Quebec Autoroute 55

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Autoroute 55

Autoroute Joseph-Armand Bombardier
Autoroute de l'Énergie
Route information
Maintained by Transports Québec
Length246.5 km[1][2] (153.2 mi)
Major junctions
South end I-91 at the Canada–United States border in Stanstead, Québec
Major intersections A-10 in Magog
A-410 in Sherbrooke
A-10 / A-610 in Sherbrooke
A-20 (TCH) in Drummondville
A-20 (TCH) / A-955 in Sainte-Eulalie
A-30 / R-132 in Bécancour
R-138 in Trois-Rivières
A-40 in Trois-Rivières
North end R-155 in Shawinigan, Québec
Major citiesMagog, Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Trois-Rivières, Shawinigan
Highway system
A-50 A-70

Autoroute 55 (also called Autoroute de l'Énergie north of the Autoroute 20 and Autoroute Joseph-Armand Bombardier south of it) is an important north–south Autoroute and the only one running in that direction in central Quebec. It is the longest north-south Autoroute, beginning as the continuation of I-91 at the Canada–United States border near Stanstead and continuing to Shawinigan, where it downgrades to Route 155. The total length of A-55 is currently 247 km (153.5 mi) long, including concurrencies with Autoroute 10, Autoroute 20 and Autoroute 40.

Route description

Autoroute 55 connects the mid-sized communities of Magog, Sherbrooke, Drummondville, Trois-Rivières, and Shawinigan and the smaller communities in between. The most notable feature on A-55 is the Laviolette Bridge between Trois-Rivières and Bécancour, which is one of the longest bridges in Quebec and in Canada.

A-55 had a short "gap" between Bécancour and Drummondville until October 2006. The gap resulted from Transports Quebec's original intention of bringing A-55 southeast towards Victoriaville along what is now Autoroute 955 before shifting southwest to rejoin existing A-55 near Richmond. However, plans changed in the 1970s, and the present routing was chosen. The southern section was originally supposed to be Autoroute 51 and was intended to continue to the planned extension of Autoroute 30 in Pierreville. A-55 was signed along Route 155 (which is not an Autoroute-standard highway) until the new route was completed.

All of the southern portion of A-55 became a full four-lane freeway by the end of October 2006. The gap being filled in the northern portion will initially be a two-lane freeway for about 20 km (12.4 mi), but it is intended to ultimately be four lanes.

The designation Autoroute Joseph-Armand Bombardier is in honour of Quebec businessman Joseph-Armand Bombardier, who lived in Valcourt, near where A-55 passes and who invented the snowmobile there. His company, Bombardier Inc., started by building snowmobiles and eventually grew into a major international manufacturer of transit vehicles and aircraft.

The designation Autoroute de l'Énergie means "Energy Highway" since it provides access to the Gentilly Nuclear Generating Station in Bécancour and the hydroelectric facilities in Shawinigan and the Haut-Saint-Maurice area, but the section north of A-30 is likely to remain at its comparatively short length to Shawinigan for the foreseeable future.

Exit list

RCMLocationkm[2]miOld exitNew exitDestinationsNotes
I-91 south – Derby Line, Newport
Continuation into Vermont; A-55 / Autoroute Joseph-Armand Bombardier southern terminus
Canada–United States border at Derby Line–Rock Island Border Crossing
0.30.48 R-247 west (Boulevard Notre-Dame)At-grade intersection, traffic signals
2.03.22 R-143 (Rue Dufferin) – Stanstead
Stanstead-Est5.73.5Québec I-650-6.svg Curtis Rest Stop (Northbound)
Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley20.733.321 R-141 – Ayer's Cliff, Coaticook
28.746.229 R-108 – Sainte-Catherine-de-Hatley, North Hatley, Sherbrooke
Magog31.851.232Rue-Saint-Patrice, Boulevard Industriel
33.153.333 R-112 – Magog (Centre-Ville)
A-10 west – MontréalSouth end of A-10 concurrency; northbound signed as exits 34-E (east) and 34-O (west); southbound signed as exit 121; exit numbers follow A-10
MemphrémagogSherbrooke boundarySherbrooke boundary36.7–
123 R-112 (Rue Sherbrook) to R-249 – Magog (Centre-Ville), Saint-Denis-de-BromptonR-112 follows A-10 / A-55 service roads
Sherbrooke41.066.041128 R-112 (Boulevard Bourque)R-112 exits A-10 / A-55 service roads
46.975.546133Chemin Saint-Roch Nord
49.630.8Québec I-650-6.svg Catherine-Day Truck Stop (Northbound)
50.981.950137 R-220 (Boulevard Industriel), Chemin de Saint-Élie
54.487.554140 A-410 east to R-108 (Rue King) – Cookshire-Eaton
55.288.855141Boulevard de Monseigneur-Fortier
56.991.6143 A-10 ends / A-610 east (Autoroute Louis-Bilodeau) to R-112 – Sherbrooke Centre-Ville, East Angus, Lac-MéganticA-10 eastern terminus; north end of A-10 concurrency
58.093.358 R-222 (Chemin des Écossais) – Saint-Denis-de-Brompton, ValcourtA-55 exit numbers resume
60.196.760Rue Laval
Le Val-Saint-FrançoisWindsor71.0114.371 R-249 – Windsor, Saint-François-Xavier-de-BromptonSigned as exits 71N (north) and 71S (south) northbound
Melbourne84.5136.085 R-243 – Racine, Valcourt, MelbourneQuébec I-650-6.svg Melbourne Service Centre
88.7142.788 R-116 – Acton Vale, Richmond, Val-des-Sources
Ulverton97.7157.298Chemin MooneyNorthbound exit and entrance
DrummondL'Avenir104.1167.5103Lefebvre, L'Avenir, Ulverton, Durham-Sud
Drummondville111.3179.1111Route Caya
116.4187.3116 R-139 – Wickham, Acton Vale, Granby, Drummondville
122.0196.3122Boulevard Jean-de-Brébeuf – Drummondville
125.4201.8125 R-122 – Saint-Germain-de-Grantham, Drummondville
A-20 (TCH) west – MontréalSouth end of A-20 concurrency; exit numbers follow A-20; north end of Autoroute Joseph-Armand Bombardier
125.4201.8175 R-143 north (Boulevard Lemire) – Saint-Bonaventure, Saint-François-du-LacSouth end of R-143 concurrency
131.3211.3177 R-143 south – Saint-Majorique-de-Grantham, DrummondvilleNorth end of R-143 concurrency
133.6215.0179Chemin du Golf
Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover139.9225.1185 R-255 – Baie-du-Febvre, Saint-Cyrille-de-Wendover, Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey
150.8242.7196 R-259 – Nicolet, Sainte-Perpétue, Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil
municipal line
Notre-Dame-du-Bon-ConseilSaint-Léonard-d'Aston line154.1248.0200Saint-Léonard-d'AstonFormer R-155 north
Nicolet-YamaskaSaint-Léonard-d'Aston156.1251.2202Rang du Moulin-Rouge
Sainte-Eulalie157.3253.1204Rang des Cédres, Rang des Plaines
A-955 south – Saint-Samuel, Saint-Albert, Victoriaville, Warwick
A-20 (TCH) east to R-161 – Québec, Sainte-Eulalie, Saint-Valère
North end of A-20 concurrency; A-955 exit 15; A-55 exit numbers resume; south end of Autoroute de l'Énergie
Saint-Wenceslas171.8276.5153Saint-Léonard-d'Aston, Saint-Wenceslas
Saint-Célestin183.2294.8 R-226 – Saint-CélestinAt-grade intersection, traffic signals; interchange proposed;[3] former R-155 south / R-161 south
BécancourBécancour186.3299.8Rang PrinceAt-grade intersection; to be removed as part of the A-55 widening project
188.1302.7Chemin Forest – Précieux-SangAt-grade intersection; to be removed as part of the A-55 widening project
189.8305.5Chemin ThibodeauAt-grade intersection; to be removed as part of the A-55 widening project
191.9308.8173Bécancour, Nicolet, Wôlinak
176 A-30 / R-132 – Bécancour, Sainte-AngèleA-30 exit 209
St. Lawrence River196.2–
Pont Laviolette (Laviolette Bridge)
Trois-Rivières198.8319.9181 R-138 (Rue Notre-Dame, Boulevard Gene-H.-Kruger)
200.6322.8182 A-40 east – Trois-Rivières (Centre-Ville), QuébecSouth end of A-40 concurrency; A-40 exit 197
201.2323.8183Boulevard Jean-XXIII
186 A-40 west / Boulevard des Forges – MontrealNorth end of A-40 concurrency; A-40 exit 196
209.3336.8191Boulevard Industriel, Boulevard Saint-Michel
214.6345.4196Boulevard des Forges – Yamachiche
MaskinongéSaint-Étienne-des-Grès219.9353.9202Saint-Étienne-des-Grès, Saint-Barnabé
222.9138.5Québec I-650-6.svg Grès Rest Stop (Northbound, seasonal)
Saint-Boniface229.8369.8211 R-153 – Saint-Boniface, Shawinigan
Shawinigan234.4377.2216Rue Burrill
235.8379.5217 R-351 (Rue Garnier) – Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc
238.1383.2220Boulevard Hubert-Biermans, Boulevard Vallée-du-Parc
241.4388.5223Avenue de Grande-Mère, 25e rue
244.5393.5226Chemin du Parc National, 8e rue
246.5153.2Pont des Piles (Piles Bridge) crosses Saint-Maurice River
R-155 north – Grandes-Piles, La TuqueA-55 / Autoroute de l'Énergie northern terminus;[1] continues as R-155
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi



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