Kentucky Route 39

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Kentucky Route 39

KY 39 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length61.425 mi[1] (98.854 km)
Major junctions
South endElongated circle 1247.svg KY 1247 in Somerset
Major intersectionsUS 150.svg US 150 in Crab Orchard
US 27.svg US 27 in Lancaster
Elongated circle 563.svg KY 563 near Cottonburg
Kentucky River near Cottonburg
North endBusiness plate.svg
US 27.svgElongated circle 29.svg US 27 BUS/KY 29 in Nicholasville
CountryUnited States
CountiesPulaski, Lincoln, Garrard, Jessamine
Highway system
KY 38 KY 40

Kentucky Route 39 (KY 39) is a state highway in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The route, part of the State Secondary System, exists in two segments, separated at the Madison-Jessamine county line by the Kentucky River. While there is a boat ramp on each side, there is no bridge or ferry carrying vehicular traffic across the waterway. The southernmost terminus of the route is at Kentucky Route 1247 in Somerset. The northernmost terminus is at U.S. Route 27 Business and Kentucky Route 29 in Nicholasville.

The northern terminus of the southern segment is at Kentucky Route 563 in Garrard County 1.5 miles (2.4 km) south of the Kentucky River. Although KY 39 ends, the roadway continues north to the south bank of the river at the confluence of Paint Lick Creek; there is a concrete boat landing at the site of an old ferry crossing. The segment between Lancaster and the river is locally called Buckeye Pike. The southern terminus of the northern segment is at the boat launch on the north bank.

Major intersections

PulaskiSomerset0.0000.000 KY 1247Southern terminus
KY 2296 south (College Street)
Northern terminus of KY 2296
KY 80 (Hal Rogers Parkway) to US 27 – Somerset
Somerset to the east, US 27 to the west
KY 1575 west (East University Drive)
Eastern terminus of KY 1575
KY 635 west
Eastern terminus of KY 635
KY 1317 east (Pine Hill Road)
Western terminus of KY 1317
KY 452 west
Eastern terminus of KY 452
KY 934 east
Western terminus of KY 934
KY 935 east
Western terminus of KY 935

KY 70 to US 150 / US 27
US 150 to the east, US 27 to the west
17.02927.406 KY 3267 (Arnie Gentry Road)
KY 328 west
Southern end of concurrency
Bee Lick17.71328.506
KY 328 east (Bee Lick Road)
Northern end of concurrency
LincolnDog Walk21.10933.972
KY 618 east
Southern end of concurrency
KY 618 west
Northern end of concurrency
KY 3245 east
Western terminus of KY 3245
US 150 to I-75
I-75 to the east
Crab Orchard26.96543.396
KY 2750 east (Main Street)
Southern end of concurrency
KY 643 west (Elm Street)
Eastern terminus of KY 643
KY 2750 west (Stanford Street)
Northern end of concurrency
KY 3246 east – Fall Lick, Maywoods
Western terminus of KY 3246
KY 1972 east (Crab Orchard Road)
Western terminus of KY 1972
US 27 south (Stanford Street)
Southern end of US 27 concurrency
KY 52 (Danville Road/Richmond Road) to I-75 – Danville, Richmond
Danville Road to the west, Richmond Road to the east
US 27 north (Lexington Road)
Northern end of concurrency; 27 continues north while 39 turns east over Maple Avenue
KY 563 east (Perry Rodgers Road)
Southern end of concurrency
KY 563 west (Poor Ridge Pike)
Northern end of concurrency
KY 1131 east (Bethel Road)
Western terminus of KY 1131
KY 563 south (Dave Simpson Road) / Buckeye Road
Northern terminus of KY 563; northern terminus of southern section of KY 39
Road continues 1.5 miles north to old boat ramp / former ferry crossing at the Kentucky River. KY 39 continues on the other side of the river
KY 1541 north (River Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1541
KY 1268 north (Little Hickman Road)
Southern terminus of KY 1268
KY 3374 west (Hoover Pike)
Eastern terminus of KY 3374
KY 1541 south (Chrisman Mill Road)
Northern terminus of KY 1541

US 27 Bus. (North Main Street/South Main Street) / KY 29 west (West Maple Street)
Northern terminus of KY 39; eastern terminus of KY 29
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


From 1958 to 1981 the southern terminus was located at US 27, via University Drive, this changed back to Kentucky 1247.[2]


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