Kentucky Route 467

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Kentucky Route 467

KY 467 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length48.380 mi[1] (77.860 km)
Major junctions
West end KY 227 near Worthville
Major intersections
East end KY 177 near DeMossville
CountryUnited States
CountiesCarroll, Gallatin, Grant, Pendleton
Highway system
KY 466 KY 468

Kentucky Route 467 is a 41.287-mile state highway in Kentucky that runs from KY 227 just west of Worthville to KY 177 just west of DeMossville.

Route description

KY 467 begins at KY 227 just west of Worthville and runs east through Worthville. It joins KY 36 at an area, which no longer exists, called Eagle Station before both routes enter Sanders. In Sanders, KY 36 and 467 split. KY 36 goes to the right while KY 467 goes to the left with KY 47. Just after crossing the railroad tracks, KY 467 branches to the right while KY 47 heads north for Ghent. A few miles later, KY 467 enters Sparta and joins KY 35 to the right and runs with KY 35 for a couple hundred feet before branching to the left. After KY 467 enters Glencoe, it meets US 127 and merges to the right for a couple hundred feet before branching to the left. After it enters into Dry Ridge, it meets KY 22 and joins it for 3.2 miles as it bypasses Dry Ridge to the north and east. KY 467 meets Interstate 75 just after joining KY 22. KY 467 and KY 22 meet US-25 north of the city and use the newer Dry Ridge Bypass to bypass the city to the north. On the east side of the city, it branches from US 25 and KY 22 and heads east again. KY 467 turns to the north before meeting Kentucky Route 17. KY 467 uses KY 17 for a short bit before KY 467 branches to the right. In less than a mile, KY 467 comes to an end at KY 177, just west of DeMossville.

Major intersections

CarrollWorthville0.0000.000 KY 227Western terminus
Eagle Station4.5247.281
KY 36 west
Western terminus of concurrency with KY-36

KY 36 east / KY 47 north (Pike Street)
Eastern terminus of concurrency with KY-36; southern terminus of KY-47
KY 35 north (Sparta Pike)
Northern end of concurrency with KY-35
KY 35 south (Sparta Pike)
Southern end of concurrency with KY-35
US 127 north (Main Street)
Northern end of concurrency with US-127
US 127 south (Main Street)
Southern end of concurrency with US-127
KY 1942 north (Elliston-Mt. Zion Road)
Southern terminus of KY-1942
KY 1132 south (Jonesville Road)
Northern terminus of KY-1132
Dry Ridge30.97349.846
KY 22 west (Taft Highway)
Eastern end of concurrency with KY-22
I-75 south – Lexington
Exit 159 off I-75 South and ramp to I-75 South
I-75 north – Cincinnati
Exit 159 off I-75 North and ramp to I-75 North

KY 22 Bus. east (Broadway Street)
West end of Dry Ridge Bypass; western terminus of KY-22 Business. 22-Business continues east while 22 and 467 turn north
US 25 north (Dixie Highway)
North/west end of concurrency with US-25

US 25 south / KY 22 east
End of concurrency with US-25 and KY-22; bypass continues south
KY 489 south
Northern terminus of KY-489
KY 3184 west (Center Ridge Road)
Eastern terminus of KY-3184
KY 1657 east (Lightfoot Fork Road)
Western terminus of KY-1657
KY 17 south
Southern end of KY-17 concurrency
KY 17 north
Northern end of KY-17 concurrency; T junction - KY-17 to the left, KY-467 to KY-177 to the right
48.38077.860 KY 177Eastern terminus just south of DeMossville
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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