U.S. Route 52 in Ohio

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U.S. Route 52

US 52 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length180.968 mi[1] (291.240 km)
Ohio River Scenic Byway
Major junctions
West end US 52 / I-74 at the Indiana state line near Harrison
Major intersections
East end US 52 at the West Virginia state line near Huntington, WV
CountryUnited States
CountiesHamilton, Clermont, Brown, Adams, Scioto, Lawrence
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 51 SR 53

U.S. Route 52 (US 52) runs east–west across the southern part of the state of Ohio along the Ohio River, passing through or very near the cities and towns of Cincinnati, Portsmouth, and Ironton. For its first 19 miles (31 km) or so, the highway runs concurrently with Interstate 74 (I-74) and I-75 before it winds through downtown Cincinnati for several miles. The route is primarily two lanes between New Richmond and West Portsmouth, Ohio, where it becomes a four-lane partial access highway until it exits the state near Chesapeake.

Route description

Indiana state line to Downtown Cincinnati

Starting at the Indiana state line, US 52, along with I-74, travel due southeast. In Harrison, both routes first meet New Haven Road and then Dry Fork Road. From Blue Jay to Dent, I-275 runs concurrently with both routes. While the three routes are sharing the same freeway, they meet SR 128 in Miamitown. After I-275 branches due northeast, both US 52 and I-74 then meet Rybolt Road/Harrison Avenue and North Bend Road; all are partial cloverleaf interchanges. After entering Cincinnati, they then meet Montana Avenue at an incomplete diamond interchange and US 27 (Beekman Street)/Colerain Avenue. At this point, US 27 runs concurrently with US 52. Less than a mile after that, I-74 ends as they meet I-75 west of the Cincinnati State Technical and Community College.

US 52 and US 27 then briefly follow south along I-75 before exiting at Hopple Street. Then, they also briefly travel east along that street before intersecting US 127 (Central Parkway) at a one-quadrant interchange. At this point, both routes travel south along US 127, largely paralleling I-75. As they reach Downtown Cincinnati, they split as a two-way pair. As a two-way pair, they intersect US 22, US 42, US 50, SR 3, and SR 264.[2]

Downtown Cincinnati to Portsmouth

Mehring Way in Downtown Cincinnati

At this point, most of the remainder of US 52 in Ohio is part of the Ohio River Scenic Byway.

US 52 and US 27 then turn eastward along Mehring Way. Both routes run along the north bank of the Ohio River, serving two stadiums (the Paul Brown Stadium and the Great American Ball Park). They also cross under the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. After that, US 27 turns west onto Pete Rose Way and then south on the Taylor–Southgate Bridge. US 52 proceeds eastward to continue running along the bank of the river. Then, up until the Cincinnati Municipal Airport Lunken Field, US 52 is sandwiched between US 50 up north and the river down south. After the airport, the route briefly runs concurrently again with I-275.

US 52 near SR 125 in Friendship, OH

US 52 then intersects several state routes in different locations. Between Ripley and the William H. Harsha Bridge, US 62 and US 68 run along with US 52. In downtown Aberdeen, US 52 intersects SR 41 and then the Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge. On its way towards Portsmith, the route intersects a few more state routes. As it gets close to Portsmouth, it becomes a short freeway, meeting SR 239 and SR 852/SR 73. After crossing the Scioto River, it enters downtown Portsmouth, ending the freeway. After that, it intersects US 23.[2]

Portsmouth to West Virginia state line

On its way towards the West Huntington Bridge, US 52 meets more state routes in different locations, including SR 823 in Sciotodale. Large portions along the way are limited–access roads. East of Burlington, US 52 then turns south towards the bridge, crossing the Ohio River and the West Virginia state line.[2]


With the creation of the "Inter-County Highway" system, two routes were formed along present-day US 52: Inter-County Highways (later State Routes[3]) 7 and 42.[4] In 1923, SR 42 was relocated to Marion-Mount Gilead routing (the new route is now SR 95) as per the highway renumbering. As a result, SR 130 was designated along SR 42's 1912 route.[5]

In 1926, US 52 was formed along with the creation of the U.S. Highway System. The new route roughly travels along its modern-day route. However, both state routes along the route were retained.[6][7] As a result, the 1927 Ohio state highway renumbering had relocated SR 130 to its current routing and truncated SR 7.[8]

Major intersections

HamiltonHarrison Township0.0000.000

I-74 west / US 52 west – Indianapolis
Continuation into Indiana
Harrison1.6002.5751New Haven Road – Harrison
3.5805.7613Dry Fork Road
Whitewater Township5.8509.4155
I-275 south – Kentucky
Western end of I-275 concurrency; I-275 exit 25
7.76012.4897 SR 128 – Cleves, Hamilton, Miamitown
Colerain Township9.33015.0159

I-275 north to I-75 – Dayton
Eastern end of I-275 concurrency; I-275 exit 28
Green Township11.16017.96011Rybolt Road, Harrison Pike
14.66023.59314North Bend Road – Cheviot
Cincinnati17.44028.06717Montana AvenueWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
US 27 north (Beekman Street) / Colerain Avenue
Western end of US 27 concurrency; no direct access from I-74/US 52 west to Beekman Street south or from Beekman Street north to I-74/US 52 east, however, a legal U-turn provides indirect access
I-75 north – Dayton
Eastern end of I-74 concurrency; western end of I-75 concurrency
I-75 south – Lexington
Eastern end of I-75 concurrency
US 127 north (Central Parkway)
Western end of US 127 concurrency; one-quadrant interchange
23.337.5Central Parkway (US 42 north)Western end of US 42 concurrency eastbound
23.437.7West Ninth Street (US 22 west / SR 3 west)

US 22 east (US 42 north / West Seventh Street) / SR 3 north
Near western end of US 42 concurrency westbound

I-75 north / US 50 west
On ramps only

US 42 south / US 127 south (West Third Street) to I-71 south / I-75 south
Eastern end of US 42 / US 127 concurrency
25.22740.599East Pete Rose Way (US 27) southEastern end of US 27 concurrency

I-275 west to I-471 / Kellogg Avenue – Kentucky
Western end of I-275 concurrency
Anderson Township35.367–
I-275 to I-71 – Columbus
Eastern end of I-275 concurrency
Kellogg Avenue westModified partial cloverleaf interchange
ClermontPierce Township41.65767.040
SR 749 east (Ten Mile Road) / Ten Mile Road to Palestine Street
Western terminus of SR 749
New Richmond45.60773.397
SR 132 north (Sycamore Street) / Sycamore Street
Southern terminus of SR 132
Point Pleasant50.58781.412
SR 232 east – Bethel, Grant Birthplace
Western terminus of SR 232
SR 743 south (Wells Street)
Western end of SR 743 concurrency
Washington Township53.51786.127
SR 743 north – Point Isabel
Eastern end of SR 743 concurrency
Chilo60.86797.956 SR 222 (Green Street) – Felicity
SR 133 north – Felicity
Southern terminus of SR 133
SR 505 north
Southern terminus of SR 505
SR 221 north – Georgetown
Southern terminus of SR 221

US 62 east / US 68 north
Western end of US 62 / US 68 concurrency

US 62 Detour west / US 68 south (William H. Harsha Bridge)
Eastern end of US 68 concurrency
SR 41 north (Market Street) / Market Street – West Union
Southern terminus of SR 41
US 62 west (Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge) – Maysville
Eastern end of US 62 concurrency; 15-ton limit imposed on Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge
SR 136 north (Jack Roush Way) / East Front Street – West Union
Southern terminus of SR 136
Monroe Township102.500164.958 SR 247 – Wrightsville, West Union
SR 125 west
Eastern terminus of SR 125
Washington Township135.718–
Western end of freeway

SR 239 north – West Portsmouth
Diamond interchange; southern terminus of SR 239

US 23 Truck south / SR 73 / SR 104 / SR 852 – Hillsboro, Kentucky
Western end of US 23 Truck concurrency; partial cloverleaf interchange fused with other ramps
Eastern end of freeway
US 23 (Chillicothe Street / Gay Street)Eastern end of US 23 Truck concurrency; northern terminus of US 23 Truck; this is made up of separate one-way intersections
New Boston141.778228.170
SR 139 north (Park Avenue)
Southern terminus of SR 139
143.608231.115Western end of freeway
SR 335 north (Gallia Street) / Winchester Avenue
Eastbound exit only; southern terminus of SR 335
143 SR 335 (Gallia Street / Harding Avenue) / Gallia Street – SciotovilleWestbound exit and entrance only

SR 140 east to SR 823 north – South Webster, Chillicothe
Diamond interchange; western terminus of SR 140; SR 823 and Chillicothe are not signed westbound
SR 823 north – Chillicothe
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; southern terminus of SR 823
Wheelersburg146.718236.120146Center Street - WheelersburgDiamond interchange
Porter Township149.458240.529149
SR 522 east / Hayport Road
Diamond interchange; western terminus of SR 522
Green Township152.498245.422152

SR 253 west / Gallia Pike to US 23 / KY 10 (AA Hwy.) – Greenup
Diamond interchange; eastern terminus of SR 253
152.968246.178153 Old US 52 / CR 1Eastbound left exit and westbound left entrance
Eastern end of freeway; western end of expressway
157.058252.760Haverhill–Ohio Furnace Road (CR 8) – HaverhillOnly intersection between the interchanges to the west and east
LawrenceHamilton Township160.008257.508 CR 1A / CR 23Diamond interchange
160.748258.699Patrick Street (TR 1117)These 3 are the only intersections between the interchanges to the west and east
Hanging Rock161.248259.504Happy Hollow Road (TR 330)
161.848260.469Rock Hollow Road

SR 650 north / US 52 Bus. east – Hanging Rock, Ironton
Diamond interchange; southern terminus of SR 650; western terminus of US 52 Bus
Hamilton Township163.058262.416Noble Hill Road (TR 277)These 3 are the only intersections between the interchanges to the west and east
163.688263.430Rock Avenue
Upper Township164.258264.348Deep Cut Road (TR 183)
IrontonUpper Township line165.288266.005Eastern end of expressway; western end of freeway
SR 93 (Park Avenue / Park Drive) – Ironton, JacksonPartial cloverleaf interchange
SR 141 east (Campbell Drive) / Liberty Avenue – Ironton
Diamond interchange; western terminus of SR 141
Coal Grove168.468271.123

SR 243 east / US 52 Bus. west (Marion Pike) – Coal Grove, Ironton
Diamond interchange; western terminus of SR 243; eastern terminus of US 52 Bus
Ashland KY (SR 652 south)Inverted SPUI/continuous green T hybrid interchange; northern terminus of SR 652
Eastern end of freeway; western end of expressway
Perry Township170.648274.631Crabtree Hollow Road (TR 268)These 5 are the only intersections between the interchanges to the west and east
171.668276.273 CR 1 / Old US 52
171.988276.788 Lick Creek Road (CR 15)
173.378279.025Grandview Avenue (CR 450)First traffic lights since Portsmouth
173.758279.636 Delta Lane (CR 60)Traffic lights
South Point175.448282.356Solida Road - South PointHybrid diamond/dumbbell interchange
Fayette Township177.758286.074Dallas–Matthew PikeIntersection
178.278286.911 Burlington–Macedonia Road (CR 120)These 4 intersections are all controlled by traffic lights leading to commercial development; US 52 maintains its expressway character with no commercial driveways
178.788287.731Sam's Wal-Mart Way (CR 410)
179.398288.713Sandusky Road (TR 276)
179.868289.469Charlie Creek Road (CR 144)
Union Township180.638–

SR 7 north – Chesapeake
Trumpet interchange; the roadway continues as SR 7; US 52 east exits onto a two-lane road approaching the bridge; US 52 west merges from the two-lane road; southern terminus of SR 7
Ohio River180.968291.240

US 52 east to I-64 / US 60 – Huntington, WV
Continuation into West Virginia via the West Huntington Bridge
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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