Louisiana Highway 308

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Louisiana Highway 308

Route information
Maintained by Louisiana DOTD
Length82.5 mi[1] (132.8 km)
Existed1955 renumbering–present
Major junctions
Southeast end LA 1 in Golden Meadow
Major intersections US 90 in Raceland

LA 182 in Raceland
LA 20 in Thibodaux

LA 70 north of Paincourtville
Northwest end LA 3089 in Donaldsonville
CountryUnited States
ParishesLafourche, Assumption, Ascension
Highway system
  • Louisiana State Highway System
LA 307 LA 309

Louisiana Highway 308 (LA 308) is a state highway in Louisiana that serves Ascension, Assumption, and Lafourche Parishes. It spans 82.5 miles (132.8 km), following the east bank of Bayou Lafourche from Donaldsonville to Golden Meadow.[1] It parallels LA 1 during its entire route, as LA 1 follows the west bank of the bayou.

Route description

LA 308 is the eastbank counterpart to LA 1, as it follows the east side of Bayou Lafourche. As the eastbank of Bayou Lafourche is generally less populated than the westbank, LA 308 serves as a slightly quicker route towards south central Louisiana and lower Bayou Lafourche than LA 1. Throughout its route, there are bridges that cross Bayou Lafourche to connect LA 308 to LA 1 and local communities. LA 308 is known as Bayou Road in Thibodaux and East Main Street south of Larose.

The route begins north of Golden Meadow at the Golden Meadow Bridge crossing over Bayou Lafourche from LA 1 and runs parallel with Bayou Lafourche and LA 1 heading north, passing through Galliano and Cut Off before entering Larose. The highway loops around Larose and crosses over LA 657 before running parallel with LA 1 and Bayou Lafourche again. The highway intersects LA 3220 that crosses over Bayou Lafourche before entering Lockport. As it enters town, it intersects with LA 655 before running parallel with LA 1 and Bayou Lafourche. It intersects LA 654 before passing through Mathews, The highway then interchanges with US 90. However, LA 308 has no access to the westbound lanes on US 90. It only has access to the eastbound lanes and the westbound lanes on US 90 have access to LA 308, resulting in an incomplete interchange for the highway. As it passes through Raceland, the highway intersects LA 182 that only runs concurrent with LA 1 for about 0.5 miles (0.80 km). The highway then heads west along with Bayou Lafourche and LA 1, passing through St. Charles and enters Thibodaux. It intersects LA 20 and runs concurrent with it for about 0.3 miles (0.48 km). It also intersects with LA 3266, LA 3185, and LA 304 heading towards Labadieville. It intersects LA 1014 and LA 1011 as it passes through Supreme. Heading north, it intersects LA 1010 and then passes through Napoleonville. It then curves along Bayou Lafourche passing through Plattenville and intersecting with LA 70 Spur. LA 308 then heads through Paincourtville, intersecting LA 403 and LA 70 before heading north again. The route then passes through Belle Rose and intersects LA 998 before continuing north towards Donaldsonville. It intersects LA 943 before entering Donaldsonville and intersects LA 945 and its spur route before reaching its northern terminus at LA 3089.

Major intersections

LafourcheGolden Meadow0.00.0 LA 1 – Larose, Grand IsleSouthern terminus
0.00.0Bridge over Bayou Lafourche
Galliano6.710.8 LA 3162Eastern terminus of LA 3162
Larose14.823.8 LA 657 (East Main Street)
15.224.5Bridge over Gulf Intracoastal Waterway
25.641.2 LA 3220 (Bridge Road)Eastern terminus of LA 3220
Rita26.743.0 LA 655 (East Main Street) – LockportEastern terminus of LA 655
27.243.8Bridge over Company Canal
Mathews29.247.0 LA 654 – Gheens
US 90 east – New Orleans
Exit 215B (U.S. 90); Eastbound entrance and westbound exit
34.255.0 LA 182 (Mill Street) – Houma, New Orleans
St. Charles42.668.6 LA 649Northern terminus of LA 649
47.276.0 LA 648 (Percy Brown Road)Northeastern terminus of LA 648
LA 20 east (North Canal Boulevard) – Gramercy
South end of LA 20 concurrency
LA 20 west (Jackson Street) – Houma
North end of LA 20 concurrency
50.280.8 LA 3266 (Coulon Plantation Road/Tiger Drive)Southern terminus of LA 3266
51.182.2 LA 3185 (West Thibodaux Bypass Road)Northwestern terminus of LA 3185
Laurel Grove53.586.1 LA 304 – ChackbaySouthern terminus of LA 304
Assumption58.093.3 LA 1247 – LabadievilleNorthern terminus of LA 1247
Leche59.796.1 LA 1014 (Freetown Road)Southwestern terminus of LA 1014
60.296.9 LA 1011 – SupremeEastern terminus of LA 1011
62.8101.1 LA 1010Northern terminus of LA 1010
66.9107.7 LA 1008 – NapoleonvilleNortheastern terminus of LA 1008
68.0109.4 LA 402 – Munsons, Brusle St. VincentEastern terminus of LA 402
LA 70 Spur
72.6116.8 LA 403 – PaincourtvilleNorthern terminus of LA 403
73.1117.6 LA 70 – Pierre Part, SorrentoTo Sunshine Bridge eastbound
76.9123.8 LA 998 – Belle RoseSoutheastern terminus of LA 998
Ascension79.8128.4 LA 943 – BartonSoutheastern terminus of LA 943
Donaldsonville81.9131.8 LA 945 (Vatican Drive)Western terminus of LA 945
82.5132.8 LA 3089 (Marchand Drive)Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Louisiana Highway 308 Spur

Spur plate.svg

Louisiana Highway 308 Spur

Length0.69 mi (1,110 m)

LA 308 Spur provided a connection between LA 3235 and LA 1 on the west bank of Bayou Lafourche with LA 308 on the east bank in Galliano. The route is now LA 3162.

The entire highway was in Galliano, Lafourche Parish.

0.000.00 LA 3235 – Larose, Golden MeadowWestern terminus
0.631.01 LA 1 – Larose, Grand Isle
0.661.06Bridge over Bayou Lafourche
0.691.11 LA 308 – Larose, Grand IsleEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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