U.S. Route 24 in Kansas

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U.S. Highway 24

US 24 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KDOT
Length435.95 mi[1] (701.59 km)
Major junctions
West end I-70 / US 24 at Colorado state line near Kanorado
Major intersections
East end I-70 / US 24 / US 40 at Missouri state line in Kansas City
CountryUnited States
CountiesSherman, Thomas, Sheridan, Graham, Rooks, Osborne, Mitchell, Cloud, Clay, Riley, Pottawatomie, Shawnee, Jefferson, Douglas, Leavenworth, Wyandotte
Highway system
  • Kansas State Highway System
K-23 K-25

U.S. Route 24 (US-24) in the state of Kansas runs east–west across the northern half of the state for 435.95 miles (701.59 km). The route mostly connects rural communities across the High Plains of Kansas, while also later providing an interstate alternate between Topeka, Lawrence, and Kansas City. US 24 both enters and exits the state running concurrently with Interstate 70 (I-70). Along with US 40, the road has largely been replaced by the more modern Interstate in its functionality as a long-distance route.

Route description

US-24 enters the state from Colorado concurrent with I-70 southwest of Kanorado, Kansas. For its first 46.061 miles (74.128 km), the route runs concurrently with the Interstate, passing Goodland and Brewster. This is despite the fact that former alignment remains intact, albeit largely as a local road. The exception to this rule is a business route through downtown Goodland.

South-southwest of Levant, US-24 splits from the Interstate and begins heading northeastward before eastward and into Colby. The route passes through the northern side of town, intersecting K-25 before continuing east. Towards the ThomasSheridan county line, US 24 intersects US-83 in an extremely rural setting southeast of the town of Gem. The route continues through Sheridan, Graham, and Rooks counties, passing through the towns of Hoxie, Hill City, and Stockton and intersecting K-23, US-283, K-18, and US-183. US-24 also passes by several other smaller communities, such as Menlo and Morland, connecting to those towns via secondary state highways. Additionally, the route passes around the northern edge of the Webster Reservoir in western Rooks County.

In Osborne, the highway joins US-281 and begins heading northward. South of Portis, US-24 leaves US-281 and returns to an eastward trajectory, picking up a concurrency with K-9 in the process. The route passes through Downs and Cawker City, around Waconda Lake, and into Beloit. In Beloit, it junctions K-14, before K-9 splits toward the east as US-24 begins a southeastward run to Glasco, where it returns to an eastward trajectory. East of that town, the route crosses US-81 in another rural setting. US-24 continues through Clay County and Clay Center and into Riley County.

Shortly after Leonardville, US-24 takes a sharp rightward turn before intersecting US-77 on the north side of Riley, returning to an eastward direction and running concurrently. The routes split shortly thereafter as US-24 begins heading southeast toward Manhattan. The route passes around the city to the northeast and east sides, before splitting away from town at K-177 and heading across the Big Blue River and into Pottawatomie County.

US-24 runs across the southern edge of the county parallel to the Kansas River, passing through Wamego, Belvue, and St. Marys. Entering Shawnee, the county begins heading southeastward toward Topeka via Rossville and Silver Lake. US-24 passes across the northern end of Topeka as a hybrid limited-access road, with four interchanges in and around the city, including ones with US-75 and K-4, with a short concurrency between interchanges with the last route. US-24 continues eastward, paralleling the Kansas River through Jefferson County, passing through Grantville and Perry, then picking up a concurrency with US-59 north of Williamstown. The routes then turn south toward Lawrence, with US-24 splitting to the east and gaining a concurrency with US-40 on the north side of the city as US-59 and US-40 west head south towards downtown. US-24/US-40 heads northeast toward Tonganoxie, where it turns east once again. On the Kansas CityBonner Springs city line, the two routes intersect US-73 and K-7 at a cloverleaf interchange, where US-24/US-40 joins US-73/K-7 southward toward I-70 and Bonner Springs. At I-70, US-24 and US-40 join the Interstate Highway eastward, while US-73 ends and K-7 continues southward into the core of Bonner Springs. US-24 continues with I-70 into Kansas City and across the Kansas River into Kansas City, Missouri.


U.S. Highway 40N

LocationColorado state line–Manhattan
Length327 mi[3] (526 km)

When the United States Numbered Highway System was first instituted in 1926, much of what is now US-24 was designated as U.S. Route 40N (US-40N). US-40N ran along present-day US-24 between Limon, Colorado and Manhattan. At Manhattan, it and US-40S recombined into US-40, which used the present alignment of US-24 eastward toward Topeka. Between Topeka and Lawrence, K-10 occupied the current alignment of US-24 as US-40 used its still standing alignment on the south side of the Kansas River. At Lawrence, US-40 returned to using US-24's alignment onto Kansas City and Missouri. In 1935, US-40N was decommissioned and US-24 was extended westward from its previous terminus at Independence across the state into Colorado and eventually on to Grand Junction, Colorado (later reduced to Minturn, Colorado).[4]

Major junctions


I-70 west / US 24 west
Continuation into Colorado
1.352.171 K-267 – Kanorado
9.3215.009County Road 11
12.2719.7512County Road 14

US 24 Bus. east / K-27 – Sharon Springs, St. Francis

US 24 Bus. west – Goodland
27.2243.8127 K-253 – Edson
Thomas36.3458.4836 K-184 – Brewster
I-70 east / County Road 11 – Salina
Eastern end of I-70 overlap
K-25 (North Range Avenue) to I-70 – Oakley, Atwood, College
To I-70, airport signed westbound only
64.966104.553 US-83 – Oakley, Oberlin
county line
K-186 south / County Road 11 – Menlo
Northern terminus of K-186
K-188 south / CR 481 / Road 80W – Seguin
Northern terminus of K-188
Hoxie88.681142.718 K-23 (Main Street) – Gove, Oberlin
K-85 south – Morland, St. Peter
Northern terminus of K-85
K-84 south – Penokee
Northern terminus of K-84
Hill City120.713194.269 US-283 (Fourth Avenue) – Wakeeney, Norton
K-18 east – Bogue, Plainville
Western terminus of K-18; Bogue signed eastbound only
K-258 south – Webster Reservoir
Interchange; northern terminus of K-258
Stockton152.689245.729 US-183 (Cedar Street) – Hays, Phillipsburg
US-281 south (North First Street) / West 80th Street – Osborne
Western end of US-281 overlap; hospital signed eastbound only

US-281 north / K-9 west / 40th Drive – Smith Center
Eastern end of US-281 overlap; western end of K-9 overlap
Downs196.362316.014 K-181 (Morgan Avenue) – Lebanon, Tipton
K-128 north to US-36 / Glen Elder State Park
Southern terminus of K-128
220.160354.313 K-14 – Jewell, Marshall County Historical Museum
K-9 east – Concordia
Eastern end of K-9 overlap
K-193 south / Honey Lane – Asherville
Northern terminus of K-193
county line
K-194 south / County Road 757 – Simpson
Northern terminus of K-194
Cloud247.501398.314 US-81 – Salina, Concordia, National Orphan Train MuseumInterchange on US 81
K-189 south / 260th Road – Miltonvale, St. Joseph, Ames
Northern terminus of K-189
ClayClay Center276.689445.288 K-15 (Sixth Street) – Abilene, Washington
K-82 west / Cavalry Road – Junction City
Northern terminus of K-82
US-77 south / North Main Street – Junction City, Riley
Western end of US-77 overlap
US-77 north / Stockdale Park Road – Marysville
Eastern end of US-77 overlap
K-113 south – Manhattan, Kansas State University
Northern terminus of K-113; Kansas State, hospital signed eastbound only

K-13 north to K-16 – Tuttle Creek State Park
Southern terminus of K-13

K-177 south (Fort Riley Boulevard) – Council Grove
Northern terminus of K-177
K-99 (Lincoln Avenue) to I-70 – Alma, Westmoreland, Oz Museum, Columbian City Park
St. Marys344.009553.629
K-63 north (North Sixth Street) / South Sixth Street – Seneca
Southern terminus of K-63
US-75 – Topeka, HoltonCloverleaf interchange
368.271592.675Topeka BoulevardCloverleaf interchange

K-4 west
Western end of K-4 overlap; trumpet interchange

K-4 east – Valley Falls
Eastern end of K-4 overlap; diamond interchange

K-237 north / Bridge Road – Perry State Park
Southern terminus of K-237
US-59 north / Oak Street – Williamstown, Oskaloosa
Western end of US-59 overlap

US-40 west / US-59 south to I-70 / 1800 North – Lawrence
Eastern end of US-59 overlap; western end of US-40 overlap; To I-70 signed westbound only
K-32 east – Linwood, Bonner Springs
Western terminus of K-32; Bonner Springs signed westbound only
K-16 west (West Fourth Street) / East Fourth Street – Oskaloosa, McLouth
Eastern terminus of K-16; McLouth signed westbound only
WyandotteKansas CityBonner Springs line417.838–

US-73 north / K-7 north / State Avenue – Lansing, Leavenworth
Western end of US-73 / K-7 overlap; destinations signed eastbound only; partial cloverleaf interchange
Bonner Springs419.403–

I-70 west / Kansas Turnpike west / K-7 south – Topeka, Olathe
Eastern end of K-7 overlap; western end of I-70 / KTA overlap; southern terminus of US-73; Topeka signed eastbound only, Olathe westbound only
Kansas City410110th Street – Kansas SpeedwayExit numbers follow mileage of I-70.
411 I-435I-435 exits 12A-B; signed as exits 411A (south) and 411B (north)
41478th Street
415Turner Diagonal / College ParkwayDiverging diamond interchange
41757th Street
418 I-635 – St Joseph, WichitaSigned as exits 418A (north) and 418B (south) eastbound; westbound access is part of exit 419; I-635 exits 4A-B
419Park Drive / 38th Street
US-69 south (18th Street Expressway)
Western end of US-69 overlap; eastern end of Kansas Turnpike
420B18th Street north
421ARailroad Yard – No outlet, railroad use onlyWestbound exit and eastbound entrance

I-670 east to I-35 south – St. Louis
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
US-69 north (7th Street Trafficway)
Eastern end of US-69 overlap
US-169 south (7th Street Trafficway)
Western end of US-169 overlap
422CPacific Avenue
422DCentral Avenue
423A5th StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
423BJames Street / 3rd StreetEastbound exit and westbound entrance
423CMinnesota Avenue / Washington BoulevardWestbound exit and eastbound entrance
423DFairfax DistrictWestbound exit and eastbound entrance

I-70 east / US 24 east / US 40 east / US 169 north – Kansas City, St. Louis
Continuation into Missouri
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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