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Did you know? 1

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View north from the south end of MD 995
  • ...that Maryland Route 995 (pictured) is the designation for Amtrak Way, the road leading to the BWI Rail Station that is served by Amtrak and MARC Train?
  • ...that in 1993, the New York State Thruway became the first road to implement the E-ZPass electronic toll collection?
  • ...that M-38 was previously a part of M-35 that was 65 miles (105 km) away from the rest of the highway?
  • ...that while traversing mountainous terrain, Interstate 5 in California has a portion where traffic in one direction crosses over the traffic lanes for the other direction?
  • ...that Quebec Route 199 is the only highway in Québec that does not connect to any other highway in the network?

Did you know? 2

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Abandoned section of the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Did you know? 3

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Arroyo Seco Parkway looking south from Marmion Way

Did you know? 4

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A grayscale view of a rural two-lane road lined with fences and telephone poles

Did you know? 5

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Seney Stretch along M-28

Did you know? 6

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Alabama route 10 and 141 signs as posted in Easthampton, Massachusetts

Did you know? 7

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The original Sawgrass Expressway road signs

Did you know? 8

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Brick-paved section of Lincoln Highway in West Omaha near Elkhorn

Did you know? 9

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Seward Highway looking southbound along the Turnagain arm stretch

Did you know? 10

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Old and new route numbers at the intersection with US 191 in Monticello
  • ...that U.S. Route 491 (pictured) was created in part due to large amounts of sign thefts from its former route number?
  • ...that prior to its reconstruction, the Sioux Narrows Bridge, located along Ontario Highway 71, featured the longest single span of a wooden bridge in North America, at 64 meters (210 ft)?
  • ...that plans were shelved for the Southside Connector over concerns that it would pollute aquifers that were later found to be polluted inadvertently by the military?
  • ...that Wisconsin Highway 131 crosses nine bridges in 7.3 miles (11.7 km) between the communities of Rockton and Ontario?
  • ...that the western terminus of Delaware Route 2 was cut back from the Maryland border to the eastern part of Newark in 2013 in order to reduce sign clutter in Newark?

Did you know? 11

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The Queen Elizabeth Way near Toronto in 1940

Did you know? 12

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The Chickasaw Turnpike westbound at Mile 13

Did you know? 13

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State Route 102 within Acadia National Park in Maine

Did you know? 14

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The Blue Ridge Parkway near Grandfather Mountain

Did you know? 15

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1955 map of the proposed Michigan Turnpike

Did you know? 16

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Anton Anderson Memorial Tunnel

Did you know? 17

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Orchard Pond Parkway route marker

Did you know? 18

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Bridge over Hanalei River on Hawaii Route 560

Did you know? 19

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Legacy Parkway approaching 500 South

Did you know? 20

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Main Street and the Hotel Jerome

Did you know? 21

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Historic Route 66 sign in Arizona

Did you know? 22

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US 10 sign painted on the stern of the SS Badger