Ohio State Route 571

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State Route 571

Route information
Maintained by ODOT
Length50.51 mi[1] (81.29 km)
Major junctions
West end SR 28 in Union City
Major intersections
East end US 40 near New Carlisle
CountryUnited States
CountiesDarke, Miami, Clark
Highway system
  • Ohio State Highway System
SR 570 SR 572
I-71OH-71 (1960).svg SR 72

State Route 571 (SR 571) is an east–west state highway in west-central Ohio, part of a statewide road transportation system. It indirectly connects the cities of Union City and Greenville with Springfield via a final 10.7 miles (17.2 km) on U.S. Route 40 (US 40).

Route description

SR 49 and SR 571 cross the Broadway Bridge in Greenville

State Route 571 starts in the Indiana/Ohio border town of Union City. To the west, it turns into Indiana State Route 28, which goes west toward Albany and Alexandria, Indiana. To the east, SR 571 goes southeast through Hill Grove and Coletown, and then parallels Greenville Creek into Greenville. From Greenville it continues southeast through Painter Creek and Laura to West Milton where it turns due east, passes over Interstate 75 to Tipp City and New Carlisle. About 3 miles (4.8 km) southeast of New Carlisle, SR 571 meets U.S. Route 40, the eastern terminus of the state route.

Although no longer a state route, the road keeps on going across US 40 as County Highway 303 (Medway-Carlisle Road) in Clark County. The road continues south, through the village of Medway and further on it turns into the northern terminus of I-675 at I-70.

The portion of SR 571 between Union City and Greenville in Darke County is designated the "196th Light Infantry Brigade SP4 Robert L. Fowble Jr., and PFC Jack E. Beam Memorial Highway",[3] in honor of two U.S. Army soldiers from the same brigade who were killed by enemy fire while fighting in the Vietnam War. Fowble, a Greenville native, died on November 23, 1966. Beam, a Union City native, died on Dec. 21, 1966.[4]

The portion of the route within Miami County is designated the "Robert E. Netzley Highway" in honor of the late former state representative.[5][6]


The Union City-to-Springfield roads have been part of the Ohio state highway system since 1912.[7] Before 1923, numerous highway numbers comprised the current route of SR 571.[8] In 1923, the route between Greenville and then-SR 1 (now US 40); the remainder of the route between Union City and Greenville was the westernmost segment of SR 29.[9] By 1932, SR 29 was truncated to Urbana with US 36 taking over its former route between Greenville and Urbana; SR 71 was also extended from Greenville to the Indiana state line in Union City.[10][11] By 1939, the entire length of SR 71 had been paved.[12][13]

Following the extension to Union City, no major changes to the routing of SR 71 and SR 571 have been made. The only change to the highway came in 1962 when Ohio renumbered state highways that shared route numbers with proposed Interstates. Because of I-71, SR 71 was renumbered to SR 571.[14][15]

An unrelated SR 571 was in existence from 1937 to 1957 in Bridgewater Township, Williams County.[16][17][18][19] This SR 571 ran from US 20 to the Michigan state line. In 1957, SR 576 was extended north and took over the 4-mile-long (6.4 km) highway.

Major intersections

DarkeUnion City0.000.00
SR 28 (West Chestnut Street) to SR 32 / Stateline Road
Indiana state line
SR 49 north
Western end of SR 49 concurrency
SR 118 north (Broadway)
Western terminus of SR 118

SR 118 ends / SR 121 north / SR 502 west (Main Street)
Eastern end of SR 118 concurrency; western end of SR 121 concurrency; eastern terminus of SR 502

SR 49 south / SR 121 south (Washington Street)
Eastern end of SR 49 / SR 121 concurrency
US 36 / US 127 – Eaton, Celina, PiquaInterchange
MiamiUnion Township25.9641.78
SR 721 north
Western end of SR 721 concurrency
SR 721 south (North Main Street) / Pemberton Road
Eastern end of SR 721 concurrency
Union Township27.1743.73
SR 55 east – Ludlow Falls
Western terminus of SR 55
West Milton31.2550.29
SR 48 north (North Miami Street)
Western end of SR 48 concurrency
SR 48 south (North Miami Street)
Eastern end of SR 48 concurrency
Tipp City38.8262.47 I-75 – Dayton, TroyExit 68 (I-75)
Bethel Township41.8567.35 SR 202 – Dayton, Troy
44.9672.36 SR 201
ClarkNew Carlisle48.1377.46 SR 235 (Main Street)
Bethel Township50.5281.30 US 40 / CR 303 (Medway New Carlisle Road) – Springfield, Vandalia
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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