Missouri Route 72

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Route 72

Route 72 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by MoDOT
Length165.675 mi (266.628 km)
Major junctions
West end I-44 BL in Rolla
East end I-55 BL / US 61 / Route 25 in Jackson
CountryUnited States
Highway system
I-72 Route 73

Route 72 is a highway in southern Missouri. Its eastern terminus is at Route 34 west of Jackson; its western terminus is at I-44 in Rolla.

Route 72 is one of the original 1922 state highways. Its eastern terminus was at Centerville, and its western terminus was at the junction with Route 32. The part between Arcadia and Fredericktown was Route 70 from 1922 to 1959, when it became part of Route 72 because of I-70.

Route 72 was rebuilt a few years back from Elk Prairie, just south of Rolla; to the intersection of Hwy 32, west of Salem. The road was widened and shoulders were built.

Route 72 crossing Stouts Creek in Arcadia Valley

As Route 72 passes through Salem, it crosses Route 19; then runs concurrently eastward for 10 miles with Route 32. It then splits off to the southeast towards the small town of Bunker. It is very curvy; it passes back and forth between Dent and Reynolds county several times. After passing through Bunker, it runs mostly eastward for 17 miles; before intersecting Hwy 21; 3 miles south of Centerville. 72 then turns left (north) and runs concurrently with Hwy 21 through Centerville. Between Centerville and Lesterville, Route 49 joins it and 21, 72 and 49 run concurrently eastward to the Glover corner. Route 49 turns right (south) at that corner; while Route 72 and 21 turn left (north). Route 72 and Route 21 run north for 10 miles to Arcadia; at the south edge of Ironton; Route 21 continues north while Route 72 turns east. However, it has a unique interchange; it crosses under Hwy 72 east on 21/72, then turns left (west)for one block, then turns left(southeast) and goes back up over 21/72. Route 72 then runs east, intersects US Hwy 67 west of Fredericktown. It then proceeds to its eastern terminus with Route 34 at Jackson, MO.

Route description


Major intersections

PhelpsRolla0.0000.000 I-44 BL / Historic US 66 (Kingshighway) – Business District
0.6231.003 US 63 – Edgar Springs, Jefferson City
Route 32 west – Licking
Western end of Route 32 overlap
Route 19 / Route 68 west (Main Street) – Steelville, Eminence, Downtown Salem
Route 32 east – Howes Mill
Eastern end of Route 32 overlap
ReynoldsNo major intersections
DentNo major intersections
ReynoldsNo major intersections
DentNo major intersections
Route 21 south / Route V – Ellington
Western end of Route 21 overlap
Route 49 north – Black, Oates
Western end of Route 49 overlap
Route 49 south – Annapolis
Eastern end of Route 49 overlap
Route 21 north – Potosi
Eastern end of Route 21 overlap
MadisonFredericktown122.898197.785 US 67 – Farmington, Poplar Bluff

US 67 Bus. begins

US 67 Bus. south (W. Main Street) – Business District
Junction CityFredericktown line125.823202.492Lincoln Drive – Fredericktown, Business DistrictFormer Route 72 west
BollingerPatton Junction142.749229.732 Route 51 – Perryville, Patton
Cape Girardeau162.185261.011
Route 34 west – Marble Hill, Bollinger Mill Historic Site
I-55 BL / US 61 / Great River Road / Route 25 south – Cape Girardeau, Fruitland, Dutchtown
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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