U.S. Route 2 in North Dakota

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U.S. Highway 2

     US 2 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by NDDOT
Length358.090 mi[1] (576.290 km)
Major junctions
West end US 2 at the Montana state line
Major intersections
East end US 2 at the Minnesota state line
CountryUnited States
StateNorth Dakota
CountiesWilliams, Mountrail, Ward, McHenry, Pierce, Benson, Ramsey, Nelson, Grand Forks
Highway system
  • North Dakota State Highway System
ND 1 ND 3

U.S. Highway 2 (US 2) is a 358.090-mile-long (576.290 km) United States Numbered Highway in North Dakota, which runs from the Montana state line east to the Red River at Grand Forks. The route connects the cities of Williston, Minot, and Grand Forks. Of the 358 miles (576 km) of US 2 in North Dakota, all but the westernmost 12 miles (19 km) have four lanes.

Route description

US 2/US 85 concurrency near Williston

US 2 is an east–west highway that runs through North Dakota's northern tier of larger cities: Williston, Minot, Devils Lake, and Grand Forks. These cities are about 75 to 100 miles (121 to 161 km) north of North Dakota's southern tier of larger cities located on Interstate 94 (I-94): Dickinson, BismarckMandan, Jamestown, and FargoWest Fargo. Each city (or pair) in each tier is separated by about 75 to 125 miles (121 to 201 km).

US 2 intersects two north–south four-lane highways in North Dakota: US 83[2] at Minot and I-29 at Grand Forks. In addition, it junctions with four other U.S. Highways that, except for shorter stretches that are four lanes, are mostly two-lane highways in North Dakota: US 85 at Williston (which is in the process of being converted into an undivided four-lane south of Williston), US 52 at Minot, US 281 at Churchs Ferry (west of Devils Lake), and US 81 at Grand Forks. All six of these highways provide routes either to the border at Mexico or deep into the southern U.S.

Between Williston and Minot, US 2 provides several high points where one can view graceful and beautiful landscape for many miles in all directions. Between Minot and Grand Forks, US 2 provides an ever-changing mix of agricultural farm and pasture land, native wetlands, and small lakes set on a gently rolling landscape. US 2 also passes near a large lake named Devils Lake near the city with the same name. Throughout the state, the route generally travels east–west, following the route of the Great Northern Railway, which is also used by the Empire Builder. The US 2 route through North Dakota was originally named the Wonderland Trail or the Teddy Roosevelt Trail, after the former U.S. president.

In Rugby, just east of the route's intersection with North Dakota Highway 3 (ND 3), the highway passes the location designated in 1931 as the geographical center of North America. The monument marking the geographic center of the continent had to be relocated in 1971 when US 2 was widened from two to four lanes.[3]

The elevation of the highway at the Montana border is approximately 2,250 feet (690 m) above sea level, and approximately 800 feet (240 m) at its crossing of the north-flowing Red River, entering Minnesota at East Grand Forks.


North Dakota has been converting sections of US 2 from two lanes to four lanes for many years. The section from Grand Forks to Minot was completed in 1996. The section from Minot to Williston was completed in mid-2008 in a campaign that began a few years ago and was labeled "Across the State in Two Thousand Eight". Actually, US 2 is four lanes from North Dakota's eastern edge to just past Williston, a stretch of about 343 miles (552 km), leaving the remaining 12 miles (19 km) to the Montana border as a two-lane highway. North Dakota's governor has said that North Dakota will convert the remaining stretch to four lanes if Montana is willing to continue the four-lane project from the border into their state.

Major intersections

US 2 west (Theodore Roosevelt Expressway) – Wolf Point, Glasgow
Continuation into Montana
ND 1804 west – Trenton, Fairview
West end of ND 1804 concurrency
14.91924.010 US 85 – Watford CityWilliston Bypass; east end of Theodore Roosevelt Expressway

US 2 Bus. east / ND 1804 east (2nd Street W)
East end of ND 1804 concurrency; former US 85 Bus.

US 2 Bus. west (2nd Avenue W)
Eastern terminus of US 2 Bus., former US 85 Bus.

US 85 south / US 85B south – Epping Springbrook Dam, Springbrook
Williston Bypass; west end of US 85 concurrency, northern terminus of US 85B
US 85 north – Fortuna
East end of US 85 concurrency
ND 40 north – Tioga
Southern terminus of ND 40
MountrailStanley90.664145.910 ND 8 – Bowbells, New Town
ND 28 north – Carpio
Southern terminus of ND 28
US 52 west – Kenmare, Portal
West end of US 52 concurrency

US 83 Byp. north – Air Base
North end of US 83 Byp. concurrency

US 2 Bus. east / US 52 Bus. east (W Burdick Expressway)
Western terminus of US 2 Bus. and US 52 Bus.
146.366235.553 US 83 (S Broadway Street) – Air Base, BismarckSouth end of US 83 Byp. concurrency

US 52 east / US 52 Bus. west (Valley Street) – Jamestown
East end of US 52 concurrency, eastern terminus of US 52 Bus.

US 2 Bus. west (E Burdick Expressway) – Minot
Eastern terminus of US 2 Bus.
ND 41 south – Velva
Northern terminus of ND 41
ND 14 south – Drake
West end of ND 14 concurrency
ND 14 north (Main Street) – Upham
East end of ND 14 concurrency
PierceRugby210.880339.378 ND 3 (3rd Avenue SW) – Dunseith, Harvey
ND 30 south – Harlow, Maddock
Northern terminus of ND 30
US 281 south – Minnewaukan
West end of US 281 concurrency
US 281 north – Cando
East end of US 281 concurrency
RamseyChurchs Ferry249.961402.273

US 281 Bus. north (66th Avenue NE) – Churchs Ferry
Southern terminus of US 281 Bus.
Devils Lake268.630432.318 ND 19 (4th Street NW) – Business District, Minnewaukan
269.354433.483 ND 20 (College Drive N) – Starkweather, Camp Grafton, Fort Totten
NelsonLakota295.468475.510 ND 1 (6th Street E) – Langdon, Pekin
ND 35 north – Michigan, Whitman
Southern terminus of ND 35
ND 32 south – Aneta
West end of ND 32 concurrency
Grand ForksNiagara317.512510.986
ND 32 north – Edinburg
East end of ND 32 concurrency
330.520531.920 ND 18 – Larimore, Cavalier
Grand Forks355.479572.088 I-29 / US 81 – Fargo, WinnipegExit 141 on I-29
US 81 Bus. (N Washington Street) – Grafton

US 2 Bus. east (N 5th Street)
Western terminus of US 2 Bus.
Red River of the North358.090576.290North DakotaMinnesota state line

US 2 east – East Grand Forks, Crookston
Continuation into Minnesota
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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