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The {{Archives}} template may be used to add a box containing page links to archived discussions. It will automatically detect archived pages by default, if they follow the format {{PAGENAME}}/Archive #, eliminating the need to manually update the box each time a new archive page is created. However, if a list of archives is given manually through the first unnamed parameter, then it does not check for archives automatically. Instead, auto=long or auto=short has to be added, if both manual and automatic lists are used.

This page is intended to explain the details of template usage. For a general guide to archiving, see: Help:Archiving a talk page, which includes more information on using this template and others.



To use this template, place {{Archives}} at the top of a talk page, usually after any other header or project templates.

To convert the box into a larger, talk page banner, use {{Archives|banner=yes}}.

Adding template to talk page with talk header

When you add this template to a talk page with the {{Talk header}} template, please ensure display of archives isn't duplicated.

As you add the {{Archives}} templates, you might want to suppress display of archives and archive search in the talk header. Here's an example using lowercase sigmabot III at default settings:


{{Talk header}}


{{Talk header|noarchives=yes|search=no}}
{{Archives|bot=lowercase sigmabot III|age=30|minthreadsleft=4}}

All parameters

| <!-- first, unnamed parameter -->
| banner              = <!-- or |large= ("yes" or remove) -->
| collapsed           = <!-- "yes" or remove -->
| collapsible         = <!-- "yes" or remove -->
| box-width           = <!-- deprecated, use style -->
| style               = 
| search              = <!-- default is "yes", "no" to hide -->
| age                 = 
| target              = 
| image               = 
| alt                 = 
| link                = 
| image-size          = 
| title               = <!-- default is "Archives" -->
| list                = <!-- List archives manually -->
| auto                = <!-- default is "long"; "short" or "no" to change -->
| index               = <!-- Index subpage name, e.g. "Archive index" or "none" if not wanted -->
| archivelist         = <!-- /archivelist -->
| root                = 
| prefix              = 
| start               = <!-- default is 1, Archive number to start from -->
| search-break        = <!-- default is "no" -->
| search-width        = <!-- default is "22" -->
| search-button-label = <!-- or |button-label= (default is "Search archives") -->
| units               = <!-- default is "day" or "days" -->
| bot                 = 
| minthreadsleft      = 
| editbox             = <!-- "yes" or "no" -->

Parameter descriptions

First the basic parameters are discussed followed by notes on them; then follows separate sections for parameters related specifically to the icon, search, and more.

No parameters are necessary for detection of archive pages following the format of {{PAGENAME}}/Archive # (that is, named "Archive 1", "Archive 2" and so on): these are detected automatically by default. There is no practical upper limit to the number of archives.

(1st unnamed parameter) or 1=
Inline list of manually maintained archives. For example: "list=[[Archive of 2017]], [[Archive of 2018-19]], [[Archive of 2020]]". No subpages are assumed unless specified (e.g. "list=[[/Archives/2017]]" and so on). Using this parameter disables automatic detection, but this detection can be re-enabled with auto=long or auto=short, making the template display both manual and automatic archives. This is usually done when other related archives are linked, such as when using centralized talk pages or adding links to archives of alternative accounts.
The same as the unnamed parameter, except the disabling of automatic detection cannot be re-enabled. In other words, using |list= instead of |1= makes the template ignore the |auto= parameter's secondary function of forcing auto-detection.
auto= <short|long|no>
Specifies the format of the auto-generated archive list and forces automatic detection. If left unspecified, the default is "long", meaning links to archives are spelled out ("Archive 42"); any other word (except "no") will result in "short", resulting in shorter links (e.g. "42"), and "no" will disable auto-detection, meaning that even if there are archives following the {{PAGENAME}}/Archive # format they will not be displayed automatically. Auto-detection is also disabled if a manual list is supplied. However, if this list is supplied by the 1st unnamed parameter rather than the list parameter, auto-detection can be re-enabled by overriding the default by using auto=long or auto=short.
"yes" converts the box design of the template into a talk page banner style of template, with the archives listed in a horizontal row above the search bar.
identical to the banner parameter.
Links the "Archives" title to a specified subpage that should be the subject index page for all archived discussions, such as "Archive index". The slash "/" is not used for this parameter. Legobot may be used to create and maintain such an index. To link to a different subpage, only use the subpage name and don't add the slash "/". For example, to link to the Talk:Example/Page Index subpage, use |index=Page Index. |index=none disables this feature.
In conjunction with this parameter you are able to create a whole page where you can customize your archive list. The parameter specifies a link to this page, which should be a subpage that contains the archive list. The name of this page is commonly simply "archivelist", i.e. the same name as its parameter. This is also the default assumption, see notes below. The slash "/" is used for this parameter. As an example of real usage: |archivelist=Wikipedia:Media copyright questions/Archivelist. As you can see Wikipedia:Media copyright questions/Archivelist is set up to be used by the Archives box on its respective page.


With no explicit parameters, the archive list presented in the box is determined automatically. If a subpage called "{{PAGENAME}}/archivelist" exists, it will be used as the central content of the box.

If no archive list subpage is detected, numbered archive subpages will be listed in long format. Such pages must be named as "/Archive #" in order to be automatically detected. No other naming styles will be auto-detected. The "long" auto format (the default) indicates "Archive 1", "Archive 2", and so on. The "short" auto format indicates only the archive number.

An additional list of archives can be passed in the first unnamed parameter, avoiding the need to set up an archivelist subpage.

Using "auto=no" will disable archive auto-detection. Manually specified archives will still be shown. [The archive box will also contain an "Edit" link, targeted at the archive list subpage, which can then be used to begin manually populating the list, if desired. This seems broken.] This may be desirable, if the archive list is given in the title parameter.

The "auto" and "archivelist" parameters are not intended to be used together. (Doing so does not use the specified archive list page.)

The auto-generated archive list requires subpages to use the common naming convention. That is, "{{PAGENAME}}/Archive 1", "{{PAGENAME}}/Archive 2", and so on. The letter "A" must be capitalized, there must be a single space between the word "Archive" and the number, and there must be no leading zeros. If archive subpages do not conform to this convention, they can be renamed to conform, or a manual list can be maintained.

Icon image

An alternate image to be used, defaults to "Replacement filing cabinet.svg". May also use image-size. none results in no image.
Alt text for the image, for visually impaired readers. See WP:ALT. This defaults to empty. If a nonempty value is specified for link, alt should be nonempty too, and should indicate what will happen if the user clicks on the image.
Link for the image. This normally defaults to empty, which means no link. However, if alt is nonempty, it defaults to the image's file page.

The link and alt parameters only take effect if the image is changed from the default.


Default: yes. If no, removes the search box.
Specifies a different base than {{FULLPAGENAME}}/. Useful for when this template is located on a different page than the page being archived. Use prefix, if the addition of a trailing slash is not desired. The archive wikilinks generated are of the form root + / + Archive #.
Similar to root, but does not automatically add a trailing slash.
Inserts a newline between the search bar and search button preventing them from being on the same line. Default: no if in banner format yes otherwise
Default: 22
Default: Search archives. "button-label" is an alias.

Archival method

The title of the page (just the name, no link syntax) that threads are currently being archived to, for manual archiving.
If specified, a note about automatic archiving will be shown.
If specified, this will be displayed as the archiving delay.
If specified, this will display units for the archiving delay. The default is "day" or "days".
If specified, this will display a note explaining the page won't be emptied out

For pages automatically archived, please note these parameters do not actually control the bot. Changing them does not change the bot's behavior. They're a duplicate set of parameters intended to convey the auto-archiving settings to human readers.

Other parameters

If yes, makes the list collapsible.
If yes, makes the list collapsed.
An arbitrary string of CSS can be applied to the box (use with care).
An alternative title, defaults to "Archives". The title is automatically linked to the /archivelist subpage, if it exists. If another link is desired, a wikilink may be inserted here.
If yes or omitted, includes a button to edit the archive box's sub-page /archivelist.




Short, index, collapsible, bot, age, threads

{{archives |auto=short |index=/Archive index |collapsible=yes |bot=lowercase sigmabot III |age=90 |minthreadsleft=4}}


This is the TemplateData for this template used by TemplateWizard, VisualEditor and other tools. See a monthly parameter usage report for Template:Archives in articles based on its TemplateData.

TemplateData for Archives

<templatedata> { "params": { "1": {}, "demospace": {}, "banner": { "aliases": [ "large" ], "type": "boolean", "example": "yes", "default": "no" }, "collapsed": { "label": "Collapsed?", "description": "Whether or not the list is pre-collapsed. If set to yes, will also force the list to be collapsible regardless of the value of the Collapsible parameter.", "example": "yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "no" }, "collapsible": { "label": "Collapsible?", "description": "Whether or not the list should be collapsible", "example": "yes", "type": "boolean", "default": "no" }, "box-width": { "deprecated": "True" }, "style": { "description": "Arbitrary custom CSS styling", "type": "string" }, "search": { "label": "Search bar?", "description": "Set to \"no\" to disable the search bar", "example": "no", "default": "yes" }, "age": { "type": "number" }, "target": {}, "image": { "label": "Icon image", "description": "The image to be used for the icon. Set to \"none\" to remove the icon.", "default": "Replacement filing cabinet.svg" }, "alt": { "label": "Icon alt text", "description": "Icon alt text, for accessibility", "type": "string" }, "link": { "label": "Icon link", "description": "Page that the icon links to when clicked", "type": "wiki-page-name" }, "image-size": { "label": "Icon size", "description": "Size of the icon", "type": "string", "default": "40px" }, "title": { "label": "Title", "description": "An alternative title.", "type": "line", "default": "Archives" }, "list": {}, "auto": {}, "index": {

           "description": "Links the 'Archives' title to a specified subpage that should be the subject index page for all archived discussions. Set index=none to disable."

"start": { "label": "Start index", "description": "Starting index for list of archives", "default": "1" }, "archivelist": {}, "root": {}, "prefix": {}, "search-break": {}, "search-width": { "label": "Search bar width", "type": "number", "default": "22" }, "search-button-label": { "type": "string", "aliases": [ "button-label" ], "label": "Search button label", "description": "Label for the search button", "default": "Search achives" }, "units": { "aliases": [ "archive_units" ], "type": "string", "suggestedvalues": [ "days", "weeks", "months" ], "default": "days" }, "bot": { "aliases": [ "archive_bot" ], "type": "wiki-user-name" }, "minthreadsleft": { "type": "number" }, "editbox": { "default": "yes" }, "class": { "description": "Add additional CSS classes", "type": "string" } }, "paramOrder": [ "1", "list", "demospace", "banner", "collapsible", "collapsed", "box-width", "class", "style", "target", "image", "alt", "link", "image-size", "title", "auto", "index", "start", "archivelist", "root", "prefix", "search", "search-break", "search-width", "search-button-label", "age", "units", "bot", "minthreadsleft", "editbox" ] } </templatedata>