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Kentucky Route 55

KY 55; mainline in red, business routes in blue
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length140.858 mi[1] (226.689 km)
Major junctions
South end US 127 in Freedom
Major intersections US 68 in Campbellsville

Bluegrass Parkway near Bloomfield
I-64 in Shelbyville

US 60 / KY 55 Bus. in Shelbyville

US 421 near Campbellsburg
North end US 42 / KY 36 in Prestonville
CountryUnited States
CountiesRussell, Adair, Taylor, Marion, Washington, Nelson, Spencer, Shelby, Henry, Trimble, Carroll
Highway system
KY 54 KY 56
Junction point of Kentucky Highway 44 and Kentucky Highway 55.

Kentucky Route 55 (KY 55) is a 140.858-mile-long (226.689 km) state highway in the U.S. Commonwealth of Kentucky.

The route originates at a junction with U.S. Route 127 in Freedom, Russell County. The route continues through Columbia in Adair County to U.S. Route 68 in Campbellsville, Taylor County, where KY 55 joins US 68 east to Lebanon in Marion County. In Lebanon, KY 55 separates from US 68 and proceeds northward through Springfield in Washington County, Bloomfield in Nelson County, and Taylorsville and Elk Creek in Spencer County. In Shelby County it passes through Finchville and Shelbyville and continues north through Eminence in Henry County. Roughly three miles south of New Castle, KY 55 intersects U.S. Route 421. The two routes run concurrent for eight miles (13 km) before splitting near Campbellsburg. KY 55 continues north to Prestonville, where it ends at an intersection with U.S. Route 42 and Kentucky Route 36 on the bank of the Ohio River.

Route description

Russell County through Taylor County

The route originates at a junction with U.S. Route 127 in the southern Russell County community of Freedom. The route continues into Adair County through Columbia. In the 2010s, KY 55 was rerouted onto the Columbia Bypass, while the original KY 55 alignment, which went through town and provided Cumberland Parkway access, was re-designated as KY 55 Business.

The route continues northward, bypassing the Green River Lake State Park, and on to U.S. Route 68 in Campbellsville, Taylor County, where KY 55 joins US 68 east, and also runs concurrently with KY 70 for the remaining of that route's concurrency with US 68. US 68 and KY 55 continues north into Marion County.

Marion County through Spencer County

At Lebanon, KY 55 splits from US 68 and continues to Springfield, Washington County, running into downtown Springfield and crossing US 150. It continues north-northwestwardly into eastern Nelson County, providing access to the Bluegrass Parkway and US 62 at Bloomfield. KY 55 goes further north to Spencer County, and goes through Taylorsville.

Shelby County through Carroll County

From Spencer County, KY 55 runs northeast into Shelby County. The route runs through open fields with occasional houses lining the road. 2.184 miles (3.515 km) into Shelby County, KY 55 intersects with KY 148 and enters the community of Finchville. In Finchville the route is lined with houses and a few businesses, and the speed limited is reduced to 35 MPH. After meeting the eastern terminus of KY 1848, KY 55 leaves Finchville and heads north toward Shelbyville. In Shelbyville, KY 55 crosses Interstate 64 at Exit 32. Currently, KY 55 widens to 4 lanes with a center turning lane a few tenths of a mile north of the Interstate. However, construction is currently going on to widen the road to 4 lanes starting just south of the interstate as part of the I-64 widening project.[2] North of I-64, many businesses line KY 55 as well as 3 industrial parks. 1.7 miles (2.7 km) north of the interstate, KY 55 intersects with US 60 / KY 55 Business and becomes the Shelbyville Bypass (Freedom's Way). The Shelbyville Bypass opened up in November 2010, and is a 4.5 mile 4-lane divided highway.[3] The Shelbyville Bypass runs north then curves east, crossing KY 53 near Shelby County West Middle School. The route continues east, crossing over Clear Creek and ends north of Shelbyville at an intersection with KY 55 Business. North of the Shelbyville Bypass, KY 55 becomes Eminence Pike and narrows to two-lanes as it heads north passing open fields and houses before entering into Henry County roughly 8 miles (13 km) further north.

In Henry County, KY 55 enters the city of Eminence and forms a concurrency with KY 22 for 0.1 miles (0.16 km). It continues north out of town and forms a concurrency with US 421 3 miles (4.8 km) north of KY 22. After passing by Henry County High School and traveling through New Castle, US 421 and KY 55 split in Campbellsburg. Roughly 2.5 miles (4.0 km) north of US 421, KY 55 passes over Interstate 71 and enters into Trimble County, where it travels for a short distance. The route intersects KY 316 at its eastern terminus and continues northward into Carroll County just over 1 mile (1.6 km) from the Trimble County-Henry County line.

In Carroll County, KY 55 curves toward the northeast, passing KY 549 and KY 389 in rural sections of the county. After the intersection with KY 389, the route turns toward the northwest and travels along the Kentucky River on the east, with mainly woods on the west. As it nears Presntonville, KY 55 turns toward the west, then northeast, then north at New Castle Pike. In Prestonville, it passes by a few homes before it ends at an intersection with US 42/KY 36, just west of the Kentucky River and south of the Ohio River. The entire route remains two-lanes throughout Henry, Trimble, and Carroll counties.

Major intersections

RussellFreedom0.0000.000 US 127 – Jamestown, Wolf Creek Dam, AlbanySouthern terminus
0.5200.837 KY 2284Southern terminus of KY 2284
2.0273.262 KY 1058Eastern terminus of KY 1058
Olga4.3096.935 KY 379 – Creelsboro, Russell Springs
Adair8.46013.615 KY 1313Northern terminus of KY 1313
Glens Fork11.49918.506 KY 900Northern terminus of KY 900
11.50518.516 KY 768Southern end of KY 768 overlap
11.67018.781 KY 768Northern end of KY 768 overlap
KY 92 east (Montpelier Road)
west terminus of KY 92
17.45528.091 KY 704 – BurkesvilleNorthern terminus of KY 704

KY 55 Bus. north / KY 6177 (Industrial Drive) – Columbia
Southern terminus of KY 55 Bus.
KY 61 south / KY 80 (Burkesville Street)
Southern end of KY 61 overlap
KY 61 north / KY 439 (Greensburg Street) – Greensburg
Western terminus of KY 439/Northern end of KY 61 overlap
21.59434.752 KY 767 (Dillon Street)

KY 55 Bus. south (Campbellsville Street)
Northern terminus of KY 55 Bus.
23.36537.602 KY 551 (Knifley Road)Southern terminus of KY 551
25.43440.932 KY 530 (Cane Valley Road)Southern terminus of KY 530
Cane Valley27.40744.107 KY 2972 (Cane Valley Mill Road)Eastern terminus of KY 2972
28.11245.242 KY 633 (Farris Road)Eastern terminus of KY 633
28.89146.496 KY 682 (Cane Valley Road) – Holmes Bend Recreation AreaWestern terminus of KY 682
Coburg28.98346.644 KY 1913 (Coburg Lane)Eastern terminus of KY 1913
KY 565 west (Ebenezer Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 565
KY 1701 south (Milder Creek Road)
north terminus of KY 1701
KY 3183 north (Old Columbia Road)
Southern terminus of KY 3183
Hatcher27.85144.822 KY 1061 (Lone Valley Road) – Green River Reservoir State Park
29.30847.167 KY 1625 (Blue Hole Road)Southern terminus of KY 1625
KY 3183 south (Old Columbia Road)
Northern terminus of KY 3183

US 68 west / KY 70 west / KY 210 west – Hodgenville, Greensburg, Jacob Hiestand Museum
Southern end of US 68 / KY 70 overlap
see US 68
US 68 east (West Main Street) – Danville
Northern end of US 68 overlap

KY 49 north (Loretto Road) / KY 52 west to KY 84 – Bardstown
Southern end of KY 49 / KY 52 overlap
KY 49 south (Proctor Knott Avenue / KY 52 east)
Northern end of KY 49 / KY 52 overlap
51.66983.153Spalding Avenue (KY 55S south)Northern terminus of KY 55S
KY 429 north (St. Rose Road)
Southern terminus of KY 429

KY 2154 east (Corporate Drive) to US 68 east
Southern end of KY 2154 overlap
KY 2154 west – truck to US 68 west / KY 55 south
Northern end of KY 2154 overlap
Washington57.49492.528 KY 3165 (Old Lebanon Road)Northern terminus of KY 3165
58.57494.266 KY 3164 / KY 528 (Lebanon Road) – SpringfieldEastern terminus of KY 3164/Western terminus of KY 528

US 150 Bus. east / KY 152 east (Main Street) / KY 555 north to US 150 / Bluegrass Parkway – Springfield, Lincoln Homestead State Park
Southern end of US 150 Bus. / KY 152 overlap

US 150 Bus. west / KY 152 west – Bardstown
Northern end of US 150 Bus. / KY 152 overlap
61.44298.881 US 150
KY 438 east (Beechland Road)
Western terminus of KY 438
Mooresville68.770110.675 KY 458 (Mt. Zion Road)Western terminus of KY 458
KY 529 south (Valley Hill Road)
north terminus of KY 529
KY 1858 west (Stringtown Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 1858
75.125120.902 Bluegrass Parkway – Elizabethtown, LexingtonBluegrass Parkway exit 34
75.649121.745 KY 2738 (Tunnel Mill Road)Western terminus of KY 2738
US 62 west – Bardstown
Southern end of US 62 overlap

US 62 east / KY 48 west – Fairfield
Northern end of US 62 overlap
KY 458 south (Chaplin Road)
north terminus of KY 458
KY 1066 east (Franklin Road)
Western terminus of KY 1066
KY 1392 south
north terminus of KY 1392
KY 2239 north (Overlook Road) – Taylorsville Lake State Park
Southern terminus of KY 2239
KY 652 south (Little Union Road) – Fairfield
KY 2885 south (West River Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 2885
KY 44 west (Main Street) – Mount Washington
Southern end of KY 44 overlap

KY 3200 east (East Main Street) – Mount Eden
KY 44 east (Little Mount Road) – Taylorsville Lake State Park
Northern end of KY 44 overlap

To Elk Creek Road / KY 1633
92.561148.962 KY 1169 (Normandy Road)
Elk Creek93.271150.105

KY 155 north / KY 1663 south – Louisville
Northern terminus of KY 1663/Southern terminus of KY 155
ShelbyFinchville97.751157.315 KY 148 (Fisherville Road)
KY 1848 north (Buck Creek Road)
south terminus of KY 1848
Shelbyville101.784163.805 I-64 – Louisville, LexingtonI-64 exit 32
KY 2862 north (Pearce Industrial Road)
south terminus of KY 2862

US 60 / KY 55 Bus. north (Shelbyville Road) – Louisville, Shelbyville
105.683170.080 KY 53 (LaGrange Road)

KY 55 Bus. south (Eminence Pike)
Northern terminus of KY 55 Bus.
KY 1899 north (Mulberry Pike)
south terminus of KY 1899
KY 22 west (West Broadway) – Louisville
Southern end of KY 22 overlap
KY 22 east (Elm Street) – Owenton
Northern end of KY 22 overlap
KY 1861 west (Sunnyside Road)
Eastern terminus of KY 1861
US 421 south (Castle Highway) – Frankfort
Southern end of US 421 overlap
see US 421

US 421 north (Campbellsburg Road) to I-71 – Bedford
Northern end of US 421 overlap
KY 316 west
Eastern terminus of KY 316
KY 549 north
Southern terminus of KY 549

KY 389 south to I-71
KY 549 south
Northern terminus of 549
Prestonville140.858226.689 US 42 / KY 36Northern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

Special routes

Columbia business route

Business plate.svg

Kentucky Route 55 Business

Length3.025 mi[1] (4.868 km)

Kentucky Route 55 Business (KY 55 Business) is a business route of KY 55 in Columbia. The highway runs 3.025 miles (4.868 km) between junctions with KY 6177/KY 55 south of Columbia and KY 55 north of Columbia. The route runs north from its southern terminus and passes over the Louie B. Nunn Cumberland Parkway as it enters Columbia. 0.934 miles (1.503 km) from KY 55 south of Columbia, the route forms a concurrency with KY 80 and turns northwest as it passes through the heart of town. At an intersection with KY 80 and KY 439, it turns toward the north. KY 55 Business intersects KY 206 as it continues its northward path out of Columbia. A little over 1 mile (1.6 km) north of KY 206, KY 55 Business ends at an intersection with KY 55 (Columbia Bypass).

Lebanon spur

Spur plate.svg

Kentucky Route 55 Spur

Length0.255 mi[1] (410 m)

Kentucky Route 55 Spur (KY 55 Spur) in Lebanon is 0.255 miles (0.410 km) long and connects KY 55 to US 68 in the heart of downtown Lebanon.

Shelbyville business route

Business plate.svg

Kentucky Route 55 Business

Length5.150 mi[1] (8.288 km)

Kentucky Route 55 Business (KY 55 Business) is a business route of KY 55 in Shelbyville. The highway runs 5.150 miles (8.288 km) between junctions with US 60/KY 55 west of Shelbyville and KY 55 north of Shelbyville. The route was formed in 2010 with the completion of the Shelbyville Bypass (Freedom's Way), which re-routed KY 55 around Shelbyville.[3] The old route that passed through Shelbyville became KY 55 Business. For the first 3.074 miles, the route forms a concurrency with US 60 and is a four-lane highway. From its origin, it passes through a commercial area of Shelbyville with many businesses and shopping centers lining the roadway. Roughly 1.3 miles (2.1 km) from its origin, KY 55 Business splits into two one-way routes, Main Street going west to east, and Washington Street going east to west. Here it also forms a concurrency with KY 53. The route passes through downtown Shelbyville and the one-way routes join together just east of downtown. The route then departs with US 60 and KY 53 and turns north and becomes a two-lane highway, passing by multiple businesses and subdivisions. After intersecting KY 43 and KY 2268, it continues north for roughly 0.8 miles (1.3 km) before ending at KY 55 north of Shelbyville.


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