U.S. Route 441 in Florida

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U.S. Highway 441

Route information
Auxiliary route of US 41
Maintained by FDOT
Length433.050 mi[1] (696.926 km)
Major junctions
South end US 41 in Miami
Major intersections
North end US 441 / SR 89 south of Fargo, GA
CountryUnited States
CountiesMiami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, Okeechobee, Osceola, Orange, Seminole, Lake, Sumter, Marion, Alachua, Columbia
Highway system
SR 438 SR 441

U.S. Route 441 (US 441) in Florida is a north–south United States Highway. It runs 433 miles (697 km) from Miami in South Florida northwest to Tennessee in the Rocky Top area.

Like all AASHTO designated highways in Florida, US 441 always carries a FDOT designated hidden state road number:

Concurrences with U.S. routes include US 98 from Royal Palm Beach to Okeechobee, within the vicinity of Lake Okeechobee, US 192 between Holopaw and Kissimmee, US 17-92 from Kissimmee to Orlando, SR 44 from Mount Dora to Leesburg, US 27 from Leesburg to Ocala, US 301 from Belleview to near Sparr, and US 41 from High Springs to Lake City.

Route description

Miami to Kissimmee

The southern terminus of US 441 in Miami

US 441 begins its northward journey at Southwest 7th and 8th Streets (US 41 both directions) in the east section of the "Little Havana" neighborhood of downtown Miami (both are one-way streets). 441 runs along SW/NW 8th Ave. till it crosses the Miami River; then it runs along NW 7th Ave. till the Golden Glades interchange; then it runs along NW 2nd Ave. till the Miami-Dade/Broward county line. The route is concurrent with SR 7 from its southern terminus and parallels Interstate 95 (I-95) north out of Miami to western Aventura, where I-95 heads northeast to access Fort Lauderdale and the remainder of the eastern Florida coast. However, the route is soon joined by the tolled Florida's Turnpike and I-95 (Exits 12 and 12C), which follows US 441 north to Royal Palm Beach (ten miles west of West Palm Beach). In between, the route interchanges with the Turnpike at exit 62 via State Road 870 (Commercial Blvd.) in Tamarac. Additionally, US 441 meets Interstate 595 (Exits 8 and 8B) west of Fort Lauderdale and the tolled State Road 869 in Coconut Creek.

At Royal Palm Beach, US 441 intersects U.S. Route 98, ending the concurrency with SR 7, and overlaps the highway through central Palm Beach County, along with hidden State Road 80. Near Twenty Mile Bend SR 700 branches off to the northwest, which is where U.S. Routes 98 and 441 split until 2007. US 98-441 continues west to Belle Glade at the intersection of State Road 15, along the eastern shore of Lake Okeechobee, where SR 80 turns south and US 98-441 turns north to follow the shoreline to Pahokee. Just north of Pahokee in Canal Point, SR 700 rejoins US 98-441 and remains concurrent with US 441 along the eastern edge of the lake. North of Lake Okeechobee in Okeechobee, US 98 splits away from US 441 making a left turn at State Road 70, shortly afterwards the Okeechobee Amtrak station can be found. US 441 continues north, meeting the Turnpike at Yeehaw Junction in Osceola County (via State Road 60). It passes through the community of Kenansville prior to intersecting U.S. Route 192 at Holopaw. US 441 turns west onto US 192, forming an overlap into Kissimmee.

U.S. 441/U.S. 192 intersection in Holopaw

Kissimmee to Mount Dora

At Kissimmee US 441 separates from US 192 and joins US 17/92, here known as the Orange Blossom Trail or OBT. The OBT starts on US 17/92 at the Polk County/Osceola County line a few miles south of Kissimmee. These names are used throughout Central Florida for the length of US 441 within the region.

Due to its proximity with Walt Disney World and affiliated resorts as well as Sea World, Universal Studios, and others, US 17/US 92/US 441 intersects many toll roads between Kissimmee and Orlando, the first of which is the partially tolled and partial limited-access Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee. Immediately after entering Orange County, it intersects SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) at exit 11. Just north of the intersection the Central Florida Parkway leads to Sea World. Neither of these intersections or interchanges however, compare to the combined interchanges of Florida's Turnpike and SR 528 (Beachline Expressway), in Sky Lake, which contains a series of convoluted interchanges and partial ramps from side roads. North of this interchange, the road passes west of The Florida Mall and intersects SR 482.

In Holden Heights, US 441 has an interchange with I-4 (Exit 80). Eastbound access from I-4 comes from partial cloverleaf ramps, and westbound access comes from a left-turn ramp between the two carriageways that runs under the eastbound lane and merges with the east to southbound ramp before merging with southbound OBT. The interchange provides no south to east access and no west to north access, but such access can found from the intersection with West Michigan Street. Further north the road heads into Orlando and comes to the interchange with SR 408 (East-West Tollway) at exit 9, which is a diamond interchange. After curving around Givens Street and Springdale Road, both of which can only be accessed from West Concord Street, OBT moves closer to a parallel railroad freight line and meets the intersection of SR 50 (Colonial Drive) northwest of downtown. Here, US 17/92 turns east onto State Road 50 while US 441 continues north on the Orange Blossom Trail. North of downtown, US 441 encounters intersections with State Road 438, then State Road 416, and after running along the western edge of Lake Fairview, an intersection with State Road 423 which changes from the north-and-south John Young Parkway to the east-and-west Lee Road.

The road moves away from the freight line north of SR 423, but in Lockhart it runs over a bridge for that line again between Rose Avenue and Beggs Road. Further northwest it runs beneath an interchange with State Road 414, then cuts through a corner of Seminole County and re-enters Orange County in Apopka where it meets the northern terminus of West Orange Trail and the tolled State Road 429 before leaving the Orlando area. This road was intended to be part of the Central Florida GreeneWay loop around the Orlando Metropolitan Area. The road cuts through Plymouth and back to Apopka again, but the last sites in Apopka are Orlando Apopka Airport along the west side and Zellwood Cemetery on the east side before entering Zellwood, Florida. Intersections here include Ponkan Road and then Jones Avenue which lead to another airport known as Bob White Field The road takes a slight reverse curve before the intersection with Sadler Avenue (CR 448), and then approaches Lake Ola in Tangerine, where the road turns straight north. At the junction with County Road Old 441 (former State Road 500A), US 441 finally loses its designation as the Orange Blossom Trail, then crosses the Orange-Lake County Line and enters Mount Dora. CR Old 441 remains a local downtown street in Mount Dora, but US 441 continues as a rural at-grade four-lane divided highway.

Mount Dora to Sparr

Continuing with the rural surroundings, US 441 maintains its straight north and south position until it curves to the northwest between Lincoln and East Pine Avenues. Approaching Loch Leven, it turns straight west, and then State Road 44 joins US 441 after having run west from New Smyrna Beach and DeLand. This intersection is also shared with County Road 44B, which takes motorists to Downtown Mount Dora. In southern Eustis, US 441-SR 44 encounter another un-numbered interchange with State Road 19 and County Road 19A, taking SR 19 in a wrong way concurrency until it reaches a wye in Tavares, where SR 19 heads south toward Howey-in-the-Hills and Groveland, and County Road Old 441 rejoins US 441. From here, US 441-SR 44 is a six-lane highway with bicycle lanes that squeezes between Lake Harris and Lake Eustis where it crosses over the Dead River on a bridge between the two lakes. The road passes by Leesburg Municipal Airport, then serves as the western terminus of County Road 44, all the while winding around the northern shores of Lake Harris. In Leesburg, SR 44 leaves US 441 heading toward Wildwood, Inverness, and Crystal River, while US 441 curves to the northwest, then intersects U.S. Route 27 in another concurrency, and as a result, the hidden state routes are officially SR 25-500. The concurrency with SR 25 is short-lived, because in Lady Lake, SR 25 branches away as County Road 25. This once served as the southern terminus of the US 27-441 Alternate Route around Lake Weir into Belleview, but still remains a scenic route.

Golf cart bridge over US 27/US 441, in The Villages
A surviving support for a never-completed bridge that was part of the Cross Florida Barge Canal project, in the US 441 median in Santos.

Around the Lake-Marion county border, US 27-441 enters a retirement community known as The Villages. Because of the frequent use of street-legal golf cars in the community, bridges and tunnels for these carts can be found throughout the road. US 27-441 leaves The Villages as it approaches County Road 42, a bi-county east-west scenic route through Central Florida. North of here, it serves as the eastern terminus of a newly constructed bypass to CR 484 in Summerfield. Within Belleview, the road encounters two somewhat important intersections; County Road 25A, and then State Road 35. SR 35 joins US 27-441 in a wrong-way concurrency with SR 500 as the road curves more to the west, until it reaches the intersection with US 301, where SR 35 turns south, and SR 500 becomes the hidden state road for US 27-301-441 for a few blocks. However SR 25 reunites with the triplex at the former eastern terminus of CR 484, and shares a concurrency with SR 25, and US 27-301-441's new secret route becomes SRs 25-500 once again. After that the road curves more to the north again. Near the right of way for the formerly proposed Cross Florida Barge Canal in Santos, the median for the road widens, as it contains supports for a bridge that was never completed once the Canal project was cancelled. Before the median narrows back down to normal again, it intersects CR 328, where a police station exists in the median. To the west of this intersection is the Santos Trail System trailhead of the Cross Florida Greenway.[2]

Before US 27-301-441 enters Ocala, it veers off to the left at an intersection with County Road 464A (Southeast Lake Weir Avenue), a former segment of US 441 that eventually leads to Ocala Union Station. The first major intersection after this is 31st Street. Then it crosses under a railroad bridge before reaching the City Limits and the intersections with the northern terminus of CR 475 and crossing SR 464 (17th Street). US 27-301-441 intersects with SR 200 (becoming the new hidden state road until US 301 reaches US 1-23). The highway reaches the heart of Ocala at the intersection with SR 40 (West Silver Springs Boulevard). After this, the road crosses a railroad bridge west of Ocala Union Station. Five blocks later, it reaches the intersection of SR 492 (Northwest 10th Street) only to move in the opposite direction, leaving the US 301-441 overlap and taking SR 500 with it as they head northwest towards Williston, Perry, Tallahassee, and points north. Before US 301-441 leaves Ocala, it has an intersection with County Road 200A (Northwest 20th Street), which runs east and then north. This road was the former State Road 200A and decommissioned U.S. Route 301 Alternate.

After County Road 464A (North Magnolia Avenue) terminates at the southeast corner of the intersection of US 301-441 and Northwest 28th Street,[3] another county alternate which was a former section of US 441-SR 25 begins on the opposite side. This road is CR 25A (Northwest Gainesville Road), which is also the decommissioned U.S. Route 441 Alternate, and runs northwest through towns such as Zuber, Lowell, and Reddick. East of Zuber, the road intersects SR 326, which originally had a short concurrency, but now directly crosses US 301-441. South of the intersection with CR 329 is an interchange with U.S. Route 441 between Sparr and Lowell, where the US 301-441 concurrency ends. US 301 moves northeast towards Waldo, Starke, and Jacksonville taking SR 200 with it, while US 441 moves northwest.

Reddick to the state line

US 441 in McIntosh, looking south

In Reddick US 441 continues to the northwest, serving as the northern terminus of CR 25A. From there it intersects CR 318, which provides access to I-75 in Irvine to the west and Salt Springs in Ocala National Forest to the east. The road then runs through communities such as Orange Lake and McIntosh, where it passes through the McIntosh Historic District before crossing the Marion-Alachua County Line near the town of Evinston. It passes by a turnoff to Cross Creek before entering Micanopy, then runs across Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park and goes through Gainesville as 13th Street, serving as the eastern edge of the University of Florida campus. After intersecting SR 331 and later SRs 24A-226, State Road 24 joins US 441 in a brief concurrency until it reaches State Road 26 and turns east. US 441 continues north as it becomes the western terminus of State Road 120, then intersects State Road 222 before curving to the northwest and finally joining State Road 20, thereby converting it into an additional hidden state road. At the intersection of SR 121, the DeSoto Trail moves from SR 121 to US 441. In Alachua, US 441 intersects with SR 235, and then runs under an interchange with Interstate 75 (Exit 399), with quarter-cloverleaf interchanges on the northeast and northwest corners.

Just as it did in Leesburg, US 441 in High Springs curves to the right while a state road becomes independent, specifically SR 20, which runs west only to join US 27 as they head towards Perry, Tallahassee, and Niceville. Meanwhile, as it did with US 27 in Leesburg, US 441 joins US 41 north, but here it also serves as the northern terminus of hidden SR 45. US 41-441 crosses the Santa Fe River then runs north passing by O'Leno State Park and River Rise Preserve State Park, near which it shares a brief concurrency with State Road 18. It then runs through Ellsville, where it has another interchange with I-75 (Exit 414), just south of the western terminus of State Road 238.

Entering Lake City, US 441 splits from US 41 onto State Road 25A south of the city. The routes remain parallel, and at the US 90 Lake City Truck Route, Route 441 is joined by State Road 47 which was signed as terminating at US 41. The first intersection within this new hidden route is at U.S. Route 90 (where the DeSoto Trail heads west) to the northern extents of Lake City. Past Lake City, SR 25 branches off to the northwest as County Road 25A, which also shares intersections with CR 250 to the east and Northeast Double Run Road to the northeast. US 441 has an interchange with Interstate 10 (Exit 303), then skirts the western edge of the Okefenokee Swamp and east bank of the Suwannee River as it enters Georgia.


A US 441 shield used in Florida prior to 1993

From 1956, signs for U.S. Highways in Florida had different colors for each highway. The "shield" for US 441 was brown, until the state was forced by the federal government to conform to standards that required consistent black-and-white signs in 1993.

Between 2007 and 2011, the Florida Department of Transportation rebuilt the NW 7th Avenue Bridge over the Miami River.

Major intersections

US 41 east (Southwest 8th Street)
SW 8th Avenue continues south; southern terminus of SR 7
US 41 west (Southwest 7th Street)
SR 968 east (Southwest 1st Street)
SR 968 west (Flagler Street)
0.871.40Fifth Street Bridge over Miami River
3.0754.949 US 27 (Northwest 36th Street)
SR 944 (Northwest 54th Street) to I-95
SR 934 (Northwest 79th Street) to I-95
Two-way street carries only SR 934 eastbound but is signed from US 441 to SR 934 west
SR 934 west (Northwest 81st Street)

To SR 932 (Northwest 103rd Street) / I-95
North Miami8.17113.150
SR 924 (Gratigny Road) to I-95

SR 922 east (North Miami Boulevard) to I-95
Western terminus of SR 922

To SR 916 east (Northwest 135th Street) / I-95 – Airport
SR 916 west (Opa-locka Boulevard)
Golden Glades10.917.5
SR 9 south – Opa-locka
No northbound exit; southern terminus of concurrency with SR 9

Florida's Turnpike north / SR 826 west
No southbound exit
SR 826 east – Beaches
North Miami Beach11.819.0 I-95 (SR 9 north)Same-directional movements only; northern terminus of SR 9A;
northern terminus of concurrency with SR 9
Miami Gardens12.04419.383

To Northwest 7th Avenue Extension west / SR 826 north / Florida's Turnpike / Florida's Turnpike Extension
SR 860 (Miami Gardens Drive) to I-95
To I-95 / Honey Hill Drive / Ives Dairy Road
Former SR 854
county line
Miami GardensWest Park
Miramar tripoint

SR 852 west (County Line Road) to Florida's Turnpike
Eastern terminus of SR 852
BrowardMiramarWest Park line15.49224.932

SR 858 east (Hallandale Beach Boulevard) / CR 858 west (Miramar Parkway) to I-95 / SR A1A / I-75
Eastern terminus of CR 858; western terminus of SR 858
MiramarWest Park
Hollywood tripoint
SR 824 (Pembroke Road) to I-95

SR 820 (Hollywood Boulevard) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike

SR 822 east / CR 822 west (Sheridan Street) to I-95
SR 848 (Stirling Road) to I-95
HollywoodDavie line20.90633.645

SR 818 (Griffin Road) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike
DavieFort Lauderdale
Broadview Park tripoint
I-595 / SR 84 to Florida's Turnpike
Fort LauderdaleBroadview Park line23.82238.338

SR 736 east (Davie Boulevard) to US 1 / I-95
Western terminus of SR 736

SR 842 (Broward Boulevard) to I-95 / US 1 / SR 817
LauderhillPlantation line25.9941.83

SR 838 (Sunrise Boulevard) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike
Lauderdale Lakes27.98045.029
SR 816 (Oakland Park Boulevard) to I-95

SR 870 (Commercial Boulevard) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike / SR 869
North Lauderdale30.9049.73McNab Road / Northwest 62nd Streetinterchange

SR 814 east / CR 814 west (Atlantic Boulevard) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike / SR 869 (Sawgrass Expressway)
To Florida's Turnpike / Coconut Creek Parkway (CR 912 east)
Western terminus of unsigned CR 912
MargateCoral Springs
Coconut Creek tripoint

SR 834 (Sample Road) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike
Coconut CreekCoral Springs
Parkland tripoint
SR 869 (Sawgrass Expressway) to Florida's Turnpike – Miami, West Palm Beach
SR 869 exit 18
Coconut CreekParkland line38.56362.061

SR 810 east (Hillsboro Boulevard) to I-95
Western terminus of SR 810
39.15863.019Loxahatchee Road (CR 827)
Palm Beach40.75665.590

Palmetto Park Road (CR 798) to I-95 / US 1 / SR A1A
Former SR 798

SR 808 east / CR 808 west (Glades Road) to Florida's Turnpike / I-95
Western terminus of SR 808; Eastern terminus of CR 808
43.83170.539Yamato Road (CR 794 east)Western terminus of CR 794

SR 806 east (West Atlantic Avenue) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike
Western terminus of SR 806

SR 804 east (Boynton Beach Boulevard) to I-95 / Florida's Turnpike
Western terminus of SR 804

CR 812 east (Lantana Road) to I-95 / US 1
Western terminus of CR 812; former SR 812

To SR 802 east (Lake Worth Road) / US 1 / Florida's Turnpike
Western terminus of SR 802

SR 882 east (Forest Hill Boulevard) to US 1 / I-95
Western terminus of SR 882
Royal Palm Beach63.556102.283

US 98 east / SR 80 east (Southern Boulevard) to Florida's Turnpike / I-95 – West Palm Beach

SR 7 north
Interchange; south end of US 98 / SR 80 overlap; north end of SR 7 overlap
Royal Palm BeachWellington line66.325106.740Forest Hill Boulevard / Crestwood Boulevard
Twenty Mile Bend75.024120.739
CR 880 west
Eastern terminus of CR 880

SR 700 west / CR 700 east – Canal Point
Former US 98 west

SR 15 south / SR 80 west to US 27 – Belle Glade, South Bay, Clewiston, Orlando

SR 812 west (Hooker Highway) – Pahokee, Canal Point, truck bypass to South Bay
North end of SR 80 overlap; south end of SR 15 overlap
SR 729 north (State Market Road)
Southern terminus of SR 729
SR 715 south (Bacom Point Road) / East First Street
Northern terminus of SR 715
SR 729 south (State Market Road)
Northern terminus of SR 729
Canal Point104.525168.217
SR 700 east – West Palm Beach
Southern terminus of concurrency with SR 700; former US 98 east
MartinPort Mayaca112.789181.516

SR 76 east (Kanner Highway) to I-95 – Indiantown, Stuart
Western terminus of SR 76

CR 15B east (Southeast 126th Boulevard) to SR 710

CR 15A east (Southeast 86th Boulevard) to SR 710
Taylor Creek133.61215.02Taylor Creek Bridge over Taylor Creek
SR 78 west – Moore Haven, Ft. Myers
Eastern terminus of SR 78

US 98 north / SR 70 (Park Street (SR 700)) to SR 710 south / Florida's Turnpike / I-95 – Arcadia, Ft. Pierce
Northern terminus of concurrency with US 98 / SR 700

CR 718 west (Northwest 36th Street) to US 98
County road shields on 441 read "NW 36 ST" instead of "718"; otherwise, route is unsigned.

CR 68 west (Northeast 160th Street) to US 98

CR 68 east (Northeast 224th Street) to I-95 – Ft. Pierce
CR 724 west (Northwest 240th Street)
Access to Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park
Fort Drum158.137254.497
CR 15C east (Northeast 304th Street)
Ft. Drum Cemetery
OsceolaYeehaw Junction171.736276.382

SR 60 to Florida's Turnpike / I-95 – Lake Wales, Vero Beach
CR 523 north (South Canoe Creek Road)
US 192 east (Bronson Highway / SR 500) – Melbourne
Southern terminus of concurrency with US 192 / SR 500
see US 192 (mile 42.586-18.123)

US 17 south / US 92 west / US 192 west (Vine Street / SR 530 / SR 600) / Main Street – Downtown Kissimmee, Haines City, Amtrak/SunRail
Northern terminus of concurrency with US 192
Southern terminus of concurrency with US 17 / US 92 / SR 600

CR 522 / US 17 Truck south / US 92 Truck west (Osceola Parkway) to Florida's Turnpike / I-4 – Disney World
OrangeHunter's Creek234.58377.52
SR 417 to I-4 – International Airport, Tampa, Disney World
Exit 11 on SR 417
Sky Lake238.407383.679

To SR 528 west / Consulate Drive
SR 528 exit 4
238.66384.09 Florida's Turnpike (SR 91) – Ocala, MiamiTurnpike exit 254
To SR 528 / Landstreet Road (CR 527A east) – International Airport
SR 528 exit 4
SR 482 (Sand Lake Road) to SR 528 – Volcano Bay, Universal, International Airport, Titusville, Cape Canaveral
Orlando244.15392.92 I-4 (SR 400)Exit 80 on I-4; no access from US 441 south to I-4 east or I-4 west to US 441 north
Holden Heights244.414393.346

To I-4 east / Michigan Street
Orlando245.831395.627 SR 408 – Downtown Orlando, Titusville, OcoeeExit 9 on SR 408
SR 526 east (Washington Street / CR 526 west)

US 17 north / US 92 east / SR 50 (Colonial Drive / SR 600 east) to I-4 – Titusville, University of Central Florida
Northern terminus of concurrency with US 17 / US 92 / SR 600
248.461399.859 SR 438 (Princeton Street)
SR 416 west (Silver Star Road)
SR 423 (John Young Parkway / Lee Road) to I-4 – Winter Park

SR 414 east / SR 414 west to I-4 / SR 429 – Maitland, Apopka
SR 414 exit 9
SeminoleNo major intersections
SR 436 east – Altamonte Springs
258.027415.254Alabama Avenue (CR 424 east)
258.477415.978 CR 435 (Park Avenue)
CR 437A south (Central Avenue / CR 424 west)

SR 451 south to SR 429 south / SR 414 east / Vick Road – Orlando, Maitland, Ocoee, Winter Garden, Tampa
CR 437 north (Plymouth Sorrento Road)
south end of CR 437 overlap
CR 437 south (Orange Avenue) – Ocoee, Winter Garden
north end of CR 437 overlap

To SR 429 / SR 414 east / SR 429 Connector Road – Orlando, Tampa, Maitland, Daytona Beach

CR 448 Truck west (Jones Avenue)
CR 448 west (Sadler Road) – Lake Jem
CR 500A north – Mt. Dora
Former SR 500A
LakeMount Dora270.71435.67
SR 46 east (CR 46 west) – Mt. Dora, Sanford
SR 44 east / Donnelly Street – to bypass SR 19 north, Downtown Mount Dora
former CR 44B
EustisMount Dora line275.123442.768
CR 44C south (Eudora Road)

SR 19 north / CR 19A south – Eustis, Umatilla, Mt. Dora
interchange; south end of SR 19 overlap
CR 19A south / Plaza Drive
SR 19 south / Orange Avenue
north end of SR 19 overlap
To Lakeshore Boulevard (SR 500A) south south / SR 19 – Tavares, Business District, Mt. Dora
CR 473 north
CR 449 north (Stewart Lane) – Silver Lake
CR 44 Leg A west
CR 44 east – Lisbon

SR 44 west (East Dixie Avenue) to US 27 south
US 27 south (North 14th Street / SR 25) – Clermont
Southern terminus of concurrency with US 27 / SR 25
CR 44A west (Griffin Road)
CR 466A east (Picciola Road)
Fruitland Park290.786467.975
CR 25A north
CR 466A west (Miller Street) – Wildwood
CR 25A south
Lady Lake296.211476.705
CR 466 west
CR 25 north – Weirsdale
Northern terminus of concurrency with SR 25
SumterNo major intersections
Marion302.23486.39 CR 42 – Pedro, Weirsdale
To I-75 / Southeast 132nd Street Road
south bypass of Belleview
CR 25A east
US 301 south (SR 35) – Wildwood
Southern terminus of concurrency with US 301

SR 25 south / CR 484 west to SR 35 / I-75 – Dunnellon, Ocklawaha
Southern terminus of concurrency with SR 25; Eastern terminus of CR 484
CR 328 west (Southeast 80th Street) – Santos, Santos Trailhead (Cross Florida Greenway)
316.414509.219 CR 464A (Lake Weir Avenue)
CR 475 south

SR 464 west (Southwest 17th Street) to SR 200

SR 200 west (Southwest 10th Street) to I-75 – Hernando, Inverness, College of Central Florida
Southern terminus of concurrency with SR 200
319.760514.604 SR 40 (West Silver Springs Boulevard) – Dunnellon, Silver Springs, Business District

US 27 north / SR 492 east (Bonnie Heath Boulevard / SR 500 north) to I-75 – Williston, Silver Springs
Northern terminus of concurrency with US 27 (and unsigned SR 500); Western terminus of SR 492
CR 200A north (Northwest 20th Street)
CR 25A north (Northwest Gainesville Road) – Lowell, Reddick

SR 326 (Ocala Bypass) to I-75 / SR 40 east – Ormond Beach
327.351526.820Northwest 100th Street - Martin, Anthony
330.246531.479 CR 329 – Lowell, Sparr
US 301 north (SR 200) – Starke
Interchange; northbound exit and southbound entrance; northern terminus of concurrency with US 301 / SR 200
332.637535.327 CR 316 – Reddick, Fairfield
CR 25A south (Northwest Gainesville Road)
CR 318 to I-75 – Irvine, Citra
CR 320 west (Avenue G)
county line
342.413551.060Southeast 185th Avenue / Northwest 320th Street - Evinston
Alachua344.139553.838Southeast 165th Avenue - Micanopy
CR 346 east – Cross Creek
CR 234 east / Southeast Cholokka Boulevard – Historic Micanopy, Museum

CR 234 west to I-75 – Micanopy

SR 331 (Southwest Williston Road) to SR 329 / I-75 – Williston, Waldo, truck route to SR 121 north / US 441 north
SR 226 / SR 24A (Southwest 16th Avenue) to I-75
SR 24 west (Archer Road) – University Medical Center, VA Hospital
Southern terminus of concurrency with SR 24

SR 24 east / SR 26 (West University Avenue) to I-75
Northern terminus of concurrency with SR 24
SR 120 east (Northwest 23rd Avenue)
SR 222 (Northwest 39th Avenue) to I-75 – truck route to SR 121 south / US 441 south
SR 20 east (Northwest 6th Street)
Southern terminus of concurrency with SR 20
360.243579.755 CR 232 (Northwest 53rd Avenue)
361.105581.142 SR 121 (Northwest 22nd Street) – Williston, LaCrosse
CR 25A north (Northwest 120th Lane)
CR 237 north – Hague
CR 25A south (Northwest 126th Avenue)
CR 2054 west (Rachael Boulevard)
371.674598.151 SR 235 (Northwest 140th Street) – Newberry, LaCrosse
373.01600.30 I-75 (SR 93) – Tampa, Lake CityExit 399 on I-75
373.788601.553 CR 235A (Northwest 173rd Street)
High Springs377.744607.920

SR 20 west (Northeast 1st Avenue) to US 27 – Ft. White, Ichetucknee Springs State Park, Downtown High Springs
Northern terminus of concurrency with SR 20

US 41 south / CR 236 east (North Main Street / SR 45) to US 27 – Newberry, Santa Fe, Downtown High Springs
Southern terminus of concurrency with US 41; Northern terminus of SR 45
see US 41 (mile 408.870-431.599)

US 41 north / US 441 Truck north (SR 25)
Northern terminus of concurrency with US 41 / SR 25
Southern terminus of SR 25A
Lake City403.630649.580 SR 10A (Baya Drive)
US 90 (Duval Street / SR 10 / SR 47 south / SR 100 east) to SR 100
south end of SR 47 / SR 100 overlap

US 441 Truck south (Bascom Norris Drive / CR 100A / truck route to US 90 / SR 100 east)
Five Points405.441652.494
CR 25A north / Gum Swamp Road (CR 250 east)
north end of SR 25A overlap
Lake City407.67656.08 I-10 (SR 8) – Live Oak, JacksonvilleExit 303 on I-10
CR 246 west (Northwest Lassie Black Street)
CR 6 west – Jasper

US 441 north / SR 89 north – Fargo, Homerville
Georgia state line
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Related routes

At least six other special routes of US 441 have existed in Florida, however only two exist today.

In popular culture

Route 441 is mentioned in the song "American Girl" by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.[4] Tom Petty was a native of Gainesville.


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