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The roads in Louisville, Kentucky include Interstates 64, 65 and 71, with an interchange in the city center. There are six U.S. highways serving the city. Two beltways surround Louisville.


Interstate highway Additional information
I-64 A major west-east interstate that enters the city's West End via the Sherman Minton Bridge from New Albany, Indiana where it becomes the Riverfront Expressway. The highway continues through Downtown Louisville, and proceeds eastward through Cherokee Park and the eastern suburbs.
I-65 A major north-south interstate that enters downtown from Louisville's Indiana suburbs via the John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge (and exits to Jeffersonville, Indiana on the parallel Abraham Lincoln Bridge), continues southward to Louisville International Airport, and proceeds through the southern suburbs. I-65 is named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Expressway through the city.
I-71 The highway has its terminus at the interchange with Interstates 64 and 65 in downtown Louisville and connects to Louisville's northeastern suburbs and bedroom communities in Oldham County.
I-264 The inner beltway, whose southern and eastern legs are named the Henry Watterson Expressway. The western leg between I-64 and US 31W/US 60 was originally called the Shawnee Expressway, but was renamed in 2010 as the Georgia Davis Powers Expressway.
I-265 The outer beltway originally named the Jefferson Freeway and renamed the Gene Snyder Freeway. Highway is also signed as Kentucky Route 841. This is the only Interstate route in the Louisville area to use the technically correct suffix of Freeway in its formal name, rather than the traditional, but misleading term Expressway. Now connected to I-265 in Indiana via the Lewis and Clark Bridge plus freeway segments on both sides of the Ohio River.

U.S. Highways

Route number Local street name(s)
US 31E Main and Market Streets, Baxter Avenue, Bardstown Road
US 31W Main and Market Streets, Doctor W. J. Hodge, 21st and 22nd Streets, Dixie Highway
US 42 Story and Mellwood Avenues, Brownsboro Road (Begins/ends at Story and Baxter Avenues)
US 60 Shelbyville Road, Frankfort Avenue, Story and Mellwood Avenues, Main and Market Streets, Doctor W. J. Hodge Street, 21st and 22nd Streets, Dixie Highway

US 60 Alt.
Lexington Road, Cherokee Parkway, Willow Avenue, Eastern Parkway, Crittenden Drive, Central Avenue, Taylor Boulevard, Berry Boulevard, Seventh Street Road
US 150 Bardstown Road, Broadway, Doctor W. J. Hodge (21st) and 22nd Streets, I-64

State routes

Route number Local street name(s)
KY 22 Brownsboro Road, Ballardsville Road
KY 44 Stites Station Road
KY 61 Jackson Street, Preston Street, I-65, Arthur Street, Brandeis Avenue, Shelby Street, Lynn Street, Preston Street, Preston Highway
KY 146 LaGrange Road, New LaGrange Road, Ridge Road
KY 148 Fisherville Clark Station Road
KY 155 Taylorsville Road
KY 329 Covered Bridge Road
KY 660 Waterford Road
KY 841[n 1] Gene Snyder Freeway
KY 864 Campbell, Shelby, and Logan Streets, Goss Avenue, Poplar Level Road, Fegenbush Lane, Beulah Church Road, Cooper Chapel Road, Cedar Creek Road
KY 913 Blankenbaker Parkway
KY 907 Third Street Road, Valley Station Road, Southside Drive
KY 1020 Second and Third Streets, Southern Parkway, Southside Drive, National Turnpike
KY 1065 Outer Loop, Beulah Church Road, Seatonville Road, Lovers Lane
KY 1142 Palatka Road
KY 1230 Cane Run Road, Lower River Road, Watson Lane
KY 1447 Westport Road
KY 1450 Blue Lick Road
KY 1531 Aiken Road, Johnson Road, Eastwood and Fisherville Road, Routt Road
KY 1631 Crittenden Drive
KY 1694 Brownsboro Road
KY 1699 Whipps Mill Road
KY 1703 Baxter Avenue, Newburg Road
KY 1727 Terry Road
KY 1747[n 2] Hurstbourne Parkway, Fern Valley Road
KY 1819 Watterson Trail, Billtown Road, Seatonville Road, Brush Run Road
KY 1849 Moorman Road
KY 1865 New Cut Road, Taylor Blvd, Penile Road
KY 1931 Seventh Street Road, Manslick Road in Jacobs, Hazelwood, Cloverleaf, and Iroquois Park neighborhoods, St. Andrew's Church Road, Greenwood Road
KY 1932 Breckenridge Lane
KY 1934[n 3] Cane Run Road, Greenbelt Highway, Wilson Avenue
KY 2048 Cannons Lane, Dutchmans Lane
KY 2049 Crums Lane
KY 2050 Herr Lane, Lyndon Lane
KY 2051 Camp Ground Road, Rockford Lane
KY 2052 Shepherdsville Road
KY 2053 Mount Washington Road, Thixton Road
KY 2054 Algonquin Parkway
KY 2055 Manslick Road, in Fairdale neighborhood
KY 2056 Bells Lane
KY 2241 Willis Avenue
KY 2265 Routt Road
KY 2801 Florence Avenue, Southern Heights Avenue
KY 2803 Arthur Street
KY 2840 Old Shelbyville Road (Middletown Main Street)
KY 2841 Eastwood Cut-Off Road
KY 2843 Grade Lane
KY 2844 Hounz Lane
KY 2845 Shepherdsville Road, Manslick Road in Okolona neighborhood
KY 2860 Grinstead Drive
KY 3064 Portland Avenue
KY 3077 River Road, I-64 ramps
KY 3082 Bank Street
KY 3084 Old Henry Road
KY 3222 Rose Island Road
  1. ^ Concurrent with I-265 east of I-65 and south of I-71, exists as its own entity west of I-65 and north of I-71. Functions as an outer bypass for Louisville.
  2. ^ KY 1747 formerly had its southern terminus at Bardstown Road, the roadway was extended and connected to the existing Fern Valley Road (KY 1631). KY 1747 replaced KY 1631 in that area and KY 1631 currently exists only between the Watterson Expressway and Eastern Parkway. All KY 1747 mile markers have been replaced along the new roadway.
  3. ^ An extension of KY 841 to the eastern banks of the Ohio River, connecting to major distribution and industrial centers.

Renamed streets

Current Street Name Former Street Name(s)
3rd Street Central Plank Road (To Indiana) US 31
5th Street Pope Street
13th Street Columbia Street
14th Street Boone Street
15th Street Clark Street
16th Street Elizabeth Street, Mulberry Street
17th Street Maria Street, Sycamore Street
18th Street Bridge Street, DeWolfe Street
19th Street Clinton Street
20th Street Cromie Street, Montgomery Street, Orleans Street
21st Street Eleventh Cross Street
22nd Street Tenth Cross Street
23rd Street Ninth Cross Street, Sayre Street
24th Street Eighth Cross Street, Mercer Street
25th Street Seventh Cross Street
26th Street Sixth Cross Street, Lock Street, Salt River Road, Shippingport Road
27th Street Fifth Cross Street, Union Street
28th Street Fourth Cross Street
29th Street Third Cross Street, Cherry Street
30th Street Second Cross Street, Plum Street
31st Street Columbia Street, Thompson's Lane
32nd Street Sycamore Street
33rd Street Fulton Avenue
34th Street First Cross Street, Commercial Street
35th Street Grove Street
36th Street Ferry Street
37th Street Gravier Street
39th Street Kennedy Street
43rd Street Falls City Avenue
Arlington Avenue Prospect Avenue
Armory Place Center Street
Atwood Avenue 'F' Street
Barbee Avenue 'E' Street
Barret Avenue Underhill Street
Baxter Avenue Von Borries Ave
Beech Street Rosenberg Lane
Bloom Avenue 'B' Street
Bradley Avenue Flat Lick Road
Brandeis Avenue 'D' Street
Breckinridge Street Howard Street
Broadway Dunkirk Road, Prather Street
Brook Street East Street
Burnett Avenue Stonewall Street
Calhoun Avenue 'T' Street, Kenton Street
Cannons Lane Beauchamp Road
Cardinal Boulevard 'C' Street, Avery Avenue
Cherokee Parkway Finzer Parkway, East Broadway, New Broadway
Central Avenue 'P' Street
Chestnut Street South Street
E. Chestnut Street (> #917 east) Garden Street[1]
Colorado Avenue 'H' Street
Creel Avenue 'J' Street
Crittenden Drive Ashbottom Road
Dixie Highway 18th Street Road
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Place Federal Place
Doctor W. J. Hodge Street 21st Street
Dundee Road Zimlich Avenue
Fairmount Avenue 'V' Street
Garland Avenue Delaware Street
Gaulbert Avenue 'A' Street
Gray Street Kellar Street
Griffiths Avenue Harney Street
Grinstead Drive Daisy Lane, Transit Avenue
Heywood Avenue 'O' Street
Hoertz Avenue Merry Street
Iowa Avenue 'N' Street
Lexington Road Workhouse Road
Liberty Street Green Street
Liberty Street (east of Preston, between 1880-1960) Fehr Ave.[2]
Longview Avenue Jessie Avenue
Louis Coleman, Jr. Drive[3][4] South 34th Street (south of West Market)
Lytle Street Todd Street
Magnolia Avenue Victoria Place
Mellwood Avenue Reservoir Avenue
Missouri Avenue Front Street
Montana Avenue 'K' Street
Montgomery Street Midway Avenue
Morton Avenue Caroline Street
Muhammad Ali Boulevard Walnut Street
Myrtle Street Mott Street
Oak Street Milk Street
Overlook Terrace Vassar Drive
Park Avenue Weissinger Street
Patterson Avenue Slaughter Avenue
Racine Avenue 'Q' Street
Reservoir Avenue Southall Street
Rogers Street Ward Street
Roy Wilkins Avenue (Co-signed with 9th Street)
Rubel Avenue Overhill Street
Rufer Avenue Krupps Lane
St. Catherine Court Mechanic Street
Schiller Avenue Dupuy Street
Seneca Avenue Cherokee Avenue
Shelby Parkway Rupp Street
Southern Parkway Grand Boulevard
Speed Avenue Ropewalk Lane
Stoecker Avenue Lost Alley
Stoll Avenue Asylum Avenue
Story Avenue Beargrass Street
Thornberry Avenue 'R' Street, 'S' Street
Upland Road Selby Road
Unity Place Confederate Place
University Boulevard Warnock Avenue, 'G' Street
Vine Street Jacob Ave. (> #1000 East)[5]
Wenzel Street Braddock Street
Winkler Avenue 'L' Street
Zorn Avenue Pipe Line Lane

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