U.S. Route 1 in Rhode Island

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U.S. Route 1

US 1 highlighted in red, US 1A highlighted in blue
Route information
Maintained by RIDOT
Length57 mi[1] (92 km)
Major junctions
South end US 1 in Stonington, CT
Major intersections
North end US 1 in Attleboro, MA
CountryUnited States
StateRhode Island
CountiesWashington, Kent, Providence
Highway system
Route 403 US 1A
US 1/Route 138 concurrency
US 1 as a divided highway in North Kingstown

U.S. Route 1 (US 1) is a major north–south U.S. Route through the U.S. state of Rhode Island, specifically within the Providence metropolitan area. Staying close to the Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay, it is a longer route than Interstate 95 (I-95), and many portions are a four-lane divided highway.

Route description

US 1 enters Rhode Island via a small bridge from Pawcatuck, Connecticut, to downtown Westerly. US 1 winds through downtown Westerly, passing two shopping plazas (the Granite Street Shopping Center and the Franklin Shopping Plaza) prior to a junction with Route 78, the two-lane highway designed to bypass downtown. A right onto Airport Road at this intersection provides access to Westerly State Airport, Watch Hill, and Misquamicut. US 1 continues to Dunn's Corners, with Langworthy Road providing more beach access.

The road then becomes a divided highway shortly after, with Route 1A merging into the highway from the Misquamicut area. US 1 then crosses into Charlestown near Shelter Harbor. After stoplight intersections with Ross Hill Road (Route 216), West Beach Road (providing access to Quonochontaug), East Beach Road (providing access to Blue Shutters Town Beach and East Beach), and Wildflower Road, there are no more stoplights until the end of the freeway after the Wakefield-Peacedale exits. Access to exits on the opposite side of the road are provided through U-turn ramps. The southbound side has junction with Prosser Trail, a road leading to Burlingame State Park. Burlingame access is also located prior to the East Beach Road exit. An exit for Route 1A on the northbound side leads to Ningret Park and the police station. US 1 bends to the right. On the southbound side is Kings Factory Road. Another junction with Route 1A occurs on US 1 north. Route 1A merges onto US 1 from the south, briefly, before exiting and continuing north to Cross Mills. US 1 north then features a ramp, providing access to Cross Mills and Route 1A—leading to Charlestown Breachway State and Charlestown Town beaches—for those just merging in on a U-turn from US 1 south via a junction with Route 2/Route 112 (South County Trail).

Another set of U-turn ramps is located for access to Route 2 and Route 112. After northbound junctions with more beach access roads (Falcone Lane, Narrow Lane, which is split in half by the highway, the other half continuing on the southbound side that leads to South County Trail), US 1 continues into South Kingstown, where Green Hill Beach Road (Route 1A) meets US 1 on the northbound side and Post Road (also Route 1A) meets US 1 south. After a junction with Moonstone Beach Road (northbound side leads to the Trustom Pond National Wildlife Refuge, southbound side leads to Perryville), Route 110 meets US 1 south. Prior to this on the southbound side, Route 1A meets US 1. Back to the northbound side, where Matunuck Beach Road is found, leading to the beachside community of Matunuck.

Following this is Succotash Road, which leads to Jerusalem, Snug Harbor, and East Matunuck State Beach. Then comes Post Road, leading to the signed destination, Jerry Brown Farm Road. Another Post Road/Route 1A junction comes on US 1 north, before it meets the highway again after a brief exitless stint. US 1 south's junction with Post Road/Route 1A north leads to Wakefield and Peace Dale. The road becomes a freeway and has two exits for the Salt Pond/South County Hospital area.

A third exit leads to Route 108 and Narragansett's town beach, Galilee, and Point Judith. A Wakefield exit marks the end of the freeway. Access to South County Commons comes soon. Route 138 meets from the west and stays on in the concurrency until the exits for access to the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge and Jamestown and the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge and Newport. US 1 then meets Route 4, a thruway leading to I-95.

After Route 4, U.S. 1 continues northwards as a two-lane undivided road through Wickford, intersecting with Route 102. After Wickford, it enters Davisville where it intersects with Route 403. Route 403 is a highway that connects Route 4 to the Quonset Airport and Port. North of Route 403, U.S. 1 becomes a 4-lane road with many businesses, leading up to the intersection with Route 402, which goes west for a mile until Route 2. Shortly after intersecting Route 402, U.S. 1 enters East Greenwich, where it passes through the town center, meeting the termini of Route 401. The highway then enters Warwick, where it continues to follow the bay up until a series of roundabouts at meeting of Route 115, Route 117, and Route 5.

U.S. Route 1 heads northeast from the roundabouts on Post Road, in a brief Super 2 with one exit for Route 113. It then becomes a 4-lane undivided road, following the western edge of the T.F. Green Airport, including intersecting with the T.F. Green Connector, and then meeting in a trumpet with Route 37, which is a highway that connects with I-95 and I-295. After Route 37 it meets up with U.S. Route 1A and turns northwards onto Elmwood Avenue. It briefly passes through Cranston, intersecting with Route 12 in the process, before entering Providence.

In Providence, U.S. Route 1 continues to follow Elmwood Ave, quickly intersecting with an exit off of Route 10, with some ramps connecting to the nearby I-95 intersection. Shortly after, passing by the Roger Williams Zoo, crosses underneath I-95, though only having a exit ramp from the interstate. In the Elmwood neighborhood it meets up with Route 2 and heads towards downtown. In downtown Providence it meets with and joins Broad Street, which it follows until I-95. At I-95, U.S. 1 follows two parallel streets for multiple blocks, bounding the sunken I-95, before meeting with Broadway, which U.S. 1 turns onto for 2 blocks until Empire Street, where it splits into 2 one-way street for 4 more blocks. US 1 then meets with Francis Street, which it joins, quickly intersecting with Memorial Boulevard, which leads to U.S. 44 east, Brown University, I-95, and U.S. Route 6/Route 10.

After crossing Memorial Blvd, U.S. 1 heads north towards the Rhode Island State Capitol, which it turns east onto Gaspee Street, then very briefly overlaps with U.S. 44, before splitting northwards onto North Main Street, also splitting Route 246. It continues northeast towards Pawtucket as a divided 4-lane avenue, closely following I-95 through the Hope neighborhood. It intersects with the end of Route 126 before entering Pawtucket, which Route 122 also quickly splits off, with U.S. 1 turning slightly northeast onto Pawtucket Ave. It follows Pawtucket Ave until it reaches I-95 again, just south of the center of Pawtucket, U.S. 1 then joins I-95 to cross the Seekonk River and a couple of exits (Route 114 and Route 15) until it leaves at the Broadway exit. (Exit 42) After leaving I-95 again, U.S. 1 continues as a city street until reaching the Massachusetts border at South Attenboro.


Except north of Downtown, where US 1 was built as the Providence and Pawtucket Turnpike (now Main Street), the highway was never a turnpike road. Portions are the old Boston Post Road, while other parts were built as bypasses, leaving the old road as US 1A. The turnpike south of Providence—the Providence and Pawcatuck and Hopkinton and Richmond turnpikes—followed the diagonal route that I-95 now takes.

Major intersections

Pawcatuck River0.00.0
US 1 south
Bridge; continuation into Connecticut
Route 1A north
Southern terminus of Route 1A

Route 3 north (Grove Avenue) to I-95
Southern terminus of Route 3

Route 78 north to I-95
Southern terminus of Route 78
Route 1A south – Misquamicut State Beach, Watch Hill
Route 216 north (Ross Hill Road)
Southern terminus of Route 216
Route 1A north / Prosser Trail – Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge, Burlingame State Park
Right-in/right-out with u-turns; former routing of US 1
Route 1A south (Old Post Road)
Northbound right-in/right-out with u-turns; former routing of US 1
Route 1A north (Old Post Road)
Northbound right-in/right-out with u-turns; former routing of US 1

Route 2 north / Route 112 north / Cross Mills Road – Kenyon, Carolina, Charlestown Beach
Right-in/right-out with u-turns; southern termini of Routes 2 and 112
South Kingstown14.3–
Route 1A (Post Road) / Green Hill Beach Road – PerryvilleRight-in/right-out with u-turns; former routing of US 1
Route 110 north – Kingston, University of Rhode Island
Southbound right-in/right-out with u-turns; southern terminus of Route 110
16.626.7Post Road (Route 1A south) – PerryvilleSouthbound right-in/right-out with u-turns; former routing of US 1
Post Road (Route 1A north) to Camp Fuller RoadNorthbound right-in/right-out with u-turns; former routing of US 1
18.529.8Post Road (Route 1A) – WakefieldRight-in/right-out with u-turns; former routing of US 1
Southern terminus of freeway section
20.633.2Pond Street
21.033.8Salt Pond Road – South County Hospital
Route 108 south – Narragansett, Point Judith, Scarborough
No southbound entrance
21.935.2 Route 1A – NarragansettNo northbound exit; former routing of US 1
South Kingstown22.436.0Old Tower Hill Road – Wakefield
Northern terminus of freeway section

Route 138 west to I-95 south – University of R.I.
Southern terminus of Route 138 concurrency
North Kingstown28.646.0
Route 138 east – Jamestown, Newport
Interchange; northern terminus of Route 138 concurrency

Route 4 north to Route 403 – Quonset, T.F. Green Airport
Southern terminus of Route 4; no northbound access from Route 4
31.550.7 Route 102 (Ten Rod Road / Phillips Street)
Route 1A south (West Main Street) – Wickford
Northern terminus of Route 1A
34.455.4 Route 403Interchange; exit 3A on Route 403; westbound entrance via Gate Road

Route 402 west (Frenchtown Road) to Route 4 / I-95
Eastern terminus of Route 402
Hunt RiverBridge
KentEast Greenwich38.161.3
Route 401 (First Avenue) to Route 4
Eastern terminus of Route 401
Route 117 (Centerville Road / West Shore Road) to I-95
Route 5 north (Greenwich Avenue)
Southern terminus of Route 5
Route 113 (Main Avenue) to I-95
Southbound exit and northbound entrance
T. F. Green Airport Connector Road to I-95 – T.F. Green Airport

Route 37 west to I-95 / I-295 – Providence, New York
Interchange, eastern terminus of Route 37, exit 3 on Route 37
US 1A north (Post Road)
Southern terminus of US 1A
ProvidenceCranston47.676.6 Route 12 (Park Avenue)

Route 10 north to I-95
Interchange, no access to Route 10 south
I-95 south
Entrance from I-95 south only
Route 2 south (Reservoir Avenue)
Northern terminus of Route 2
Route 117 south (Broad Street)
Northern terminus of Route 117

I-95 / US 6 to I-295 east
Exit 36B on I-95 / US 6
US 44 west (Smith Street)
Southern terminus of concurrency with US 44
Francis Street Bridge over the Woonasquatucket River
US 44 east (Canal Street / North Main Street)
Northern terminus of concurrency with US 44

Route 246 north (Mill Street) to Route 7 / Route 146
Southern terminus of Route 246

Route 126 north (Smithfield Avenue) to I-95
Route 122 north (Main Street)
Southern terminus of Route 126
I-95 south
Southern terminus of concurrency with I-95
55.589.3 Route 114 (School Street)Exit 41B
Pawtucket River Bridge over the Pawtucket River
I-95 north
Northern terminus of concurrency with I-95
US 1 north – Attleboro
Continuation into Massachusetts
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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