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United States Numbered Highway System
System information
Length547.75 mi (881.52 km)
NotesU.S. Highways in Connecticut maintained by ConnDOT
Highway names
InterstatesInterstate X (I-X)
US HighwaysU.S. Route X (US X)
StateRoute X
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  • Connecticut State Highway System

United States Numbered Highways in the U.S. state of Connecticut, are numbered by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) and maintained by the Connecticut Department of Transportation, a total of 547.75 miles (881.52 km) as a system of state highways and are numbered from 1 to 202.


In 1926, the U.S. highway system was implemented. U.S. Routes 1, 5, 6, and 7, plus 202 were used as designations on several primary state highways, replacing New England routes 1, 2, 3, and 4, respectively. The other New England routes that were not re-designated as U.S. routes became ordinary state highways but kept their number designation, which are used even today (with some realignment).

Primary routes

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
US 1 117.37 188.89 US 1 in Port Chester, NY US 1 in Westerly, RI 01926-01-011926 current Mostly follows the old New England Route 1; functionally bypassed by I-95
US 5 54.59 87.85 I-91 in New Haven, CT US 5 in Longmeadow, MA 01926-01-011926 current Mostly follows the old New England Route 2; functionally bypassed by I-91
US 6 116.33 187.21 US 6/US 202 in Southeast, NY US 6 in Foster, RI 01926-01-011926 current Most of the proposed routing was part of old New England Route 3
US 7 78.29 126.00 I-95 in Norwalk US 7 in Sheffield, MA 01926-01-011926 current Mostly follows the old New England Route 4
US 44 106.03 170.64 US 44 in North East, NY US 44 in Glocester, RI 01934-01-011934 current
US 202 75.14 120.93 US 6/US 202 in Southeast, NY US 202/Route 10 in Southwick, MA 01935-01-011935 current
  •       Former

Alternate and auxiliary routes

Number Length (mi) Length (km) Southern or western terminus Northern or eastern terminus Formed Removed Notes
US 1A 1.93 3.11 US 1 in Stonington US 1 in Stonington 01939-01-011939 current Only remaining US alternate route in the state
US 1A Greenwich Milford Planning number for the Merritt Parkway. No route number signs were erected until it became part of Route 15 in 1948.
US 1A Stamford Stamford
US 1A Darien Darien 01956-01-011956 Old section of US 1 when the freeway was built there; now part of US 1 and the freeway is part of I-95
US 1A Norwalk Norwalk 01950-01-01c. 1950 Cross Street
US 1A Bridgeport Stratford 01928-01-01c. 1928 01963-01-011963 Present-day US 1 (North St, Boston Rd, Barnum Ave) then Main St (part of today's Route 113) and E. Main St (part of today's Route 110)
US 1A Milford Milford 01920-01-01c. 1920 01940-01-01c. 1940 Boston Post Road, between Bridgeport Ave and Cherry St; now part of US 1
US 1A East Haven East Haven 01941-01-01c. 1941 01947-01-01c. 1947 Main Street when the Saltonstall Parkway part of US 1 opened; previously part of US 1.
US 1A Branford, Connecticut Branford, Connecticut 01934-01-01c. 1934 01963-01-011963 West Main St, Main St, and East Main St
US 1A Old Saybrook Old Saybrook 01938-01-01c. 1938 01952-01-01c. 1952 Oyster River Rd (now the diagonal part of US 1). US 1 used to follow Old Boston Post Road into town.
US 1A East Lyme New London 01943-01-011943 01977-01-011977 Created when new US 1 freeway (now I-95) opened in 1943; deleted when US 1 was returned there in 1977.
US 1A Groton Groton 01936-01-011936 01940-01-011940 New section of Long Hill Road (today's US 1). The contemporary US 1 followed Thames Street, Poquonnock Road, Tower Avenue and Runway Lane.
US 1A Groton Groton 01956-01-01c. 1956 Section of Bridge Street leading eastward from today's I-95 exit 85 to US 1
US 5A Berlin Turnpike in Wethersfield MA 159 in Suffield 01932-01-011932 01968-01-011968 Now Route 159
US 5A East Hartford Windsor 01940-01-011940 01945-01-011945 Originally US 5 before the four-lane US 5 opened to the east.
US 5A Berlin Berlin 01940-01-011940 01963-01-011963 Worthington Ridge Road, formerly part of US 5.
US 5A Meriden Wallingford 01932-01-011932 01963-01-011963 A 7-mile section including Old Colony Road.
US 5A New Haven New Haven 01932-01-011932 01940-01-011940 State Street south from today's Route 22; now part of US 5
US 5A New Haven North Haven 01950-01-01c. 1950 01966-01-011966 Middletown Avenue (today's Route 17) and Maple Avenue (today's Route 103); early US 5
US 6A Newton Southbury 01955-01-011955 01965-01-011965 US 6A was created when a new US 6/US 202 highway opened to the south (which is now part of I-84).
US 6A Plymouth Hartford 01932-01-011932 01942-01-011942 There have been several routes signed as US 6A in the state; no special routes currently exist.
US 6A Woodbury Willimantic 01941-01-011941 01967-01-011967 Also served Waterbury, Meriden and Middletown; in 1967, US 6A was broken into Routes 64, 322, and 66
US 6A Coventry Windham 01940-01-011940 01942-01-011942 When US 6 was moved to its current "Suicide 6" path, this route briefly was US 6A before becoming part of Route 31.
US 6A Killingly Killingly 01959-01-011959 01968-01-011968 Now the Danielson Pike (SR 607/SR 618), this northern loop out of Danielson was part of US 6
US 44A 22.43 36.10 US 44 in Manchester US 44 in Ashford 01948-01-011948 01982-01-011982 When US 44 was relocated along a portion of the Wilbur Cross Highway, the former surface alignment became US 44A.
US 202A 1.23 1.98 US 202 in Danbury US 202 in Danbury 01935-01-011935 01974-01-011974 Former number for Coal Pit Hill Road in Danbury[1]
  •       Former

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