U.S. Route 29 in Georgia

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U.S. Highway 29

US 29 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by GDOT
Length207 mi (333 km)
Major junctions
South end US 29 at the Alabama state line in West Point
Major intersections
North end US 29 at the South Carolina state line near Lake Hartwell
CountryUnited States
CountiesTroup, Coweta, Fulton, Clayton, DeKalb, Gwinnett, Barrow, Oconee, Clarke, Madison, Franklin, Hart
Highway system
  • Georgia State Highway System
SR 28 SR 29

U.S. Highway 29 (US 29) in the state of Georgia is a north–south United States Numbered Highway that runs southwest to northeast from West Point at the Alabama state line to the South Carolina state line, near Lake Hartwell. From West Point to Downtown Atlanta, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) has cosigned US 29 with State Route 14 (SR 14). North of Downtown Atlanta, the route runs along SR 8 to Dacula and again from west of Statham to the South Carolina state line.

Concurrencies of US 29 with U.S. Highways in Georgia include US 27 in LaGrange as well as US 27 Alternate (US 27 Alt.) from Moreland to Newnan. Others include US 19/US 41 from Castleberry Hill to the vicinity of Georgia Tech in Atlanta, US 78 from Georgia Tech to Scottdale, and again from near Bogart to Athens, US 278 from Georgia Tech to Druid Hills, US 23 from east Atlanta to Decatur, and US 129/US 441 in the vicinity of Athens.

Route description

The following portions of US 29 in Georgia are part of the National Highway System, a system of routes determined to be the most important for the nation's economy, mobility, and defense:


Former sections of the road have included local streets named "Old Highway 29" in various locations as well as Broad Street (SR 14 Conn.) in LaGrange[4][5] and US 29 Bus. between Dacula and west of Statham. Other former segments include Old West Point Road south of LaGrange, Wynne-Russell Drive in Lilburn, Old Athens Road in Lawrenceville, Sam Groves Street in Danielsville, Old Royston Road in Bluestone, and Franklin Springs Circle in Royston.

Parts of US 29 to the southwest of Atlanta has been named Roosevelt Highway, since Franklin D. Roosevelt made his final journey northward from Warm Springs along this stretch of highway. Large crowds gathered along US 29 on this day in April 1945 to pay their final respects to the deceased president. Unfortunately, for those who waited along the highway, they missed seeing the president's body being transported back to Washington DC on a train that ran on nearby tracks.

Major intersections


US 29 south / SR 15 south
Continuation into Alabama; southern end of SR 14 concurrency; southern terminus of SR 14
TroupWest PointJohn C. Barrow Bridge over the Chattahoochee RiverUS 29 leaves West 9th Street and becomes East 10th Street.

SR 18 east (East 10th Street)
Western terminus of SR 18
SR 109 west (Roanoke Road)
Southern end of SR 109 concurrency

SR 14 Conn. north (Broad Street)
Western terminus of SR 14 Conn.

US 27 south / SR 1 south / SR 219 south / SR 109 east (Martha Berry Highway)
Northern end of SR 109 concurrency; southern end of US 27/SR 1/SR 219 concurrency

SR 14 Conn. south / SR 219 north (Broad Street)
Southern end of SR 219 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 14 Conn.; Broad Street becomes Greenville Street east of US 27/US 29.

US 27 north / SR 1 north / SR 219 north (Martha Berry Highway)
Northern end of US 27/SR 1 and SR 219 concurrencies

SR 14 Spur south (Davis Road)
Northern terminus of SR 14 Spur
SR 54 / SR 100 south (Main Street)
Southern end of SR 100 concurrency

SR 100 north (Corinth Road)
Northern end of SR 100 concurrency
CowetaGrantville I-85 (SR 403)I-85 exit 35

US 27 Alt. south / SR 41 south
Southern end of US 27 Alt. concurrency; northern terminus of SR 41
I-85 (SR 403)I-85 exit 41
East Newnan
SR 16 east
Southern end of SR 16 concurrency

US 27 Alt. north / SR 16 west / SR 34 (Temple Avenue / Bullsboro Drive)
Northern end of SR 16 concurrency

SR 70 north (Roscoe Road)
Southern terminus of SR 70
SR 34 Byp. (Millard Farmer Industrial Boulevard)

SR 154 south
Southern end of SR 154 concurrency

SR 154 north / US 29 Alt. north / SR 14 Alt. north (Cascade Palmetto Highway)
Northern end of SR 154 concurrency; southern terminus of US 28 Alt. and SR 14 Alt.
SR 74 south (Virlyn B Smith Road, Fairburn Industrial Boulevard)
Northern terminus of SR 74
SR 92 (Campbellton Street)
Union City SR 138 (Beverly Engram Parkway)
Red Oak

US 29 Alt. south / SR 14 Alt. south / SR 14 Conn. east to I-85 / I-285
Northern terminus of US 29 Alt. and SR 14 Alt., western terminus of SR 14 Conn.
College Park
SR 279 south (Old National Highway)
Northern terminus of SR 279

SR 6 / SR 139 south (Camp Creek Parkway)
Southern end of SR 139 concurrency
East Point
SR 154 west / SR 166 (Arthur B. Langford Jr. Parkway)
Southern end of SR 154 concurrency
SR 139 north (Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard)
Northern end of SR 139 concurrency

SR 14 north / SR 154 east / SR 3 Conn. north
Northern end of SR 14 and SR 154 concurrencies; southern end of SR 3 Conn. concurrency

US 19 south / US 41 south / SR 3 south (Northside Drive Northwest)
Southern end of US 19/US 41/SR 3 concurrency

US 19 north / US 41 north / SR 3 north / US 78 west / US 278 west / SR 8 west (Northside Drive Northwest)
Northern end of US 19/US 41/SR 3 concurrency; southern end of US 78/US 278/SR 8 concurrency

To I-75 (SR 401) / I-85 (SR 403) / Spring Street Northwest
I-75 exit 249D

SR 10 west (Freedom Parkway Northeast) – Carter Center
Western end of SR 10 concurrency
county line

US 23 south (Briarcliff Road Northeast / Moreland Avenue Northeast) / SR 42
Southern end of US 23 concurrency
DeKalbDruid Hills

US 278 east / SR 10 east
Northern end of US 278/SR 10 concurrency
US 23 north / SR 155 (Clairemont Avenue)
Northern end of US 23 concurrency

US 78 east / SR 410 east (Stone Mountain Freeway)
Northern end of US 78 concurrency; western terminus of SR 410
North Druid Hills RoadTo westbound Exit 1 on Stone Mountain Freeway
Tucker I-285 (Atlanta Bypass / SR 407)I-285 exit 38

SR 236 east (Hugh Howell Road) – Snellville
Southern end of SR 236 concurrency

SR 236 west (LaVista Road) – Atlanta
Northern end of SR 236 concurrency
SR 378 west (Beaver Ruin Road) – Norcross
Eastern terminus of SR 378
LawrencevilleLawrenceville–Suwanee RoadFuture US 29 north[6]

SR 120 west (West Pike Street)
Eastern terminus of SR 120

SR 20 south (South Perry Street)
Southern end of SR 20 concurrency

SR 20 north / SR 124 north (Buford Drive N.E. / Jackson Street)
Northern end of SR 20 concurrency; southern end of SR 124 concurrency

SR 124 south (Scenic Highway) – Snellville, Lithonia
Northern end of SR 124 concurrency

US 29 Bus. / SR 8 east (Winder Highway) / SR 316 west (University Parkway)
Northern end of SR 8 concurrency; southern end of SR 316 concurrency; western terminus of US 29 Bus.; future US 29 south via University Parkway[6]
Apalachee RiverUnnamed bridge over the Apalachee River, which marks the Gwinnett–Barrow county line
SR 324 west (Hill's Shop Road)
Eastern terminus of SR 324
Bethlehem SR 81 (South Broad Street)
SR 11 south (Monroe Highway)
Southern end of SR 11 concurrency

US 29 Bus. west / SR 53 – Winder, Watkinsville
Eastern terminus of US 29 Bus.; southern end of SR 8 concurrency
SR 211 north – Statham
Southern terminus of SR 211

US 78 west / US 78 Bus. east / SR 10 (Moina Michael Highway) – Monroe, Bogart
Southern end of US 78 concurrency; western terminus of US 78 Bus.; interchange
SR 10 Loop inner (Athens Perimeter / SR 422 inner) – JeffersonNorthern end of SR 316 concurrency; western end of SR 10 Loop/SR 422 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 316; SR 10 Loop exit 1

US 129 south / US 441 south / SR 15 south (Macon Highway) / Timothy Road – Watkinsville, Madison
Southern end of US 129/US 441/SR 15 concurrency
SR 15 Alt. north (Milledge Avenue) – State Botanical Garden
Southern terminus of SR 15 Alt.; provides access to University Health Center
7College Station Road – University of Georgia

US 78 east / SR 10 east (Lexington Road)

US 78 Bus. west / SR 10 west (Oconee Street) – Lexington, Washington
Northern end of US 78 concurrency; eastern terminus of US 78 Bus.
9Peter Street / Olympic Drive
10AOld Hull Road

US 129 north / US 441 north / SR 10 Loop outer / SR 15 north (Athens Perimeter / SR 422 outer) – Commerce, Jefferson
Northern end of SR 10 Loop/SR 422 and US 129/US 441/SR 15 concurrencies

SR 72 east (Hull Road) – Elberton
Western terminus of SR 72
SR 106 north (Fortson Store Road) – Ila
Southern terminus of SR 106; northern terminus of former SR 393
Garnett Ward RoadFormer SR 182
Danielsville SR 98 (Ila–Comer Road)
SR 281 (Wildcat Bridge Road)
SR 191
SR 174 south
Southern end of SR 174 concurrency
Hudson RiverUnnamed bridge over the Hudson River, which marks the Madison–Franklin county line
SR 174 north (Salem Road)
Northern end of SR 174 concurrency
Franklin Springs
SR 145 west (Toccoa Carnesville Road)
Eastern terminus of SR 145

SR 327 north (Bryant Park Road)
Southern terminus of SR 327
Royston SR 17 Bus. (Bowersville Street)
Hart SR 17 (Royston Bypass)

SR 51 south / SR 77 north (West Howell Street)
Southern end of SR 51 and SR 77 concurrencies

SR 51 north (Chandler Street)
Northern end of SR 51 concurrency

SR 172 south (Webb Street)
Northern terminus of SR 172

SR 77 south (Carter Street)
Northern end of SR 77 concurrency

SR 181 south (Smith McGee Highway)
Northern terminus of SR 181
Savannah RiverHartwell Dam Bridge at Georgia–South Carolina state line; northern end of SR 8 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 8
US 29 north – Anderson
US 29 continues into South Carolina.
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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