Kentucky Route 8

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Kentucky Route 8

Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length114.202 mi[1] (183.790 km)
Western segment
Length78.819 mi[1] (126.847 km)
West end KY 237 near Francisville
Major intersections I-71 / I-75 in Covington
US 25 / US 42 / US 127 in Covington
US 27 in Newport
I-471 in Newport
US 68 in Maysville
East end US 62 in Maysville
Eastern segment
Length35.383 mi[1] (56.943 km)
West end KY 57 / KY 3550 in Concord
East end US 23 in South Portsmouth
CountryUnited States
CountiesBoone, Kenton, Campbell, Pendleton, Bracken, Mason, Lewis, Greenup
Highway system
KY 7 KY 9

Kentucky Route 8 is a 114.202-mile-long (183.790 km) east–west state highway divided into two distinct segments across northern Kentucky. The western terminus of the route is at Kentucky Route 237 near Francisville. The eastern terminus is at U.S. Route 23 in South Portsmouth. The two distinct segments of this route were not meant to be connected together. KY 8 from its west end in Boone County to Augusta in Bracken County is designated as a part of an identified corridor for bikes named the Ramblin' River Tour by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).[2]

KY 8 is named the Mary Ingles Highway for part of its length. It is rumored that she was the first white woman in Kentucky. Captured by Indians in Virginia in 1755 and taken to Ohio, she later escaped a salt-making party at Big Bone Lick and made her way across the Kentucky wilderness back home to Virginia.

Route description

Western segment

The western segment of KY 8, the longer of the two, extends 78.819 miles (126.847 km) between rural Boone County and Maysville. KY 8 begins 1.5 miles west of Kentucky Route 237 along River Road near Francisville.[1] The route runs parallel to the Ohio River as it heads eastward, passing through Covington, Newport, and Augusta before ending at an intersection with US 62 in Maysville.[3]

KY 8 has been re-routed from its original path along Mary Ingles Highway in Fort Thomas due to a landslide.[4] According to Mike Bezold, a member of the Kentucky Transport Cabinet, the cost to repair the damaged section of road would be $50 million despite having a low amount of drivers.[5] Now, KY 8 follows Kentucky Route 1998 out of Silver Grove until it meets up with US 27 in Cold Spring. It then returns to its original route in Newport, but creates a small spur through Bellevue and Dayton. Its previous route along Mary Ingles Highway in Fort Thomas has since been replaced with Kentucky Route 445 to between Industrial Road and River Road. The rest of the route up to Dayton has since been reclassified as Kentucky Route 6335.[4] The Ramblin' River Tour which inhabits the part of the KY 8 that has been closed has not been redesignated as bicycles are still able to pass the landslide with ease.[2]

Eastern segment

The eastern segment of KY 8 extends for 39.933 miles (64.266 km) from Concord-Trinity Road west of Concord[1][6] to U.S. Route 23 in South Portsmouth west of South Shore.[7] The western terminus of this portion is a very narrow two-lane road that becomes gravel.

From Kentucky Route 3037 in Vanceburg to its eastern terminus at US 23, KY 8 was formerly designated Kentucky Route 10, with KY 8 ending at KY 3037 (then KY 10). The road became part of KY 8 in the late-1990s after KY 10 was rerouted onto the AA Highway to the south.

Major intersections

Landslide on former section of Kentucky Route 8 in Fort Thomas

Western segment


KY 237 south (North Bend Road) to I-275
Northern terminus of KY 237

KY 2846 west (Tanner Road) to I-275 – Hebron
Eastern terminus of KY 2846

KY 20 west (Petersburg Road) to I-275
Eastern terminus of KY 20
Anderson Ferry Road - Anderson Ferry
KentonVilla Hills9.61715.477
KY 371 south (Amsterdam Road)
Northern terminus of KY 371
KY 1072 south (Deverill Street)
north terminus of KY 1072
Covington15.92925.635West 3rd Street (KY 2374 east)Western terminus of KY 2374
16.15225.994 I-71 / I-75 – Cincinnati, Lexington, LouisvilleI-75 exit 192
16.31226.252Philadelphia Street (KY 3090 north)
16.45926.488 US 25 / US 42 / US 127 (Main Street)
16.55126.636Johnson Street (KY 2374 west)Eastern terminus of KY 2374
KY 17 south (Scott Boulevard)
KY 17 north (Greenup Street)
KY 9 south (Central)
Northern terminus of KY 9
US 27 south (York Street)
west end of US 27 overlap
US 27 north (Taylor Southgate Bridge)
east end of US 27 overlap; one-block overlap of US 27 north and KY 8 west; traffic circle
I-471 to I-275 – Cincinnati
I-471 exit 5
Fort Thomas25.31040.732
KY 445 north (River Road)
Southern terminus of KY 445
Highland Heights25.68941.342
KY 2926 south (Winters Lane)
north terminus of KY 2926
Silver Grove26.47242.603
KY 1998 west (Industrial Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 1998
KY 547 south (Four Mile Pike) – Alexandria
Northern terminus of KY 547

KY 1566 west (Oneonta Road) to KY 9
Eastern terminus of KY 1566
New Richmond Station36.76659.169

KY 2921 west (Painter Road) to KY 9
east terminus of KY 2921

KY 1996 west (New Richmond Road) to KY 9
Eastern terminus of KY 1996

KY 735 west (Smith Road) to KY 9
east terminus of KY 735

KY 2828 west (Ivor Road) to KY 9 (AA Hwy.)
Eastern terminus of KY 2828
KY 154 west – Peach Grove
Eastern terminus of KY 154
BrackenFoster48.68878.356 KY 2228 (Foster Road)Eastern terminus of KY 2228
KY 1019 south (Lenoxburg Foster Road) – Lenoxburg
Northern terminus of KY 1019

KY 1109 south (Bradford Road) to KY 9
Northern terminus of KY 1109
KY 1159 south (Wellsburg Woolcott Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1159
KY 19 south (Augusta-Chatham Road)
Northern terminus of KY 19
KY 435 south (Augusta Minerva Road)
Northern terminus of KY 435
KY 1235 south (Dover Minerva Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1235
South Ripley69.906112.503
KY 576 south (Tuckahoe Road)
north terminus of KY 576
KY 1597 south (Charleston Bottoms Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1597
75.686121.805 US 68 / to AA Highway (Kentucky Route 9) – Ripley, OH, Aberdeen, OHinterchange
KY 3056 west (Jersey Ridge Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 3056
78.819126.847 US 62 (Third Street / Simon Kenton Memorial Bridge / US 68 Bus.)Eastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Eastern segment


KY 57 south / KY 3550 west
Western terminus

KY 3037 south (Clarksburg Road) to KY 9 (AA Hwy.)
Northern terminus of KY 3037
KY 59 south / Main Street
Northern terminus of KY 59; former KY 2525 east
13.31021.420Second Streetformer KY 2525 west
KY 3020 east
Western terminus of KY 3020
KY 1306 south (Kinney Road)
north terminus of KY 1306
KY 3311 south (Montgomery Road)
Northern terminus of KY 3311
To KY 10 (via KY 8C)
Northern terminus of KY 8C
KY 1021 south (Briary Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1021
GreenupSouth Portsmouth34.36055.297

US 23 Truck north / KY 8S north (Carl Perkins Bridge) to US 52 – Portsmouth
west end of US 23 Truck overlap
35.38356.943 US 23 (U.S. Grant Bridge) – Greenup, Ashland, Portsmoutheast end of US 23 Truck overlap
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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