List of highways in Guam

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Highways in Guam
System information
Maintained by Guam DPW
Formedc. 1950[1]
Highway names
Territorial:Guam Highway nn (GH-nn)
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Highways in Guam are maintained by the Department of Public Works of the United States territory of Guam.


Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Local names Formed Removed Notes
GH-1 21.04[2] 33.86 GH-2A in Santa Rita GH-9 in Yigo Marine Drive, Marine Corps Drive[3] 01941-01-01c. 1941[1] current
GH-2 GH-4 in Umatac GH-2A at Naval Base Guam Gate 2 in Santa Rita
GH-2A GH-2 in Santa Rita GH-1 in Santa Rita
GH-3 GH-1 in Tamuning GH-3A/GH-9 in Dededo
GH-3A GH-3/GH-9 in Dededo Ritidan Point
GH-4 GH-2 in Umatac GH-1 in Hagåtña
GH-4A GH-4 in Talofofo GH-17 in Talofofo
GH-5 GH-2A in Santa Rita GH-12 in Santa Rita
GH-6 GH-1 in Piti GH-1 in Asan-Maina
GH-7 GH-6 in Asan-Maina West O'Brien Drive (to GH-4) in Hagåtña
GH-7A GH-4 in Hagåtña GH-8 in Hagåtña
GH-7B GH-24A in Hagåtña GH-4 in Hagåtña
GH-8 GH-1 in Hagåtña T-intersection on the grounds of the US Naval Communication Station, Barrigada Purple Heart Highway
GH-9 GH-3/GH-3A in Dededo GH-1 at entrance to Andersen Air Force Base in Yigo
GH-10 GH-4 in Chalan Pago-Ordot GH-8 in Barrigada
GH-10A GH-1 in Tamuning GH-16 in Barrigada Provides access to Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport
GH-11 Access road to Cabras Island GH-1 in Piti
GH-12 GH-2 in Agat GH-5 in Santa Rita
GH-14 GH-1 in Tamuning GH-1 in Tamuning Chalan San Antonio, Pale San Vitores Road
GH-14A GH-14 in Tamuning GH-1 in Tamuning Tumon Bay Road
GH-14B GH-14 in Tamuning GH-1 in Tamuning Ypao Road
GH-15 GH-4 in Chalan Pago-Ordot Rear Gate at Andersen Air Force Base Backroad, Backroad to Andersen[4]
GH-16 GH-8 in Barrigada GH-1 at Tamuning–Dededo border
GH-17 GH-5 in Santa Rita GH-4 in Yona Cross Island Road
GH-18 Dead end on Drydock Island GH-1 in Piti
GH-24A Chalan Canton Tutujan in Sinajana GH-7/GH-33 in Hagåtña
GH-26 GH-15 in Adacao GH-1 in Dededo
GH-27 GH-16 in Dededo GH-1 in Dededo Harmon Loop Road, Hamburger Highway
GH-27A GH-16 in Dededo GH-28 in Dededo
GH-28 GH-1 in Dededo GH-3 in Dededo
GH-29 GH-1 in Yigo GH-15 in Yigo
GH-30 GH-1 in Tamuning Guam Memorial Hospital Gov. Carlos G. Camacho Road
GH-30A GH-30 in Tamuning GH-14 in Tamuning Farenholt Avenue
GH-32 University of Guam GH-10 in Mangilao
GH-33 GH-7A in Hagåtña GH-8 in Mongmong-Toto-Maite Sergeant Roy T. Damian Jr. Street, Kanada Toto Loop Road
GH-34 GH-1 in Dededo Dededo


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