U.S. Route 150 in Indiana

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U.S. Route 150

US 150 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by INDOT
Length177.165 mi[1] (285.119 km)
ExistedOctober 1, 1926[2]–present
Major junctions
West end US 150 west of Libertyville
Major intersections
East end I-64 / US 150 in New Albany
CountryUnited States
CountiesVermillion, Vigo, Sullivan, Knox, Daviess, Martin, Orange, Washington, Harrison, Floyd
Highway system
  • Indiana State Highway System
SR 149 SR 152

U.S. Route 150 (US 150) in Indiana is a 176.315-mile-long (283.751 km) east–west highway that travels from the Illinois state line east of Paris, Illinois to Louisville, Kentucky at the Kentucky state line. A section of US 150 from New Goshen to Vincennes travels north–south instead of east–west. US 150 travels concurrently with its parent route, US 50, from Vincennes to Shoals. Between West Terre Haute and Terre Haute, US 150 travels along part of the historic National Road. Also, from Vincennes to New Albany, the route is designated as part of Indiana's Historic Pathways, as it roughly parallels what was then part of the Buffalo Trace.

Route description

Illinois state line to Vincennes

After crossing the Illinois state line, US 150 briefly travels along the Vermillion–Vigo county line. The roadway soon gradually curves south, serving Libertyville, Shirkieville, and New Goshen. As US 150 approaches Terre Haute, the route largely parallels US 41 east of the Wabash River as well as SR 63. Along the way, US 150 serves St. Mary-of-the-Woods and the college it serves, Ferguson Hill, and West Terre Haute. The route then travels eastward, serving Taylorville before crossing over the Wabash River. Along with crossing the river and entering Terre Haute, US 150 splits into a one-way pair, with eastbound traffic using Ohio Street and westbound traffic using Cherry Street.

In the city of Terre Haute, as the pair approaches downtown, as well as the Vigo County Courthouse and the Indiana State University, the route then turns south along US 41 (3rd Street), a two-way, divided roadway. As a concurrency, both US 41 and US 150 serve the CANDLES Holocaust Museum and Education Center, I-70/US 40, and the Terre Haute Action Track. Both routes also serve Southwood, Allendale, and Woodgate. Near the Terre Haute campus of the Ivy Tech Community College, both routes meet SR 641 at a trumpet interchange. Through the rest of Vigo County, the roadway serves Youngstown and Pimento. The road then serves several more towns in Sullivan County: Farmersburg, Standard, Shelburn, Sullivan, Paxton, and Carlisle (which serves the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility).

On their way to Vincennes, US 41 and US 150 bend slightly west, connecting Oaktown, Busseron, and Emison. As both routes approach the city limit of Vincennes, they come across SR 67 at a modified diamond interchange and then US 50 at a cloverleaf interchange. Drivers wanting to stay on US 41/US 150 would have to use a one-lane ramp, with southbound traffic using a loop ramp and northbound traffic using the outer ramp. US 41 and US 150 then travel concurrently with US 50 via an expressway bypass around Vincennes. However, this triple concurrency is brief as both US 50 and US 150 soon turn eastward at a directional Y interchange.[3]

Vincennes to Kentucky state line

US 150 running concurrently with SR 56 in Paoli

After US 150 splits away from US 41, the route runs concurrently with just its parent route, US 50. As a four-lane divided highway, both routes serve Fritchton, Wheatland, and Maysville. Between Maysville and I-69, the roadway serves as a southern bypass of Washington. As a bypass, the concurrency serves South Washington at the intersection with SR 57. After the road serves I-69 at a diamond interchange, the roadway downgrades to a two-lane undivided highway. The routes then serve Black Oak, Montgomery, and Cannelburg. In Loogootee, both routes briefly run north concurrently with US 231. Between Loogootee and Shoals, the roadway parallels the East Fork White River. As the two routes enter Shoals, the concurrency splits, with US 50 traveling slightly northeastward and US 150 traveling slightly southeastward.

Sherman Minton Bridge above the Ohio River

Continuing onwards, US 150 alone serves several more towns: Lacy, Natchez, and Roland. In Prospect (located north of West Baden Springs and French Lick), SR 56 begins to run concurrently with US 150 all the way to Paoli. Also, in Paoli, SR 37 joins the concurrency for one block before departing at Courthouse Square (which surrounds Orange County Courthouse). After US 150 is alone once again, it then serves more towns: Chambersburg, Rego, Hardinsburg, Fredericksburg, Palmyra, Greenville, Galena, Mount St. Francis, and Floyds Knobs. As the route approaches New Albany, US 150 encounters I-64 at a trumpet interchange. After beginning to run concurrently with I-64 and SR 62, SR 62 then exits the concurrency onto I-265 (exit 121) at a directional T interchange. After serving downtown New Albany (exit 123), both I-64 and US 150 cross above the Ohio River via the Sherman Minton Bridge, crossing the Kentucky state line and into Louisville.[3]


Before 1926, a portion of SR 10 (from Terre Haute to Vincennes) and most of SR 5 (from Vincennes to New Albany) roughly traveled via the present-day routing of US 150.[4] Then, in October 1926, a large amount of state roads in Indiana were supplanted by their U.S. Route counterpart. Among those, SR 5 was replaced by parts of US 50 and US 150. However, at that time, US 150 as a whole ran from Shoals to New Albany.[2][5] Then, in 1934, US 150 was extended from both ends. The route extends southeast via the Kentucky & Indiana Bridge to enter Louisville, Kentucky, and beyond. It also extended northwest via US 50, US 41, and SR 46 (the latter being superseded by US 150), before entering Illinois.[6][7]

Major intersections

county line
US 150 west – Paris
Continuation into Illinois
VigoWest Terre Haute13.04620.996

Historic National Road west (National Avenue) to I-70 west
Former US 40 west
Terre Haute14.85423.905

US 41 north (3rd Street) / Historic National Road east (Wabash Avenue) to Ohio Street east / I-70 – Swope Art Museum
Western end of US 41 overlap; former US 40 east
I-70 / US 40 – Indianapolis, St. LouisI-70 exit 7

SR 641 north to I-70
28.48245.837 SR 246
SullivanShelburn34.6755.80 SR 48 – Hymera, Jasonville
SR 154 west / West Wolfe Street – Graysville, Sullivan
Eastern terminus of SR 154
SR 54 east – Dugger, Linton
Western terminus of SR 54
Carlisle50.69981.592 SR 58 – Merom, Carlisle
SR 550 east – Bruceville, Wheatland
Western terminus of SR 550
SR 67 north – Bicknell
Southern terminus of SR 67; interchange

US 50 west to SR 61 (Sixth Street) – Lawrenceville
Western end of US 50 concurrency; interchange
US 41 south – Evansville
Eastern end of US 41 concurrency; interchange
SR 550 west – Emison
Eastern terminus of SR 550
SR 241 south – Decker
Northern terminus of SR 241
DaviessWashington89.151143.475 SR 57 – Evansville, Petersburg, Washington, Worthington
91.366147.039 SR 257 – Otwell
I-69 – Evansville, IndianapolisI-69 exit 62
US 231 south – Jasper
Southern end of US 231 concurrency
US 231 north – Bloomfield
Northern end of US 231 concurrency
SR 550 east
Western terminus of SR 550
Center Township111.289179.102
SR 450 east – Bedford
Western terminus of SR 450
US 50 east – Bedford
Eastern end of US 50 overlap
SR 550 west – Hindostan Falls
SR 56 west – West Baden Springs, French Lick
Western end of SR 56 overlap
SR 37 south (Southwest 1st Street) – English, Tell City
Western end of SR 37 overlap
SR 37 north (North Gospel Street)
Eastern end of SR 37 overlap; traffic circle around Orange County Courthouse
SR 56 east (Northeast Main Street) – Salem
Eastern end of SR 56 overlap
SR 66 west – Milltown, Marengo
HarrisonPalmyra157.899254.114 SR 135 (Greene Street) – Salem, Corydon
SR 335 north – Martinsburg

I-64 west / SR 62 west – St. Louis
Western end of I-64/SR 62 overlap; US 150 west follows exit 119

I-265 east / SR 62 east to I-65
Eastern end of SR 62 overlap; I-64 exit 121; I-265 exit 0
New Albany176.208283.579123New AlbanyI-64 exit 123
Ohio River177.165285.119Sherman Minton Bridge

I-64 east / US 150 east – Louisville
Continuation into Kentucky
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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