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Highway names
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US HighwaysUS Highway nn (US-nn)
StateState Route nn (SR-nn)
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The U.S. state of Utah, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) operates a system of state routes that serve all portions of the state. In official documents the state of Utah uses the term "state routes" for numbered, state maintained highways, since the legal definition of a "highway" includes any public road.[1] UDOT signs state routes with a beehive symbol after the state's nickname of the beehive state. There are 3,658.04 miles (5,887.04 km)[Note 1] of state routes in Utah.

The numbers and routes of all Utah highways are assigned by the state legislature, currently documented in Utah Code Title 72, Chapter 4. The code also defines the Utah maintained portions of Interstate and U.S. Highways. With the exception of state route numbers assigned to match U.S. Highways and Interstate Highways, Utah state route numbers are not designated per any consistent pattern, though there are a few regional clusters of sequentially numbered highways.

There have been multiple changes to the numbering of state routes. Since 1969, the block of numbers between 281 and 320 is reserved for routes serving state institutions and state parks. With a few exceptions, these routes do not have their numbers publicly posted. Since 1977, the legislative designations do not have any concurrencies. For the situations where two numbered roads share the same physical roadbed, one of the designations will have a discontinuity in the legislative designation. For example, Interstate 84 is defined as a highway with two separate segments in Utah code, the part where I-84 is signed concurrent with Interstate 15 is only legally designated I-15.

Two Utah state Routes are special cases. State Route 900 and 901 are actually federal and county-maintained dirt roads that were assigned state numbers as to give the state power to block the transportation of nuclear waste to a proposed dump on Goshute tribal lands.[2]

The longest contiguous highway signed as a Utah State Route is State Route 24 at 160.243 miles (257.886 km), but State Route 30 is longer at 223 miles (359 km) when unsigned concurrencies are included. The longest highway of any type in Utah is U.S. Route 89 at 502.577 miles (808.819 km). The shortest state route is State Route 231, a 0.085 miles (0.137 km) connector route in Fairview, though this route is unsigned. The shortest signed route is State Route 103 at 0.225 miles (0.362 km) long, connecting Hill Air Force Base to I-15 and SR-126.


Number South or west terminus North or east terminus Length (mi)[3] Length (km) Formed[4] Deleted Notes
SR-1 Arizona state line near St. George Idaho state line near Malad, Idaho 400.592 644.690 1962 1977 Legislative designation for I-15
SR-1 Arizona state line near Littlefield, Arizona Idaho state line near Franklin, Idaho 1920s 1962 Legislative designation for US-91
SR-2 Nevada state line in Wendover Wyoming state line near Evanston, Wyoming 196.680 316.526 1962 1977 Legislative designation for I-80
SR-2 SR-1 (US-91) Garden City 1920s 1962 Legislative designation for US-89 through Logan Canyon
SR-3 Idaho state line near Snowville I-80 in Echo 119.773 192.756 1962 1977 Legislative designation for I-84
SR-3 Idaho state line near Montpelier, Idaho Wyoming state line near Evanston, Wyoming 1920s 1962 Now SR-16 and a portion of US-89
SR-4 I-15 near Cove Fort Colorado State line near Fruita, Colorado 231.673 372.842 1962 1977 Legislative designation for I-70
SR-4 Nevada state line in Wendover Wyoming state line near Evanston, Wyoming 1920s 1962 Legislative designation for modern I-80, then US-40, US-530 and US-30S
SR-5 I-80 in Salt Lake City I-15 in North Salt Lake 28.928 46.555 1962 1977 Legislative designation for I-215
SR-5 US-91 in Ogden US-530 near Echo 38.73 62.330 1920s 1962 Legislative designation for portion of modern I-84, then a portion of US-30S
SR-6 US-40 near Park City Colorado state line near Dinosaur, Colorado 1920s 1977 Legislative designation for US-40 in eastern Utah
SR-7 I-15 in St. George Sand Hollow Road near Hurricane 18.299 29.449 2009 current Southern Parkway
SR-7 US-89 in Provo US-40 in Heber City 1920s 1977 Legislative designation for US-189
SR-8 Dixie Downs Road/Dixie Drive in St. George SR-18 (Bluff Street) in St. George 1.303 2.097 1991 current Sunset Boulevard
SR-8 I-15 in Lehi US-6 in Moark Junction 1920s 1977 Legislative designation for US-89 from north of Lehi to Moark Junction. Prior to 1962 was also the legislative designation for US-6 from Moark Junction to the Colorado state line.
SR-9 I-15 at Harrisburg Junction (near La Verkin) US-89 (State Street) at Mount Carmel Junction 57.075 91.853 1977 current
SR-9 US-50 at Crescent Junction Colorado state line near Dove Creek, Colorado 1920s 1977 Modern U.S. Route 191 and U.S. Route 491
SR-10 I-70/US-50/SR-72 (Exit 91) east of Fremont Junction SR-55 (100 North) in Price 68.816 110.749 1920s current
SR-11 U.S. Route 89A at the Arizona state line near Fredonia, Arizona US-89 in Kanab 2.945 4.740 1920s 2008 Now US-89A, prior to 1977 SR-11 extended north of Kanab towards Nephi
SR-12 US-89 at Bryce Canyon Junction south east of Panguitch SR-24 east of Torrey 122.863 197.729 1920s current
SR-13 US-89/US-91 (1100 South) in Brigham City I-15 (Exit 392) northwest of Plymouth 33.135 53.326 1977 current Old routing of US-191
SR-13 U.S. Route 91 in Logan Bear Lake 1962 1977 Legislative designation for US-89 through Logan Canyon
SR-13 U.S. Route 91 at Cove Fort US-89 near Joseph 1920s 1962 Now part of I-70
SR-14 SR-130 (Main Street) in Cedar City US-89 at Long Valley Junction east of Duck Creek Village 40.995 65.975 1920s current
SR-15 I-15 at Harrisburg Junction (near La Verkin) US-89 at Mount Carmel Junction 57.075 91.853 1920s 1977 Renumbered SR-9
SR-16 Wyoming Highway 89 at the Wyoming state line near Evanston, Wyoming SR-30 at Sage Creek Junction (Bear Lake) 29.359 47.249 1962 current
SR-16 SR-18 in Enterprise SR-56 in Newcastle 1935 1955
SR-16 La Verkin Arizona state line near Short Creek, Arizona 1920s 1935 Modern SR-59
SR-17 SR-9 in La Verkin I-15 at Anderson Junction 6.060 9.753 1927 current
SR-17 Brigham City Idaho state line near Portage 1920s 1927 part of modern SR-13
SR-18 I-15 in St. George SR-56 at Beryl Junction 51.005 82.085 1930s current
SR-19 I-70/US-6/US-50/US-191 west of Green River I-70/US-6/US-50/US-191 near Elgin (Green River) 4.552 7.326 1969 current Old routing of US-6/US-50
SR-19 Cedar City Lund 1930s 1969 No longer part of the state highway network
SR-20 I-15 north of Paragonah US-89 at Orton (Bear Valley Junction) 20.492 32.979 1930s current
SR-21 Nevada State Route 487 at the Nevada state line near Baker, Nevada SR-160 in Beaver 107.575 173.125 1930s current
SR-22 Antimony SR-62 6.852 11.027 1930s current
SR-23 US-89/US-91 south of Wellsville County Road D1 at the Idaho state line near Weston, Idaho 29.890 48.103 1953 current
SR-23 Widtsoe Escalante 1930s 1947 Now part of SR-12
SR-24 US-50 near Salina I-70/US-50 west of Green River 160.294 257.968 1930s current
SR-24A US-89 southwest of Sigurd SR-24 in Sigurd 1950s 1960s

SR-25 SR-24 at Fish Lake Junction Bowery Haven Resort (Fish Lake) 9.995 16.085 1930s current
SR-26 SR-126 in Roy US-89 in Ogden 3.724 5.993 1977 current
SR-26 US-50 in Delta US-89 in Salina 1930s 1977 Now part of US-50
SR-26A US-91 south of Santaquin US-6/US-50 in Santaquin 1950s 1960s
SR-27 Nevada state line near Baker, Nevada US-91 near Santaquin 1930s 1977 Legislative designation for US-6 in western Utah. Between 1962-1977 included other portions of US-6 corridor.
SR-28 US-89 in Gunnison I-15 north of Nephi 43.612 70.187 1930s current Between 1962-1977 extended south of Gunnison to Salina, as a legislative designation for a portion of US-89.
SR-29 Joes Valley Reservoir SR-10 north of Castle Dale 21.732 34.974 1930s current
SR-30 Nevada State Route 233 at the Nevada state line near Montello, Nevada Wyoming Highway 89 at the Wyoming state line near Kemmerer, Wyoming 135.620 218.259[Note 2] 1966 current
SR-30 Fountain Green Spring City 1935 1966
SR-31 US-89 in Fairview SR-10 in Huntington 47.746 76.840 1930s current
SR-32 US-40 north of Heber City I-80 northeast of Wanship 29.053 46.756 1989 current Old routing of US-189
SR-32 Pigeon Hollow Junction Thistle 1930s 1977 Legislative designation for a portion of US-89
SR-33 US-6 near Helper US-40 in Duchesne 1930s 1981 now part of US-191
SR-34 SR-18 in St. George Towards Washington 2.150 3.460 1964 current
SR-34 US-40 near Heber City US-530 in Wanship 1930s 1953 Legislative designation for then US-189 now SR-32
SR-35 SR-32 at Francis SR-87 north of Duchesne 62.012 99.799 1930s current Originally extended north of Francis along what is now SR-32
SR-36 US-6 west of Eureka I-80 north of Tooele 66.406 106.870 1930s current
SR-37 SR-126 in Sunset SR-108 near Roy 12.351 19.877 1930s current
SR-38 SR-13 in Brigham City SR-30 in Collinston 18.952 30.500 1993 current
SR-38 I-15 near Parowan I-15 near Parowan 1968 1975 Formerly part of US-91.
SR-38 Roy Hooper Junction 1927 1966 Now part of SR-37
SR-39 SR-134 west of Ogden SR-16 in Woodruff 67.744 109.023 1930s current
SR-40 1930s 1977 Now part of SR-134
SR-41 I-15/SR-28 in Nephi I-15 in Nephi 1968 2006 Formerly part of US-91, now part of SR-28
SR-41 1930s 1962 Now part of SR-13
SR-42 Idaho state line near Malta, Idaho SR-30 at Curlew Junction (near Promontory) 7.390 11.893 1930s current Formerly part of US-30S
SR-43 Wyoming Highway 414 at the Wyoming state line near Mountain View, Wyoming Wyoming Highway 530 at the Wyoming state line near Green River, Wyoming 10.557 16.990 1930s current
SR-44 US-191 at Greendale Junction (Flaming Gorge) SR-43 in Manila 27.995 45.054 1930s current
SR-45 South of Bonanza US-40 near Naples 40.028 64.419 1943 current
SR-46 US-191 at La Sal Junction Colorado State Highway 90 at the Colorado state line near Naturita, Colorado 21.595 34.754 1930s current
SR-47 Arizona state line in Monument Valley Monticello 1930s 1977 Now US-163 and part of US-191
SR-48 SR-154 in West Jordan US-89 in Midvale 4.562 7.342[Note 2] 1930s current
SR-49 US-91 at Farmington I-84 near Ogden 1927 1977 Legislative designation for portion of US-89
SR-49A US-89 at Uintah Junction US-30S at Weber Canyon 1953 1966
SR-50 SR-126 in Roy US-89 in Ogden 1969 1977 Formerly part of US-91, now SR-26
SR-50 Wattis SR-122 near Hiawatha 1935 1969 No longer part of the state highway network
SR-51 SR-147 in Spanish Fork US-89 in Springville 3.339 5.374 1992 current Formerly part of US-91
SR-51 SR-30 at Sage Creek Junction Wyoming state line near Randolph 1930s 1977 Now part of SR-30
SR-52 SR-114 in Orem US-189 in Orem 4.122 6.634 1930s current
SR-53 I-15/I-84 in Ogden US-89 in Ogden 1.949 3.137 1969 current
SR-53 US-6 near Wellington US-40 in Nine Mile Canyon 1931 1969 No longer part of the state highway network
SR-54 Mona I-15 east of Mona 1.344 2.163 1971 current
SR-54 SR-12 at Tropic Junction SR-24 near Teasdale 1931 1969
SR-55 US-6/US-191 west of Price US-6/US-191 southeast of Price 2.942 4.735 1975 current Old routing of US-6
SR-55 1931 1969
SR-56 Nevada State Route 319 at the Nevada state line near Caliente, Nevada SR-130 in Cedar City 61.502 98.978 1930s current
SR-57 SR-10 south of Orangeville Wilberg Mine northwest of Orangeville 10.691 17.205 1930s current
SR-58 I-80 Bus. at Nevada state line in West Wendover, Nevada I-80 (Exit 2) in Wendover 1.363 2.194 1969 current Formerly part of US-40
SR-58 Kanarraville Kanarraville 1965 1969 Formerly part of US-91
SR-58 SR-36 Clover 1945 1953
SR-59 Arizona State Route 389 in Colorado City, Arizona SR-9 in Hurricane 22.206 35.737 1930s current
SR-60 SR-26 in Riverdale US-89 in South Weber 7.496 12.064 1930s current Formerly part of US-30S
SR-61 SR-23 in Cornish US-91 at Webster Junction (near Cove) 7.287 11.727 1930s current
SR-62 US-89 south of Junction SR-24 at Plateau Junction near Koosharem 42.833 68.933 1930s current
SR-63 Bryce Canyon National Park SR-12 near Tropic Junction 2.630 4.233 1975 current
SR-63 1931 1971
SR-63A 1953 1969
SR-64 I-15 south of Holden US-50 in Holden 2.015 3.243 1975 current Formerly part of US-91
SR-64 Arizona state line near St. George US-91 in St. George 1930s 1969 No longer part of state highway network
SR-65 I-80 (Exit 134) near Mountain Dell Reservoir I-84 (Exit 115) in Henefer 28.315 45.569 1930s current
SR-66 SR-65 (East Canyon Road) northwest of East Canyon Reservoir I-84 (Exit 103) in Morgan 14.346 23.088 1930s current
SR-67 I-215 near North Salt Lake I-15/US-89 ind Farmington 11.500 18.507 2008 current Also signed as Legacy Parkway
SR-67 US-6 at Tintic Junction SR-36 near Tintic Junction 1975 1991 Connector between SR-36 and US-6, now part of SR-36
SR-67 Dixie Junior College Dixie Junior College 1962 1969 Legislative designation for state maintained roads at Dixie Junior College, Now SR-281
SR-67 1930s 1962 Legislative designation for portion of modern I-80 from SR 201 to I-15
SR-68 US-6 at Elberta US-89 in Woods Cross 70.623 113.657 1930s current
SR-69 US-89 in Brigham City Collinston 1930s 1993 Renumbered SR-38 due to sign thefts.
SR-70 Nevada State Route 30 at the Nevada state line near Montello, Nevada US-30S near Snowville 1931 1977 Now part of SR-30
SR-71 SR-154 in Riverton SR-186 in Salt Lake City 22.465 36.154 1930s current
SR-72 SR-24 in Loa I-70/US-50/SR-10 near Fremont Junction 35.393 56.960 1930s current
SR-73 SR-36 northeast of St. John Station (near Stockton & Rush Valley) US-89 (State Street) in Lehi 36.147 58.173[Note 2] 1930s current
SR-74 US-89 (East Main Street) in American Fork Immediately southwest of Canyon Crest Road in Alpine 5.058 8.140 1930s current
SR-75 I-15 in Springville US-89 Springville 2.023 3.256 1962 current
SR-75 US-91 in Salem US-91 in Salem 1930s 1953
SR-76 I-70 (Exit 86) west of Fremont Junction SR-72 at Fremont Junction 2.431 3.912 1977 current Formerly part of SR-10
SR-76 Paragonah Parowan 1968 1969 Formerly part of US-91, now part of SR-271
SR-76 US-91 in Cove Fort Sulphurdale 1941 1963
SR-77 SR-147 north of Benjamin US-89 in Springville 9.069 14.595 1962 current
SR-77 US-91 in Provo US-91 in Springville 1930s 1953
SR-78 I-15 near Mills Junction (Juab County) SR-28 in Levan 9.418 15.157 1977 current
SR-78 Orem Orem 1930s 1969 800 South in Orem
SR-79 SR-108 in West Haven SR-203 in Ogden 5.705 9.181[Note 3] 1957 current
SR-79 US-91 in Springville Hobble Creek Canyon 1930s 1953
SR-80 US-89 near American Fork US-189 in Provo Canyon 27.272 43.890 1930s 1977 Renumbered SR-92
SR-81 SR-30 south of Fielding Main Street in Fielding 2.475 3.983 1930s current
SR-82 SR-102 in Tremonton SR-13 east of Garland 3.178 5.114 1930s current
SR-82A US-30S in Tremonton SR-82 north of Tremonton 1955 1964 Now part of SR-82
SR-83 SR-13 in Corinne I-84 at Howell 30.726 49.449 1930s current
SR-84 1930s 1977 Now part of SR-126
SR-85 SR-5 in Mountain Green SR-39 near Huntsville 1930s 1945 Now part of SR-167
SR-85 SR-154]] in Riverside SR-41 1945 1953
SR-85 I-15 in Brigham City US-89 in Brigham City 1962 1977 Now part of U.S. Route 91
SR-85 I-15 in Lehi I-80 Salt Lake City 20.313 32.691[Note 2] 2012 current Portions north of 4100 South and between 2100 North and Porter Rockwell Boulevard not yet complete
Will eventually be a limited access freeway for entire length
SR-86 I-84 SR-65 at Henefer 2.141 3.446 1975 current
SR-86 1930s 1969
SR-87 US-40 in Duchesne US-40 southwest of Roosevelt 38.159 61.411 1930s current
SR-88 South of Ouray US-40 east of Fort Duchesne 16.996 27.352 1930s current
SR-89 1975 1977
SR-89 SR-35 in Francis SR-151 in Driscoll Dugway 1930s 1953 Became part of SR-151
SR-90 SR-13 in Brigham City US-89/US-91 1.178 1.896 1975 current
SR-90 Portage US-191 east of Portage 1947 1969
SR-90 1930s 1947
SR-91 1930s 1969
SR-92 I-15 in Lehi US-189 in Provo Canyon 27.296 43.929 1977 current
SR-92 1930s 1969
SR-93 I-15 south of Woods Cross US-89 0.355 0.571 1961 current
SR-93 1930s 1953
SR-94 I-70 Thompson 0.958 1.542 1969 current
SR-94 Thompson Sego 1930s 1969 No longer part of the state highway network
SR-95 SR-24 east of Hanksville US-191 south of Blanding 121.351 195.296 1930s current
SR-96 Clear Creek US-6 near Colton 22.759 36.627 1930s current
SR-97 SR-37 in Hooper Hill Air Force Base 5.347 8.605 1965 current
SR-97 Park City Park City 1945 1963 Now part of SR-224
SR-97 Circleville Kingston 1930s 1945 Became part of SR-22; now part of SR-62
SR-98 1969 2000
SR-98 1930s 1969
SR-99 I-15 south of Fillmore I-15 north of Fillmore 4.193 6.748 1969 current
SR-99 US-6/US-50 in Delta Sugarville 1930s 1969
SR-100 SR-99 in Fillmore US-50 west of Holden 16.934 27.253 1930s current
SR-101 SR-23 in Wellsville Hardware Ranch 21.811 35.101 1930s current
SR-102 SR-83 east of Lampo Junction (near Promontory) SR-38 20.072 32.303 1930s current
SR-103 SR-126 (North Main Street) in Clearfield I-15 in Clearfield 0.225 0.362 1965 current
SR-103 1935 1964
SR-103 1930s 1935
SR-104 SR-126 SR-204 in Ogden 3.088 4.970[Note 3] 1930s current
SR-105 SR-67 (Legacy Parkway) in Centerville SR-106 in Centerville 1.111 1.788 1965 current
SR-105 Santaquin Spanish Fork 1945 1964 Legislative designation for a portion of US-6, now part of SR-198
SR-105 Sunset South Hooper 1930s 1945 Now part of SR-37
SR-106 I-15 in West Bountiful US-89 in Farmington 9.426 15.170 1930s current
SR-107 SR-110 west of West Point 3000 West in West Point 1.502 2.417 1930s current
SR-108 I-15 in Layton SR-126 12.920 20.793 1930s current
SR-109 SR-126 US-89 in Layton 2.962 4.767 1969 current
SR-109 West of Layton US-91 in Layton 1930s 1969
SR-110 SR-127 west of Syracuse SR-37 west of Clinton 3.495 5.625 1969 current
SR-110 Kaysville Kaysville 1930s 1969
SR-111 SR-48 east of Copperton SR-201 northeast of Magna 10.596 17.053 1930s current
SR-112 SR-138 east of Grantsville SR-36 in Tooele 8.603 13.845 1930s current
SR-113 US-189 in Charleston US-40 in Heber City 7.141 11.492 1930s current
SR-114 US-89 (500 West) in Provo US-89 (State Street) in Pleasant Grove 10.787 17.360 1930s current
SR-115 SR-198 in Payson SR-156 in Spanish Fork 8.247 13.272 1930s current
SR-116 SR-132 in Moroni US-89 in Mount Pleasant 7.061 11.364 1930s current
SR-117 Wales US-89 12.192 19.621 1966 current
SR-117 SR-12 in Teasdale Grover 1930s 1966 No longer part of state route system
SR-118 I-70/US-89 SR-24 near Sigurd 24.137 38.845[Note 2] 1930s current
SR-119 SR-118 in Richfield SR-24 at Kings Meadow Canyon 8.753 14.087 1930s current
SR-120 I-70/US-89 I-70/US-89 north of Richfield 3.886 6.254 1969 current
SR-120 1945 1969
SR-120 1935 1945
SR-120 1930s 1935
SR-121 US-40 in Roosevelt US-40 in Vernal 40.293 64.845 1930s current
SR-122 Near Hiawatha SR-10 8.751 14.083 1930s current
SR-123 US-6/US-191 at Sunnyside Junction East Carbon-Sunnyside 11.421 18.380 1930s current
SR-124 Horse Canyon Mine SR-123 7.956 12.804 1930s current
SR-125 US-50/SR-136 east of Delta SR-132 near Leamington 21.855 35.172 1930s current
SR-126 I-15 south of Layton US-89 at Hot Springs Junction near Pleasant View 21.609 34.776 1977 current
SR-126 Greenville Greenville 1930s 1969 No longer part of the state route system
SR-127 SR-110 SR-108 in Syracuse 2.507 4.035 1965 current
SR-127 Parowan near Lund 1930s 1953 No longer part of the state route system
SR-128 US-191 near Moab I-70 near Cisco 44.564 71.719 1930s current
SR-129 Riverside Tremonton 1983 1989
SR-129 Milford Milford 1930s 1969
SR-129 US-89 in Lindon SR-92 in Highland 7.27 11.700 2014 current
SR-130 I-15 south of Cedar City SR-21 north of Minersville 43.076 69.324 1930s current
SR-131 Woods Cross 1930s 2001
SR-131 SR-68 in Bluffdale SR-140 in Bluffdale 3.047 4.904 2016 current
SR-132 US-6 in Lynndyl US-89 at Pigeon Hollow Junction 63.132 101.601 1930s current
SR-133 South of Kanosh I-15 north of Meadow 7.183 11.560 1969 current
SR-133 1930s 1969
SR-134 SR-37 at Kanesville SR-235 in North Ogden 14.304 23.020 1977 current
SR-134 1930s 1969
SR-135 1969 1992
SR-135 1930s 1969
SR-135 2800 West in Lindon SR-129 in Lindon 0.726 1.168 2016 current
SR-136 US-50/SR-125 east of Delta US-6 3.059 4.923 1985 current
SR-136 1930s 1969
SR-137 US-89 in Gunnison US-89 east of Gunnison 11.357 18.277[Note 4] 1930s current
SR-138 I-80 SR-36 at Mills Junction (Tooele County) 20.444 32.901 1965 current
SR-138 1930s 1953
SR-139 US-6/US-191 SR-157 near Spring Glen 1.408 2.266 1930s current
SR-140 800 west at Bluffdale I-15 2.559 4.118 1984 current
SR-140 Hinckley Deseret 1930s 1969
SR-141 US-6 in Genola SR-147 west of Payson 6.623 10.659 1969 current
SR-141 1930s 1969
SR-142 SR-23 near Newton US-91 in Richmond 17.353 27.927 1930s current
SR-143 I-15 west of Parowan US-89 in Panguitch 51.206 82.408 1930s current
SR-144 SR-92 in American Fork Canyon Tibble Fork Reservoir 2.478 3.988 1978 current
SR-144 1930s 1969
SR-145 SR-68 in Saratoga Springs US-89 in American Fork 5.717 9.201 1978 current
SR-145 1930s 1969
SR-146 US-89 at Pleasant Grove SR-92 near American Fork Canyon 5.306 8.539 1930s 2014 Decommissioned in exchange for creating SR-129.
SR-147 SR-141 at McBeth Corner (near Payson) US-89 18.175 29.250 1930s current
SR-148 SR-14 Cedar Breaks National Monument 2.544 4.094 1985 current
SR-148 US-6 in Lynndyl Leamington 1930s 1969 Now part of SR-132
SR-149 US-40 at Jensen Dinosaur National Monument 4.219 6.790 1930s current
SR-150 SR-32 in Kamas Wyoming Highway 150 at the Wyoming state line near Evanston, Wyoming 54.742 88.099 1930s current
SR-151 SR-154 I-15 4.235 6.816 1987 current
SR-151 US-40 in Hailstone Keetley 1930s 1977
SR-152 SR-71 I-215 3.044 4.899 1930s current
SR-153 SR-160 in Beaver US-89 in Junction 40.488 65.159 1945 current
SR-153 1930s 1945
SR-154 I-15 in Draper I-80 near Salt Lake City International Airport 24.319 39.138 1989 current Also known as the Bangerter Highway
SR-154 Garland Garland 1930s 1969 Garland Road
SR-155 SR-10 in Huntington SR-10 at Washboard Junction (near Cleveland) 10.718 17.249 1930s current
SR-156 SR-198 in Spanish Fork I-15 1.382 2.224 1962 current
SR-156 1930s 1953
SR-157 US-6/US-191 in Helper Kenilworth 5.189 8.351 1930s current In 2013 a section of the former SR-244 along Poplar Street was added to SR-157 when SR-244 was deleted from the State Highway System.[5]
SR-158 SR-39 at Eden Junction Powder Mountain Ski Resort 11.691 18.815 1990 current
SR-158 1930s 1969
SR-159 SR-21 near Garrison US-6/US-50 8.018 12.904 1979 current
SR-159 1930s 1969 Old alignment of US-6
SR-160 I-15 (Exit 109) in Beaver I-15 (Exit 112) in Beaver 3.808 6.128 1961 current
SR-160 1930s 1953
SR-161 I-70 near Cove Fort I-15 3.084 4.963 1965 current Formerly part of US-91
SR-161 1961 1964
SR-161 1930s 1953
SR-162 US-191 in Bluff Colorado State Highway 41 at the Colorado state line near Cortez, Colorado 31.852 51.261 2004 current
SR-162 1930s 1990
SR-163 1986 2004
SR-163 near Levan near Levan 1968 1977 Formerly part of US-91, Now part of SR-78
SR-163 1930s 1966
SR-164 I-15 (Exit 253) southwest of Spanish Fork SR-198 (South Main Street) in Spanish Fork 2.744 4.416 1962 current
SR-164 Petersboro Wellsville 1930s 1953 Now part of SR-23
SR-165 Paradise US-91 in Logan 10.722 17.255 1969 current
SR-165 1930s 1969
SR-166 1930s 1969
SR-166 1969 1990
SR-167 I-84 near Mountain Green SR-39 south of Huntsville 11.092 17.851 1985 current
SR-167 1930s 1969
SR-168 Hill Air Force Base SR-60 in Riverdale 1.160 1.867 1962 current
SR-168 1935 1953
SR-169 1977 1990
SR-169 North Salt Lake Bountiful 1962 1977 Legislative designation for US-89 through the Bountiful area
SR-169 1930s 1953
SR-170 SR-24 near Aurora I-70 near Aurora 1992 1993 Renumbered SR-260
SR-170 1930s 1969
SR-171 SR-111 I-215 15.660 25.202 1930s current
SR-172 Southwest of Salt Lake City I-80 9.218 14.835 1985 current
SR-172 Near Henefer Near Henefer 1930s 1969
SR-173 SR-111 southeast of Magna US-89 in Murray 9.939 15.995 1965 current
SR-173 1930s 1947
SR-174 Intermountain Power Plant US-6 south of Lynndyl 8.122 13.071 1985 current
SR-174 1930s 1965
SR-175 SR-154 in South Jordan US-89 in Sandy 4.860 7.821 2008 current 11400 South in Salt Lake County.
SR-175 1930s 1969
SR-176 SR-114 in Vineyard Main Street in Vineyard 1.042 1.677 2017 current
SR-176 1930s 1969
SR-177 Farmington West Point 2023 current West Davis Corridor
Road under construction
SR-177 Sandy Sandy 1965 1986 9000 South through Salt Lake County
SR-177 1930s 1963
SR-178 I-15 (Exit 248) in Payson SR-198 (South State Street) in Payson 1.198 1.928 2000 current
SR-178 1930s 1969
SR-179 SR-36 near Tooele I-80 near Stansbury Park 13.2 21.2 2018 current Tooele Mid Valley Highway
SR-179 1930s 1969
SR-180 I-15 southeast of American Fork US-89 in American Fork 1.051 1.691 1961 current
SR-180 near Ophir near Ophir 1930s 1961
SR-181 SR-152 SR-186 in Salt Lake City 6.904 11.111 1935 2007
SR-181A University of Utah University of Utah 1945 1962 Legislative designation for roads on the university campus, now SR-281
SR-181A University of Utah University of Utah 1962 1969 Legislative designation for roads on the university campus, now SR-282
SR-182 Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind 1930s 1969 Legislative designation for roads on the campus, now SR-285 and SR-291
SR-182A College of Eastern Utah College of Eastern Utah 1930s 1969 Legislative designation for roads on the campus, later SR-283, but deleted in 2001
SR-183 Utah State Industrial School (now the campus of Ogden–Weber Technical College) Utah State Industrial School 1930s 1969 Legislative designation for roads on the campus, now SR-286
SR-183A Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind 1945 1963 Legislative designation for roads on the campus, now SR-291
SR-184 US-89 in Provo Utah State Hospital 1930s 1963
SR-184 US-89 in Salt Lake City US-89 1.946 3.132 1963 2008
SR-184A Weber State University Weber State University 1930s 1969 Legislative designation for roads on the campus, now SR-284
SR-185 1930s 1969
SR-186 US-89 in Salt Lake City I-80 near Parley's Canyon 12.355 19.883 1930s current
SR-187 1930s 1941
SR-187 1941 1969
SR-188 1930s 1969
SR-189 1930s 1969
SR-190 I-215 at Knudsen's Corner (Holladay) East of Brighton 19.934 32.081[Note 4] 1987 current
SR-190 1930s 1969
SR-191 1930s 1953
SR-192 1930s 1953
SR-193 SR-126 in Clearfield US-89 5.669 9.123 1930s current
SR-194 1947 1969
SR-194 1930s 1947
SR-195[6] SR-266 (4500 South) Alternate US-40 (subsequently I-80 [Exit 127]) 2.566 4.130 1948 2007
SR-195 1930s 1947
SR-196 SR-199 immediately east of Dugway Proving Grounds I-80 (Exit 77) at Rowley Junction 36.922 59.420 1998 current
SR-196 1930s 1969
SR-197 SR-73 US-89 in Lehi 1.083 1.743 1930s 2011
SR-198 I-15 (Exit 244) in east Santaquin US-6 at Moark Junction in west Spanish Fork 15.715 25.291 1995 current Formerly part of US-6
SR-198 Deseret Chemical Depot Deseret Chemical Depot 1945 1969 Now part of SR-73
SR-198 1930s 1945
SR-199 Dugway Proving Grounds SR-36 21.960 35.341 1969 current
SR-199 1943 1969
SR-199 1930s 1943
SR-200 SR-61 in Lewiston Idaho state line near Preston, Idaho 1.565 2.519 1930s current
SR-201 I-80 (Exit 102) at Lake Point Junction near Magna Salt Lake City 16.699 26.874 1930s current Eastern half called 21st South Freeway. Formerly part of US-50ALT, US-40 and US-40ALT
SR-202 SR-201 (2400 South) west of Magna I-80 (Exit 104) 1.907 3.069 1969 current
SR-202 1961 1967
SR-202 1930s 1953
SR-203 US-89 near Uintah SR-39 6.137 9.877 1941 current
SR-203 1939 1941
SR-204 SR-26 in Ogden US-89 5.419 8.721 1930s current
SR-205 1930s 1953
SR-205 SR-104 (former alignment on Wilson Avenue) in Ogden SR-204 (Wall Avenue) in Ogden 1.2 (about) 1.9 (about) 1965 1969 Now part of SR-104
SR-205 1963 1964
SR-206 1930s 1969
SR-207 1941 1945
SR-207 1945 1968
SR-208 US-40 east of Fruitland SR-35 near Tabiona 10.205 16.423 1941 current
SR-209 SR-48 SR-210 near Little Cottonwood Canyon 14.592 23.484 1969 current
SR-209 1941 1969
SR-210 SR-190 at Big Cottonwood Canyon Alta 13.618 21.916[Note 4] 1941 current
SR-211 Dugout Ranch US-191 near Church Rock 18.915 30.441 1971 current
SR-211 1968 1969
SR-211 1941 1953
SR-212 I-15 near Washington Washington 1.289 2.074 1941 2012
SR-213 1941 1969
SR-214 I-15 in Spanish Fork US-89 near Spanish Fork 1962 1995 Now part of US-6
SR-214 near Goshen near Mona 1941 1953 Legislative Definition for a portion of US-91
SR-215 1968 1969
SR-215 1957 1959
SR-215 1941 1953
SR-216 1941 1969
SR-217 1941 1969
SR-218 SR-23 east of Newton US-91 in Smithfield 8.223 13.234 1941 current
SR-219 Enterprise SR-18 1.667 2.683 1985 current
SR-219 1941 1969
SR-220 1966 1990
SR-220 1941 1957
SR-221 1941 1969
SR-222 SR-113 in Midway Pine Creek Campground 3.361 5.409 2004 current
SR-222 1941 1969
SR-223 2001 2002
SR-223 1941 1969
SR-224 South of Park City I-80 at Kimball Junction 11.597 18.664 1941 current
SR-225 West of Farmington SR-106 in Farmington 1.274 2.050 1964 current
SR-225 1941 1963
SR-226 Snow Basin Ski Lodge SR-167 3.003 4.833 1941 current
SR-227 I-15 SR-106 in Farmington 0.704 1.133 1964 current
SR-227 1941 1953
SR-228 I-15 south of Leeds I-15 in Leeds 1.821 2.931[Note 4] 1981 current
SR-228 1941 1969
SR-229 1941 1969
SR-230 Ogden 1941 1969
SR-231 US-89 in Fairview SR-31 in Fairview 0.085 0.137 2018 current
SR-231 1945 1953
SR-231 1941 1945
SR-232 SR-126 in Layton Hill Air Force Base 2.401 3.864 1941 current
SR-233 1941 1968
SR-234 1941 1968
SR-235 US-89 in Ogden SR-134 in North Ogden 3.202 5.153 1941 current
SR-236 1941 1969
SR-237 Utah State University in Logan US-91 west of Hyde Park 4.805 7.733[7] 1969 2007
SR-237 1947 1953
SR-237 1945 1947
SR-238 SR-165 west of Millville US-91 in Logan 4.687 7.543[7] 1969 2007
SR-238 1945 1953
SR-239 US-91 in Logan SR-237 in Logan 1.046 1.683[7] 1983 2007
SR-239 1947 1969
SR-240 I-15/I-84 SR-38 in Honeyville 1.217 1.959 1983 current
SR-240 1966 1969
SR-240 1947 1953
SR-241 SR-114 in Orem I-15 in Orem 1.555 2.503 1969 current
SR-241 1947 1969
SR-242 1949 1969
SR-243 US-89 in Logan Canyon Beaver Mountain Ski Resort 1.427 2.297 1953 current
SR-244 US-6/US-191 in Helper US-6/US-191 in Helper 0.910 1.465 1953 2013 The Poplar Street portion of the former highway was added to SR-157.[5]
SR-245 1953 1969
SR-246 1953 1969
SR-247 1953 1985
SR-248 SR-224 at Park City Junction SR-32 in Kamas 14.481 23.305 1953 current
SR-249 1953 1969
SR-250 1953 1969
SR-251 US-89/US-91 in Mantua US-89/US-91 in Mantua 1953 1969
SR-252 US-89/US-91 in Logan US-91 in Logan 6.755 10.871 2007 current
SR-252 1953 1969
SR-253 1953 1969
SR-254 1953 1969
SR-255 US-89/US-91 in North Salt Lake SR-106 in Centerville 1953 1969
SR-256 US-89 north of Salina US-89 south of Axtell 5.595 9.004 1969 current
SR-256 1955 1969
SR-257 SR-21 at Milford US-6 near Hinckley 69.246 111.441 1955 current
SR-258 I-70/US-89 near Elsinore SR-118 east of Elsinore 2.022 3.254 1957 current
SR-259 SR-24 near Sigurd I-70 0.345 0.555 1992 current
SR-259 Arizona state line near Glen Canyon Dam Kanab 1957 1977 Legislative designation for the re-route of US-89 due to the construction of Glen Canyon Dam
SR-260 SR-24 south of Aurora US-50 west of Salina 4.179 6.725 1993 current
SR-260 Utah State Route 44 near Flaming Gorge Dam w:Wyoming State Line 1957 1981 now part of US-191
SR-261 US-163 north of Mexican Hat SR-95 east of Natural Bridges National Monument 32.691 52.611 1957 current
SR-262 US-191 north of Bluff SR-162 in Montezuma Creek 22.605 36.379 1958 current
SR-263 1969 1985
SR-263 1959 1969
SR-264 SR-31 SR-96 south of Scofield 15.373 24.740 1985 current
SR-264 1959 1969
SR-265 SR-114 in Orem US-189 in Provo 4.336 6.978 1961 current
SR-266 I-215 I-215 8.120 13.068 1961 current
SR-267 1966 1969
SR-267 1959 1964
SR-268 I-15 US-89 in Salt Lake City 0.734 1.181 1960 current
SR-269 I-15/I-80 US-89 in Salt Lake City 1.807 2.908[Note 3] 1960 current
SR-270 I-15/I-80 SR-186 in Salt Lake City 0.749 1.205 1960 current
SR-271 SR-274 in Parowan I-15 north of Paragonah 5.647 9.088 1977 current
SR-271 1964 1977 Legislative designation for a portion of US-89
SR-272 1969 2001
SR-273 US-89 north of Farmington I-15 in Kaysville 3.084 4.963 1969 current
SR-274 SR-143 in Parowan I-15 north of Parowan 1.257 2.023 1975 current
SR-275 SR-95 Natural Bridges National Monument 3.818 6.144 1975 current
SR-276 SR-95 north of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area SR-95 east of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area 89.814 144.542 1965 current
SR-277 US 89 at Glen Canyon City (Big Water) Glen Canyon National Recreation Area boundary 1.5 2.4 1964 1986 Road transferred to county
SR-278 SR 279 near Potash w:Dead Horse Point State Park 1961 1975 Approved by legislature but never built, withdrawn in favor the state taking over maintainance of what is now SR 313
SR-279 Potash Plant along the Colorado River US-191 north of Moab 15.178 24.427 1961 current
SR-280 I-80 south of Coalville Coalville 0.399 0.642 1963 current
SR-281 SR-34 in St. George Utah Tech University 1969 1991
SR-282 SR-186 and local streets in Salt Lake City University of Utah 2.944 4.738[Note 4] 1969 current
SR-283 1969 2001
SR-284 SR-203 and local streets in Ogden Weber State University 1.717 2.763[Note 4] 1969 current
SR-285 Local streets in Ogden Ogden City School District building 0.333 0.536 1969 current
SR-286 SR-235 in Ogden Ogden–Weber Technical College 1.307 2.103[Note 4] 1969 current
SR-287 SR-140 in Draper Utah State Prison 0.759 1.221 1969 current
SR-288 1969 2007
SR-289 SR-130 in Cedar City Southern Utah University 1.920 3.090 1969 current
SR-290 US-89 in Ephraim Snow College 1.165 1.875 1969 current
SR-291 Harrison Boulevard in Ogden Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind 0.565 0.909 1969 current
SR-292 SR-68 and local streets Salt Lake Community College 1.721 2.770[Note 4] 1969 current
SR-293 SR-186 Utah State Capitol 0.383 0.616[7] 1969 current
SR-294 1969 current Also signed as Center Street in Provo
SR-295 1969 2003
SR-296 700 North in American Fork Utah State Developmental Center 1.424 2.292 1969 current
SR-297 1969 1999
SR-298 Drivers' license test course in Ogden 0.900 1.448[Note 4] 1972 current
SR-299 Drivers' license test course in West Valley City 1.030 1.658[Note 4] 1977 current
SR-300 1972 1996
SR-301 Steinaker State Park US-191 2.039 3.281 1972 current
SR-302 SR-32 Rockport State Park 3.452 5.555 1972 current
SR-303 Goblin Valley State Park Towards SR-24 1.770 2.849 1972 current
SR-304 Hyrum Lake State Park Hyrum 0.086 0.138 1972 current
SR-305 1972 1990
SR-306 East Canyon State Park SR-66 0.227 0.365 1972 current
SR-307 1972 1984
SR-308 1972 2003
SR-309 Towards Ferron Millsite State Park 0.357 0.575 1972 current
SR-310 SR-21 Minersville Reservoir 0.353 0.568 1972 current
SR-311 US-40 Starvation State Park 3.916 6.302 1972 current
SR-312 Willard Bay State Park Towards Farr West 0.573 0.922 1972 current
SR-313 Dead Horse Point State Park US-191 near Seven Mile Canyon (near Moab) 22.506 36.220 1975 current
SR-314 US-189 Deer Creek State Park 0.767 1.234 1974 current
SR-315 Willard Bay State Park US-89 in Willard 1.760 2.832 1974 current
SR-316 Goosenecks State Park SR-261 3.513 5.654 1975 current
SR-317 South 2700 West in West Valley City Calvin L. Rampton Complex 1.620 2.607[Note 4] 1983 current
SR-318 SR-9 Quail Creek State Park 2.214 3.563 1992 current
SR-319 US-40 Jordanelle State Park 1.203 1.936 1989 current
SR-320 SR-68 Camp Williams 2.190 3.524[Note 4] 1992 current
SR-900 Skull Valley I-80 at Delle and Lakeside 16.18 26.04[4][Note 4] 1999 current
SR-901 Skull Valley SR-196 43.48 69.97[4][Note 4] 1999 current

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