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U.S. Route 58

US 58 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by TDOT and VDOT
Length508 mi (818 km)
Virginia Byway
Major junctions
West end US 25E at Cumberland Gap, TN
Major intersections
East end US 60 in Virginia Beach, VA
CountryUnited States
StatesTennessee, Virginia
CountiesTN: Claiborne
VA: Lee, Scott, Washington, City of Bristol, Grayson, City of Galax, Carroll, Floyd, Patrick, Henry, Pittsylvania, City of Danville, Halifax, Mecklenburg, Brunswick, Greensville, City of Emporia, Southampton, City of Suffolk, City of Chesapeake, City of Portsmouth, City of Norfolk, City of Virginia Beach
Highway system
US 57US US 59
SR 57TN SR 58
SR 57VA SR 59
SR 382Tennessee 383.svg SR 384

U.S. Route 58 (US 58) is an east–west U.S. Highway that runs for 508 miles (818 km) from U.S. Route 25E just northwest of Harrogate, Tennessee, to U.S. Route 60 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Until 1996, when the Cumberland Gap Tunnel opened, US 58 ran only inside the commonwealth of Virginia (and it now runs only about 1 mile outside of Virginia into Tennessee before terminating). It was then extended southwest along a short piece of former US 25E, which no longer enters Virginia, to end at the new alignment in Tennessee. For most of its alignment, it closely parallels Virginia's southern border with North Carolina.

State Route 383 (SR 383) is overlaid on U.S. Route 58 in Tennessee.

U.S. Route 58 is the longest numbered route in Virginia.[1]

Route description


Panorama of the interchange of US 25E and US 58, Cumberland Gap, TN

US 58 begins at a trumpet interchange with US 25E, just south of the Cumberland Gap Tunnel. The interchange is located on the border of the municipalities of Cumberland Gap and Harrogate, within Claiborne County. The route travels northeast as a four lane divided highway, through a small section of Cumberland Gap with a few businesses. US 58 then abruptly leaves Cumberland Gap and enters a small section of a rural area within Harrogate, passing along the southeastern edge of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. After intersecting a road leading to the park and the historical area in Cumberland Gap, the route leaves the state of Tennessee and enters the commonwealth of Virginia, after only about a half mile in Tennessee.

US 58 in Tennessee carries the designation State Route 383.


Tennessee to Jonesville

Upon entering Virginia, US 58 also enters Lee County and becomes Wilderness Road. The divided highway makes a reverse turn heading generally towards the east, in a forested region, before turning east-northeast after to the south of the Wilderness Road entrance to the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. US 58 crosses over Station Creek, before curving due east through the hamlet of Gibson Station. Past Gibson Station, the highway passes northeast through an area of a rolling hills with homes surrounding either side of the road. It is paralleled by Indian Creek on its southeast side, with the route crossing over its Pendleton Branch, prior to intersecting SR 691 in the village of Wheeler. US 58 continues northeast from Wheeler, before turning due east again while passing along the southern edge of the Wilderness Road State Park. The route crosses Indian Creek twice, before intersecting SR 684 to the southwest of a park and ride lot, and the DeBusk Veterinary Teaching Center of Lincoln Memorial University. The route then dips south through more rural areas of rolling hills, residences, and farmland before turning northeast once more. After passing through some hill cuts with stone sides and crossing over the Roaring Branch of Indian Creek, US 58 reaches the unincorporated town of Ewing. At Ewing, the route reaches its first intersection with a gantry, as its intersection with SR 724 has a blinking yellow light above it. US 58 continues northeast through more rural forests and farmland along the southeastern slope of Poor Valley Ridge, before reaching the unincorporated town of Rose Hill. In Rose Hill, more businesses and houses appear along the edges of the road, and a jersey barrier briefly forms in the median before the road crosses over the White Branch of the Powell River. Beyond the crossing, the median reverts to a grassy surface as US 58 leaves Rose Hill. The route continues to pass more homes, mainly in the traditional style, and businesses, mainly those that are timber shed retailers, before it makes a brief turn to the due east. Here US 58 crosses over Burning Well Road, Hardy Creek, and the railroad line of CSX Transportation (former L&N) leading to the Hagan's Switchback, on a twin-span beam bridge. The route then turns back towards the northeast and crosses the Hugh C. Chance Memorial Bridge. US 58 then makes a curve to the southeast through hilly wooded areas, before crossing over Dry Creek and meeting State Routes 880 and 758 at an intersection. The latter road provides access to the Lee County Airport. Past the intersection, US 58 briefly gains an eastbound climbing lane, before narrowing back to two lanes in each direction. The route continues east before heading northeast through wooded residential areas. Soon US 58 narrows to a two-lane rural road heading east through hilly residential zones entering the town limits of Jonesville, the county seat of Lee County.

Jonesville to Virginia Beach

View east along US 58 at SR 623 just east of Emporia, Virginia

East of Jonesville, US 58 intersects US 421, and the two routes stay concurrent through Duffield (where the concurrency also picks up U.S. 23), Gate City, Weber City (where the US 23 concurrency ends), and Bristol, where US 58 begins a concurrency with Interstate 81. The two routes stay concurrent until I-81 exit 19 in Abingdon, where US 58 resumes its eastward journey close to the Virginia–North Carolina state line. The route is signed as the J.E.B. Stuart Highway and the A. L. Philpott Memorial Highway. Much of the highway through the region features hairpin turns, steep grades, and load-zoned bridges.

US 58 begins a concurrency with US 221 in Independence, and the routes stay merged through Hillsville, just past the interchange with Interstate 77. Continuing eastward, the route crosses the Blue Ridge Parkway in the unincorporated community of Meadows of Dan before winding its way to Martinsville, where US 58 and US 220 share a southern bypass of the city. Between Stuart and the Martinsville bypass, several loops are found following the original alignment. East of Martinsville, a loop between Byrd's Store and Axton follows the original alignment, although one section west of Byrd's Store and one section east of Chatmoss remain inaccessible. Between Martinsville and Danville and between Danville and South Boston the route was widened to four lanes as part of the Arterial Highway system initiated by the Commonwealth in the mid 1960s. A newer alignment was generally just added to the older alignment. A loop of the older alignment is visible east of Brosville.

Approaching Danville, US 58 once again follows an expressway bypass to the south of the city, while a business route enters the city itself. The southeastern half of this bypass is shared with US 29. East of Danville, US 29 continues north, while US 58 picks up US 360 (which begins in central Danville) and resumes its eastward journey. The routes stay cosigned until South Boston, where US 360 resumes a more northerly route to Richmond, while US 58 travels eastward to Clarksville and crosses Kerr Lake.

The route crosses US Route 1 and Interstate 85 in South Hill, followed by Interstate 95 in Emporia. Near Franklin, an expressway bypass carries US 58 (and, for one stretch, US 258) south of the city, while a business route enters the city. A bypass also carries traffic around Suffolk, where US 58 begins concurrencies with US 13 and then US 460. The three US routes stay merged until an intersection with the Hampton Roads Beltway at the confluence of Interstate 64, Interstate 264, and Interstate 664. US 58 travels inside the beltway and through Portsmouth and into Norfolk via the Midtown Tunnel. The route crosses I-64 once again, and continues to Virginia Beach, roughly paralleling I-264 to its south. US 58, designated as Virginia Beach Boulevard and becoming Laskin Rd. in Virginia Beach, ends at US 60, Pacific Ave. Historically, US 58 continued for one additional block to the east, ending at Atlantic Ave., which once carried US 60 and then Business US 60.[2]

Much of the western section of US 58 is part of Crooked Road, Virginia and The Crooked Road: Virginia's Heritage Music Trail.[3][4]

Alternate route

Alternate plate.svg

U.S. Route 58 Alternate

Length87.40 mi[5] (140.66 km)
Existedearly 1950s–present
Virginia Byway

An alternate route of US 58, known as U.S. Route 58 Alternate (US 58 Alt.), splits from the main route in Abingdon, Virginia and travels northwest (signed west) as the "Trail of the Lonesome Pine" to Coeburn. From there, US 58 Alt. travels in a southwesterly direction (signed west) through Norton, Big Stone Gap and Pennington Gap before rejoining the main route in Jonesville.


The corridor across southern Virginia was part of the initial 1918 state highway system, in which it was State Route 12. It generally followed the present U.S. 58 from Abingdon to Virginia Beach, while present US 58 west of Abingdon was part of State Route 10. These routes deviated from present US 58 in the following places:[6][7][8]

Major intersections

TennesseeClaiborneCumberland Gap0.000.00 US 25E (SR 32) – Harrogate Tn., Tazewell Tn., Middlesboro Ky.Interchange; western terminus
Cumberland Gap0.6
Tennessee–Virginia state line

SR 687 (Dr. Thomas Walker Road) to US 58 Bus. – Ewing, Rose Hill

US 58 Bus. west (Dr. Thomas Walker Road) – Rose Hill, Ewing
SR 758 (Flanary Bridge Road) / SR 880 (Red Fletcher Road) – Lee County AirportFormer SR 63 south

US 58 Alt. east (Main Street) / SR 649 (Park Street) – Pennington Gap, Norton

SR 70 south – Blackwater
US 421 north – Pennington Gap
West end of US 421 overlap
Scott SR 638 (Powell Mountain Road)Former SR 66 north
US 23 north / SR 871 (Natural Tunnel Parkway) – Big Stone Gap
West end of US 23 overlap
see US 23 (mile 20.85-2.92)
Weber City71.19114.57
US 23 south – Kingsport
East end of US 23 overlap; west end of SR 224 overlap
SR 224 south (Wadlow Gap Highway) – Kingsport
East end of SR 224 overlap
Hiltons SR 709 (A.P. Carter Highway) – Carter Foldto former SR 42 east
Washington SR 700 (Rich Valley Road)Former SR 77 north
City of Bristol95.67153.97

I-81 south / US 421 south – Bristol, Knoxville
East end of US 421 overlap; west end of I-81 overlap; US 58 west follows exit 1B
see I-81

I-81 north / US 11 south (Lee Highway) – Roanoke, Abingdon
East end of I-81 overlap; west end of US 11 overlap; US 58 east follows exit 19
US 11 north (Lee Highway)
East end of US 11 overlap
Damascus124.23199.93Appalachian TrailWest end of trail/street overlap
124.42200.23 SR 716 (Shady Avenue) – Backbone Rock, Shady Valleyto SR 133 (TN)
SR 91 north (Damascus Drive) – Saltville
West end of SR 91 overlap
125.13201.38Appalachian TrailEast end of trail/street overlap
SR 91 south (Mountain City Road) – Mountain City
East end of SR 91 overlap
SR 603 (Konnarock Road) – Konnarock
SR 600 (Green Cove Road) – Green Cove, Taylors Valley
Grayson SR 600 (Whitetop Road) – White Top Mountain, Chilhowie
SR 362 north (Grayson Highlands Lane) – Grayson Highlands State Park
SR 743 (Rugby Road)to NC 194
SR 16 north (Troutdale Highway) – Troutdale, Marion
West end of SR 16 overlap
Mouth of Wilson162.46261.45
SR 16 south (Jefferson Highway) – Jefferson
East end of SR 16 overlap

SR 93 south (County Line Road) – NC line, Sparta
US 21 south / US 221 – Wytheville, Sparta
West end of US 221 overlap

SR 274 east (Riverside Drive) to SR 94 – Fries
SR 94 north (Riverside Drive) – Fries
City of Galax189.71305.31
SR 89 south (Main Street)

SR 89 Truck south (Meadow Street)
Carroll199.98321.84 I-77 – Wytheville, CharlotteI-77 exit 14

US 58 Bus. east / US 221 north – Hillsville
Interchange; east end of US 221 overlap
US 52 – Hillsville, Fancy GapInterchange

US 58 Bus. west – Hillsville, Dublin
FloydNo major intersections

US 58 Bus. east (J.E.B. Stuart Highway) – Meadows of Dan, Blue Ridge Parkway
Meadows of Dan223.99360.48

US 58 Bus. west / SR 795 (J.E.B. Stuart Highway / Mabry Mill Road) – Meadows of Dan, Blue Ridge Parkway
SR 758 (Willis Road) – WillisFormer SR 102 north
Cruzes Store234.87377.99
SR 8 north (Woolwine Highway) – Floyd, Philpott Dam
West end of SR 8 overlap

SR 8 south / US 58 Bus. east (West Blue Ridge Street) – Stuart
East end of SR 8 overlap
237.74382.61 SR 1025 – StuartInterchange

US 58 Bus. west (East Blue Ridge Street) / SR 830 (Morrison Lane) to SR 8 south – Stuart
SR 626 (Abram Penn Highway) – Reynolds HomesteadFormer SR 105 north

US 220 north / US 58 Bus. east – Martinsville, Roanoke
Interchange; west end of US 220 overlap
SR 641 (Joseph Martin Highway)Interchange

US 220 south / US 220 Bus. north – Martinsville, Greensboro
Interchange; east end of US 220 overlap
267.01429.71 SR 650 (Irisburg Road)Interchange

US 58 Bus. west – Martinsville
Axton SR 610 (Axton Road) / SR 647 (Mountain Valley Road) – Aiken Summit, Sandy Level, Eden NCFormer SR 107 south
PittsylvaniaBachelors Hall285.06458.76

US 58 Bus. east to US 311 – Danville
West end of freeway section
Vandola287.57462.80 SR 1260 (Oak Ridge Farms Road)
City of Danville292.32470.44

US 29 south (SR 785 south) / US 29 Bus. north – Danville, Greensboro
Interchange ramps extend into North Carolina; west end of US 29/SR 785 overlap; west end of future I-785 overlap
See US 29

US 29 north (Danville Expressway) / US 360 west / US 58 Bus. west / SR 785 end – Lynchburg, Danville
East end of US 29/SR 785 overlap; west end of US 360 overlap; future northern terminus of I-785

SR 62 south (Milton Highway) / SR 726 north (Ringgold Depot Road) – Milton NC

SR 119 south (Calvary Road) / SR 694 north (Medley Road)
South Boston (Riverdale)327.16526.51 US 501 (Huell Matthews Highway) – South Boston, Roxboro NCWest end of US 501 Truck overlap

US 360 east / US 501 Truck north – Richmond, Speedway
East end of US 360 / US 501 Truck overlap
MecklenburgSandy Fork344.38554.23
SR 49 south – Virgilina
West end of SR 49 overlap
Puryear Corner345.64556.25

US 58 Bus. east – Clarksville, Town of Clarksville Historic District
Clarksville347.10558.60 US 15 – Clarksville, Oxford NCInterchange

US 15 / US 58 Bus. west / SR 49 north – Clarksville, Chase City
Interchange; east end of SR 49 overlap

SR 364 south – Occoneechee State Park

US 58 Bus. east (Skipwith Road) / SR 688 – Skipwith, Boydton, Town of Boydton Historic District
358.72577.30 SR 92 – Chase City, Boydton

US 58 Bus. west – Town of Boydton Historic District
SR 368 / SR 883 (Herbert Drive) – Mecklenburg Correctional Center
SR 4 south (Buggs Island Road) / SR 674 (Wooden Bridge Road) – Kerr Dam
Big Fork368.74593.43
US 1 south – Raleigh
West end of US 1 overlap

US 1 north / US 58 Bus. east / SR 780 – South Hill
East end of US 1 overlap
South Hill SR 903 – South HillInterchange; to NC 903

US 58 Bus. west (Atlantic Street) / SR 643 (Country Lane) to US 1 north / SR 47 north – South Hill, Chase City
375.69604.61 I-85 – Petersburg, DurhamI-85 exit 12
La Crosse SR 618 (Country Club Road / North Main Street) – La Crosse Business DistrictFormer SR 138 south
Brunswick SR 659 (Main Street)Former SR 139 south

US 58 Bus. east / SR 46
Interchange; west end of SR 46 Truck overlap

US 58 Bus. west / SR 46 Truck north – Lawrenceville, St. Pauls College, Blackstone
Interchange; east end of SR 46 Truck overlap
SR 670 (Airport Drive) – Lawrenceville AirportFormer SR 140 south
Edgerton SR 712 (Old Stage Road / Brooks Crossing Road)Former SR 140 north
GreensvilleNo major intersections
City of Emporia SR 619 (Purdy Road / Wiggins Road)Former SR 88 west
410.74661.02 I-95 – Richmond, Rocky MountI-95 exit 11

US 58 Bus. east – Emporia
411.58662.37 US 301 – EmporiaInterchange
412.22663.40 SR 614 (Reese Street)Interchange
412.71664.19 SR 611 (Davis Street)Interchange

US 58 Bus. west – Emporia
GreensvilleNo major intersections
SR 308 north (Three Creeks Road) – Sussex CH, Southampton Correctional Farm, Deerfield Correctional Center
436.82702.99 SR 35 (US 58 Bus. east) – Boykins, Courtland

US 58 Bus. west – Courtland

US 58 Bus. east (Camp Parkway) – Downtown Franklin
SR 671 (Armory Drive) – Downtown FranklinInterchange

US 258 south / US 258 Bus. north – Franklin, Murfreesboro
Interchange; west end of US 258 overlap
SR 714 (Pretlow Street)Interchange; former SR 189
City of Suffolk450.81725.51

US 258 north / SR 189 south – Windsor, Smithfield
Interchange; east end of US 258 overlap; west end of SR 189 overlap
SR 272 west (South Quay Road)
SR 189 north (South Quay Road) – Holland
East end of SR 189 overlap

US 58 Bus. west – Holland, Franklin
Interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance

US 13 south to SR 32 – Ahoskie NC, Edenton NC
Interchange; west end of US 13 overlap

US 58 Bus. east (Holland Road) – Downtown Suffolk
467.03751.61 SR 604 (Pitchkettle Road)Interchange
US 460 west (US 460 Bus. east) – Petersburg, Downtown Suffolk
Interchange; west end of US 460 overlap
469.84756.13 SR 10 / SR 32 – Smithfield, Newport News, Downtown SuffolkInterchange
471.71759.14 SR 642 (Wilroy Road)Interchange

US 13 Bus. south / US 58 Bus. west / US 460 Bus. west – Downtown Suffolk
Interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
City of Chesapeake479.88772.29

I-664 / US 13 north / US 460 east (Hampton Roads Beltway) to I-64 / I-264 east – Newport News, Hampton, Portsmouth, Richmond, Norfolk, Virginia Beach
I-664 exit 13; east end of US 13 / US 460 overlap (eastbound); west end of US 460 Alt. overlap (eastbound)

SR 191 (Jolliff Road) to South Military Highway north / US 13 east / US 460
East end of US 13 / US 460 overlap (westbound); west end of US 460 Alt. overlap (westbound)
City of Portsmouth484.03778.97 SR 239 (Victory Boulevard)

US 460 Alt. / SR 337 (Portsmouth Boulevard) to SR 337 Alt. east
East end of US 460 Alt. overlap
US 17 (Frederick Boulevard) to I-264

To High Street north / US 17

SR 337 Alt. west (Harbor Drive)
Interchange; westbound exit and eastbound entrance; west end of SR 337 Alt. overlap
SR 141 south (London Boulevard) – Downtown Portsmouth
Port NorfolkInterchange

SR 164 west to I-664 – Suffolk, Newport News
Elizabeth RiverMidtown Tunnel
City of Norfolk489.20787.29
SR 337 east (Hampton Boulevard) / Brambleton Avenue – Chelsea, NS Railway Lambert's Point Docks, Old Dominion University, Naval Station Norfolk
Interchange; east end of SR 337 Alt. overlap; west end of SR 337 overlap

SR 337 west (Brambleton Avenue) to I-264
East end of SR 337 overlap
US 460 (Church Street)

SR 168 (Tidewater Drive) to I-264 east
SR 166 (Park Avenue)
To Ballentine Boulevard (SR 405 south) / I-264
495.19796.93 US 13 (Military Highway)Interchange
495.98798.20 SR 165 (Kempsville Road)
NorfolkVirginia Beach
city line

SR 403 (North Newtown Road) to I-64 / I-264
City of Virginia Beach498.24801.84
SR 190 (Witchduck Road) to I-264
499.35803.63 SR 225 (Independence Boulevard)

To Rosemont Road / I-264
Former SR 411 south

To Lynnhaven Parkway / I-264
Former SR 414 south
504.37811.70Great Neck Road (SR 279 north)

US 58 Bus. east (Virginia Beach Boulevard) – Oceana
Interchange; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
I-264 west – Norfolk
I-264 exit 20; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
First Colonial RoadFormer SR 408 north
508.48818.32 US 60 (Pacific Avenue)Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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