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When a numeric category has many members, place this line near the top of the category page:

{{Large category TOC numeric}}

There are two parameters:

  • |negatives= with default = no, which hides the negative choices. Setting |negatives=yes will show the choices "-1000" to "-100".
  • |1= sets the number of sort characters, usually set to the largest number of sort characters in the category. For example, if the largest sort number in the category is "100547", then set |1=6 (for the number of characters in "100547"). Some "numeric" categories are populated by unusual alphanumeric member names, and that can make this setting tricky. Editors may have to experiment to find the optimum value for this setting.

As with other uses of unnamed parameters, the 1= may be omitted, so the example above may appear as:

{{Large category TOC numeric|1=6}}
{{Large category TOC numeric|6}}

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