U.S. Route 33 in Ohio

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U.S. Route 33

Route of US 33 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length236.80 mi[1] (381.09 km)
Major junctions
West end US 33 west of Willshire
Major intersections
East end US 33 at Ravenswood Bridge into Ravenswood, WV
CountryUnited States
CountiesVan Wert, Mercer, Auglaize, Logan, Union, Franklin, Fairfield, Hocking, Athens, Meigs
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 32 SR 33

U.S. Route 33 (US 33) is a United States Numbered Highway running from near Elkhart, Indiana, to Richmond, Virginia. Within the state of Ohio, it is a predominantly southeast–northwest highway running from west of Willshire before crossing over into West Virginia via the Ravenswood Bridge over the Ohio River. The route runs through largely rural territory throughout most of the state's west-central, central, and southeastern regions, although it also passes through large portions of downtown Columbus.

Route description

US 33 during its brief concurrency with US 50 and SR 32 in Athens
US 33 east of Bellefontaine passing through the Marmon Valley
US 33 and I-270 Interchange

US 33 enters Ohio from Indiana, to the west, near Willshire in Van Wert County as a two-lane highway, continuing southeast through Mercer County, crossing US 127, then entering Auglaize County, joining limited-access Ohio State Route 29 (SR 29) briefly near St. Marys, continuing east as a four-lane parkway, then a controlled-access highway near Wapakoneta, where it intersects Interstate 75 (I-75).

East of I-75, the road once again becomes two-lane as it continues to Lakeview and Russells Point south of Indian Lake. At the terminus of SR 117 near Huntsville, US 33 becomes a limited-access, multi-lane highway before reaching US 68 at Bellefontaine where it resumes as a controlled-access freeway, passing Campbell Hill, the highest point in Ohio, and continuing around Marysville. Entering Franklin County, the road runs concurrently with SR 161, then intersects I-270 in Dublin.

After I-270, the route loses its controlled-access status and passes through the Dublin Historic District and crosses the Scioto River. The overlap with SR 161 then ends, and US 33 heads south on Riverside Drive towards downtown Columbus, following the Scioto River along the western border of Upper Arlington, where it passes Griggs Reservoir, one of the main sources of water for Columbus. The road changes names two times in this area, first to Dublin Road at the intersection with Trabue Road, and then to Spring/Long Streets at SR 315. The route continues south on 3rd/4th Streets and then east on Livingston Avenue, heading towards the Columbus neighborhood of Driving Park.

In Bexley, US 33 veers southeast onto College Avenue, then intersects I-70. After Petzinger Road, the route becomes a controlled-access highway, subsequently intersecting SR 104, I-270 (for the second time), and SR 317 (Hamilton Road). Following the Ebright Road near Blacklick Estates, the highway continues to the southeast as a non-limited-access expressway.

Beginning at Carroll, US 33 bypasses Lancaster as a limited-access freeway completed in 2005.[2] Continuing southeast, the highway enters Ohio's scenic Hocking Hills region near Sugar Grove as an expressway. East of Logan, the highway again becomes limited-access for approximately 13 miles (21 km). As the route approaches Nelsonville, traffic continues on the limited access four-lane bypass that opened October 1, 2013.[3] Further southeast towards Athens, the expressway design resumes, followed by a brief limited-access section around Athens, where it joins the concurrent US 50/SR 32 for about three miles (4.8 km). South of Athens, US 33 continues as a limited-access highway, bypassing Pomeroy, intersecting SR 124 and SR 7, and continuing to the Ohio River in Meigs County, crossing the Ohio on the two-lane cantilever Ravenswood Bridge, and entering West Virginia in Ravenswood.

In total, US 33 traverses 236.8 miles (381.1 km) across the Buckeye State.


The Ravenswood Bridge was built in 1981 and originally carried the designation SR 824 until 2003, when US 33 was rerouted on a new bypass out of Pomeroy and connecting to the bridge, supplanting SR 824 in the process.[4]

In 2013, an expressway bypass was completed around Nelsonville. This was done to reduce traffic congestion in the area, as the original routing through Nelsonville was only two lanes wide.[5]

As of 2013, the route had an average of 73,000 vehicles per day.[5]

Major intersections

Van WertWillshire Township0.000.00
US 33 north – Decatur, Fort Wayne
Indiana state line

SR 81 west to SR 124
Western end of SR 81 concurrency

SR 81 east / SR 49 north (Walcott Street)
Eastern end of SR 81 concurrency; western end of SR 49 concurrency
SR 49 south
Eastern end of SR 49 concurrency

SR 118 north to SR 117
Western end of SR 118 concurrency
SR 118 south
Eastern end of SR 118 concurrency
Dublin Township13.6421.95
SR 707 west
Western end of SR 707 concurrency
US 127 / SR 707 east – Van Wert, Celina
Eastern end of SR 707 concurrency
Neptune19.9132.04 SR 197 – Buckland, Celina
AuglaizeSt. Marys25.0040.2325 SR 29 – St. Marys, CelinaWestern end of expressway; interchange
27.2543.8527 SR 66 – Spencerville, St. MarysInterchange
Moulton Township31.6050.8631County Road 91 — MoultonInterchange
Wapakoneta35.1556.5735County Road 33A — WapakonetaInterchange
36.9759.5036Hardin Pike — WapakonetaInterchange
37.2359.9237 SR 67 / SR 198 / SR 501 / County Road 25A – WapakonetaWestern terminus of SR 67; southern terminus of SR 198 and SR 501; interchange; former US 25
38.5161.9838 I-75 – Toledo, DaytonExit 110 on I-75
39.1062.93Wapak Fisher Road – FryburgEastern end of expressway
Union Township43.0269.23
SR 65 north – Uniopolis, Lima
Western end of SR 65 concurrency
SR 65 south – Jackson Center
Eastern end of SR 65 concurrency
New Hampshire49.9580.39

SR 196 north (Main Street) / SR 385 east (Market Street)
Southern terminus of SR 196; western terminus of SR 385
LoganStokes Township52.8985.12
SR 366 east
Western terminus of SR 366
Lakeview55.2288.87 SR 235 – Ada, Fairborn, Indian Lake
Russells Point56.5891.06
SR 720 west
Eastern terminus of SR 720
57.2092.05 SR 708 – Orchard Island
Washington Township61.2998.64 SR 274 – Huntsville, Jackson Center
62.48100.5562 SR 117 – Huntsville, LimaInterchange; eastern terminus of SR 117
Harrison Township64.15103.24Western end of freeway
Bellefontaine67.18108.1267 US 68 – Bellefontaine, Kenton
68.72110.5968 SR 540 – Bellefontaine
Jefferson Township71.39114.8971County Road 10 — Zanesfield, Bellefontaine
73.48118.2573 SR 292 – East Liberty, Valley Hi
Perry Township77.47124.6877 SR 347 – East Liberty
UnionAllen Township81.81131.6681 SR 287 / SR 739 (Honda Parkway)Western access to Marysville Auto Plant; southern terminus of SR 739 and eastern terminus of SR 287
83.86134.9683Honda ParkwayEast access to Marysville Auto Plant
Paris Township89.01143.2589A SR 245 / Northwest Parkway – MarysvilleWestbound exit and eastbound entrance via Exit 89

US 36 west / SR 4 south – Urbana, Springfield
Western end of US 36 and SR 4 concurrencies
Marysville91.51147.2791 SR 31 – Kenton
SR 4 north – Marion
Eastern end of SR 4 concurrency
US 36 east – Delaware
Eastern end of US 36 concurrency
96.00154.5096Scottslawn Road
Jerome Township101.53163.40101 US 42 – Delaware, Plain City
SR 161 west (Post Road) – Plain City
Western end of SR 161 concurrency
Franklin107.58173.13107Avery-Muirfield Drive — Dublin
108.84175.16108 I-270 – Grove CityExit 17 on I-270; eastern end of freeway
SR 745 north (High Street)

SR 161 east (Dublin Granville Road) / SR 257 north (Riverside Drive)
Southern terminus of SR 257; eastern end of SR 161 concurrency; roundabout

I-670 east to SR 315
I-670 exit 1A
I-670 west – Dayton
I-670 exit 2A

SR 315 south to I-71
SR 315 exit 1C

US 23 north (4th Street) to I-71 north / I-670
Western end of US 23 overlap
SR 3 north (Long Street)
Western end of SR 3 overlap
US 40 / SR 16 / US 62 north (Broad Street)
Western end of US 62 overlap

US 62 south / SR 3 south (Rich Street) to SR 315
Eastern end of US 62 / SR 3 overlap
US 23 south (Fulton Street)
Eastern end of US 23 overlap
I-70 / I-71 south – Wheeling
No access to northbound I-71; exit 100B on I-70
126.61203.76 I-70 – Downtown, WheelingI-70 exit 103B
I-70 west – Downtown
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance; exit 105A on I-70

To I-70 east / James Road – Wheeling
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
128BWinchester PikeEastbound exit and westbound entrance; interchange; western end of freeway
129.25208.01129 SR 104 (Refugee Road)Northern terminus of SR 104; signed as exits 129A (west) and 129B (east) westbound
131.03210.87131 I-270Exit 46 on I-270; signed as exits 131A (south) and 131B (north)
132.23212.80132 SR 317 (Hamilton Road)
Canal Winchester135.91218.73135 SR 674 – Canal WinchesterNorthern terminus of SR 674; interchange; eastern end of freeway
FairfieldViolet Township138.60223.06139Hill Road / Diley RoadInterchange
140.70226.43141Pickerington RoadNew interchange to begin construction in FY 2025
143High Street / Winchester Road – CarrollOpened 2017[6]
Greenfield Township145.18233.64145Lancaster Business RouteEastbound exit and westbound entrance
146.27235.40146CR 31 — Lithopolis, Coonpath RoadWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
Hocking Township150.28241.85150 SR 188 – Lancaster, Circleville
152.55245.51153 US 22 – Lancaster, Circleville
Berne Township158.16–
158Lancaster Business Route, Tarklin RoadLancaster Business Route signed westbound only
HockingGood Hope Township162.01260.73
SR 374 south – Cantwell Cliffs
Northern terminus of SR 374
Falls Township166.97268.71166 SR 180 / CR 33A – Laurelville
Logan170.29274.06170 SR 664 – Logan, Bremen
172.23277.18172 SR 93 – Logan, McArthur
SR 328 south – Logan
Northern terminus of SR 328
Green Township177.22285.21177
SR 595 north – New Straitsville
Southern terminus of SR 595
AthensNo major intersections
HockingWard Township182.07293.01182Nelsonville Business RouteTo SR 278

SR 78 east (Happy Hollow Road) to SR 691 south
Western terminus of SR 78
Dover Township191.88308.80191 SR 682 – The Plains

SR 13 north / SR 550 east – Chauncey, Amesville
Southern terminus of SR 13; western terminus of SR 550
196.36316.01196State Street — Athens
Athens Township196.85316.80197A

US 50 east / SR 32 east – Belpre, Parkersburg
Western end of US 50 and SR 32 concurrencies
197.29317.51197BStimson Avenue, Rock Riffle RoadWestbound entrance at US 50 exit

SR 682 north to SR 56 – Athens
Southern terminus of SR 682

US 50 west / SR 32 west (Richland Avenue) – Chillicothe, Cincinnati
Eastern end of US 50 and SR 32 concurrencies; separate exits eastbound for US 50/SR 32 and Richland Avenue
Alexander Township201.38324.09Eastern end of freeway
MeigsBedford Township211.30340.05 SR 681 – Tuppers Plains, AlbanyGrade separation
Salisbury Township218.77–

SR 124 / SR 833 west / SR 7 – Gallipolis, Pomeroy
Interchange; US 33 and SR 124 exchange carriageways; eastern terminus of SR 833; western end of SR 7 concurrency
219.09352.59County Road 20, County Road 25Grade separation

SR 733 west / SR 7 east / County Road 7A – Belpre, Pomeroy
Eastern end of SR 7 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 733; eastern end of expressway
Sutton Township226.99365.30County Road 28Grade separation
Lebanon Township233.89376.41 SR 124 – Portland, Apple Grove
Ohio River236.80381.09Ravenswood Bridge; Ohio–West Virginia state line

US 33 east – Charleston
Continuation into West Virginia
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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