Kentucky Route 330

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Kentucky Route 330

KY 330 highlighted in red
Route information
Maintained by KYTC
Length38.3 mi[1][2] (61.6 km)
Major junctions
West end KY 227 in Hallam
Major intersections KY 845 near Breck
KY 607 southwest of Corinth
I-75 southwest of Corinth
US 25 in Corinth
KY 36 in Cordova
East end US 27 / KY 22 northwest of Falmouth
CountryUnited States
CountiesOwen, Grant, Pendleton
Highway system
KY 329 KY 331

Kentucky Route 330 (KY 330) is a 38.3-mile-long (61.6 km) state highway in the U.S. state of Kentucky. The highway connects mostly rural areas of Owen, Grant, and Pendleton counties with the Corinth and Falmouth areas.

Route description

Owen County

KY 330 begins at an intersection with KY 227 (Georgetown Road) in Hallam, within Owen County. It travels to the east and curves to the east-northeast. It intersects the northern terminus of KY 1883 and curves to the northeast. KY 330 crosses over Elk Creek and then Singer Run. It then curves to the north-northeast and has a brief concurrency with KY 845. KY 330 heads to the east-southeast and crosses over Eagle Creek. It travels through Lusbys Mill. The highway intersects the southern terminus of KY 3096 (Fortner Ridge Road) and travels to the south-southeast. It curves to the east-southeast and travels through Canby. It heads to the southeast and then travels along the Grant County line. While on the county line, it intersects the eastern terminus of KY 607 (New Columbus Drive). It then curves to the north-northeast and enters Grant County proper.[1]

Grant County

KY 330 curves to the northeast and has an interchange with Interstate 75 (I-75). It then passes Ecklers Cemetery before it enters Corinth. There, it intersects U.S. Route 25 (US 25; Cincinnati Road). They travel concurrently to the north-northwest, through the city. When they split, KY 330 heads to the east-southeast, crosses over some railroad tracks, curves to the northeast, and leaves the city limits of Corinth. The highway then begins paralleling Crooked Creek. In Cordova, it has a very brief concurrency with KY 36 (Cordova Road). It heads to the east and leaves the creek before it curves to the north-northeast. Then, it enters Pendleton County.[1][2]

Pendleton County

KY 330 gradually curves to the east-northeast and then back to the north-northeast. It passes Morgan Cemetery and then begins paralleling the South Fork Licking Creek. It begins a concurrency with KY 1054 just west of Morgan. They curve to the northwest and intersect the eastern terminus of Gumlick Road. Here, they turn right, to the northeast, and immediately cross the South Fork Licking River. They curve to the north-northeast and split. KY 330 heads to the northeast and crosses over Middle Creek. It curves to the north-northeast and then crosses over Short Creek. The highway curves to the northwest and meets its eastern terminus, an intersection with US 27/KY 22, at a point just northwest of Falmouth. Here, the roadway continues as Monroe Road.[2]

Major intersections

OwenHallam0.00.0 KY 227 (Georgetown Road)Western terminus
KY 1883 south
Northern terminus of KY 1883
KY 845 south (Breck Road)
Western end of KY 845 concurrency
KY 845 north (Eden Shale Road)
Eastern end of KY 845 concurrency
KY 3096 north (Fortner Ridge Road)
Southern terminus of KY 3096
county line
KY 607 west (New Columbus Drive)
Eastern terminus of KY 607
Grant16.025.7 I-75 – Lexington, CincinnatiI-75 exit 144
US 25 south (Cincinnati Road) – Georgetown
Western end of US 25 concurrency
US 25 north (Dixie Highway) – Mason
Eastern end of US 25 concurrency
KY 36 south (Cordova Road)
Western end of KY 36 concurrency
KY 36 north (Cordova Road)
Eastern end of KY 36 concurrency
KY 1054 south
Western end of KY 1054 concurrency
KY 1054 north
Eastern end of KY 1054 concurrency
38.361.6 US 27 / KY 22 – Falmouth, AlexandriaEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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