north
East end of US 4 concurrency; southern terminus of VT 14

I-91 south / VT 10A east to I-91 north – Thetford, St. Johnsbury, Wilder, White River Junction, Hanover NH
Western terminus of VT 10A; exit 13 on I-91; partial cloverleaf interchange
River Road ( VT 9540)Northern terminus of unsigned VT 9540
VT 132 west – South Strafford
Eastern terminus of VT 132
VT 113 east – Lyme NH
South end of VT 113 concurrency

VT 113 west to I-91 – West Fairlee, Chelsea
North end of VT 113 concurrency
VT 244 west – Lake Fairlee, Post Mills
Eastern terminus of VT 244
VT 25A east – Orford NH
Western terminus of VT 25A
VT 25 to I-91 – Wells River, Piermont NH
VT 25B west
Eastern terminus of VT 25B
Town of Newbury116.874188.090
US 302 east – Woodsville NH
South end of US 302 concurrency

US 302 west to I-91 – South Ryegate, Groton, Barre
North end of US 302 concurrency
CaledoniaBarnet127.227204.752North Monroe RoadTo NH 135
To I-91 via Bimson Drive ( VT 9020) – West Barnet
Eastern terminus of unsigned VT 9020
St. Johnsbury136.437–

I-91 to I-93 – Barnet, White River Junction, Lyndonville, Newport
Interchange, Exit 20 on I-91
US 2 west
South end of US 2 concurrency
US 2 east
North end of US 2 concurrency
I-91 – St. Johnsbury, NewportInterchange, Exit 23 on I-91
VT 114 north – East Burke, Burke Mountain Ski Area, Island Pond /

VT 122 north to I-91 – Wheelock, Sheffield, Airport
Southern terminus of VT 114; southern terminus of VT 122
VT 5A north – Westmore, Willoughby Lake
Southern terminus of VT 5A
VT 16 east – Crystal Lake, Willoughby Lake
South end of VT 16 concurrency
VT 16 south
North end of VT 16 concurrency
VT 58 east – Orleans
East end of VT 58 concurrency
I-91 – Newport, Barton, St. JohnsburyInterchange, Exit 26 on I-91
VT 58 west – Irasburg
West end of VT 58 concurrency
VT 14 south – Irasburg, Hardwick
South end of VT 14 concurrency
VT 14 north – Troy, Jay
North end of VT 14 concurrency
Newport (city)183.385295.130
VT 105 west
West end of VT 105 concurrency
VT 191 to I-91
I-91 – St. Johnsbury, CanadaInterchange, Exit 28 on I-91

VT 105 east to VT 111 – West Charleston
East end of VT 105 concurrency
192.317309.504 R-143 northContinuation into Quebec, Canada
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi
  •       Closed/former
  •       Concurrency terminus

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